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Indian Talent Olympiad: Examinations To Identify Student’s Skills

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts very large scale Olympiad examination for students from class
1 to class 10 across India.

Indian Talent Olympiad is a platform which helps students & their talents to show right path.
Indian Talent Olympiad is an educational organization, established in 2012 by leading
academicians and scientists of the country, with the objectives of identifying and nurturing
student talent leading to improved academic performance.

Over the last years, organization has striven to spread a proper understanding of Science,
Mathematics, English, General Knowledge & Computers to young generation of the country.

Committee Head: P.T. Usha (Arjuna & Padma Shri Award Winner)
Indian Talent Olympiad organizes 8 Olympiads each year:

1. National Science Indian Talent Olympiad (NSITO)

2. National Mathematics Indian Talent Olympiad (NMITO)
3. National English Indian Talent Olympiad (NEITO)
4. National Knowledge Indian Talent Olympiad (NKITO)
5. National Computer Indian Talent Olympiad (NCITO)
6. National Art Indian Talent Olympiad (NAITO)
7. National Essay Indian Talent Olympiad (NESITO)
8. National Social Indian Talent Olympiad (NSOITO)

Two level Olympiad examination: NSITO, NMITO, NEITO, NKITO.

One level Olympiad examination: NCITO, NAITO, NEITO, NSOITO.

Edueazy App:
Student can do online study through Indian Talent’s Edueazy app. In this application student can
have focus on Individual subjects or students can take combo pack or students can go for SD
card with EdueaZy app.

The syllabus of every subject is designed considering all the boards (i.e. CBSE, ICSE, State
Board & International Board) according to each class 1st to 10th.
Students studying from class 1st to 10th are eligible to give Indian Talent Olympiad

Exam Pattern & Duration:

For class 1st to 10th exam duration is 65 minutes.
Class No. of Questions Marks
1-4 35 50
5-10 50 50

Division of marks in question paper section wise:

There will be two sections in each question paper for every class.
Section 1: In this section, the questions will be from their respective academics to test the
understanding of fundamentals.
Section 2: In this section the questions will be based on logical reasoning, problem-solving skills
& analytical skills.

Class 1-4:
Section 1: 25 Marks (25 questions); Section 2: 10 marks (10 questions).
Class 5-10:
Section 1: 35 Marks (35 questions); Section 2: 15 Marks (15 questions).

How to apply:
Indian Talent sends Brochures/Prospectus containing the registration forms every year to the
registered schools. So, the school can participate by registering their students from Class 1 to
Class 10. Schools can register by filling the hard copy of the registration form sent along with the
prospectus. New schools can get the Prospectus/Brochure by sending a request
to or by Calling Office Toll-free no 18002669192. Schools which are
registered already with Indian Talent and new schools can also directly register by visiting Indian
Talent Olympiad’s official Website

Indian Talent In-charge Teachers fills the registration form of school & enrolls the student names
as per the guidelines are given in the brochure/prospectus. After the form filling & enrollment
process is over from the school’s side, these forms are sent to Indian Talent Olympiad’s office at
Mumbai on or before the due date of registration.

After the Registration process is completed from the side of Indian Talent, the Question Papers
& OMR sheets are sent to the respective registered schools as per the Exam schedule. There are
two Rounds of Examinations at National Level.
Study Material:

Each & every student can get study material & preparation material of National Science Indian
Talent Olympiad examination in two ways.

 Via School: School can mention the required number of workbooks for the particular
subject during submission of the registration form for an examination.
 Individually: Students can visit Indian Talent Olympiad's official website for the e-book,
where students can individually order the books of particular subjects.

Result Declaration & Criteria:


● Top 20% of students, class wise who appear for the 1st level exam. Due priority to marks scored
in different sections will be given.
● Class topper, where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam, & scores at least 50%
marks. In the case of section-wise registrations, Class toppers will be from each section where
participation in each section exceeds 25 nos.

2nd level exam will be held for Science, Mathematics, English and for General Knowledge for
students from class 1 to 10. In case two or more students score the same total marks, ranks will
be awarded to student scoring higher marks in sections accorded higher priority, as under.


1 Science

2 Logical Reasoning




1 Everyday Mathematics

2 Mathematical Reasoning

3 Logical Reasoning



1 Word & Structure Knowledge

2 Logical Reasoning

PRIORITY Topic/ Section

1 Current affairs + General Knowledge

2 Logical Reasoning

Marks scored in sections, in level one exam accorded higher priority.

In case two or more students score equally in all sections, they will be accorded the same rank &
scholarship amount will be shared among students.


Total Marks scored in level 2 exam.

In case two or more students score the same number of marks, ranks will be determined on the
following criteria:

Marks scored in sections in level two exam accorded higher priority, the total marks scored in
Level one exam is considered.

In case two or more students score the same marks under all the categories above, they will be
awarded the same rank & scholarship the amount will be shared among students.