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50¢ daily Thursday, November 4, 2010 Delphos, Ohio

Upfront Local mail delivery ‘hit and miss’

BY MIKE FORD office says they’re supposed in Delphos. It took 12 days while to get it ironed out,” until 11 a.m. I’ve also had to be done putting mail in the for the recipient to get it. So, she said. a few of my mail customers
boxes by 10 a.m. but if it’s that’s obviously an issue, as However, that change may call in because they’re not
DELPHOS — When late from Toledo, it may not well,” she said. cost one local business an getting the paper the next day
the United States Postal be done until after lunch. It’s Some residents may or additional $16,000 per year. like they always have. I have
Service closed its Lima Mail not an issue with the Delphos may not have also noticed Delphos Herald customers in other states, like
Processing Center, Kristin Post Office; it’s an issue with delays. An anonymous person Circulation Manager Tiffany Texas and Florida, who get
Briley suspected the prom- Toledo getting the mail to from the postal office said he Brantley said she saves $.04 the paper and they’re getting
ises being made at the time Delphos when they’re sup- mailed a letter to himself and per piece by driving large them in clumps of three or
were empty. She still feels posed to,” she said. it arrived the following day. quantities of mail to the bulk four at a time. Basically, the
that way. “They said they were tak- He said his impression of mail center in Lima. She will issue we’re having is that
The administrative assis- ing Lima away and every- the problem is that it is “hit no longer be able to do that it’s taking everything a long
tant handles mail for K&M thing was going to Toledo and miss” until the matter is after January 1, 2011. The time,” she said.
Tire. She said the company but it would be a smooth resolved. company will also incur the In some cases with next-
CWU set World has a post office box because
mail can be received more
transition; they said there
would not be any issues but
Vancrest Healthcare
Center Business Manager
expense of driving mail the
extra distance to take it to
day shipping, timeliness is
guaranteed. A delay may
Community Day quickly by picking it up
than by waiting for delivery.
there are major issues.”
Briley said her employer
Carol Odenweller said her
mail is late but not by much.
Toledo. That’s just one of the
result in a refunded shipping
World Community Day, She said considerable time also relies on the post office “Our mail is late but only “We always picked the Anyone who experiences
celebrated annually in the is required to post payments for large quantities of outgo- by a couple of hours at most. mail up at the post office at hindered mail service should
first week of November, is from clients. So, when mail ing mail. That has also been a If it saves money, I can deal 8 a.m. but it’s not even there contact the United States
an ecumenical service that is late to the local post office challenge. with late. We have regular until well after 9 a.m. So, we Postal Service Consumer
brings women and men from the Toledo process- “We also send out bulk business mail and we also have to call around 9:30 a.m. Affairs Office at 1-800-ASK-
together to share their aspi- ing center, it causes a ripple mail and there was one check, have residential. I haven’t to see when the mail will USPS. The address is 1591
rations and challenges. effect. for example, that we mailed heard people complain a lot. be ready so we can go get Dalton Ave., Cincinnati,
The local service will “The sign in the post from Delphos to a destination If things change, it takes a it. Sometimes, it isn’t ready Ohio, 45234-9631.

City looks to reduce

be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday
at St. John the Evangelist
Catholic Church.

energy use at plant

This year’s program
begins with Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr.’s vision of a world
in which people of many
nations and traditions work BY MIKE FORD ly looks like they will save
together in a commitment of us some power but we won’t
non-violent means. Together, know for another month or so
participants will consider DELPHOS — The city how much they will save.”
examples of economic injus- is in the middle of its plan Concerning the turbine,
tice in the light of a goal; to minimize electricity con- council is considering the
communities that promote the sumption at the Waste Water matter. A study must be con-
dignity, safety and economic Treatment Plant. According to ducted before grant money
opportunities for all, which Waste Water Superintendent can be released but Safety
Dr. King memorably called Todd Teman, energy-saving Service Director Greg
“the beloved community.” blowers were installed sev- Berquist is confident it will
Claudia Ellquist, eral months ago. In addition, be funneled the city’s way.
Kristina Peterson and the administration is looking “It’s a matching grant and
Jeanette Ross, National at erecting a wind turbine to our portion is 10 percent.
Ecumenical Celebrations power the facility with clean, Council wants to know what
Committee members, renewable energy. we will get for our $7,000;
have written the service. “The blowers were put in we’ll get a $75,000 grant,”
Benefit set for in March and we ran them on
manual control for about two
he said.
Berquist stated the study
Zenz family months and over the summer
until now, we’ve been work-
would be more specific than
a different type of study the
The Heather and Doug ing on the Programmable state has been subjected to.
Zenz Benefit Dinner is Logic Center controls. The “We will not have a ‘mod-
set for 4-7 p.m. Saturday blowers have never been eled’ study like the entire
at the American Legion used in conjunction with our state of Ohio — we will have
in Spencerville. membrane process because a study unique to the City
Dinners are $7 for adults Stacy Taff photos
they’re turbo blowers — a of Delphos. For scientific
and $4 for ages 4-12. The Carriage Inn has closed. Owners Craig and Sandy Suever have sold the business to new cutting-edge technology purposes and investment pur-
In additions to the tradi- Mexican restaurant owners from Bowling Green.
tional Thanksgiving dinner, a from Korea. They use less poses, modeling isn’t neces-

Suevers take siesta from restaurant biz

silent auction, 50-50 drawing horse power to create equal or sarily good enough for public
and bake sale will also be greater air output. So, we’re money to be invested. There
offered to help the family. creating the PLC of the two are only three of these issued
Heather Witting-Zenz is a technologies and integrating across the state and that puts
BY STACY TAFF them so they run efficiently,” Delphos in a really good posi-
1986 graduate of Van Wert
High School and is battling he said. tion when the department of
fourth-stage breast cancer. “We are still working on energy releases more stimu-
She is currently taking treat- DELPHOS — A local the programming. It definite- lus money,” he concluded.
ments at the Cancer Center landmark is closing its doors

Indonesian volcano erupts

in Zion, Ill. She has been to make way for a Mexican
unable to work since January. restaurant. Carriage Inn

again; death toll at 44

Doug Zenz had been Owners Craig and Sandy
undergoing back and neck Suever have ran the restau-
surgeries and recently rant for the last 15 years but
had four rods and a plate feel it’s time to retire from By SLAMET RIYADI ists in the ancient city of
installed. He is on medi- the business. The Associated Press Yogyakarta, where one air-
cal leave from work. “I had always planned port is located, navigated
Both are employed at to get out of it when Sandy MOUNT MERAPI, dust-choked streets.
Federal Mogul in Van Wert. retired from teaching,” Indonesia — Towering clouds Officials insisted, how-
Their inability to work, Craig said. “It worked out
medical bills, vehicle of hot ash gushed from the ever, that a Qantas jetliner
pretty well actually. I only mouth of Indonesia’s deadly forced to make an emergency
repairs, travel expenses, missed it by a couple of
long-term therapy and unex- volcano today, forcing motor- landing after one of its four
pected home maintenance months.” ists in cities 20 miles (30 engines failed over Batam,
have put a severe finan- The appearance of a kilometers) away to use their an island 800 miles (1,400
buyer couldn’t have come Craig and Sandy Suever headlights in broad daylight kilometers) to the west, was
cial strain on the family.
Cash donations are also at a more opportune time for it was time to do some- be able to open before and raising concerns about unrelated.
accepted and can be sent to the Suevers. thing different and running Christmas.” aviation safety. The death toll “There was no connection
Ken Shafer, 114 Wurster “They actually a restaurant was always in “I think they’ll be really climbed to 44. with Mount Merapi,” said
Dr., Spencerville OH 45887; approached us. They’re the back of my mind as good for Delphos,” Sandy As rocks and ash rained Bambang Ervan, a spokes-
or June Ernst, 8332 Richey called ‘Cabo’,” Sandy said. something I’d like to do. I said. “And I think in this from the sky, soldiers helped man for the Transportation
Rd., Van Wert OH 45891. “And we’re not spring decided it was time to go business you need to be load thousands of frightened Ministry. “It was too far from
chickens anymore, so it was for it.” young and energetic and villagers into trucks for a the volcano — the sky over
Forecast perfect timing.” The “Carriage Inn” we’re getting old. So, it’s second day, including those Singapore and Sumatra island
“They own restaurants in name didn’t start with the good to have some new peo- seeking shelter in crowded is free of dust. “
Mostly cloudy
the area,” Craig added. “I Suevers. ple coming in.” emergency shelters. Scientists said pressure
Friday with
think they own one in Van “We bought it from he Though the time for Merapi’s more than a apparently building inside
a chance of
Wert and one in Bowling Wills as The Carriage Inn them to let go of The dozen powerful blasts and Merapi’s crater may mean the
snow and/
or rain. High
Green, which is where and I know it was called that Carriage Inn has come, thousands of volcanic trem- worst is yet to come.
in low 40s.
they drive from. It’s three for years before we bought there are still some things ors and ash bursts since Oct. “It’s never acted like
See page 2. brothers and I don’t think it,” Craig said. “But I heard they will miss. 26 temporarily shut nearby this before,” Surono said
they’ve decided which one somewhere that it started “The hard part is saying airports and — in recent days after watching the wide, fast
Index is going to run the one here
in Delphos yet but they’re
as a fruit stand in maybe
the 1950’s and then later
goodbye to all the custom-
ers,” Sandy said. “We’ve
— closed air routes affected
by the ash.
sweeps of a needle on a seis-
mograph machine. “It looks
Obituaries 2 great people and they’re turned into a steak house or spent a lot of time there and With no winds early today, like we may be entering an
State/Local 3 very experienced at running something similar. It’s been our kids practically grew up white clouds shot a spectacu- even worse stage.”
Politics 4 restaurants.” around so long it’s hard to there so the customers have lar 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) The volcano, one of the
Community 5 Before taking the reigns say for sure.” become part of the family. into the sky. Gusts later car- world’s most active, has
Sports 6-7 of The Carriage Inn, Suever The Suevers are excited It’s the same with the staff. ried the smoke westward, erupted many times in the
Farm 7 worked for Suever Stone to have some variety come We’ve grown really close with cities and towns up to last century, often with dead-
Classifieds 8 Co. to Delphos restaurants. with them.” 240 kilometers (150 miles) ly results.
TV 9 “I remember it was June “We’ve eaten at one of The sale was finalized dusted in white power. The number of people
World News 10 5, 1995, when I started. We their restaurants before on Nov. 1. Cabo will honor “I have asked the air trans- killed since it burst back to life
bought it from Skip and and they have really great all gift certificates for The portation authorities to make just over a week ago climbed
Nancy Will,” he said. “So food, it’s very authen- Carriage Inn with a valid sure the ash isn’t affecting to 44, said Eka Saputra, a
it’s been a little more than tic Mexican.” Craig expiration date through visibility, “ said state volca-
15 years. I had just decided said. “They think they’ll December 2011. nologist Surono, as motor- See VOLCANO, page 2
2 – The Herald Thursday, November 4, 2010

