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Case Study

Optymyze Helps Leading Bank Improve

Sales Outcomes, Leverage Referral
Programs Effectively
This U.S. bank is among the top 100 largest banks in the country, and pursuing growth through acquisition. Like most
large banks, the organization has multiple business units, selling the entire range of banking products and services,
including consumer products like home mortgages, auto loans, checking and savings accounts, and commercial customer
products like small business loans and commercial real estate liens.
With business growth and acquisitions, sales performance management processes such as sales compensation
management and referral management, have become cumbersome. Most of these processes are manual, leading to
inefficient use of resources, which can translate into loss of revenue.

Challenge Solutions
The bank’s size, requirements and existing processes led to Using Optymyze Sales Application Studio™, the professional
a number of complex challenges, each requiring a unique services team designed and implemented a custom
solution: application to automate referral management. First they
• Manual management of incentive compensation designed the optimal process that would deliver both
programs efficiency and effectiveness, thus ensuring that automation
• Decentralized referral management system, with by Optymyze would achieve desired results.
scattered processes The bank chose Optymyze Sales Application Studio for its
• Complex technical architecture that required the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, and Optymyze
integration of many different data systems Sales Analytics Platform™ to develop and roll out the
Because all of the bank’s incentive compensation manage- referral application across all bank divisions. The Optymyze
ment processes and programs were entirely manual, it was implementation team designed, built and rolled out the
impossible to measure program success or failure, or to know custom referral application and it went live in about 90 days.
if they were achieving the desired sales results. After successfully completing the referral management
The bank also manages an internal employee referral pro- application, the Optymyze team automated the bank’s
gram that pays employees a bonus for each successful cross- management process. The bank had an entirely manual
sell to an existing customer. Referral management was de- incentive compensation process at the start of this project.
centralized across many departments that defined their own This meant the managers in each division had to manually
processes. This led to inefficient use of resources since each track and oversee all aspects of incentive compensation for
task in the process – referral administration, tracking and their division, which was inefficient and error-prone.
payment – required a different person to complete. Currently, Optymyze’s professional services team is
Lastly, the bank’s technical architecture was complex, with at implementing incentive compensation management for four
least 20 different data sources feeding into referral manage- different business units. When those units are complete, the
ment and incentive compensation systems. Manually pro- team will automate the remaining divisions.
cessing such a volume and variety of data was challenging,
resource-intensive, and inefficient. Copyright © 2015 Optymyze. All rights reserved.

Results and referral programs for all employees. The referral payout
process is much simpler and faster, which has encouraged
Optymyze Sales Application Studio has helped the bank:
more employees to participate in the program.
• centralize and streamline the employee referral process
The Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform streamlined all
• automate the sales compensation management
process phases of the ETL process, leading to increased efficiency.
Multiple data sources are brought together to automate
• integrate about 20 different data streams to feed the
referral management and incentive compensation importing, converting, validating and normalizing of all the
applications data. This also allows the bank to see the big picture so they
• set the stage for implementing analytics for tracking can optimize incentive compensation strategies.
occurring referrals The Optymyze service team is using Optymyze Sales
Having a single, truly centralized referral management Analytics Platform to develop a dedicated analytics tool to
application that works across all divisions has enabled the provide useful insights, for example, which referral products
bank to create, manage, edit, track and pay out all referrals and programs are the most successful.

About Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform

Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform™ is a data management, reporting, visualization and analytics platform that speeds time-to-
value by enabling improved access and visibility to key sales data and metrics, across the entire sales organization. It is comprised
of an integrated set of enterprise-class data extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) capabilities, in addition to a complete
portfolio of reporting, visualizations and analytics functions, as well as a centralized, role-based information portal.

About Optymyze Sales Application Studio

Optymyze Sales Application Studio™ is an application development platform that enables non-technical business analysts to
extend the capabilities of the standard SPM application, by building custom applications to suit their needs.

About Optymyze
Optymyze helps companies rapidly improve sales performance and create strategic sales operations. Optymyze solutions include Optymyze Sales Performance™
software, software services, and Synygy Sales Operations as a Service™. By providing compensation management, sales optimization, sales enablement, and
sales analytics, Optymyze enables customers to leverage continuous change for strategic business advantage. Copyright © 2015 Optymyze. All rights reserved.