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Applications Systems Development Unit Head:

Job Description

Oversees all phases of system software development including planning, requirements gathering,
evaluation, development, testing, purchasing, implementation, training, and maintenance for
applications in the microcomputer environments and web.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Assist the MIS Director in all matters relevant to the operation of the office.
2. Evaluates the needs, develops applications, monitors utility of software and provides other
technical support for the efficient and effective use of software.
3. Review the College system applications’ current status and suggest enhancements.
4. Direct, plan, conduct and coordinate programming software applications development activities.
5. Reviews performance of applications programs to ensure program efficiency, program
documentation, and to ensure that output meets the College requirements based from
6. Review and recommends the academic and administrative software application request and
7. Performs overall management of information systems projects including purchase and
implementation of software packages or internally developed systems.
8. Develop programming standards, policies and procedures based on current standard or best
9. Attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and trainings to maintain knowledge of changing
technologies and developments in the systems development.
10. Maintain relationships and define constraints on software vendors.
11. Oversees and ensures application training for faculty and staff in the areas of software
applications, web-based applications, and office automation.
12. Update and Maintain the College Website.
13. Handle technical programming and database on the College website.
14. Perform other functions that may arise to the position.