For The Record

Confusion, fear as Haiti OBITUARIES The Delphos
camps evacuate for storm
Ray J. Flore
Vol. 141 No. 123
Oct. 14, 1931 Nancy Spencer, editor
Nov. 2, 2010 Ray Geary, general manager
By JONATHAN M. KATZ identify safe public infrastruc- this year. Delphos Herald, Inc.
The Associated Press ture for use as potential storm “The tension is elevated. Don Hemple,
shelters. People are really concerned Ray J. Flore, 79, of Celina, advertising manager
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti Painfully slow reconstruc- about their belongings. They’re died Tuesday at Van Wert Tiffany Brantley,
— For nearly 10 months, tion from the quake, prior posing a lot of legitimate ques- County Hospital. circulation manager
more than 1 million people storms and the recent commit- tions,” Castro said. He was born Oct. 14, 1931, William Kohl,
in Haiti’s earthquake camps ment of government resources Concerns are even greater in in Mercer County, to Russish general manager/Eagle Print
have been walking a precari- to fight a growing cholera epi- the western reaches of Haiti’s and Eddythe (Webb) Flore. The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
ous line: Trying to get out demic have left people with southern peninsula, where On Sept. 2, 1967, he mar- 8000) is published daily except
and find good homes without few options as overtaxed aid heavy flooding is predicted. ried Patricia Wallen, who sur- Sundays and Holidays.
losing their tents and the pos- workers struggle to help. Disaster officials have vives. By carrier in Delphos and
sessions they still have. “We are using radio sta- extended a red alert, their high- Other survivors include area towns, or by rural motor
Now a potential hurricane tions to announce to people est storm warning, to all regions brother Lester (Sharaleen) Frances Camille route where available $2.09 per
week. By mail in Allen, Van
threatens to upend that careful that if they don’t have a place of the country, as the storm is Flore of Celina; and several
balance. The Haitian govern- to go, but they have friends expected to wind its way up nieces, nephews and great- (Donston) Vorst Wert, or Putnam County, $105
nieces and nephews. May 19, 1939 - Nov. 2, 2010 per year. Outside these counties
ment has called for the vol- and families, they should move the west coast of the island of $119 per year.
untary evacuation of all the into a place that is secure,” said Hispaniola, which Haiti shares He was preceded in death Frances Camille (Donston) Entered in the post office
quake zone’s camps ahead of civil protection official Nadia with the Dominican Republic, by his brother Robert, broth- Vorst, 71, of Ottoville, died in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
Friday’s expected arrival of Lochard, who oversees the through storm-vulnerable er-in-law Dale Parker, sister 2:25 p.m. Tuesday, at her Periodicals, postage paid at
Tropical Storm Tomas, telling department that includes the Gonaives and Haiti’s second- Helen Parker and sister-in-law home surrounded by her lov- Delphos, Ohio.
residents to find somewhere capital, Port-au-Prince. largest city, Cap-Haitien, Dorothy Flore. ing family. No mail subscriptions will be
else to go. Fear and confusion have sometime Friday. Mr. Flore was a United She was born May 19, accepted in towns or villages
“People said, ’We’ve been swept through many of the The U.S. National Hurricane States Army veteran who 1939, in Wheeling, W.Va., where The Daily Herald paper
displaced before. What’s going camps. Tensions boiled over Center in Miami announced served as a medic in the to the late Ralph and Agnes carriers or motor routes provide
Korean War. He was retired (Gray) Donston. daily home delivery for $2.09
to happen to us? Are we going into scuffles Wednesday at a hurricane warning for Haiti, per week.
to be able to get back?”’ said Corail when managers tried along with tropical storm from the West Ohio Gas She is survived by her lov-
405 North Main St.
Bryant Castro, an American to explain a planned volun- watches for Jamaica, the south- Company and was a Center ing companion of 25 years, TELEPHONE 695-0015
Refugee Committee staffer tary evacuation of nearly 8,000 ern coast of the Dominican Township School graduate. He Tom Vorst of Ottoville. Office Hours
who is managing the nearly people from ShelterBox tents Republic and eastern Cuba. A was a member of Mount Zion Also surviving are her 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
8,000 people at the Corail- once promised to be hurricane- hurricane watch was issued for United Methodist Church in children, Jeffrey (Lois) Hertig POSTMASTER:
Cesselesse relocation camp. resistent. the southeastern Bahamas and Celina and the Mercer County of Indian Lake and Melissa Send address changes
Survivors of the devastating The tentative plan there, as Turks and Caicos. Sportsmans Club. (Allen) Moore of Ottoville; to THE DAILY HERALD,
Jan. 12 earthquake have fought at several other camps, is to Late Wednesday, the storm Funeral services begin at twin granddaughters Brooke 405 N. Main St.
10:30 a.m. Saturday at Mount and Taylor Moore of Ottoville; Delphos, Ohio 45833
forced evictions, weathered move some people to schools, was about 295 miles (470 kilo-
storms, organized themselves churches, and other structures meters) southwest of Port-au- Zion United Methodist Church two stepgrandsons, Ben and
into security committees, and such as abandoned prisons. But Prince, and about 210 miles in Celina, the Rev. Kenneth
Baker officiating. Burial will
Rick Gerding of Kalida; Scholars of the Day
rallied for better services and most of the homeless are being (335 kilometers) southeast of four stepgreat-grandchildren,
aid. Now they are being told told to seek out friends or fam- Kingston, Jamaica. Tomas had follow in Fairview Cemetery Bryce, Tori and Jonah Gerding
to leave — and few have any- ily who can take them in. maximum sustained winds of in Celina. of Kalida and Dylan Gerding
where to go. As news of Tomas’ pre- 45 mph (75 kph) and was mov- Friends may call from 2-4 of Ottoville; a brother, David
The government says there dicted pass slowly filtered ing northwest at 6 mph (9 kph). and 6-8 p.m. at Cisco Funeral (Carol) Donston of Claysville,
are more than 1,000 shelters through Port-au-Prince via Jamaican soldiers will evac- Home in Celina. Penn.; a niece, Heather (Eric)
available, but the term is loose wind-up radios and megaphone uate hundreds of people in the Heimberger of Claysville;
and can refer to any building
expected to stand up to high
announcements, unease set in
among people who already
island’s eastern region today
and move them into emergen-
BIRTHS extended family, Cathy (Don)
Kenny of Waterville, Mark
winds. The U.N. Office for the lost homes and loved ones in cy shelters ahead of the storm, (Lisa) Vorst and family of
A boy, Joshua Alexander, Ottoville, Diane (Bill) Sturt
Coordination of Humanitarian the quake and saw their tents Information Minister Daryl was born Oct. 30 at Blanchard
Affairs said there is a need to ripped apart in lesser storms Vaz said. and family of Waterville, Dan St. John’s Scholar of the
Valley Hospital to Russell (Mary) Vorst and family of
18 dead found in Mexico mass grave shown in video and Jennifer Craig of Upper
Ottoville and the family of
Day is Tricia
Doug Vorst of Ottoville.
By SERGIO FLORES appeared on Youtube in related to each other, have said He was welcomed home by She was preceded in death
The Associated Press which two men — their hands they were mechanics in the a bother, Jonathan. by a nephew, Eric Donston; Tricia!
apparently tied behind their state capital of Morelia who Grandparents are Terry and and Doug Vorst, who was
ACAPULCO, Mexico backs and answering ques- each year saved up money Doris Lindeman and Ralph Jefferson’s Scholar of the
a member of her extended
— In another grisly turn in tions from an unseen interro- to take a vacation together. Craig and the late Diane family.
Day is Devin
Mexico’s drug war, police gator — say they killed “the Among those abducted was Craig. Mrs. Vorst was a homemak- Ricker.
have recovered 18 bodies from Michoacanos” and buried the 17-year-old son of one of Great-grandparents are er. She worked for Ottawa- Congratulations
a mass grave announced in a them in the area. the mechanics. Don and Lorene Lindeman, Glandorf School System as a Devin!
YouTube posting — a video The two bodies reported in Guerrero state investiga- Morris and JoAnn Craig and teacher’s aide in the reading
saying the victims were from the tip were found wearing the tors say they corroborated that Barbara Alexander. Students can pick up their
lab and also was a school bus awards in their school offices.
a tourist group kidnapped in same clothes as the pair seen the men worked as mechanics ST. RITA’S driver. She graduated from
Acapulco a month ago. in the video and were lying on and had no criminal records. A boy was born Nov. West Alexander High School
Authorities said they top of the mass grave. Investigators also say they 2 to Neil and Kassandra in West Alexander, Penn.,
would resume their search A sign left between the could find no evidence link- Brotherwood of Delphos. where she was valedictorian of
Thursday for more remains at two men read: “The people ing the men to any gang and her class of 1957. She enjoyed BURGER, Timothy
the burial site in Tres Palos, a they killed are buried here.” have speculated the group fishing, country music, travel-
town just south of the Pacific It was signed by Acapulco’s may have been targeted by William, 21, of Lima, funeral
ing and spending winters in services will begin at 2 p.m.
resort city. Independent Cartel, or CIDA mistake. Mexico and Florida.
Police did not yet know if — a little known drug gang Hundreds of the men’s Delphos weather Sunday at Lewis Eastside
Mass of Christian burial will Chapel, Chiles-Laman Funeral
the bodies found were from that has been claiming respon- relatives and friends have begin at 10:30 a.m. Saturday
the 20 men abducted at gun- sibility for killings in the area twice marched in Morelia to High temperature Home. Friends may call from
Wednesday in Delphos was at Immaculate Conception 2-8 p.m. Saturday and from
point Sept. 30 while visiting over the last two months. demand federal authorities Catholic Church, Ottoville,
Acapulco from neighboring Monreal said authorities investigate the case. 54 degrees, low was 23. High noon until time of services
a year ago today was 50, low the Rev. John Stites officiat- Sunday at the funeral home.
Michoacan state, Fernando had not confirmed the identi- On Sunday, about 1,000 ing. Burial will follow in St.
Monreal, investigative police ties of the bodies dumped on people marched to urge was 30. Record high for today Preferred memorials are to the
is 79, set in 2003. Record low Mary’s Cemetery, Ottoville. family.
chief for Guerrero state, said top of the grave. authorities to keep searching Friends may call from 2
Wednesday night. In the video, the two for their loved ones. is 15, set in 1951.
Officers began digging
at the site early Wednesday
men say they killed the
“Michoacanos” in an act of
“To the people who have
them, we ask them to have
to 8 p.m. Friday at Love-
Heitmeyer Funeral Home, LOCAL PRICES
Jackson Township (on the
after receiving an anonymous revenge against La Familia, a mercy on them, on us,” Katy The Associated Press corner of State Routes 224 Corn: $5.53
phone call alerting them to powerful drug cartel based in Rodriguez, a niece of seven and 634), where a scripture Wheat: $5.90
two bodies dumped on an Michoacan state. of the missing men, said in TONIGHT: Mostly service will be held at 2 p.m. Beans: $12.07
empty lot. The families of the 20 a message sent to the captors cloudy. A chance of rain Memorial contributions
Hours earlier, a video missing men, many of them through the media. showers in the evening with
may be made to St. Rita’s

a chance of rain and snow Hospice or Immaculate
showers after midnight. Lows Conception Catholic Church.
in the lower 30s. North winds Condolences may be CLEVELAND (AP) —
(Continued from page 1) debris. their livestock. 10 to 15 mph. Chance of pre- These Ohio lotteries were
expressed at www.lovefuner- drawn Wednesday:
More than 75,000 are now “We are really scared, but cipitation 30 percent.
disaster official, raising packed in crowded govern- we have to feed our cattle,” FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy. Classic Lotto
the toll after three people
died in a powerful eruption
ment camps well away from
the base and, with no sign
said Sukadi, a 48-year-old
farmer, as he brought grass
A chance of snow and rain
showers in the morning. Highs POLICE REPORT Estimated jackpot: $12.8
in the lower 40s. Northwest million
Wednesday and another suc- Merapi is going to quiet to Boyong, his village six Delphos police were called Mega Millions
cumbed to injuries from an any time soon, may have to miles (nine kilometers) from winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts to the 100 block of North Main Estimated jackpot: $16
earlier blast. stay for weeks, or possibly the crater. up to 25 mph. Chance of pre- Street at 8:46 p.m. Monday in million
In 1994, 60 people were months. “We’re just going quickly,” cipitation 30 percent. reference to a dispute at a resi- Midday 3
killed, while in 1930, more Some officials warned added Semin, 54, his friend. FRIDAY NIGHT: Mostly dence in that area. 9-6-7
than a dozen villages were food, water and other sup- “We’ll head back to the camp cloudy. A slight chance of rain Upon officers’ arrival, they Midday 4
torched, leaving up to 1,300 plies were running short. as soon as we’re done... our showers in the evening. Lows spoke with Jammie Colbert, 4-7-7-2
dead. Mount Merapi’s dan- families are there.” in the mid 20s. Northwest 57, of Delphos, who stated Pick 3
But as with almost all ger zone was widened Indonesia, a vast archi- winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance the other subject involved, 1-8-3
the blueish-gray volcanoes Wednesday from six miles to pelago of 235 million people, of rain 20 percent. William Estle, 24, of Delphos Pick 4
jetting from the landscape nine miles (10 to 15 kilome- is prone to earthquakes and EXTENDED FORECAST had left prior to officers’ 1-8-7-5
in this seismically charged ters) from the peak. Even so, volcanos because it sits along SATURDAY: Mostly arrival. Estle was found to Powerball
country, tens of thousands of dozens of villagers displaced the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” cloudy in the morning. Highs still be in the residence hid- 34-38-39-45-50,
people live on the mountain’s by the disaster took advan- a horseshoe-shaped string of in the lower 40s. West winds ing from officers and was Powerball: 33, Power Play: 2
rolling slopes, drawn to soil tage of brief lull in activity faults that lines the Pacific. 5 to 10 mph. arrested for criminal trespass- Estimated jackpot: $104
made fertile by generations this afternoon to head back The volcano’s initial blast SATURDAY NIGHT: ing because he had previously million
of molten lava and volcanic up the mountain to check on occurred less than 24 hours Mostly clear. Lows in the Rolling Cash 5
been advised not to be at that
after a towering tsunami upper 20s. 04-15-27-32-36
location by the owner of the Estimated jackpot:
slammed into the remote SUNDAY: Sunny. Highs building.
in the lower 50s. $130,000
Mentawai islands on the Officers then arrested Ten OH
western end of the country, SUNDAY NIGHT- Colbert for obstructing offi-
MONDAY NIGHT: Mostly 01-05-07-12-14-18-22-34-
sweeping entire villages to cial business. 37-39-40-50-54-55-60-63-65-
sea and killing at least 428 clear. Lows in the upper 30s. Both subjects were then 67-69-73
Readmore’s people.
There, too, thousands of
Highs in the mid 50s.
transported to the Allen
County Jail and will appear in
Ten OH Midday
Hallmark people were displaced, many
living in government camps.
NIGHT: Mostly clear. Highs
around 60. Lows in the lower 40s.
Lima Municipal Court on the

222 N. Canal St., Delphos, Ohio 419-692-0961

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Briefs Group says GOP EarthTalk®

