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The Government Welcome The Problems and Solutions

The government that this society decided to The society does have some problems, but we
use was a Constitutional Monarchy Monarchy. Welcome to our amazing society, you will be
are constantly working together to solve all of
This means that there are a king and a queen able to live your greatest life possible with us.
the crisis. We have been dealing with some
in every region who decides what will happen Here, you can live in the jungle, mountains, or
issues for the past 10 years with religion and
to their region. The one who influences the king plains. The locals are very acceptant towards
and queen the most is the parliament leader everyone who joins our community.
from religion since the regions are run off of
religion. If the parliament thinks that you do not Crisis 1:
follow the religion properly or do what God All of the regions do have different religions and
wants them to do, they will kill you by are trying to convert the other regions to use
convincing the king or queen to execute you. their religion, which leads to many conflicts
Every region does have different philosophies The Religions
though, meaning that every region is run The jungle locals are Oosamity, this religion Solution:
differently when it comes to what you can do. is big about worshiping their god Oejus Combine all of the religions into one religion,
who died on the sacred tree for their but let the clans keep their god and day to day
The Oosamity are the most relaxed, believing crimes. They worship every Sunday in of life. The new religion will be called Slooru
that you can do almost anything you want and any local building.
you can worship Oejus differently.
The plains locals are Suslem, this religion
The Suslems are more strict when it comes to is really big about listening to prophets Crisis 2:
what you are able to do. They do make every and learning about what their original god The resources are not spread out equally
individual in the region have study sessions wants, Suran. between the all of the regions. This is leading to
every week. the Silver Claws struggling to live life, while the
Tree Elves have too many, so they are wasting
The mountain locals are Everu, this
The Everu are extremely strict, Everyone has to religion is big about worshiping and
worship at least 2 hours at the holy temple, making religious trips during their
pray 8 times a day, and do exactly as the lifetime. They listen to whatever their god Solution:
parliament says or they will be executed. tells them to do and worship how he The tree elves could give more resources to the
became their god. other clans and even invite some to live in their area
as they start to accept that they are one religion.
The resources will soon go to every territory as it is
needed so no territory will be worse off than their
neighboring territory.