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Use the words and phrases in the box to fill in the sentences

blind date double date be crazy about

go out with/see be on the rocks be stood up dig
fall for get picked up have a crush on
have an affair
hit it off with make out make up split up

1. The party last night was annoying to me. My ex was there and she
________________with her new boyfriend all night.
2. My friend always complains about not having a boyfriend. I told her to go
on a _______________ and I would set it up for her but she didn’t agree.
3. When I was in high school, I_______________ a very beautiful girl but
she didn’t even know I existed.
4. Helen and Peter always do everything together but they haven’t talked
lately. They are_______________.
5. Do you want to take your boyfriend to a __________________with me
and my girlfriend? It’ll be fun.
6. He was my first love, and I ________________him. I still keep his
picture at my bedsides table.
7. Evan and Vanessa met at a friend’s house and ____________each other
immediately. It was love at first sight.
8. He’s been _______________that crazy skinny girl for 2 months. I don’t
know what’s wrong with him.
9. Thomas and Tracy had been together for almost 4 years before they
_________ last summer. They haven’t talked to each other since then.
10. I think my husband ______________. He leaves really early in the
morning and is never home before midnight.
11. It was my first time meeting Jane yesterday at the workshop and I
_______________ her right way. I think I was born to meet her.
12. She’s trying to look smoking hot to _______________at the bar tonight.
She always likes to get everybody’s attention.
13. We had a big fight 2 days ago but we _____________ last night. I’m
glad now that everything is alright.
14.- “Hey congratulation, April told me she ______ you”
- “What does that mean?”
- “It means she likes you, you fool.”
15. I will never go out with Stan again. I ______________ for 2 hours
yesterday. He left me waiting in the rain.

1. made out
2. blind date
3. had a crush on
4. are on the rocks
5. double date
6. was crazy about
7. fell for
8. going out with/ seeing
9. split up
10. is having an affair/ has an affair
11. Hit it off with
12. Get picked up
13. Made up
14. Digs
15. Was stood up