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The Yield Enhancer Portfolio APRIL 2018

As on 31st March, 2018

Launched on 1st July 2014 as an open-ended* strategy, Demeter PMS is recommended for investors seeking to hold a debt portfolio
with moderate to high risk appetite expecting a moderate return over a long term horizon.

15.67% 2.64yrs 2.52%

Portfolio Yield# Macaulay Duration~ Modified Duration ~
Sr No. Issuer/Instrument % to Net Assets % XIRR (Pre-Tax)
1 Katalyst Software Services Pvt. Ltd. 34.67% 14.22%
2 Pudhuaaru Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. 13.87% 16.75%
3 Campus Student Communities Pvt. Ltd. 12.48% 16.53%
4 Fino Finance Pvt. Ltd. 11.55% 17.08%
5 Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. (P) 11.53% 17.01%
6 Bindu Recepies Pvt. Ltd. 9.42% 15.44%
7 Neogen Chemicals Ltd. (P) 5.19% 18.16%
8 Kotak Low Duration Fund Direct Growth 0.37% 7.62%
9 Cash 0.92% 0.00%


1% 1% Unrated

9% 37% 17%

Chemicals BBB-

Consumers BBB

25% 13%
Hospitality -Education BB

Liquid Instruments Liquid Instruments


Fund Manager: Mr. Phani Sekhar Ponangi, CFA, CAIA
Benchmark: S&P BSE India Corporate Bond Index and Low Moderate High
Rate of Interest of 5-year FD issued by SBI
Minimum Investment Amount: Rs. 25,00,000/-
Moderate to High
Placement Fees: Upto 2.50% *Entry/ Placement Fee & Exit load shall be levied as applicable.
Fixed Management Fee: 1.50% p.a. **The above fee descriptions are for illustration only. Actual fees applicable will
Exit Load: be as per PMS agreement signed by client.
^ Investments are subject to change based on the decision on the Investment
Exit Duration Exit Load Committee.
#This is the gross XIRR. To view weighted average returns of the portfolio,
In 1 Year 3%
please refer to the Risk Disclosure Document.
In 2 Years 2% ~ Macaulay and Modified Duration are measures of maturity of cash flows and
bond price sensitivity, respectively. These values are based on current portfolio
In 3 Years 1% investment and composition.
(P) Marked instruments refer to preference capital. Other instruments in the
After 3 Years Nil portfolio composition refer to non-convertible debentures.


The Yield Enhancer Portfolio APRIL 2018

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