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Post-task – Final task

English I

Group: 135

Code: 1116912028

Yuliana Yarledy Zapata Cuellar


Luis Ricardo Rojas


National Open and Distance University (UNAD)

School of Education Sciences
Program: bachelor's degree in foreign languages with an emphasis in English
Cead: Florence
1. Read the following texts and answer the questions

Our Toy Shop

Hi, my name is Amy. I am twelve years old. We have a small toy shop in
our neighborhood. My father says Fridays are the busiest day in our toy
shop. So after school, my mom takes me there to help my dad. That's
another reason why I like Fridays. We allow kids to play with the toys
when they are in the store. My father says I am responsible for the toys
and that I need to watch and make sure nothing breaks. Many kids from
my school and neighborhood also come to the shop to look at our new
toys. It is always noisy here. Because it’s full of babies and small children.
Little girls tend to go for dolls, boys go for cars. Some just want to play
with the toys; some actually want to buy them. It’s a bit tiring for me but
I like going to the shop and helping my father.

 Which of the following questions you cannot answer?

A) Where is the toy shop located?

B) When is the busiest day at the toy shop?

C) Why is the toy shop so noisy?

D) What’s the name of the toy shop? x

 Which of the followings is incorrect?

A) Amy goes to school.

B) Amy enjoys helping his father in the toy shop.

C) Babies are allowed in the store.

D) Amy’s mother works at the toy shop too. x

 Why does Amy help his father on Fridays?

A) Because it’s the busiest day. x
B) Because she doesn’t have school on Fridays.
C) Because she wants to play with the toys.
D) Because she doesn’t like Fridays.

2. Can children play with the toys in the store? Justify your answer.

Yes, Amy and her father allow children to play with these toys when they are in the

What items can you buy in a toy shop? Make a list.

Items that I can buy in a store.

Train crayons teddy bear

Bicycle airplane soldier
Figures Car Doll
Bag Rubber ducky puzzle
Ball Kite toy kitchens

Dear Melissa,

I hope you are well. Guess what! I am having a big party next week at my house
and I am inviting all my close friends. The theme of the party is going to be
Harry Potter, so all must dress accordingly. You would make a great witch! I
need to let everyone know by Wednesday since I am throwing the party next
Saturday. Sam is going to decorate the house and my mother is going bake a
cake and make lots of food. There is going to be music and dancing as well. John
is going to be the DJ. You can stay over at my house. It’s going to be great! I
hope to see you then.

Love, Sarah

1. What type of document is this? Justify your answer.

This document is an invitation that Sarah is doing to Melissa so that she will go to
the party that is going to be held on Saturday at her house, which is going to be

2. What kind of an organization is it?

A) It is a slumber party
B) It is a costume party X
C) It is about making cake
D) It is a dance party

3. When is the party?

A) It is a fancy dress party

B) On Wednesday

C) It is next Saturday X

D) There is going to be music and dancing

4. Whose party is it?

A) It is Sarah’s party X

B) It is Judy’s party
C) It is Sarah’s mother’s party

D) It is Harry Potter’s party

5. Explain the following expression: You would make a great witch!

Sarah thinks that Melissa would look good or would be a great witch disguised that
way on Saturday at her party.

1. Answer Sarah’s message: You cannot attend the party because you are on
vacation in another country. Apologize, describe your holidays and wish a
great party (150 words).

Love Sarah

Thank you for the invitation to your great party. But I regret to say that I can not
attend, since I am on vacation in the country of Finland and all this has been
great and very fun; yesterday I visited the Koli National Park, this view is the
most beloved landscape in Finland and has inspired many Finnish artists. The
hills and lakes offer an excellent location for excursions and fun activities at any
time of the year. And next weekend I will travel ten hours by boat to the
Oulanka National Park, you can imagine! It is the place where I had always
dreamed of going, I longed to see the beauty of the white and bright color of ice
and snow and finally, it will become a reality.
I wish you a great party in which you are the one who has fun and eats a lot
jajaja. I love you and I regret not being able to accompany you in that great
moment of disguises. “I know it would also be super by your side”.

