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==Advisory Neighborhood Commission SE www.aneSede,org Follow us on ANCSE Public Meeting May 21, 2019 - 7:00 pm Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School (Cafeteria) - 1400 1* Street NW. Part J: Opening Call to Order Commissioner Thomas Roll Call Commissioner Barnes Approval of Agenda Commissioners Part I: Business Admi Approval of Meeting Minutes Commissioner Segmen Treasurer's Report Commissioner Lewis Approval to Pay Bills/Reimbursements Commissioner Lewis Part III: Public Safety Police Report MPD 5D & 3D Officers Community Response Regarding Publie Safety Public Part IV: Public Information (5 minutes each except Community Comments) Community Comments (2 minutes limit each speaker) Public Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Services Dominique Chestnut Office of Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie Kelly Cislo Office of Police Complaints-Public Affairs Nykisha Cleveland McMillan Update: ZC Case 13-14C & ZC Order 13-144 ‘Commissioner Bares DOH Inspector on Mold and Radon Kent Keemer ‘The Oxbridge Group Development Plan ‘Commissioner Williams Part V: Voting Support Requested (5 minutes each) Grants: Fourth St Friendship 7th Day Adv Health & Fun Day Grant (2™ reading) Commissioner Lewis Projects: Resolution in Support of Reconsideration of “One Job” Legislation Commissioner Brannum HPRB Matters: BZA/ZC Matters: BZA #20002 21 Seaton Pl NE — Special Exception ‘Commissioner Pinkney BZA #20018 1646 3 St, NW (Mt. Sinai Baptist Church) - Special Exception Commissioner Lewis BZA #20020 2219 2nd St, NW — Special Exception Commissioner Brannum BZA #20022 416 Evarts St, NE — Special Exception Commissioner Jones oa a= nena fhe nae ==Advisory Neighborhood Commission SE Follow us on / ABRA Matters: DDOT Matters: Dave Thomas Circle Redesign Plan - Phase 1 Support Commissioner Pinkney Resolution- 101 Q St NE Residents’ Appeal-Parking Space Reduction Commissioner Pinkney Resolution- Reconsideration of Tree Box Covenant at 50 FL Av, NE Commissioner Pinkney Resolution- Clarify Bloomingdale Traffic Calming Resolution No. 2019-004 Commissioner Holliday Adjournment FE ie Tans Oar aT a SE ae ae See athe fone fuera ise