St. Mary’s to hold
Holiday Country
sweep threatens
St. Mary’s Catholic Church,
601 Jennings Road, Van Wert
civil liberties
is having their annual Holiday By ANN SANNER and Leaders in the state
Country Market at the church, JULIE CARR SMYTH Legislature, where
Saturday, November 6 from 8 The Associated Press Republicans now control
a.m. to 3 p.m. and following both chambers, said it was
all services that weekend. The COLUMBUS — As too early to discuss the fate
market features fresh home- Republicans savored a clean of social issues in the two-
made noodles, baked goods sweep of Ohio’s Legislature year session that begins in
and crafts. Spaces are avail- and statewide offices, groups January.
able for vendors. traditionally supported by Republican state Sen. Tom
The sale is sponsored by Democrats positioned for the Niehaus, who intends to run
The Altar Rosary Society of budget and policy fights they for Ohio Senate president,
St. Mary of the Assumption expect are ahead. said he had yet to talk about a
Catholic Church. For more Ohio’s largest state possible agenda for 2011 with Photodisc photo
information contact Denise at employees union and sup- Kasich and House Republican American forces generate some 750,000 tons of toxic waste annually - more than the
419-238-0339. porters of liberal social causes Leader Bill Batchelder. But he five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. Although this pollution occurs globally
such as gay and abortion said he expected job growth in dozens of countries, there are tens of thousands of toxic “hot spots” on some 8,500
Ohio schools rights were among those who
raised concerns Wednesday
in Ohio to be their primary
military properties right here on America soil.
eye big cuts about new GOP leadership in “We’re sort of enjoying From the Editors of E/The ucts are available directly for compliance with federal
laws including the Migratory
Environmental Magazine from the manufacturers’
after levy defeats the state.
The Ohio Civil Service
the results of the election yes-
terday,” Niehaus said. websites or through outdoor Bird Treaties Act, the Wildlife
TOLEDO (AP) — Ohio Employees Association said Niehaus compared Dear EarthTalk: Merino retailers including REI. Act, the Endangered Species
voters defeated about half the its members worried about Tuesday’s GOP wins to a wool undergarments tout While Merino undergar- Act, the Clean Air Act and
214 school levies on ballots, the prospect of legislation that football team picking up a themselves as being kind- ments have a lot going for the National Environmental
leaving some districts to con- would consolidate or privatize new quarterback and addi- er to the environment them, they are still expensive Policy Act.
template closing schools and state agencies, leaving state tional players. than other wools or syn- compared to the alternatives. It’s unclear whether the
slashing bus routes, the Ohio workers without jobs and cut- “What that means is that thetics. How is this so? But Merino converts insist U.S. military is taking heed
School Boards Association ting services they provide. instead of playing defense as — Stella Cooley, Bangor, that the rugged material lasts of criticisms in regard to
said. “We are concerned that we had to do the last two ME much longer than synthetic pollution and endangered
Preliminary election results a new administration and years in the Senate, we’ll or cotton clothing without species management, but it
show that 105 levies, or 49 the new House would act in now be able to play offense,” Since the 1970s, profes- sacrificing comfort, style or is undoubtedly concerned
percent, failed to get voter haste in a way that negatively Niehaus said. sional athletes and weekend fit. Scratchy old wool has about climate change, as
approval. impacts quality public ser- Kellie Copeland, director warriors alike have sworn by come a long way indeed. its effects on the environ-
In Toledo, where voters vices,” union spokeswoman of the abortion rights group base layers made out of syn- ment could lead to unprec-
Tuesday shut down a levy that Sally Meckling said. She said NARAL-Ohio, said the thetic “fibers” that would let Dear EarthTalk: What edented natural resource
would have raised about $22 one-party rule could leave last time Republicans con- sweat-based moisture escape, is the U.S. military doing wars and mass migrations
million a year for the district, stakeholders, such as state trolled the governor’s office dry fast and be easy to care to reduce its carbon foot- of people. And reducing our
school board member Brenda employees, out of the discus- as well as both chambers of for. But such garments don’t print and generally green reliance on potentially hos-
Hill told The Blade the district sion. the Legislature, a proposal come without trade-offs: its operations? tile foreign oil sources is a
could shrink from six high At his first news con- emerged to ban abortions They tend to get stinky when — Anthony Gomez, New short term national security
schools to two. ference as governor-elect, statewide. She said private mixed with bodily odors and, York, NY imperative as well. A recent
“We’ll probably end Republican John Kasich said insurance benefits covering like so many modern techno- Obama administration direc-
up with one high school on he had no interest in picking abortion services could also logical marvels, are derived As the world’s largest tive calls for the DoD to
each side of town,” Hill said a fight with unions represent- be at risk. from petroleum. Merino polluter, the U.S. military draw 20 percent of its power
Wednesday. ing state employees. State “Our message to Ohio’s wool-based garments func- has its work cut out for it from renewable sources
The failed levies in Toledo and local government work- pro-choice majority is clear,” tion just as well or better— when it comes to greening its by 2020. Nikihl Sonnad of
and elsewhere potentially put ers have been caught in the she said. “Gov.-elect Kasich, and without the olfactory operations. According to the the GreenFuelSpot website
anything not mandated by the crosshairs of a battle over Attorney General-elect stigma or carbon footprint nonprofit watchdog group, reports that the Army and Air
state as a core educational creating more jobs in a state (Mike) DeWine and the new increase. Project Censored, American Force are planning to include
requirement — including where unemployment is 10 anti-choice controlled Ohio The soft and pliable cous- forces generate some solar arrays on several bases
sports — on the chopping percent. House represent a very seri- in to the traditional wool our 750,000 tons of toxic waste in sunny western states. The
block. “I never intend to be in ous threat to a woman’s right grandparents wore, Merino annually—more than the five Air Force is also building
In southwest Ohio, The a position of declaring an to choose in Ohio.” wool is revolutionizing out- largest U.S. chemical com- the nation’s largest biomass
Cincinnati Enquirer reports enemy,” he said. The chairman of the board door wear while helping panies combined. Although energy plants in Florida and
the 18,700-student Lakota Representatives from SEIU for Equality Ohio said the gay manufacturers and consum- this pollution occurs glob- Georgia, and the Navy is
Schools — the state’s sev- hope to sit down with the rights group is anxious about ers lower their impact on the ally on U.S. bases in dozens building three large geother-
enth-largest district — will new leaders in the Legislature what Tuesday’s outcome environment. This natural of countries, there are tens mal energy plants and fund-
drop high school busing fol- to make sure the voices of means for a bill that guar- fiber, derived from Merino of thousands of toxic “hot ing research into extracting
lowing the fifth levy defeat in the middle class were heard anteed job and housing pro- sheep in New Zealand, is spots” on some 8,500 mili- energy from ocean waves.
six tries. in the budget-making pro- tections regardless of sexual soft on the skin, wicks sweat tary properties right here on Some of the military’s
The schools will trim $12 cess, said Anthony Caldwell, orientation. The Rev. Michael effectively, dries out quickly, America soil. R&D into renewables is
million beginning next school spokesman for SEIU District Castle said the organization is naturally odor-resistant— “Not only is the mili- for battlefield applications.
year, besides the $13 million 1199. The union represents had hoped to move the bill and is machine-washable to tary emitting toxic mate- Outfitting troops with the
they’ve already cut in pro- about 25,000 hospital, nurs- along while Democrats still boot. And since Merino can rial directly into the air capability to produce their
grams and personnel. ing home, state and other controlled the governor’s be easily spun into different and water,” reports Project own on-site power from
“Everyone will be affect- workers in Ohio. office and the House. weights, it is used in a wide Censored, “it’s poisoning the solar and wind sources not
ed,” Superintendent Mike Creating jobs and cutting “We, at this point in time, variety of clothing types land of nearby communities, only makes sourcing oil less
Taylor said, “and our schools the federal deficit should be are very cautious and con- (underwear, shirts, coats) resulting in increased rates of a necessity but also should
are facing some very chal- the top priority for Congress, cerned about where this might making it a natural choice of cancer, kidney disease, serve to reduce casualties
lenging times.” according to Ohio voters leave us in the next couple of for layering. increasing birth defects, from fuel transport opera-
surveyed in an exit poll for years,” Castle said. Some of the leaders in low birth weight and mis- tions. Over 1,000 American
Testimony from The Associated Press. Lower Associated Press exit poll- the Merino underwear revo- carriage.” The non-profit
lution include Ibex Outdoor Military Toxics Project is
troops have lost their lives
delivering fuel in the past few
down on the list was cutting ing indicated that despite
dying witness taxes, which Kasich has set the GOP sweep Ohio voters Clothing, SmartWool and working with the U.S. gov- years alone (in part because
Patagonia, each which sourc- ernment to identify problem enemy combatants often use
in Ohio sought as a priority.
A majority of voters in
remain closely divided.
The survey indicated vot- es its wool through Zque, a sites and educate neighbors fuel trucks as attack targets),
Ohio — almost three out of ers didn’t view either party New Zealand-based certifi- about the risks. says Sonnad.
CLEVELAND (AP) — cation for Merino produc- Meanwhile, the U.S. Elisabeth Rosenthal
Federal prosecutors asked a five — said they think gov- more favorably than the other.
ernment is doing too much A little over half said they ers that adheres to a strict military manages 25 million reports in The New York
judge on Wednesday for per- set of sustainability and acres of land that provides Times that “there is great
mission to take a videotaped and should allow businesses had an unfavorable opinion of
and individuals to take care of Democrats and Republicans ethical treatment standards. habitat for some 300 threat- hope that some of the renew-
deposition from a terminally Qualifying ranches must ened or endangered species. able energy technology being
ill witness in the bribery case things, the exit poll found. alike.
feed their sheep natural grass The military has harmed developed for battle will

Gov.-elect Kasich
against a county commission- double back and play a role
er. and spring water and main- endangered animal popu-
tain a low “head-to-hectare” lations by bomb tests (and in civilian life.” She adds
Prosecutors asked U.S.
District Judge Kathleen ratio. Upwards of 170 New been sued for it), reports that the armed forces have
Zealand Merino ranches Project Censored, and mili- enough purchasing power to

naming key aides

O’Malley to allow them to get
early testimony from Kevin have been certified accord- tary testing of low-frequency create genuine markets in the
Payne, a former Cuyahoga ingly by Zque as “ethical underwater sonar technology non-military world.
County engineer’s office chief wool” producers. has been implicated in the
of staff who has said in court By JULIE CARR SMYTH Ohioans’ personal income Unhappy with synthetic stranding deaths of whales Send your environmental
that he is suffering from thy- The Associated Press taxes. base layers that made him worldwide. Despite being questions to: EarthTalk®,
roid cancer. Three newly-named Kasich “sweat like a gorilla,” cross- linked to such problems, the c/o E – The Environmental
The government said COLUMBUS — Ohio aides and one of his long-time country skiing enthusiast U.S. Department of Defense Magazine, P.O. Box 5098,
Payne may not live to tes- Gov.-elect John Kasich said policy advisers have sched- John Fernsell teamed up with (DoD) has repeatedly sought Westport, CT 06881; earth-
tify at Commissioner Wednesday that no govern- uled a meeting today with sheep farmer and mountain- exemptions from Congress
Jimmy Dimora’s trial next ment program will be safe the Strickland administration eer Peter Helmetag to start
September. under his new administration for their first budget briefing, Ibex in 1997. “Everything
Payne has pleaded guilty to
bribery conspiracy for steering
as he seeks ways to address
a looming budget gap that
he said.
He has named campaign
looked the same and didn’t
work,” says Fernsell. “It was
 
   
 

contracts in return for cash. could approach $8 billion. manager Beth Hansen as all either Gore-Tex or polyes-  
 

He agreed to cooperate with Kasich, a 58-year-old for- his chief of staff. He called ter fleece.” The duo set out to 

 

prosecutors and is awaiting find a better choice. With its

mer Republican congress- her methodical, calm and 

sentencing. man elected Tuesday to focussed. inherent functionality,
style, 
Dimora has pleaded not replace Democratic Gov. Ted The new position of state comfort and sustainability, 

guilty to bribery and other Strickland, said “nothing will policy director was given Merino emerged the victor. 

charges. His attorney, Richard

Lillie, said he would object to
be left off the table” as his he
crafts the two-year state bud-
to Wayne Struble, who will
coordinate key policy initia-
Today Ibex sells several dif-
ferent cuts of Merino wool 
  
   

the deposition if he doesn’t

first see the government’s evi-
get due out early next year.
But he stopped short of
tives in all the cabinet agen-
undergarments, including a
line of underwear for men
  
dence, which would help him and women, long johns for 

threatening job cuts to union- Struble served as policy

cross-examine Payne. men and women, and boxers 

Prosecutors won’t comment ized public employees before director when Kasich chaired 


getting even a first glimpse at the U.S. House Budget for men. 
on what testimony they expect SmartWool, better known
  
to get from Payne, said U.S. the latest budget figures. Committee in the 1990s.
“I’m not going to get into Kasich said in that position, for its Merino socks, also
attorney’s office spokesman
Mike Tobin. trying to pick on anybody
right now,” Kasich said, not-
Struble effectively directed
the nation’s budget policy
makes highly regarded
Merino undergarments, such
Dimora, a former county
Democratic chairman, was ing he wants a smooth transi- and helped balance the fed- as the mens’ Microweight
Boxer Brief and three long
indicted in September and tion into office and productive eral budget for the first time
allegedly took bribes for near- budget negotiations. in nearly three decades. johns for men and women of 
ly a decade in exchange for “I’m very confident that Struble is a softspoken, varying weights. Patagonia  

steering contracts and award- we’ll have a very good cerebral longtime Capitol Hill also sells a full line of 
Merino  
under- and outerwear. 
 

ing jobs. reform-oriented budget that staff aide, who will provide
The two-year investigation will restore the tax cut,” he a contrast to Kasich’s more Additionally, many more
of county government led to told reporters invited in after excitable style. After Kasich companies have jumped on
last year’s voter approval of a a meeting with his key advis- left Congress, Struble served the Merino bandwagon, so
new form of government led ers. as a top aide to former Ohio consumers interested in try-
by a county executive, put- In order to balance the GOP Rep. David Hobson, ing it out now have more
ting Dimora and two fellow last state budget, Strickland and, more recently, an adviser styles and varieties than ever
Democratic commissioners out delayed for two years a to freshman Ohio GOP Rep. to choose from. These prod- 11230 St. Rt.  364 St. Marys 419-394-2366
of jobs next January. planned 4.3-percent cut to Steve Austria. 
4 — The Herald Thursday, November 4, 2010

POLITICS “The line of least resistance was always the most difficult line in the long run.”
— Peter Cheyney, English author (1896-1951)

New reality: Obama,

GOP talk compromise
By DAVID ESPO politicians. and fellow Republicans hope
The Associated Press Taken together, the fast- the president “will continue
paced series of events con- to be willing to work with us”
WASHINGTON — A firmed the primacy of the on the priorities of creating
chastened President Barack economy as an issue in a jobs and cutting spending.
Obama signaled a new will- country with 9.6 percent But, he added, “We’re
ingness to yield to Republican unemployment, record home going to continue to renew
demands on tax cuts and jet- foreclosures and disappoint- our efforts for a smaller, less
tisoned a key energy prior- ingly slow growth. costly and more account-
ity on Wednesday, less than In purely political terms, able government here in
24 hours after he and fellow they also underscored a Washington, D.C.”
Democrats absorbed election dramatic overnight power Obama struck similar
losses so severe he called realignment after two years themes at his own news con-
them a shellacking. of grinding partisanship ference a few hours later,
But he bluntly swept aside in Congress followed by a saying he was eager to sit
any talk of repeal of his signa- coarse and costly campaign. down with the leaders of both
ture health care law — right For all the uncertainty political parties “and figure
after the House Speaker-in- they loosed, there was little out how we can move for-
waiting, Rep. John Boehner that was ambiguous about ward together.” He added,
of Ohio, vowed Republicans the election results. House “It won’t be easy,” noting the
Federal Reserve would do everything they Republicans picked up 60 parties differ profoundly in
IT WAS NEWS THEN to throw $600B
could to wipe the legislation
off the books.
Boehner, a 60-year-old
seats to capture a majority
and led for five more, end-
ing a four-year span in which
key areas.
Sounding more conciliato-
ry than in the past, the presi-
veteran of two decades in Nancy Pelosi served as the dent said he was open to com-
One Year Ago
• In a hotly-contested local issue, the sales tax increase at US economy Congress, spoke at what first female speaker in his- promise with Republicans on
passed by Allen County commissioners was repealed by voters By JEANNINE AVERSA amounted to his national tory. their demand for an extension
Tuesday. Fifty-five percent of those who voted on it voted in The Associated Press debut as head of an incom- The GOP picked up at of all of the Bush-era tax
favor of the referendum placed by organizers. ing conservative majority that least six seats in the Senate cuts due to expire on Jan. 1,
WASHINGTON — The will include long-experienced in races reflecting both the including those that apply to
25 Years Ago — 1985 Federal Reserve will sink $600 lawmakers and tea party- peril and the potential of a tea upper-income earners.
• The St. John’s Blue Jays ended the 1985 season with a billion into government bonds backed political newcomers party movement that emerged “My goal is to make sure
28-3 loss at the hands of the Coldwater Cavaliers Saturday in a bold plan that it hopes will alike. He declared, “Our new during the campaign. Tea we don’t have a huge spike
evening at Stadium Park. A positive note for the Jays: five drive interest rates even lower majority will be the voice party favorites were elected in taxes for middle-class
plays into the second quarter was when tailback Steve Fortener than they already are and start of the American people as to Senate seats in Florida, families,” he said. He omit-
the chain reaction that finally they expressed it so clearly Kentucky and Utah, but they ted mention of his campaign-
ran for 16 yards putting him over the 1,000 yard mark. This is creates jobs and invigorates
the first time since 1977 that a St. John’s runner had reached yesterday.” lost in Nevada, Delaware and long insistence that tax cuts
the economy. Separately, the Federal Colorado — at a time when be permitted to expire on
this mark. The Fed said Wednesday
• Delphos Lions Club served 2027 pancake and sausage Reserve announced new steps Republican victories in all upper-income families. The
that it would buy the bonds designed to further lower three would have created a issue produced pre-election
dinners Saturday at Jefferson School. This is the 26th years at a rate of about $75 billion
the Lions sponsored the event with proceeds for eye research, a month through the middle interest rates on loans and 50-50 tie. skirmishes in Congress and
glasses for the needy and community projects. of next year. The idea is to lead to more job creation, Speaking to reporters in frequent disagreement during
• The Jefferson Senior High School marching band received encourage people to spend using powers denied mere the Capitol, Boehner said he the campaign.
a superior rating Saturday in the Ohio Music Educators more money and stimulate hir- Analysis
GOP may affect foreign relations
Association state competition in Lancaster. The band has ing, both ways of accelerating
received superior ratings on three of its four trips to state. Last economic growth.
year it received an excellent. The announcement helped
push stocks, which have been By STEVEN R. HURST have an effect. industrial goods and services,
50 Years Ago — 1960 rising for weeks in anticipation The Associated Press A stronger Republican which has languished since it
• Mrs. James Clark, general chairman of the Phi Delta of such a move, to their high- voice in Congress may push was signed in 2007 by George
Sorority annual charity Christmas Ball announced the date est close of the year. But the
program was immediately met WASHINGTON — The the president to slow plans W. Bush’s Republican admin-
of the 1960 dance at a meeting of the sorority held Monday Republicans’ huge victory to begin withdrawing from istration.
with worries that it would not
evening at the home of Mrs. Bill Remlinger. This year’s dance help enough and could back- in congressional elections Afghanistan in July and bad- Opponents in Congress
will be held on Dec. 28 instead of on Christmas night as had fire by causing inflation, creat- could crimp President Barack ger him to be even tougher want Seoul to do more to
been the custom in past years. The dance was to be held in the ing asset bubbles and further Obama’s hopes of resetting on Iran over its suspected deal with its surplus in auto
Knights of Columbus club rooms on Elida Avenue with the weakening the dollar. relations with Russia and nuclear weapons program. trade and allow more access
music being furnished by the Dean Kohler Combo. Proceeds Even some analysts who open the way for a new get- Simmering conflicts to American beef.
from the dance will be used by the sorority to purchase shoes were not concerned about such tough approach with China. with China probably could Obama now backs the deal
and boots for needy children in Delphos. Clark was assisted by a backlash said the plan was The congressional shake- be most open to quick U.S. as a way to improve American
Mrs. William DeWeese and Mrs. James Weger on the general unlikely to do much good. up after Tuesday’s vote also action with Republicans exports and strengthen ties
committee. Four new members were pledged to the sorority “Bottom line: The plan pro- could bring better back- holding a majority in the with an important U.S. ally.
during impressive candlelight ceremonies conducted during vides a boost to the economy’s ing for Obama’s policies in House of Representatives He has directed his trade
the meeting. New members are Judy Alexander, Mrs. James growth, but it is not going Afghanistan. But it could and more seats in the Senate. officials to settle differences
Mesker, Mrs. Francis Nomina, Jr., and Mrs. Wayne Nunier. to solve our problems,” said force the president to ease Their tougher approach on before the Group of 20 eco-
Mark Zandi, chief economist demands that Israel make con- human rights and minority nomic summit Nov. 11-12 in
75 Years Ago — 1935 at Moody’s Analytics. “Even cessions to the Palestinians issues in China may extend Seoul.
• Delphos people were given an opportunity to participate with the Fed’s action, we’re But Obama’s foreign
going to feel uncomfortable
on settlement building in the to Beijing’s currency, which
in the movement to provide a memorial for Will Rogers. Any policy could take a batter-
about the economy in the next West Bank, a crucial issue in many Democrats also want
persons who desired to make donations to the fund could clip ing over efforts to improve
six to 12 months.” stalled peace talks. raised against the dollar so relations with Russia. Many
the accompanying coupon and bringing or sending it and their The announcement came Secretary of State Hillary that American goods can bet- conservatives have not shed
contribution to the Herald office. a day after voters frustrated Rodham Clinton has said ter compete in international their Cold War distrust of
• Another WPA project was started on the Van Wert County by persistent unemployment the election results will not markets. Moscow and are skeptical of
side of Delphos Monday morning. This project is for the instal- and the limp housing market change the U.S. course abroad Failure by China to act a nuclear arms pact Obama
lation of a water extension on South Cass Street. Other projects handed control of the House to because “politics stops” at the could lead to stronger biparti- and Russian President Dmitry
which are now underway on the west side are the raising of Republicans and gave the GOP nation’s borders. Republicans san calls for sanctions. Medvedev signed in April.
sidewalks and work on the community athletic field at the a bigger voice in the Senate. and Democrats, she said, can More Republicans in Republicans fell short of a
north end of Jefferson Street. The split will probably “build coalitions” and “find office could help Obama on majority in the Senate, but 67
• The Ladies’ Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church make it harder for President allies on issues that are in trade deals. affirmative votes are needed
planned to serve meals at the church on Tuesday, Election Day, Barack Obama to enact any America’s interests.” Many of Obama’s to ratify the treaty. Obama
as is their annual custom. There was to be a luncheon at the major economic initiatives and Despite her words, the dra- Democrats are suspicious of may have a better chance in
noon hour and a dinner in the evening. A white elephant sale could put more pressure on the matic shift in the American an accord with South Korea
Fed to get the economy back
the interim lame duck session
was also planned. political scene is bound to to slash trade barriers on that begins Nov. 15.
on firmer footing.

