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An introduction to Ever since Warhammer 40,000 was pub-
lished players have been asking if a
ability levels for the characters.
This is the main advantage of using a
the new skirmish more detailed role playing version
was ever going to appear. Well, the
percentage system - it immediately in-
creases the range of dice results from
wargame set in the idea was there right from the start
- and in a sense the 40,000 book
1-100 rather than the very restric-
tive 1-6 on a D6. With vast and highly
41st millennium. provides sufficient information for any
innovative and reasonably experienced
detailed weapon and situation modifier
charts Confrontation is a very sophis-
gamer to develop a system if they ticated game indeed. As we anticipated
wanted to. I thought we’d probably players would be using only a dozen or
never get round to producing a special so models a side this relative com-
role playing version as we’d simply plexity didn’t worry us too much.
been too busy working on the main
WH40,OOO game. Then about a year ago The benefit of using detailed systems
Bryan Ansell suggested that we revamp was to make the game very directly re-
a game he had designed some time ago - alistic. To put this into perspective
originally to simulate World War 2 and - if you can do something in real
contemporary combat but later extended life then a character can do it too
into a futuristic setting. because the rules allow for literally
any actions on behalf of your charac-
The idea was appealing as Bryan’s game ters. The result is a game which will
already had a detailed model-based appeal to experienced players as well
combat system and rules for progress- as those who are prepared to invest a
ing characters. Taking this system and bit of extra effort in the interests
adapting it into the WH40,OOO environ- of a more detailed and realistic sim-
ment would give us a new game which ulation. Of course, this extra detail
would combine elements of role playing means you have to think more than in
and skirmish wargaming. At the same the average game - you must record
time we could take the opportunity to and conserve your ammunition rather
write more about the WH40,OOO universe than just blasting away, and you’ll
by describing one planet in particu- find that wounds have an inconveniently
lar. Finally we decided that because incapacitating effect on your heroes’
the game would be a cross between actions.
WH40,OOO and role playing it would be
released by Flame Publications who
currently publish material for Warham- THE BACKGROUND
mer Fantasy Roleplay. The background was evolved by Nigel
Stillman working closely with Bryan
Ansell - the introductory section is
THE COMBAT SYSTEM printed in this White Dwarf and other
We didn’t have much time as many other material will probably appear in fu-
projects were pressing - not the least ture issues as it is readied for pub-
of which was the new Realm of Chaos lication. We decided that it would be
book The Lost and the Damned - a mas- futile to attempt to proVide rules and
sive tome which would take up months details to cover the entire Imperium -
and months! The work was divided up so it was decided to set the game
between myself (Rick Priestley) and entirely on one world and to concen-
fellow designer Nigel Stillman. I was trate on developing the cultural back-
to sort out the combat rules and con- ground to this world: This would allow
vert details of weapons and equipment us to explore the relationship of
from WH40,OOO while was to Nigel individual worlds within the Imperium,
concentrate on the backgound, charac- and we would have to delve more deeply
ter development and scenario genera- than ever before into the way that
tion. The game’s title Confrontation Space Marines, Inquisitors and other
- was established early on, and it was Imperial troops operate on specific
decided that the setting should be worlds of the Imperium.
a crowded warfare-ridden hive world
called Necromunda. We wanted a world where warfare was
endemic where characters could. in-
The combat system was completed fairly dulge in mutual conflict without any
quickly. Like Warhammer Fantasy Role- fear of too many social or legal
play the game uses a percentage system constrictions. The world we settled on
to establish whether weapons hit their is called Necromunda. Necromunda has
target and hits penetrate armour. By developed into a background not only
adopting the D100 existing WH40,OOO for Confrontation but also for
weapons could be given far more de- forthcoming WH40,OOO novels, short
tailed and different effects. It also stories, and some tremendous artwork
gave us a broader spread of possible by John Blanche.

