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Semi – Detailed Lesson Plan in Physical Education

Grade 8

I. Objectives

Content Standards: The learner demonstrates understanding of guidelines

and principles in exercise program design to achieve fitness.
Performance Standards: The learner designs a physical activity program for
the family/school peers to achieve fitness.
Learning Competency: The learner….
 describes the nature and background of the sport;
 executes the skills involved in the sport
 monitors periodically progress towards the fitness goals

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Basic Basketball Skills
b. Materials: Pictures, Basketball
c. Reference: K-12 Curr.Guide (Code:PE8GS-Id-1toPE8GS-Id-h-4);
MAPEH 8: Close Encounters with MAPEH pp. 286 – 294
d. Values Integration: Understand and develop God’s given talents/skills

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory / Daily Routine
1. Prayer
2. Checking the attendance
3. Checking of proper P.E attire

B. Motivation
Activity: “Picture Puzzle”
Direction: The teacher will call 4 students to arranged and tell what
does the picture show.
Guide Questions:
1. What is in picture A? picture B? Picture C? Picture D?
2. Where do you see those things on the picture?
3. Why did you say so?
4. What is a basketball?

C. Lesson Proper
1. Presentation: Basketball is a kind of a team sports that played by 2
opposing teams. It started on December 1, 1891 at
Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr. James Naismith
2. Discussion: There are 3 basic basketball skills that you should learn.
 What are the basic basketball skills?
 Which basic basketball skill is the easiest one to execute in
playing basketball?
 What do you think is the importance of knowing the basic
basketball skills?

IV. Generalization:
Let the students complete the unfinished statements.
- I learned that …
- The basic basketball skills are …
- I therefore conclude that …
3. Values Integration: How will you show your God’s given talent/skills in
playing basketball?

V. Application
Let the students execute at least 2 basic skills in playing basketball. Their
performance will be graded based on this criteria or rubrics.

Performed the task properly 5
Performed the task with a little error 4
Performed the task with many errors 3
Not able to perform the task 2
Do not attempt to perform the task 1

VI. Evaluation
Direction: Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is False.
_________1. The ball is handled firmly with the thumb and finger pads
and not with the arms of the hands.
_________2. Receiving the ball needs flexibility.
_________3. Feinting is a deceptive motion in one direction when the
intent is to move in another direction.
_________4. After releasing the ball, palms should be facing the floor.
_________5. The dribbler should look beyond the ball and see it in the
lower and see it in the upper part of the visual area.

VII. Assignment
Make a research about hand signals used in playing basketball.

Prepared By: Carlo T. Alaraz

Infant Jesus Academy


Grade 8
May 6, 2019

Prepared By:

Carlo T. Alaraz