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Subject: Your Friday ride to Hindpiri

From: Ola <> on Fri, 10 May 2019 12:15:51

OlaCabs Invoice

10 May, 2019


Thanks for travelling with us, T N DAS

Ride Details Bill Details

Base Fare ₹60

Distance Fare for 12 km ₹144
Ride Time Fare for 34 min ₹68
Fare Increase ₹26.11

Ride Fare ₹298.11

Toll/Parking Fee ₹0
Taxes ₹26.9

Total Bill (rounded off) ₹325

Insurance premium ₹1

Total Payable ₹326

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Ganesh Kumar available till 09/06/2019
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Total Fare may change when you change the

12 km 34 min route or if the ride time exceeds the initial

Prime Sedan - White Swift Dzire

11:41 AM Chanakya BNR Hotel,

Station Road Sirom Toly
Kishan Singh Colony
Gosaintola Ranchi
Jharkhand India
12:15 PM Diversion Rd, Hindpiri, Ranchi

Paid by cash ₹326

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Please Note: 1) Insurance Service is not provided by ANI Technologies Private Limited. Invoice for the insurance fee collected for the ride will be raised by
the respective Insurance company.