The Imperium of Man stretches across alien invaders, internal rebellion, ly, those whose livelihoods depend on
the galaxy from rim to rim, encompass- and treachery by governors. Also, new him and those to whom he can promise
ing over a million habitable worlds worlds are constantly being added to support.
and untold billions of people. It is the Imperium: virgin worlds ripe for
the most extensive and populous empire colonisation or old human worlds which Every hive world has its unique envi-
that has ever existed in the history have been rediscovered after long pe- ronment, history and circumstances.
of humanity. It is ruled as it has riods of isolation. Confrontation is set upon the hive
been for the last ten thousand years world of Necromunda. This volume
by the Divine Champion of Man and Pro- The worlds of the Imperium take many contains copious details about the
tector of the Human Race, the Emperor different forms. Some are sparsely planet of Necromunda, its hives, and
of Mankind. populated agricultural worlds whose its teeming population. Necromun-
sole purpose is to provide food for da is merely one of the hundreds of
The Emperor is the greatest of all less productive and more highly popu- such worlds scattered throughout the
human psykers, his mental energies are lated planets. Other worlds are galaxy.
godlike and his powers incomprehensi- dedicated to specific functions, such
ble to ordinary humans. It is his mind as mineral-rich mining planets, barren
alone which projects the Astronomican research stations, military obser-
throughout the galaxy, the psychic vation planets, and so forth. Most
homing be~m which enables spacecraft worlds of the Imperium have a reason-
to navigate through the fabric of warp ably mixed economy and are in most
space. Without the Emperor the Impe- respects self-sufficent. The Adeptus
rium would collapse and human unity Terra has very little to do with such
would be destroyed, leaving the worlds so long as their governors
remaining pockets of civilisation continue to pay their tithes and im-
isolated and vulnerable to the infinite pose the Imperial laws which control
enemies of mankind; creatures that and contain the emergence of mutant
seek to destroy or enslave the human psykers.

The Emperor has long since ceased to HIVE WORLDS

live in any normal sense. Ten thousand Hive worlds are another extremely im-
years ago, following his titanic bat- portant type of world. Hive Worlds are
tle against the rebel Warmaster Horus, planets which, in all but a few cases,
Primarch and Arch-Champion of Chaos, were settled thousands of years ago,
his mutilated and barely alive body often before the time of the Imperium,
was installed inside a sophisticated during the Dark Age of Technology when
life-support machine known as the mankind first spread throughout the
Golden Throne. galaxy.

The Emperor can no longer speak and it A Hive World has a population which
is doubtful if he comprehends events far outweighs its own ability to feed
which take place in the material or support it, often exceeding a
universe, as his powerful mind stalks thousand billion people on a planet
through that nefarious region of pure the size of Earth. Such vast numbers
energy known as the Realm of Chaos, of people exert such pressure upon
hunting the enemies of mankind. The the environment that few hive worlds
actual administration of the Imperi- can sustain life naturally. Many have
um is therefore undertaken by a vast no free ground surface left because
bureaucracy known as the Adeptus Terra they are entirely built over, with new
- or Priesthood of Earth. buildings constructed on top of old
ones, to the extent that the planet is
no more than a huge urban conglomer-
Even the Adeptus Administratum, the
administrative branch of the Adeptus Hive Worlds are tough places: little
Terra, does not know for certain value is attached to human life and
the exact number of worlds within air, light and food are often precious
the Imperium. There are approximate- and rare commodities. Because the pop-
ly a million, but the treacheries of ulations of Hive Worlds are so large
space-travel, the process of time they are almost impossible to control.
distortion, and the effects of warp As a consequence it is generally the
storms which can isolate worlds for case that hive societies are extreme-
centuries, make an accurate count ly brutal and dangerous. Violence is
impossible. often institutionalised and accepted,
and upholding the law is commonly a
In addition, the galaxy is a danger- matter of exerting personal power and
ous and warlike place, where worlds influence. In such a situation a man
are constantly under threat from depends upon his friends and fami-