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File number: 201901 EC@ 16 May 2019 ELECTORAL COMMISSION QUEENSLAND Mr Andrew Laming MP PO Box 8024 CLEVELAND QLD 4163 Dear Mr Laming I refer to my previous letter dated 9 May 2019 regarding a complaint which alleged that you or the Liberal National Party of Queensland received a gift from Harridan, a company which may be a prohibited donor under the Electoral Act 1992. Since that time, | have received documentation from the Liberal National Party of Queensland (LNP) which confirms that Harridan issued an invoice to the LNP for the use of the billboard, and that the invoiced amount was paid. Based on these documents, | am satisfied that the LNP paid for the billboard and did not receive the advertisement as a gift. | now consider this matter to be finalised, with no further action required on your behalf. Please note that | have also issued a letter to the LNP to advise that the matter is finalised. Should you require further information regarding this matter, please contact me on (07) 3035 8030 or at Yours sincerely MerSitoc Matthew Thuriby Acting Manager Electoral Commission of Queensland. | Level20, 1 Eagle Street Brisbane 4000 te wrw.009 qld gov. a Sree py Page tof 1