Tuesday’s story
NEW YORK — Two And no, the tea partiers Democratic state, thundering
Confused words: Narrative, schmarra- weren’t voting against his pig- KATHLEEN PARKER into the Senate to fill the slot
tive. mentation, as my colleague left vacant by Ted Kennedy’s
Democrats have talked Eugene Robinson suggested death.
endlessly about the impor-
tance of narrative — missing
in a recent column. “Take
back the country,” the popu- Point That’s narrative for you.
Yet somehow Democrats
couldn’t see it. They turned
in President Obama’s case. lar tea party refrain, doesn’t
We’ve heard over and over
about the lack of smart mes-
mean reclaim it from “the
black man.” It means reclaim
of View a blind eye and did the very
thing Americans loathe: tele-
saging and the president’s fail- it from a rogue government. graphed disdain for the mis-
ure to communicate. If only There were so many clues, informed masses and insisted
Obama could better express even the clueless should have economists disagree, but it that people would like what
himself, all would be well. seen what was coming. was the crux of Tuesday’s their government was doing
Seriously? This is the same In February 2009, Obama election. At the risk of over- for them once they understood
president whose soaring rhet- had an approval rating of 76 simplifying, the midterm it. Translation: Shut up and
oric once sent his ratings into percent. Let me repeat that: 76 bloodbath was a fight over take your medicine.
the heavenly realm and who, percent!!! Few but God poll capitalism. It was less than reassur-
after assuming office, never better. Obviously, one can Whether candidates could ing to hear House Speaker
stopped expressing himself. only go downhill from there, properly articulate market Nancy Pelosi tell a gathering
For months, he was every- but you can’t pin the slide on arguments was less important of county officials: “We have
where. Talking, talking, talk- racism. All those people didn’t than whether they understood to pass the bill so that you can
ing. Admit it. How many times suddenly realize their presi- that expanded government
means less individual free- find out what is in it.”
did you flip on the tube and dent was African-American Instead of hearing the
and become racists. dom. You don’t need a doc-
say, “Omigod, he’s talking torate in Keynesian theory to people’s voices, Democrats
again”? Several teleprompters Are there racists in and the White House doubled
get them apples.
had to take early retirement America? Sure. And some of Obama’s declining popu- down and began to demon-
from sheer exhaustion. them show up at tea party ral- larity since his planet-realign- ize the opposition. It was
Here’s a narrative: You lies. Say what you will about ing ascendancy is easy enough Rush Limbaugh’s fault. Fox
can’t sell people what they the tea party, and there’s to graph. The dipping points News was the problem. John
don’t want, no matter how plenty to say, but it is fun- in his approval ratings cor- Boehner, today the presump-
mellifluous your pitch. This damentally unfair to say the respond to specific agenda tive speaker of the House,
is the clear message of the tea partiers are racist. It is items, such as the stimulus became a target du jour. In


midterm elections, and who also just plain incorrect to bill and health care reform. an echo of some of the tea
didn’t know? say that opposition to Obama Interspersed among those party’s worst moments, the
Only Democrats, appar- is anti-black. The election major initiatives were red White House advanced the
The Delphos Herald welcomes letters to the editor. Letters ently. was a referendum on policies flags the size of Chile. them-versus-us mantra.
should be no more than 400 words. The newspaper reserves They — the imperial “they” that are widely viewed as too In November 2009, New They’re the problem.
the right to edit content for length, clarity and grammar. Letters — say that the people weren’t overreaching and, therefore, Jersey and Virginia both Except, alas, “they” were The
concerning private matters will not be published. voting against the president. ultimately, threatening to elected Republican gover- People. And their voices were
Failure to supply a full name, home address and daytime Check. Most Americans don’t individual freedom. It’s that nors — Chris Christie and being ignored. For better or
phone number will slow the verification process and delay pub- dislike the president, as in simple. Bob McDonnell, respectively. worse, our system of gover-
lication. the person. Obama didn’t cre- The essential question that These two elections were ref- nance doesn’t include a mon-
Letters can be mailed to The Delphos Herald, 405 N. Main ate this dismal economy, and voters were answering was erendums on Obama’s agen- archy.
St., Delphos, Ohio 45833, faxed to 419-692-7704 or e-mailed most acknowledge that fact. whether government or the da, specifically tied to health Obama didn’t need to be
to Authors should clearly state But voters were clearly cast- private sector is better suited care. Then in January came a better communicator. He
they want the message published as a letter to the editor. Anon- ing a ballot against his poli- to create jobs. This is a ques- Republican Scott Brown needed to be a better listener.
ymous letters will not be printed. cies. tion on which historians and in Massachusetts, another End of story. Thursday, November 4, 2010 The Herald – 5

Kitchen NOV. 4-6

THURSDAY: Mary Rigdon, Sandra Rigdon, Sara Miller,

Press Warm up your kitchen these cool mornings

Sue Wiseman, Carlene Gerdeman, Chris Siebebeck and Anita
FRIDAY: Sue Vasquez, Bev Adams, Fran Schulte and
with a coffee cake from the Amish Country. Norma Vonderembse.
While your coffee cake is baking, add ingredi- SATURDAY: Karen Hartman, Margie Koester, Kathy
ents to a slow cooker for a tasty evening meal. Ulrich and Anita Dunlap.
THRIFT SHOP HOURS: 5-7 p.m. Thursday; 1-4 p.m.
over batter. Spread pumpkin mixture over Friday; and 9 a.m.- noon Saturday.
Delphos Welcome Sign streusel. Carefully spread remaining batter Anyone who would like to volunteer should contact
Sour Cream Pumpkin Coffee Cake over pumpkin mixture. Sprinkle remain- Catharine Gerdemann, 419-695-8440; Alice Heidenescher,
CALENDAR ½ cup butter
¾ cup sugar
ing streusel over top. Bake at 325 degrees
for 50-60 minutes or until done.
419-692-5362; Linda Bockey 419-692-7145; or Lorene
Jettinghoff, 419-692-7331.
OF EVENTS 1 teaspoon vanilla
3 eggs
Slow Cooker Italian Chicken
2 pounds chicken (can put in slow
If help is needed, contact the Thrift Shop at 419-692-2942
between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and leave a message.
2 cups flour cooker frozen)
5-7 p.m. — The Interfaith
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon soda
1 cup chicken broth
1 cup Italian dressing or Kraft Roasted
Thrift Shop is open for shop- 1 cup sour cream Red Pepper Italian with Parmesan WEEK OF NOV. 8-12
ping. 15-ounce can solid pumpkin 1 can cream of mushroom soup (can MONDAY: Meatloaf with tomato topping, parslied red
6:30 p.m. — Delphos 1 egg, slightly beaten use cream of chicken or cream of celery) potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Italian bread, margarine, peaches,
Ladies Club, Trinity United 1/3 cup sugar 8 ounces cream cheese sugar cookie, coffee and 2% milk.
Methodist Church. 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 1 pound pasta TUESDAY: Shredded chicken on wheat bun, cream of
7 p.m. — Delphos Streusel Put chicken in slow cooker. Pour in potato soup with crackers, tossed with assorted dressings,
Emergency Medical Service 1 cup brown sugar equal parts of chicken broth and Italian
1 teaspoon cinnamon dressing to cover the chicken, about 1 cup fresh apple, coffee and 2% milk.
meeting, EMS building, WEDNESDAY: Swiss steak with gravy, whipped pota-
Second Street. 5 tablespoons butter of each. Pour the can of soup over every-
1 cup chopped nuts thing. Cook on low for 8 hours. About 30 toes, cooked cabbage, wheat bread, margarine, apple juice,
7:30 p.m. — Delphos
Cream butter, ¾ cup sugar and vanilla minutes before you are ready to eat, turn pudding, coffee and 2% milk.
Chapter 23, Order of Eastern
Star, meets at the Masonic in mixer bowl. Add eggs, beating well. slow cooker to high. Take the chicken out THURSDAY: Closed in observance of Veteran’s Day.
Combine flour, baking powder and soda. of the slow cooker to shred. Return the FRIDAY: Slice roast beef in au jus, whipped sweet
Temple, North Main Street. Add dry ingredients to butter mixture chicken to the slow cooker and add cream potatoes, green beans, dinner roll, margarine, fresh orange,
alternately with sour cream. Set aside. cheese. Boil and drain the pasta. Serve the assorted cookie, coffee and 2% milk.
FRIDAY Combine pumpkin, beaten egg, 1/3 cup chicken mixture over the pasta. It is best
Memory Screening Day Nov. 16
7:30 a.m. — Delphos sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Spoon half to mix them individually in bowls and
Optimist Club meets at the of the batter into a greased 13 x 9-inch pan. refrigerate any leftovers with the sauce
A&W Drive-In, 924 E. Fifth Spread to corners. Sprinkle half of streusel and pasta separate.
St. The Allen County Council 2:45 p.m. on November 16.
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite E-mail if you liked these On Aging, 215 N. Central, Provides free confidential
at Delphos Senior Citizen recipe, made changes or have one to share. Lima, will hold a National memory screenings. Call
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. Memory Screening Day from 419-228-5135 for more infor-
10 a.m-noon and 12:45- mation.

