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Company Background:

The first company we visited was the Legaspi Oil Company, Inc. Established and

built in 1967 in the heart of Brgy. Arimbay, Legazpi City. LegOil is known for producing

crude coconut oil and copra meal both for domestic and export requirement. It is capable

of crushing 100,000 MT copra/year. It was bought by Ayala Corporation – Mitsubishi

Corporation on May 1974 to February 1979 from Mr. Frank Jerome, its original owner.

This industrial plant has its own processing and support facilities. There Oil Milling Plant

creates 250 tons per day and functions 24 hours per week. It is now an organic certified

facility by the USDA-National Organic Program, JAS and EU.

Process Description and Analysis:

The Legaspi Oil Company, Inc. performs several processes before making its final

product. First, they gather their raw materials by buying copras from large companies.

The raw material is then processed to the crushing stage. Cracking is the next stage, then

flaking and lastly, filtering. Raw materials are analyzed the moisture and aqua toxin

content and testedt its free fatty acid level in their laboratory. During drying (85 degC to

90 degC), the copra is steamed and pressed. Residual oil and copra meal are the result

of this process. The copra cake will be stored at a temperature of 40 degC after pressing

and filtering to avoid being carbonized. This will become oil and ready to transport to

Batangas for refining to make Minola products.

Performance Evaluation:

The wastes generated by the plant are collected and reprocessed to avoid

spoilage of materials being used and damage to the environment. If scarcity is being

experienced, pili shells are used instead copra meat. The average oil extracted for a 1

kilogram of copra is 61.5%

Discussion of Results:

In the year of 2018, the operational highlights of Legaspi Oil Company, Inc. is with

copra crushed of 47, 628 MT, it will make 29, 547 MT of Crude Coconut Oil (CNO). This

yields of a percentage of 62.04%. With copra cake, 16,929 MT are made that yields of

35.54%. RO is 8.291% and MC is 10.077%.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

I, therefore conclude that the Legaspi Oil Company, Inc. is a copra based industry

that has an average production of 250 tons per day. They use same processes and

procedures to achieve their target production per day. I recommend this copra based

industry to observe innovation of processes and technology so that increase in production

will be observed. Cleanliness of the facilities must be prioritized to avoid contamination of

the raw materials and products. Signage of safety warnings are uncleared around the

area. Safety must be above all to avoid accidents.