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Human Resource
Management – (HR)
PFIZER automates the HR process, meets compliance in only 2 weeks
with Saleteams® Platform
PFIZER, a US-based biopharmaceutical company, required The Challenge:
a system to better manage their HR processes, especially PFIZER, a US based biopharmaceutical organization, had
with the industry’s geographically dispersed employees newly accomplished all research development phases and
and speedy growth; the new innovative application would succeeded its FDA approval and was opening to market an
not only require to automate the HR process, but also creative drug, having grew from a clinical trial atmosphere
accommodate the accountability and transparency required to a effective market oriented positioning.
for compliance.PFIZER wanted a system to go live in only
two weeks, so they turned to Saleteams® Platform because PFIZER wanted a solution to manage employee absence.
of its reputation for fast and quick development and its The geographic dispersal of the sales team and the expected
capability to support frequent change; in the two week organization growth brought the need to automate this HR
window, Saleteams Platform provided a comprehensive, related process. The new application would have to provide:
automated Human Resource system that fully met all of
the company needs. The iterative tactic taken by Saleteams > Process automation 
Platform and its capability to redirect feedback during the > Compliance
development course ensured that PFIZER’s final application > Time-to-market
fully reflected their user requirements; the Platform’s
build-to-change provision also makes it cool to change the The Solution:
system as wanted, ensuring that PFIZER’s Human Resource In two weeks, using Saleteams Platform, an innovative web
processes always bring into line with the requirements of business application was shaped to provide the essential
the business. Saleteams Platform also permits PFIZER to automation of HR process, complying with regulation. This
maintain rapid growth and varying market circumstances, built-to-change application combined all processes, making
especially as its business stays to grow and the biopharma them fully appreciable and easy to configure:
sector continues to refine and evolve.
> Workforce have a right to use the system anywhere and
“We had only two weeks to install a system to systematize submit their time-off requests online,time saving and observ-
time off requests to improve our sales force rollout. I was ing a full track on their requests;
really overwhelmed with the way presented by Saleteams
that not only permitted us to keep the deadline but also met
all our needs.” PFIZER IT Vice-President
Results: > The approver is alerted via Email that there are awaiting
User feedback is very essential for such businesses. Sale- requests; when the requests areapproved, the Human
teams Platform made it promising to reflect this response Resource department receives a notice on a "daily digest"
in the application during the whole installation process. basis, to carry on the approval workflow. If the request is not
This iterative tactic guarantees that the end result was what approved, an Email alert is sent back to theemployee, with
consumers really required, without aggregate project risk. the reasons of rejection;
The Saleteams built-to-change care makes it cool to change
or modify current web business applications at any time in > Once accepted by the Human Resource department, the
a lucrative way. This confirms that IT is always associated resulting info is integrated in thePayroll application, to sponta-
with the business. Saleteams Platform allows organization neously calculate the amount to be deducted, should that be
to provide their network business applications in a scalable the case. This integration of processes is not only time saving,
way, organizing them as they become needed and escaping but is also vital for complying with rules and regulations;
large investments. Easiness is an elementary demand of
nowadays business applications, while employees want to > Easy-to-use interfaces needs little or even no end-user
emphasis on the rising competitiveness of the businesses. training. This streamlines the roll-out to large teams and
The time they have available for understanding or studying eventually increases user adoption.
software is declining, while the need for real time and rele-
vant info grows. To deliver businesses with easy-to-get info,
web business applications built with Saleteams Platform
are intuitive and user-friendly.