Winter energy bill assistance

1-4 p.m. — Interfaith
Thrift Store is open for shop-

9 a.m.-noon — Interfaith
Thrift Store is open for shop- COLUMBUS — As the following federally and Energy Assistance Program Budget billing allows
ping. another winter approach- state-funded programs are (HEAP) benefit. PIPP cus- consumers to spread ener-
St. Vincent DePaul Society, es, the Office of the Ohio available: tomers can also visit their gy costs over a 12-month
located at the east edge of the Consumers’ Counsel (OCC) local Community Action period to have more uni-
St. John’s High School park- reminds consumers having Percentage of Income Agency (CAA) to reverify form monthly payments.
difficulty paying their ener- Payment Plan (PIPP Plus) their income. Consumers should contact
ing lot, is open. The facil-
gy bills that several options PIPP is an extended their utility company to
ity can also be opened by
are available to help stay payment arrangement that PIPP Eligibility learn more about the pro-
appointment by calling John connected. requires regulated gas and Requirements: gram.
Trentman at 419-692-7185. Continuing through April electric companies to accept To be eligible for the PIPP
9:30-11:30 a.m. —
Delphos Postal Museum is
15, the Public Utilities payments based on a per- program, a customer must Payment Plans Happy Birthday
Commission of Ohio centage of the household receive his or her primary or When facing disconnec-
open. (PUCO) has instructed the income. As a part of the secondary heat source from tion, consumers may pro-
12:15 p.m. — Testing of NOV. 5
state’s investor-owned elec- Universal Service Fund pro- a company regulated by the pose to their utility compa- Lee Kundert
warning sirens by Delphos tric and natural gas utili- gram enabled by Substitute Public Utilities Commission ny a payment arrangement
Fire and Rescue John Kramer
ties to reconnect or main- Senate Bill 3, the Office of Ohio (PUCO), must have that works best for them. John Klausing
7 p.m. — Bingo at St. tain services for residential of Community Services a total household income Utilities are required to pro-
John’s Little Theatre. Jane Goergens
customers either discon- will administer the PIPP for which is at or below 150 vide one of the following Jerry L. Pack
nected or threatened with electricity customers. percent of the federal pov- payment plans:
SUNDAY Tom Hoersten
disconnection. According to Under PIPP, if heating erty level and must apply “One-ninth” payment
1-3 p.m. — The Delphos the “Winter Reconnection with gas, customers pay for all energy assistance plan - Customers make nine Lisa Lindeman
Canal Commission Annex Order,” customers can have 10 percent of the monthly programs for which he or equal payments on their out- Travis Brown
Museum, 241 N. Main St., their service restored by household income to the gas she is eligible. standing balance along with
will be open. paying the amount owed company and five percent a budget payment amount.
or $175, whichever is less, to the electric company. (If How to apply for the The budget amount spreads
MONDAY plus a $36 reconnection fee. monthly household income PIPP electric or natural gas pay-
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite This option is available on a is at or below 50 percent of When applying for an ments uniformly over 12
at Delphos Senior Citizen one-time basis. the Federal Poverty level, Emergency HEAP benefit, months;
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. For income-eligible most PIPP customers will customers must also enroll “One-sixth” payment
6 p.m. — Middle Point households (detailed below), pay three percent instead of in PIPP or another payment plan - Customers pay one-
Village Council meets funds provided through five percent for the second- plan. The Combined Energy sixth of the total past due
7-9 p.m. — The Delphos the Emergency Home ary source of heat. If the Assistance Application must amount in six equal pay-
Canal Commission Annex Energy Assistance Program utility company provides be completed at the local ments along with current
Museum, 241 N. Main St., (E-HEAP) or other energy both gas and electric, or if agency. The agency staff charges; or
will be open. assistance programs may be heating with electricity only, will forward the necessary “One-third” payment
7 p.m. — Marion Township used to pay the $175 charge. customers pay 15 percent information for PIPP enroll- plan - Customers pay one-
trustees at township house. Customers must enter a pay- of the monthly household ment for your main heating third of the total bill (cur-
7:30 p.m. — American ment plan for any remaining income. The community source and electric service, rent monthly charges plus
Legion Auxiliary meets at the balance and apply for other action agency or utility com- as appropriate. past due charges) each
American Legion hall, State available public benefits. pany will inform customers month. Utilities are required
Street. “The OCC is pleased the of their PIPP amount. Home Energy Assistance to offer this plan during the
Delphos Eagles Aerie 471 PUCO has again implement- The Office of Community Program (HEAP) winter heating season (Nov.
meets at the Eagles Lodge. ed special winter reconnec- Services (OCS), Ohio HEAP, administered by 1 – April 15).
Middle Point council meets tion procedures but remains Department of Development the Ohio Department of
at town hall. concerned about the num- is responsible for the Development (ODOD), is For additional informa-
8 p.m. — Delphos City ber of residential customers reverifying incomes of designed to help income- tion about all available
Schools Board of Education struggling to keep their utili- the Percentage of Income eligible consumers at or assistance options, custom-
meets at the administration ties connected,” Consumers’ Payment Program (PIPP) below 200 percent of the ers can visit the OCC’s web
office. Counsel Janine L. Migden- clients for regulated utili- federal poverty guidelines site,, or
Delphos Knights of Ostrander said. “We urge ties. All PIPP customers pay for their heating costs. call toll free at 1-877-742-
Columbus meet at the K of consumers who are behind must reverify their incomes Consumers can use this pro- 5622. For additional infor-
C hall. on their utility bills to seek annually with the exception gram one time per heating mation about the HEAP and
help from the OCC or their of Zero-PIPP customers who season. The benefit amounts electric PIPP Plus programs,
TUESDAY local utility before being must reverify their income may vary depending on customers can contact the
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite faced with a service disrup- every 90 days. By complet- individual circumstances ODOD toll free, 1-800-282-
at Delphos Senior Citizen tion and expensive recon- ing the Energy Assistance and the amount of federal 0880.
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. nection fees.” Application, customers can funding available.
6 p.m. — Weight Watchers In addition to the win- reverify their PIPP income, STOCKS
meets at Trinity United ter reconnection provision, as well as apply for a Home Budget Billing Quotes of local interest supplied by
Third St. Close of business November 3, 2010
6:30 p.m. — Delphos Description Last Price Change
DJINDUAVERAGE 11,215.13 +26.41
Lions Club, Eagles Lodge, NAS/NMS COMPSITE 2,540.27 +6.75
1600 E. Fifth St. S&P 500 INDEX 1,197.96 +4.39
7 p.m. — Delphos City AUTOZONE INC. 238.00 +0.01
Council meets at the munici- BUNGE 59.67 -0.27
EATON CORP 91.71 +1.21
pal building, 608 N. Canal BP PLC ADR 42.37 +0.95
St. DOMINION RES INC 42.87 +0.05
7:30 p.m. — Ottoville AMERICAN ELEC. PWR INC 37.55 -0.08
Emergency Medical Service CVS CAREMARK CRP 30.87 +0.34
CITIGROUP INC 4.19 +0.02
members meet at the munici- FIRST DEFIANCE 11.47 +0.17
pal building. FST FIN BNCP 17.37 +1.04
Ottoville VFW Auxiliary FORD MOTOR CO 15.18 +0.75
members meet at the hall. GENERAL DYNAMICS 67.95 -0.04
GOODYEAR TIRE 10.18 +0.15
Fort Jennings Local School HEALTHCARE REIT 50.38 -0.86
District board members meet HOME DEPOT INC. 31.46 -0.05
at the high school library. HONDA MOTOR CO 34.40 +0.15
Alcoholics Anonymous, HUNTGTN BKSHR 5.64 +0.09
Back by popular demand....The Original
First Presbyterian Church, JPMORGAN CHASE 37.72 +0.76
310 W. Second St.
KOHLS CORP 50.76 -0.47
8:30 p.m. — Elida vil- LOWES COMPANIES
lage council meets at the town
Starting Nov. 5th at 7pm.
MICROSOFT CP 27.03 -0.36
hall. PEPSICO INC. 65.20 -0.60
PROCTER & GAMBLE 64.31 +0.29
Please notify the Delphos JACKPOTS AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! SPRINT NEXTEL 4.07 -0.03
Herald at 419-695-0015 if TIME WARNER INC. 32.07 -0.34
US BANKCORP 24.05 +0.25
there are any corrections
Events column. 419-692-BOWL ( 2 6 9 5 ) 939 E. Fifth, Delphos WAL-MART STORES 54.91 +0.12
6 – The Herald Thursday, November 4, 2010

Royals trump Lady Jays Former friends Bill Belichick,
By JIM METCALFE Eric Mangini to face off
LEXINGTON — Speed By TOM WITHERS hearted pats on the back and
and quickness. The Associated Press limp handshakes with little
Cuyahoga Valley Christian eye-to-eye contact. Mangini
Academy had plenty of it BEREA — Once the hopes that one day he and
and it bedeviled St. John’s game’s over, Browns coach Belichick will be able to and
all night long, enough for Eric Mangini and Patriots patch things up.
a 2-0 victory in a Division boss Bill Belichick will meet Can they be friends
II regional semifinal at somewhere near the 50-yard again?
Lexington High School. line and face yet another of “I’d say never say never,”
“We knew coming in how those painfully awkward teams that are going to play said Mangini, who sidestepped
fast and quick Cuyahoga was. moments with the whole on Sunday,” Mr. Sunshine a question about the video-
They were extremely fast and football world watching. said. “We’re both going to taping scandal. “Obviously,
they applied a lot of pressure That’s when they’ll have put a lot into this week and he was very important to me
on our defense,” St. John’s to shake hands. try and win on Sunday.” and I respect him. He was
coach John Munoz noted. Mangini already knows Not once did Belichick say very important to my family
“They have great ball pos- what’s coming. Mangini’s first name. and all those things, but we’ll
session skills and they really “I’m sure it will be one Mangini spent a decade see. Time will tell. I think
that’s firm, brisk. You know, working under and alongside everything takes care of itself
had a lot of speed up the line;
textbook,” Mangini joked Belichick. They were togeth- over time.”
they are so technically sound.
Wednesday. “I’m sure we’ll er one season in Cleveland, Mangini, 2-5 in head-
Plus, they used the wider
be talking about it for years three in New York and six in to-head matchups against
field to their advantage. It’s a
to come.” New England before Mangini Belichick, hasn’t shown
great test for us to play a team Jim Metcalfe photo
The rocky relation- any outward signs that this
like this; it’s a level to where was hired by the Jets in ’06.
Blue Jay Emma Boggs prepares to inbound the ball to ship between Mangini and Those years shaped Mangini week’s game has more mean-
we’d like to get.” fellow player Bailey Calvelage. Belichick — former friends, ing. A few of Cleveland’s
The Lady Royals (15-2- into a tough-minded, no-non-
in the middle. We’d scouted into the tournament. We’ve student and mentor — has sense coach cut straight from players have looked for cues
4) dominated the ball in the been one of the NFL’s spici- their coach might be more
first half, hardly giving the St. John’s Saturday and felt established a higher bar for the Belichick hoodie.
they really liked to pack the the younger girls to reach est story lines for some In summarizing his “tre- eager than usual, but there’s
Lady Blue Jays (16-3-2) any time. Their rift, precipitated been no noticeable change in
chance to manufacture an middle; we wanted to force for,” Munoz observed. “The mendous influence,” Mangini
them to spread out.” seniors have made this a fun by Mangini’s departure in complimented Belichick’s Mangini.
attack. 2006 from Belichick’s staff “Not at all,” said Browns
However, thanks to The Lady Royals contin- team and helped lay a foun- well-rounded knowledge,
ued to control things in the dation for the future. They in New England to coach work ethic and unmatched linebacker David Bowens,
some strong work between in New York and deepened who spent two years with
the pipes by senior keeper second half, especially early and the youngsters worked attention to detail. He also
by Mangini’s accusations learned how to handle suc- Mangini in New York. “He
Samantha Stant (14 saves on. hard and it was great to see
of cheating in the infamous cess and adversity working doesn’t show any emotion.
versus 18 shots on-goal) and They continued to press that effort pay off with this
“Spygate” affair, has become for Belichick. He hasn’t said anything in the
her defense in front of her, forward and finally broke season’s success. We played
legendary — or laughable, “He’s arguably one of the meetings. He’s pretty much
they could not dent the score- through at the 36:33 mark. an excellent team and I wish depending on your take. the same as he has been every
board in the 40 minutes. Off an attack, junior Chelsea them well the rest of the sea- best, if not the best coach in
On Sunday, their public the league,” said Mangini, week, identifying some things
“We knew they liked to Smith got an open look son.” and personal feud will be and keys we need to win the
take quick shots but Samantha from the left wing that was Six other seniors played who added his relation-
renewed when Mangini leads ship with Belichick has not game.
did a nice job of studying and deflected toward the middle their final matches for Munoz: the Browns (2-5) against “But there’s no more
she was prepared,” Munoz by Stant. Sophomore Natalie Kaitlyn Schwieterman, Bailey changed in four years.
Belichick and the Patriots So where did it all go emphasis than there was last
noted. “She made some great Silk beat the defenders to Calvelage, Emma Boggs, (6-1). It will be their first week.”
saves tonight; she’s been the ricochet and fired from Alicia Ankerman, Cassie meeting since Mangini took wrong? Browns wide receiver
solid all season.” 10 yards; Stant dove again Schimmoeller and Sarah over as coach in Cleveland, Mangini’s decision to join Chansi Stuckey said Mangini
In particular, sophomore and tried to stop the shot but Shrider. where he got his start in 1995 the Jets, New England’s bit- doesn’t have to say anything
Christine Najjar was a thorn couldn’t control the ball and At 5:50, Saine also tried when Belichick plucked him ter AFC East rival, rankled to convey that he wants to win
in the side of the Blue Jay hit the back of the net for a another free kick from just Belichick, who felt betrayed
from the Browns’ public rela- against the man who broke
defenders. She had numerous 1-0 edge. outside the right wing of the by one of his coaching dis-
box but missed just over the tions department and made him into coaching. If the
opportunities in the first half Stant stopped another shot him a low-level assistant. ciples. Steelers are the Browns’ big-
to score but five times she from freshman Katherine top. Then, in ’07, Mangini
Stant made three more Mangini still speaks fond- gest rival, well, the Patriots
was denied by Stant. Kouzelos at 32:49 but could ly of Belichick. allegedly turned in Belichick are Mangini’s personal nem-
The best chance she had not stop the next foray. Off saves in the last 17 minutes to for having a Patriots aide
keep the Jays in the match. On the other hand, esis.
was at 24:09 when Stant a midfield field from Smith, Belichick avoids anything videotape Jets defensive sig- Stuckey, who played two
she found Orihel on a run “On the first goal, Natalie
turned her 14-yarder aside was in the right place at the warm and fuzzy. nals in the season opener. seasons for Mangini in New
with a diving stop. down the right side. She let During a conference Belichick was eventually York, remembers the Jets-
loose on a clean shot from right time; she’s had about six
At the 9:52 mark, Stant goals like that this,” Adamov call with Cleveland report- fined $500,000 by the league Patriots games as being filled
needed a leaping save of just outside the corner of the added. “Again, it came off ers, Belichick was asked at and the Patriots were penal- with hard hits and hatred.
a 20-yarder by sophomore box and went over the top; being aggressive. We’ve least five questions about his ized $250,000 and had to for- “They are both very com-
Kimmie Orihel to keep the the orb hit the inside of the been very good on restarts past, present and future with feit a first-round draft pick petitive guys. They both want
scoreboard clean. left post and into the net for and corner kicks the last three Mangini. Each time the three- because of the incident. to be the best,” he said. “It’s
At 9:20, Stant denied a a 2-0 lead. matches. We had our chances time Super Bowl champion Things haven’t been the common for one to want to
laser from senior Sarah At the 26:05, Jays’ junior all match long.” coach turned the discussion same between the two since, outdo the other. I know both
Flennikne from 18 yards. forward Courtney Grothouse The end of the match was in another direction. and their postgame meetings want to come in and pound
The Jays only had one scor- and CVCA junior Nina Finelli made even more painful for “We’re both coaching have included some half- the other guy.”
ing chance in the first half by knocked heads and were fin- the Lady Jays when junior
junior Myriah Jackson late but
senior keeper Eleni Miller (4
saves vs. 6 shots) snuffed it out.
ished for the match.
The Jays tried to retal-
iate from then on but the
Kristie Grothouse collapsed
on the sideline and eventu-
ally was taken to the hospital
NBA Capsules
Royals could sit back and The Associated Press Caron Butler hit a pivotal 3-pointer rebounds of a triple-double, Al
“We didn’t show any frus- for tests. late in the game, helping Dallas hold Jefferson and Paul Millsap domi-
tration that I could see in the play defense. After the match, the play- BOSTON — Paul Pierce scored off a Denver squad missing center nated inside, and Utah rolled to a
first half. I just told the girls Miller made three stops in ers of the Royals (who will 12 of his 28 points in overtime to Nene. huge early lead en route to a victory
those last minuets: at 26:01, reach 20,000 points in his career, Butler hit a 3-pointer from the over Toronto.
at halftime to keep attacking take on the Wauseon-Ontario added a key steal with 27 seconds corner with 2 minutes remaining to After giving up the first basket,
and the chances would come; when she denied senior Becca winner at noon Saturday) left, and helped the Boston Celtics give the Mavericks a 102-99 lead. Utah (2-2) scored the next 17 points,
we’d score a goal,” Cuyahoga Saine on a free kick from 25 came over and prayed with beat the Milwaukee Bucks 105-102 Carmelo Anthony answered with then went on another 8-0 tear en
yards; at 20:47, when Saine’s on Wednesday night. a dunk to trim it to one and after a route to a 41-22 first-quarter lead.
coach Bob Adamov said. “We the Blue Jays’ players for Ray Allen had 23 points for the Mavericks shot-clock violation, the Williams finished with 22 points,
really wanted to use the wide 1-touch from eight yards was their fallen teammate. Celtics (4-1), Rajon Rondo had 17 Nuggets had one last chance. 14 assists and eight rebounds.
field to our advantage. We gathered by Miller; and 1:20, “That put this match into points and 15 assists, and Kevin But Anthony’s 20-footer with Jefferson led the Jazz with 27 points
play and practice on a wide when Saine was denied for another perspective. The girls Garnett scored 13 and grabbed eight Shawn Marion in his face rimmed and Millsap added 21 in Utah’s 11th
rebounds. out and the Nuggets couldn’t track straight victory over Toronto.
field and this one is even the third time. appreciated what they did,” Andrew Bogut led the Bucks down the rebound in time. Toronto, which was coming off
wider than we’re used to. “This was an awesome Munoz added. (1-4) with 21 points and 13 boards. Jason Terry scored 16 of his an embarrassing meltdown Monday
That opened up some space season and an awesome run Ersan Ilyasova and Carlos Delfino 20 points in the second half and night at Golden State, tried to make
each scored 15 points and Brandon Butler finished with 16 points as the a game of it in the third quarter. The