Dear Melissa

2. Write an e-mail to your boss. Explain why you didn’t go to work last week.
Apologize and describe the facts (you were sick, had an accident…) (150 words).

AFFAIR: Labor excuse.
DATE: 03/27/2019

Dear Mr. Erik Fuentes

Today I am addressing you very respectfully to justify my absence from work last week.
The reason for my absence was the following: On March 22, I was hospitalized, as a result
of an accident with my car, this happened like this: back home, my vehicle ran out of
brakes, causing it to lose control of my automotive and later crashing into a tree, which
caused open wounds, bruises, scrapes and the occasional first degree burn; As you can see
in the medical record attached to this email.
I hope you can understand the seriousness of the situation. I take this opportunity to send
you my most sincere apologies, as well as to assure you that I will update myself on any
task that is pending or that I will suffer delay due to my absence.
Thank you for your attention.

Attentively: Yuliana Yarledy Zapata Cuellar.

1. Listen to the conversation and write a summary of the topic. Give as many
details as possible. (Final task, listening 1)
Audio summary
The text is about a conversation between two friends. They are talking about the woman’s
daily routine. She takes out the garbage, she does the laundry, she also reads the newspaper,
cheeks her e-mail and takes a nap on Monday , Wednesday and Friday she exercises.

2. Listen to the conversation and answer these questions: (Final task, listening 2)

A. Where is the woman going?

- She wants to go the red coffee
B. What are the directions the man gives?
 Go to the corner and turn left
 Go to blocks and turn right
 Go through the train station cross the street

C. Write down the places the man mentions.

- The places that man says are: * The train station
* The book store
* The pharmacy
* The Red Cafe


Read the text below and follow these instructions:
Lee el texto de abajo y sigue estas instrucciones:
 Complete the blanks with appropriate vocabulary.
Completa los espacios en blanco con el vocabulario apropiado.
 Use the verbs in parenthesis in the correct form.
Usa los verbos entre paréntesis en la forma correcta.
 Find in the text:
Encontrar en el texto:

-synonym for store: biggest

-similar word for client: people
-contrary of poor: rich
-similar word for return: take
-someone who works in commerce, especially at executive level: businessman

 Choose the best choice to complete the text:

1. 2. 3.
a. successful a. on a. fall
b. big b. at b. fell
c. cheap c. in c. falls

Zara is one of the biggest fashions chains in the world. The Owner of Zara is Amancio
Ortega. He is a rich man in Spain, but very few people know his face. There are only two
official photographs of him and rarely gives interviews. Although he is a multimillionaire
businessman, he does not look like one. He doesn´t like wearing suits or ties, and prefers
to wear jeans and shirts.
When he _was_ young he worked as a shop assistant in a clothes store, but in 1963 he
started a small company which made women’s pajamas. In 1975, at the age of 40, he
opened his first clothes shop and _named_ it Zara. Now, you can find Zara shops all over
the _world, from New York, to Moscow to Singapore.
Zara is so reacted because the store reacted quickly to the latest designer fashions and
produces clothes which are fashionable but inexpensive. Zara can make a new line of clothes
_on_ three weeks. Other companies normally take about nine months. The designs also
change from week to week so customers keep coming back to see what’s new. It produces
20.000 new designs including jackets, skirts, and a lot of new designs that made people _fall
in love with this clothes store.

Talk about a friend of you. Provide his/her personal information, describe him/her
and talk about his/her tastes. Say also what things you both have in common.
Additionally, describe a past experience you had with him/her.
Record this information in a video and upload it. Paste the link in the final

My best friend is Jonathan Cabrera, he is twenty years old, he studies at the

University of Amazonia, he lives with his mother, he has a clear skin, his hair is blond, his
eyes are hazel, his height is 1.67, He likes to spend more time with me and he likes to
watch it while playing Fudboll. Her favorite food is the hoof beans and she likes to drink
strawberry milk juice, she also loves to smile. What we have in common is that we are two
creative people, we like surprises, we like to have fun at big parties and, above all, we like
to be enterprising people. We have lived many experiences together, some very nice and
others not so much, but one of the best was at school, because that is where our friendship
began, our development as people and our dreams of reaching our professional goals
always together.