Jennings had 13. Mavericks won in a building that has Raptors pulled within a point behind
Lakers 112, Kings 100 traditionally given them trouble. the scoring of Andrea Bargnani (26
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) Bobcats 85, Nets 83 points), Jarrett Jack (14) and DeMar
BASEBALL a 2011 option on C Brad Ausmus. PITTSBURGH STEELERS — — Kobe Bryant had 30 points, 12 NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — D.J. DeRozan (16).
American League NEW YORK METS — Exercised Signed DE Sunny Harris to the prac- assists and 10 rebounds to help Los Augustin hit two go-ahead free Warriors 115, Grizzlies 109
BOSTON RED SOX — their 2011 option on SS Jose Reyes. tice squad. Angeles win its fifth straight game to throws with 30.9 seconds to play OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) —
Announced 3B Adrian Beltre has Selected the contract of RHP Manny SEATTLE SEAHAWKS — open the season. and Charlotte won for the first time Monta Ellis scored 17 of his 39
declined his 2011 option. Alvarez from Buffalo (IL). Signed WR Ruvell Martin, DE Jay Pau Gasol added 22 points and 11 this season, overcoming a 10-point, points in the fourth quarter, Dorell
CLEVELAND INDIANS — PITTSBURGH PIRATES Richardson and C Chris White. rebounds, and Lamar Odom scored fourth-quarter deficit to beat New Wright made a career-high seven
Assigned INF Wes Hodges, OF — Agreed to terms with LHP Wil TENNESSEE TITANS — 18 for the Lakers, who have won Jersey. 3-pointers and Golden State over-
Chad Huffman and INF Drew Sutton Ledezma on a one-year contract. Claimed WR Randy Moss off waivers seven straight against their Northern Boris Diaw scored 24 points, came a sloppy offensive night to beat
outright to Columbus (IL). Claimed Reinstated RHP Ross Ohlendorf, RHP from Minnesota. California rivals. Gerald Wallace had 20 and Stephen Memphis.
INF Carlos Rivero off waivers from Jose Ascanio and 1B Steve Pearce HOCKEY Bryant had his 17th career triple- Jackson scored eight of his 12 in the Wright had 25 points and six
Philadelphia. from the 60-day DL. Reinstated 1B National Hockey League double and first since Jan. 21, 2009, final 5:12 to lead Charlotte, which rebounds, and David Lee added
OAKLAND ATHLETICS — Jeff Clement from the 60-day DL and ANAHEIM DUCKS — Recalled against the Clippers. He had only survived two final shots by Travis 15 points and 16 rebounds for the
Exercised 2011 options on 2B Mark assigned him outright to Indianapolis RW Kyle Palmieri from Syracuse two triple-doubles the past five sea- Outlaw in the closing seconds. Warriors (3-1), who committed a
Ellis and OF Coco Crisp. Declined (IL). Assigned RHP Sean Gallagher, (AHL). sons. Devin Harris shook off a sprained season-high 20 turnovers.
to exercise their option on 3B Eric RHP Steven Jackson, OF Brandon LOS ANGELES KINGS — Tyreke Evans scored 21 to lead left shoulder to lead the Nets with 19 Rudy Gay scored a season-high
Chavez. Moss and LHP Justin Thomas outright Assigned D Jake Muzzin to Manchester the Kings. Francisco Garcia, Carl points and eight assists. Brook Lopez 35 points and had seven rebounds
SEATTLE MARINERS — to Indianapolis. (AHL). Landry and Beno Udrih each added added 17 points, and rookie Derrick for Memphis, which lost its third
Declined 2011 options on LHP SAN DIEGO PADRES — MINNESOTA WILD — 17. Favors and Anthony Morrow had 11 straight at Oracle Arena. Mike
Erik Bedard, DH Russell Branyan Announced C Yorvit Torrealba Reassigned LW Colton Gillies to Hawks 94, Pistons 85 points apiece. Conley added 18 points and a career-
and 3B Jose Lopez. Sent LHP Ryan declined mutual option for 2011 and Houston (AHL). ATLANTA (AP) — Al Horford 76ers 101, Pacers 75 high 13 assists.
Feierabend, OF Ryan Langerhans, C team declined RHP Chris Young MONTREAL CANADIENS had six straight points in an 18-4 run PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Elton Spurs 112, Suns 110
Guillermo Quiroz, LHP Chris Seddon option for 2011. — Reassigned F Hunter Bishop to to finish the game and undefeated Brand had 25 points and 12 rebounds, PHOENIX (AP) — Richard
and RHP Sean White to Tacoma (PCL). WASHINGTON NATIONALS Wheeling (ECHL). Atlanta beat winless Detroit. and Thaddeus Young scored 16 Jefferson hit four fourth-quarter
Quiroz and Langerhans declined to be — Declined their 2011 option on 2B ST. LOUIS BLUES — Placed D Josh Smith had 22 points and points to help Philadelphia to its first 3-pointers, including the go-ahead
outrighted and elected to become free Adam Kennedy. Carlo Colaiacovo on injured reserve. 11 rebounds as the Hawks (5-0) victory of the season. basket with 1:38 remaining, and San
agents. Claimed RHP Brian Sweeney American Association Recalled D Nathan Oystrick from remained the only unbeaten team in Sixers coach Doug Collins Antonio edged Phoenix.
off waivers from Arizona. EL PASO DIABLOS — Acquired Peoria (AHL). the Eastern Conference. wasn’t around to celebrate his first Jefferson finished with 28 points,
TAMPA BAY RAYS — Declined RHP Wardell Starling from Edinburg TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS — Ben Gordon had 22 points but it win since he was hired in May. Tim Duncan had 25 and Manu
2011 options on INF Willy Aybar (United) for a player to be named. Recalled D Korbinian Holzer from wasn’t enough for Detroit. Collins left the bench at halftime Ginobili added 18 for the Spurs,
and RHP Dan Wheeler. Selected the PENSACOLA PELICANS — Toronto (AHL). The Pistons are 0-5 for the first because of symptoms related to who won in Phoenix for the first
contract of UT Elliot Johnson from Traded RHP Scott Vander Weg and American Hockey League time since the 1980-81 season, when vertigo. He missed two preseason time since Jan. 29, 2009.
Durham (IL). RHP Ron Hill to El Paso for C Benji CHICAGO WOLVES — Recalled they started 0-7. They won their games because of symptoms related Jason Richardson scored 21
TEXAS RANGERS — Declined Johnson. F Michael Davies from Gwinnett fifth game after starting 0-4 in 1999- to a concussion he sustained on points, Hakim Warrick added 19
the 2011 mutual option on DH Frontier League (ECHL). 2000. Memorial Day, then had neurologi- off the bench and Steve Nash also
Vladimir Guerrero. LAKE ERIE CRUSHERS — Magic 128, Timberwolves 86 cal testing and treatment for what had 19 for the Suns, who have lost
National League Signed RHP William Buzhardt, RHP ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — was diagnosed as vertigo. consecutive games for the first time
National Lacrosse League Dwight Howard had 18 points, 16 Darren Collison led the Pacers since Jan. 25-26. Phoenix is 1-3 for
ATLANTA BRAVES — Claimed Austin Coan, C T.J. Greig, OF Bobby COLORADO MAMMOTH —
INF/OF Joe Mather off waivers from Kuzdale, 3B Bradley Logan, INF Zach rebounds and eight blocked shots to with 11 points. Danny Granger, the first time since 2006-07.
Signed T Nenad Gajic, F Craig Conn, help Orlando set a franchise record averaging 27.0 points, was 2 for Clippers 107, Thunder 92
St. Louis. Messer and OF Sean Ryan. F Mike McLellan, G Rob Blasdell and
CHICAGO CUBS — Named FOOTBALL for most points in the first half in a 14 and scored only seven. Granger LOS ANGELES (AP) — Eric
G Matt King. victory over Minnesota. made his only 3-pointer during a Gordon scored 27 points, rookie Eric
Pat Listach bench coach and Dave National Football League
SOCCER Vince Carter had 20 points, Ryan 13-2 run in the third that briefly Bledsoe added 17 points and eight
Keller major league staff assistant. NFL — Fined Tennessee S
Announced Iowa (PCL) manager Donnie Nickey $2,500 for coming Major League Soccer Anderson scored 19 and the Magic rattled the Sixers. assists in his second career start, and
Ryne Sandberg will not return next in contact with referee Bill Leavy NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION shook up the starting lineup to score Hornets 107, Rockets 99 Los Angeles held Kevin Durant to
season. during Sunday’s game against San — Announced the retirement of F 78 points in the opening half for an HOUSTON (AP) — Chris Paul a horrific shooting night in its first
CINCINNATI REDS — Exercised Diego. Fined Philadelphia LB Ernie Taylor Twellman. easy win. Orlando started Anderson scored 25 points, Marco Belinelli victory of the season.
2011 options on RHP Bronson Arroyo Sims $50,000 for striking a defense- TORONTO FC — Named Juergen at power forward, moved Rashard added 18 and New Orleans beat win- Blake Griffin had 18 points and
and OF Jonny Gomes. Declined to less receiver during the Oct. 24 game Klinsmann adviser. Lewis to small forward and bumped less Houston to remain unbeaten. nine rebounds for the Clippers, who
exercise 2011 options on SS Orlando against Tennessee. COLLEGE Quentin Richardson out of the start- The Hornets have won all four rebounded from an 0-4 start with an
Cabrera and RHP Aaron Harang. BUFFALO BILLS — Claimed LB CLEMSON — Fired women’s ing lineup. games this season to match the best impressive win over the Thunder and
FLORIDA MARLINS — Signed Shawne Merriman off waivers from soccer coach Hershey Strosberg. Kevin Love had 22 points and start in franchise history. Houston Durant, last season’s NBA scoring
manager Edwin Rodriguez to a con- San Diego. FORDHAM — Named Bryan Corey Brewer scored 12 for the dropped to 0-4. champion. Durant scored 16 points
tract extension through next season. CAROLINA PANTHERS — Patterson squash coach. Timberwolves, who lost on consecu- Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks but missed 10 3-point attempts while
Named Perry Hill first-base and infield Claimed LB Jason Williams off waiv- HIGH POINT — Named Jon tive nights in Florida by 74 points. scored 18 points apiece for Houston. going 6 for 24 against Los Angeles.
coach and Jeffrey Urgelles bullpen ers from Dallas. Released LB Abdul Torpey men’s lacrosse coach. Minnesota fell by 32 a night earlier Yao Ming added 15 in just under 21 Jeff Green had 19 points and
coordinator. Hodge. OHIO DOMINICAN — in Miami. 1/2 minutes. nine rebounds for the Thunder, who
LOS ANGELES DODGERS — MINNESOTA VIKINGS — Announced it is adding men’s and Mavericks 102, Nuggets 101 Jazz 125, Raptors 108 lost their second straight game in
Exercised a mutual 2011 option on OF Activated WR Sidney Rice from the women’s track and field as varsity DENVER (AP) — Dirk Nowitzki SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — embarrassing fashion following a
Scott Podsednik. Declined to exercise physically-unable-to-perform list. sports for the 2011-12 academic year. scored a season-high 35 points and Deron Williams came within two 21-point home loss to Utah. Thursday, November 4, 2010 The Herald — 7

Penske’s eyes 1st NASCAR title

By CHRIS JENKINS extra careful as he steps out Cincinnati Bengals’
offense going nowhere
The Associated Press of rental cars, he won’t take
the same approach when
TALLADEGA, Ala. — he hits the track this week-
For all his success in Indy- end. Aggressive driving
style racing, it’s hard to has become the 26-year-old
believe that Roger Penske driver’s calling card, and he
has never won a champion- won’t be aiming to just finish By JOE KAY offense.” tight end Jermaine Gresham has been held to four or fewer
ship in NASCAR. 21st on Saturday. The Associated Press The last loss is the best and slot receiver Jordan catches. He has only two
Brad Keselowski hopes to “You know me,” example of this often-lost Shipley. The passing game touchdowns — Owens has
change that at Texas Motor Keselowski said. “I’m not CINCINNATI — When offense. is much better, ranking sixth five — and hasn’t been much
Speedway this weekend. going to cruise, that’s for Carson Palmer, Chad The Bengals got the in the league. But the running of a factor when the game’s
Keselowski has a 485- sure.” Ochocinco and Terrell Owens opening kickoff and went game is down, third downs on the line.
point lead in the Nationwide Keselowski’s teammate in get together for the NFL’s 86 yards in 15 plays against have become a nightmare,
series standings over his fre- the Sprint Cup series, Kurt Ochocinco declined to talk
weekly reality show, they’re the Dolphins, converting and the defending AFC North to the media on Wednesday,
quent on-track sparring part- Busch, said just winning the a collective dud on the most all four of their third-down champs are virtually out of
ner, Carl Edwards, and can drivers title isn’t enough. a day after he got emotion-
important down. plays in one of the race at al on his cable show with
clinch the title by finishing He’s pushing Keselowski The Cincinnati Bengals’ the most impres- the season’s
21st or better. to also take the owner points Owens when the subject of
season is all but finished sive drives of the midpoint. the Bengals’ losing came
Noting that the Penske championship, which is because their talented passing season. Palmer It’s got
Racing shop has plenty of scored separately from driver up. Owens repeatedly prod-
game and their once-depend- threw a 7-yard them puz-
photos on the walls of Penske points and currently is led by ded Ochocinco to get back
able running game go side- touchdown pass zled and
holding open-wheel champi- the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing ways — back to the bench to Owens on a frustrated. to playing the way he used
onship trophies with vari- car driven by Busch’s brother — when it’s time to either third-down play. “ I ’ v e to play.
ous star drivers, Keselowski Kyle and Brad Coleman. pick up a few more yards or After that, the come in “What you want me to
wants to give the auto indus- “We’ve got to have Brad punt. Bengals convert- here the last do?” Ochocinco said, his
try titan another moment do even better than those The Bengals are 2-5 head- ed only 2 of 12 two weeks voice rising. “I’m on the
suitable for framing. Gibbs guys, because it seems ing into their Monday night third downs the rest of the and answered that question, field. I’m available. I wear
“It’s unbelievable that like the Gibbs guys have the game against the Pittsburgh game. They went three-and- and I really don’t have an No. 85. I’m out there. I’m out
there’s not one with him overall owners championship Steelers in large measure out on five straight posses- answer for it,” Owens said there — I’m going to leave it
holding a (NASCAR) cham- lead right now, where Brad’s because they can’t string first sions, feeling the boos that Wednesday. “I have no idea. at that. There’s nothing I can
pionship trophy,” Keselowski got the driver’s champion- downs together. Palmer is the accompanied each punt on I have no answers. For me to
said. “When I came to Penske do but make myself avail-
ship lead,” Busch said. “So AFC’s lowest-rated passer on their way to a 22-14 loss. be here, I just want to do what
Racing, that’s what I wanted able, period.”
it would be a sad day — I third down, completing fewer “Particularly when you I’m supposed to do and try to
to do. I wanted to win them a Palmer didn’t take it as a
mean, it’s not going to be than half his throws. haven’t converted two or contribute as best I can.
championship. And it looks dig at the quarterback.
sad, I hope Brad wins it, Overall, the Bengals con- three in a row, then there’s “So I’m not here to create
pretty good.” “We’re on a four-game
I hope he wraps it up at vert only 37.3 percent of their a little more pressure there any distractions or what have
With the championship all losing skid and haven’t been
Texas next week — but we third down chances, which on that,” Bratkowski said. you. I’m just here to try to do
but clinched with three races productive on offense,”
still have to have him push ranks 20th in the league. “’C’mon, we’ve got to get the job which they brought
left in the season, Keselowski Palmer said. “We talk every
hard for Roger to get him his The most frustrating part: one,’ and that’s when people me here to do. I can’t account
says he can’t stop running day. We talk about trying to
championship.” No common thread among all start to press and get frustrat- for anything else.”
through worst-case scenar- Winning a championship be more productive and get
the third-down failures. ed and force the issue, which Owens arrived with a his-
ios in his mind. What if he would be a big step forward “Whatever the case may is not a good thing.” tory of second-guessing his him the ball and everybody
stumbles as he gets out of his for Keselowski, a talented be, they’re just tiny things A quite unexpected thing, quarterbacks and coaches. else on offense. I am not
rental car and breaks a leg? young driver best known for but when you can’t get over too. He’s been careful with his taking that as he is calling
“Don’t count your chick- his high-profile run-ins with that hump and can’t get that The Bengals kept the words so far and kept his me out, but I hear him and I
ens before they hatch,” Edwards. For all his success next third down, everything offense moving last season frustrations to himself. sense his frustration.
Keselowski said. “They’re in Nationwide, Keselowski is magnified,” offensive by running the ball. The pass- Ochocinco seems to be “I’m frustrated with the
ready. There’s like a crack has struggled on the Cup cir- coordinator Bob Bratkowski ing game finished 26th in the taking it much harder, in part same things he is, and I
in the egg. But they’re not cuit this season, where he’s said Wednesday. “And it league, prompting the deci- because his production is always try to find ways to get
hatched yet.” 25th in the points. keeps you from running your sion to sign Owens and draft down. Five times, Ochocinco him the ball.”
If Keselowski is being

Fort Loramie FFA wins
‘Because I Care’ video contest
COLUMBUS — The dents in various roles impor- “Fort Loramie should be
Fort Loramie FFA Chapter tant to agriculture, including very proud of the next gen-
in Shelby County has been a dairy and hog farmer, nutri- eration of farmers in the
named the $1,000 “People’s ent management specialist, community. They under-
Choice” Grand Prize winner food scientist, a consumer stand the importance of
in the “Because I Care” video who supports local foods and reaching out and connecting
contest, sponsored by Ohio a veterinarian. The students with the nonfarming public
Farm Bureau Federation’s describe the critical value of in new, creative and influ-
(OFBF) Center for Food and care in each role, from proper ential ways,” said David
Animal Issues. animal treatment and well- White, OFBF senior direc-
To qualify for the contest, being, to sound environmen- tor of issues management
Ohio farmers, county Farm tal practices, to disease pre- and the Animals for Life
Bureaus, youth agricultural vention and food safety. Foundation. “All the vid-
organizations and other farm- The FFA chapter was eos in the contest will con-
related groups were required declared the contest winner tinue to contribute greatly
to submit a 90- to 120-second after a 17-day online pub- to telling the positive sto-
video containing positive and lic vote amongst seven other ries of animal agriculture in
informative messages about finalists. It will receive a the online and social media
livestock farming. Videos $1,000 pre-paid gift card for environment by being post-
were required to be submit- winning the contest, along ed on YouTube, which has
ted to the contest site and to with a $500 pre-paid gift become the Internet’s sec- card which was awarded ond-largest search engine.”
The winning video, titled to all eight finalists. More View an archive of all the
“FL Ag Ed ‘Because I Care’,” than 5,000 votes were tallied contest videos at
stars Fort Loramie FFA stu- throughout the contest. BecauseICareArchive.
Photo submitted

FFA members use PALS to teach youngsters about ag

The Ag Business students from the Delphos Agriculture Education program have
decided to continue the PALS program which was started last year. PALS, which stands
for Partners in Active Learning Support, is a National FFA program in which high
school students teach elementary students about agriculture. The program was designed
to allow the younger members of the community to interact with positive role models
while learning about agriculture. The class plans to visit kindergarten classrooms each
month with a different lesson. October was focused on pumpkins and numerous uses for
this fall fruit. Each kindergartner was able to look inside a pumpkin, create their own
model of the inside of a pumpkin, and learn various facts about pumpkins. Junior FFA
Member Megan Gilden teaches her group of students about pumpkins by letting them
look inside of one.

Photo submitted
Roses need winter protection
Delphos FFA competes at District Soil Judging BY GLEN ARNOLD underneath overhangs of deners, like me, prefer to
OSU-Extension, buildings often are very prune the roses to a height
The Urban Soil Judging Team recently competed at the annual district soil judging Ag educator dry, even during wet sea- of about 15 inches and then
contest. The team placed 14th out of 35 teams. Team members included Nathan Miller, sons. cover them with soil, com-
Jason Michel, Cory Osting and Colin Barclay. Judging soil for urban use and purposes In our area, roses such After several killing post or mulch. Branches cut
assesses a student’s knowledge of how to evaluate land and soil to determine its greatest as the hybrid teas, floribun- freezes in late fall, plants in fall tend to die back few
potential safe use. Student’s calculate slope, soil erosion, texture, depth, drainage, land das, and grandifloras need become dormant; this is the inches from the cut through
class, use and recommend construction practices. some kind of protection time to protect roses from winter weather so plan to
to survive winter’s cold winter’s extremes. Pick up prune off a couple of more

Sign up now for conservation assistance winds and wild tempera-

ture swings. Exposure to
low temperatures and rapid
and remove debris, such as
leaves and dead stems on
and around the plants to
inches of the canes in the
Commercially available
Ohio agricultural produc- State Conservationist Terry • Wetlands Reserve temperature changes can prevent diseases from over- rose cones have been used
ers and landowners interested Cosby. “While we accept Program (WRP) severely injure and often wintering. with varying success. Some
in protecting or improving program applications year- Each program focuses on kill unprotected roses. The most foolproof soil mounding is still advis-
natural resources on their round, by making the ranking a different aspect of natu- Most gardeners don’t method of protection is to able--about 6-8 inches to
land are urged to contact period in the fall instead of ral resources conservation, think about burying their mound soil around the plant protect the graft union and
their local USDA Natural in the spring both conserva- as is indicated in the name roses, but that’s essential- to protect the graft union. to anchor the cone. Plants
Resources Conservation tion planners and producers of the program. In addition ly what they should do to A 12-inch-high mound — must be pruned to fit under
Service (NRCS) office before will have more time to plan to regular conservation pro- protect them from winter’s approximately 5 gallons — the cone which can require
Dec. 1 to take advantage of for implementation of the grams, special funding pools extremes. Similar to hiber- of soil provides excellent a lot of work. And it’s
financial assistance in 2011. conservation practices in the are available for organic pro- nation in animals, roses protection. A soil mound important to provide holes
While most NRCS pro- plan.” ducers, nonindustrial private and other woody plants go will also prevent rabbits or slits in the top of the
grams are offered through a NRCS administers a suite forest owners, producers through a dormant (rest) from feeding on the stems. cones to provide air ven-
continuous sign-up, NRCS of conservation programs in counties with air quality period in the winter. Dig the soil for the mound tilation, because excessive
typically makes funding designed to address vari- issues, and producers in the The first step to win- from an area away from the moisture buildup encourag-
selections once a year. ous natural resource issues Grand Lake St. Marys water- terizing roses is to keep roses, so as not to damage es fungus growth. A heavy
“This year we’re making on private working land and shed. them healthy through the their roots. rock or brick placed on top
a real effort to make our pro- private, nonindustrial forest Interested agricultural pro- growing season. Gardeners Some gardeners prefer of the cone will help secure
gram ranking period earlier in land. Three primary conser- ducers and landowners are should protect roses from to prepare the rose plant it in place.
the fiscal year. Our intention is vation programs include: encouraged to contact their insect and disease damage by tying the canes up with In early spring, both soil
to make our program ranking • Environmental Quality local USDA Service Center and maintain adequate fer- twine, not only to prevent mounds and cones must
cut-off at a more convenient Incentives Program (EQIP) office or check the agency’s tility and moisture. If the excessive wind whipping be removed in March as
time for agricultural produc- • Wildlife Habitat web site at www.oh.nrcs.usda. soil is dry, give the soil but also to make mounding soon as plants begin new
ers and landowners,” says Incentives Program (WHIP) gov for more information. a thorough soaking. Plants easier as well. Other gar- growth.
8 – The Herald Thursday, November 4, 2010


The Daily Herald

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Skills and traits needed
work. The Delphos Herald
-- honesty, no criminal in the investigation of REACH 2 MILLION Freight. Steady Miles. Training. Live within 100
advertising dept. can set these businesses. (This Midwest Ohio NEWSPAPER READERS CDL-A, 6 months recent mile radius of Wauseon,
this up for you. No other
classified ad buy is sim-
record, can pass drug
screen, very computer notice provided as a cus-
tomer service by The Del-
620 Duplex For Rent
Auto Parts
with one ad placement.
ONLY $295.00. Ohio’s
experience. 800-414-
9569. www.driveknight.
Ohio 1-800-621-4878.
Also, Hiring Drivers!
literate, good with peo- best community news- com.
pler or more cost effective. phos Herald.)
Call 419-695-0015, ext
ple, ability to travel, or- $100 off first months rent Specialist papers. Call Kathy
at AdOhio Statewide Help Wanted Drivers
Homes For Sale
ganized, self motivated, with 1 year lease. 2 BDRM Windshields Installed, New
dependable, knowledge
of eBay and antiques a
290 Wanted to Buy duplex. Stove, refrigerator,
Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors,
Classified Network, 614-
486-6677, or E-MAIL at:
- 100% Tuition Paid CDL
Training! Start your New
2160 sf. 3Bed 2-1/2Bath
washer/dryer, dishwasher,
040 Services plus. If interested send all electric, $450/mo. and Hoods, Radiators kmccutcheon@adohio.
net or check out our web-
Career. No Credit Check,
No Experience Required!
42” Cherry cabinets,
Ceramic tile floors in kit,
resume to Coins, Cur- deposit and utilities. No 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima
rency and Collectibles, Raines pets. 567-204-0347
site at: Call: 888-417-7564
CRST Expedited. www.
Glamour Bath, Loaded
with Extras. Free 8’x36’
Table or floor. Attn: Bruce, 28 N. Main Jewelry 1-800-589-6830 Business Services Front Covered Porch.
St., Delphos, OH 45833 REACH OVER 1 MILLION ONLY $88,438 SAVE
Come to our store.
Hohenbrink TV. by 11/17/10. Cash for Gold 1 BDRM Duplex. 702 N. OHIO ADULTS with one ad Help Wanted Drivers- $42,192. 1-800-686-1763
419-695-1229 Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry,
Silver coins, Silverware, Pocket
Main St., water, sewage
and garbage included. 840
Mobile Homes placement. Only $975.00.
Ask your local newspaper
Company $1000 Sign On
Bonus FFE seeks Class
PROFESSIONALLY RE- Stove & refrigerator. W/D about our 2X2 Display A CDL & 1 yr. exp. for
Watches, Diamonds.
080 Help Wanted WARDING position for a
registered nurse in Lima 2330 Shawnee Rd.
Hookup. Deposit. No Pets. RENT OR Rent to Own. 2 Network or Call Kathy
(419)236-2722 bedroom, 1 bath mobile at 614-486-6677/E-mail
OTR. Also hiring O/O’s.
Students Welcome. Call
Homes for Sale MODEL
specialist’s office. Must be Lima kmccutcheon@adohio. 800-569-9232 or recruit@ BLOWOUT NEW
home. 419-692-3951. net. or check out our web- 16x80 3Bed 2Bath Vinyl
FULL-TIME SECRETARY detailed oriented and able (419) 229-2899 site: & Shingle. Includes:
position available. to work alternate Saturday
mornings. Competitive
800 House For Sale 890 Autos for Sale Help Wanted Drivers/ Delivery, Set, Skirting,
Wanted: Dependable, en- Health/Beauty If You CDL Training - CAREER Steps & Tie Downs.
300 Household Goods
ergetic person that works compensation package Used Type 2 Diabetes CENTRAL. We train and ONLY $29,995. 1-800-
with 401K. Send replies to 0 DOWN, warranty, free Drug Avandia between EMPLOY you. Company 686-1763 www.williams-
well with others. Position appliances, Remodeled
will eventually assume Box 147 c/o Delphos Her- 1999 - present and suf- Drivers Up to 40k First
most office duties in a rap-
idly growing company in
ald, 405 N. Main St., Del-
phos, OH 45833
NEW, QUEEN plush top
mattress, never used, still
home. A great coun -
try home with a view! A 4 Taking care of fered a stroke, heart attack
or congestive heart failure
Year. New Team Pay!
Up to .48c/Mile Class A Manufactured Homes
you may be entitled to CDL Training. Regional for Sale SAVE HUGE
Delphos. Some bookkeep-
ing, MS Word, & Excel are
CARE looking for loving,
sealed in original wrapper.
$75.00. (260)220-1596.
bed, 2 Bath has a master
suite with Jacuzzi tub and your vehicle compensation. Attorney
Charles Johnson 1-800-
Locations! (877) 369-
7195 www.centraldriving-
$$ New 28x60 Dutch
3Bed 2Bath Suite Retreat
French doors with multiple
a must. QuickBooks is
helpful, but not necessary.
caring, and fun person to
work 2-5 pm also seeking 550 Pets & Supplies
decks, 2 car garage, new
cabinets, high efficiency
has its rewards. 535-5727.

Help Wanted Able To

Help Wanted
Bathroom Cherry cabinets,
Appliance Pkg. Loaded.
Includes: Delivery, Set &
Weekdays 8am-5pm. a sub. Please send furnace, C/A, 19206 State Travel hiring 6 people, Experienced Reefer, AC. SLASHED $59,958
Send replies to Box 146 resume to:
c/o Delphos Herald, 405 $50.00 OFF the price of Rd., Delphos, Free to Travel all states, Tanker, Flatbed Drivers SAVE $11,465 NOW. the sweetest puppies you 419-586-8220. resort areas, No experi- Needed! Prime’s 1-800-686-1763 www.wil-
N. Main St., Delphos, OH MEMBER: 912 345 678
ence necessary, Paid Incredible Freight network
45833. Would you like to be an ever saw. A big selection. RAABE FORD LINCOLN MERCURY DEALER
(800) 589-7876 training/Transportation. offers you: Great Pay &
in-home child care pro - Garwick's the Pet People OVER 18. Start ASAP. Benefits. Steady Freight. Misc. Airlines Are
Shop Herald vider? Let us help. Call 419-795-5711. Owner Advantage is our 1-509-628-7692. Call Prime today! 1-800- Hiring - Train for high
YWCA Child Care Re - FULL REMODEL com- 249-9591 www.primeinc. paying Aviation Career.
Classifieds for way of rewarding you for
Help Wanted Between com. FAA approved program.
source and Referral at: pleted soon. Can custom-
For Rent or Lease bringing your vehicle in for High School and College? Financial aid if qualified
Great Deals 1-800-992-2916 or
ize to you. 607 W. 7th St.,
Delphos. 0 Down, Home service. You’re rewarded Over 18? Drop that entry Help Wanted Got - Job Placement assis-
Warranty, Free appli - for each visit. Membership level position. Earn what A Job but Need More tance. Call Aviation
RV/BOAT WINTER Stor- you’re worth!!! Travel Money? Struggling with Institute of Maintenance.
age. Just south of Delphos ances. 419-586-8220 is easy – ask your Service w/Successful Young $10,000+ in credit card 877-676-3836.
419-234-2231 Advisor for details! Business Group. Paid debt? Settle Your Debt
Training. Transportation, Now! Increase your Notices Debt
STORAGE AREA for rent.
Approx. 1200sq. ft. $2 sq.
ft. per year or enclosed
0 DOWN, warranty, free
appliances, Remodeled
home. A great country 4
RAABE 11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
Lodging Provided. 1-877-

Help Wanted CDL-A

Income! Free Consultation
& info 888-459-8088.

Help Wanted
Settlement Companies
are operating illegally . If
you have ever paid money
to a company to reduce
bed, 1 1/2 Bath home M 7:30-8 ; T..-F. 7:30-6:00; Sat. 9-2 Drivers: Drive in Style! ****HOME FOR THE your debts, call the law
boat or car storage. $200
season now thru April,
in Lincolnview school dis- 419-692-0055 New 2011 Freightliner HOLIDAYS****OTR firm of Luftman, Heck &
trict. Has new carpet, Cascadias Plus the Best Drivers APU Equipped Associates at 1-877-358-
807 METBLISS AVE., DELPHOS 2011. Located rear of 409
W. 6th St. for information
paint, landscape, new
Over 85
years Miles. Pay & Performance Pre-pass EZ-pass. Every 5810 to learn if we can get
Yes it is possible - a ranch style home in a good neigh- central air, water serving you bonus. $500 sign-on For 60K mile raises. Newer your money back.
call (419)692-6241

Real Estate Transfers

borhood with payments as low as $345 per month. And heater, new lighting, up-
the home is ready to move into! This home features 3 dated plumbing and elec-
bedrooms, one bath, attached garage and detached
garage! Where else can you find a one story home with
two garages and PRICED IN THE 60’S?
590 House For Rent tric, some new
windows, 19176 Venedo- Putnam County A. Schmitz, Lynne M. Schmitz Village of Ottawa, Lot
cia-Eastern Rd., Venedo- Free & Low Price Eileen M. Koepp fka and Steven M. Schmitz. 1575, Ottawa, to Silgan
Call owner/agent Bob Gamble 2 BDRM, 1 1/2 BA, At- cia. 419-586-8220.
920 Merchandise Eileen M. Lafountain and
Roger L. Koepp, S 9 Q NW
Russell E. Sharrits LE,
S 27 Q NE 40.0 acres, Sugar
Plastics Corporation fka RXI
Plastics Inc.
at 419-605-8300 to see this home or obtain tached garage. Available 37.79 acres, Palmer Township, Creek Township, to Patricia Silgan Plastics
additional financing information. soon. 419-692-3951 AB LOUNGER -Excellent to R W Farms Limited. Sharrits LE and Reeses Pieces Corporation fka RXI Plastics
Kevin Lafountain, Kay LLC. Inc., Lot 1575, Ottawa, to
Place Your Ad Today
122 N. Washington St., condition! $20
Wyse fka Kay Lafountain, Charles C. Cunningham DOGR Properties LLC.
Van Wert, Ohio (419)695-8350 Keith Lafountain, Kimberly and Willene Cunningham, Jane Fortman, Michael
Cassidy fka Kimberly Lot 66, Gilboa, to Timothy Fortman, Karen Osterhage,

Office: (419) 238-5555 419 695-0015 Free & Low Price
920 Merchandise Lafountain, Kelly Dunigan
fka Kelly Lafountain,
Ronnie Joe Moser TR,
Steven Osterhage, Shirley
Buss, David Buss, Henry
Carol Lafountain, Sharon Donna M. Sheeks TR, Jean Gerding, Lois Gerding, Sandra

Lafountain, Patrick Cassidy, Ann Parker TR and Ina M. Recker and Glen Recker, S 15
FREE AMERICAN Pitbull Grant Dunigan and Mark Ewing Revocable TR, Lot Q W 40.00 acres, S 10 Q SW
Terrier. Black 1 yr. old fe- Wyse, S 13 Q NW 20.00 531, Country Acres Sub, 9.34 acres, S 15 Q NW 24.00
acres, Monroe Township, to R Pandora, to Ronald L. Kempf. acres, and S 10 Q SW 6.00
male. Good with kids. Call W Farms Limited. Daniel V. Rayle and Lori acres, Union Township, to
(419)647-4979 and leave Emerson Riter and A. Rayle, S 25 Q SW 1.00 William J. Gerding.
a message. Evangeline J. Riter, Lot 680, acres, Blanchard Township Michael L. Schnipke,
Teegardin Sub, Columbus to Daniel V. Rayle and Lori Lot 130, Kalida, to Dusty J.
FREE BOXER about 5 yrs Grove, to Mindy M. Herron Rayle. Schnipke.
old. Excellent guard dog and Dean Herron. Sherry R. Schlumbohm Tara Schnipke and
Samuel M. Schulz and and Ronald E. Schlumbohm, Michael L. Schnipke, Lot 130,
and loyal. Reason: mov- Lindsay N. Fenbert, Lot S 22 Q NE 1.0 acre, Blanchard Kalida, to Dustry J. Schnipke.
ing. (419)695-3561 577, Leipsic, to Fifth Third Township, to Brent Bockrath Putnam County Habitat
Mortgage Company. and Melanie Bockrath. for Humanity Inc., Lot 713,
FREE KITTENS. Need Caroline Schmitz LE, Robert E. Berger, Jr., Ottawa, to Jeremy R. Bishop.
warm home for winter S 8 Q NE, parcel, Pleasant Dec., S 36 Q SE 1.009 acres, Herman H. Borgelt and
950 Construction 950 Electricians 950 Lawn Care 6mo. old (419)692-2752
Township, to Eric C. Schmitz, Blanchard Township, to Carol rita M. Borgelt, Lot 18,

TOP SOIL Thomas A. Schmitz, Timothy S. Deters nka Carol S. Berger.

Patricia A. Wortkoetter, S
24 Q SW 4.66 acres and 1.34
Kalida, to Paul H. Borgelt and
Mary Ann Hoersten.
Nancy M Shalter, Lot 230,
COMPOST POHLMAN RETIRED LICENSED Public Auction acres, S 25 Q NW, .16 acre,
and .232 acre, S 24 Q SW
Ottawa, to John R. Shalter.
Delbert E. Westrick LE
BUILDERS ELECTRICIAN NEEDS Saturday, Nov. 13th, 2010 • 10:00 a.m. .269 acre, and 7.263 acres, and Marilyn D. Westrick
419-339-6800 ROOM ADDITIONS TO STAY BUSY 1303 E. Fifth St., Delphos Perry Township, to Thomas
W. Wortkoetter.
LE, Lot 356 Ottawa and Lot
1091 Roof Sub, Ottawa, to
On S.R. 309 in Elida GARAGES • SIDING • ROOFING Judy Ann Ridgeway, S Randall D. Westrick Michelle
BACKHOE & DUMP TRUCK RESIDENTAL & NOW OFFERING House Fixtures - Tools - Car - Furniture 32 Q SSE .989 acre, Monroe A. Stechschulte and Craig. E.
SERVICE C OMMERCIAL LEAF Township, to Jay Gene Westrick.
WELDING CLEAN-UPS Auctioneer’s Note: The home at 1303 E. Fifth St., Erchil C. Dockery Jr. and K. Verhoff TR, Leonard J and
Delivery Available Mark Pohlman Delphos, Ohio has been sold to developers and will Sandra K. Dockery, S 32 Q SE Dolores L. Verhoff Family
419-339-9084 ED PAXTON (419) 235-3708 .989 acre, Monroe Township, Trust, S 20 Q SE 2.5 acres,
950 Miscellaneous
be demolished. As a result, we will be selling some
cell 419-233-9460 419-692-5193 of the house fixtures – a unique opportunity – come
to the auction!
to Jay Gene Ridgeway.
Christopher E. Meyer
Greensburg Township, to
Joseph L. Verhoff TR, Diane
and Charlene K. Meyer, S 7 K. Verhoff TR, Leonard J.
950 Home Improvement 950 Transmission
Fixtures: NO REMOVAL OF FIXTURES Q NW 32.768 acres, and S Verhoff, Survivors TR, and
Removal Dates: Sunday, November 14th –
7 Q NW 32.102 acres, Riley
Township and S 12 Q NE 5.12
Verhoff Family Bypass TR.
Joseph L. Verhoff TR,
CANYON POHLMAN 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. acres, S 12 Q NE 9.81 acres, Diane K. Verhoff TR, Leonard

CANDLES POURED Geise Monday November 15th –

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Pleasant Township, to Meyer
an Dolores Verhoff Famiy
TR, S 6 Q NE 61.951 acres.
Greensburg Township, S 30 Q
CONCRETE WALLS Transmission, Inc. Items include: bathroom vanities and stools, oak hard-
John F. Lugibill TR and NE 24.67 acres, Greensburg
Gina M. Fox Residential 3 & 4 Season • automatic transmission
wood flooring; several ceiling fan lights, medicine cabi-
net, interior doors, closet shelving, fluorescent light
Mary Anne Lugibill TR, Lots Township, and S 30 Q NE
207, 208 and 427, Columbus 37.078 acres, Greensburg
419-236-4134 & Commercial
Sun Rooms • standard transmission fixtures, 2 natural gas hot water heaters, Sears gas Grove, to Lugibill Florists Township, to Joseph L. • Agricultural Needs • differentials forced air furnace, Nutone canister for central vacuum, Inc. Verhoff TR, Diane. Verhoff
Booking PINK Parties for October • All Concrete Work electrical wiring, storage cabinets, GORGEOUS OAK David C. Morlock and TR , and Leonard J. Verhoff

REBATE on • transfer case
Breast Cancer Candles $20 Mark Pohlman • brakes & tune up RAISED PANEL KITCHEN CABINETS, cedar exte- Carmel Morlock, Lots 213 Survivors TR.
Cash N Carry • 20% Donated to Research WINDOWS rior wood siding, gutters and downspouts, chain link and 214, Leipsic, to Alex Alice Wurst aka mary
419-339-9084 2 miles north of Ottoville fence, air conditioner compressor, metal garage door Amador. Alice Wagler, Lot 573,
cell 419-233-9460 and electric opener. James R. Hovest TR and McClung Sub, Leipsic, to

Life Tastes Replacement 419-453-3620 Automobile: 1993 Ford Taurus with 100,000 miles – Ruth A. Hovest TR, S 27 Q
NW .133 acres, Blanchard
Keith E. Wagler.
James L Grant TR and

Good Again Windows

950 Tree Service
runs good – a decent work car. Township, to Dennis V. Niese Steven R. Grant TR, S 20


Tools & Related: Many woodworking tools; power
and Ester L. Niese.
Anthony J. Peck and
Pamela Renee Peck, S 27 Q
Q NW 18.13 acres, Monroe
Township, S 19 Q SE 84.93
acres, Monroe Township S 8
New Product Line
& Aluminum
TEMAN’S and hand tools including radial arm saw, table saw,
belt sander, drill press and more; lots of lawn and
NW 5.231 acres, 1.865 acres
and 3.00 acres, Blanchard
Q NW 38.14 acres, Monroe
Township, S 30 Q NE 59.5
Elida Health Foods • Kitchen and Bath- 205 S. PIERCE STREET
OUR TREE garden items including a LIKE NEW CRAFTSMAN
Township, to Brian K. Niese.
James R. Hovest TR and
acres, Monroe Township, Lot
17, S 30 Q SE .8 acre. Monroe
101 W. Main Street
Elida, Ohio 45807
room Remodeling DELPHOS, OH SERVICE
• Trimming • Topping • Thinning
plicity Broadmoor 14 HP hydro riding mower with 38” Ruth A. Hovest TR, S 27 Q
NW .182 acre, Blanchard
Township and S 20 Q NW
.812 acre. Monroe Township,
• Roofing cut; work benches; parts cabinets; electric motors; Township, to Brian K. Niese. to James L Grant and Steven
419-339-2771 419-692-4526 • Deadwooding Popular Science magazines from the 50’s and 60’s;
M-F 10:30-5:30 PM, Sat. 10:00-1 PM • Siding TOLL FREE Paul Henry Schroeder, S R. Grant.
Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal many woodworking related magazines and Popular 1 Q SE 3.330 acres, Liberty Jerry D. Bunn, Joe A.

950 Car Care

• Replacement 888-94-PATIO Since 1973 Mechanics from the 1980’s and 1990’s; power miter Township, to Aunkeys Acres Bunn and Carol Bunn, Condo
LLC. Sycamore Grove Bldg. 1,

419-692-7261 saw and much more….
Aunkeys Acres LLC, Unit 1 B Phase 3, Columbus
Bill Teman 419-302-2981 LIKE NEW CRAFTSMAN 9 HP SNOWBLOWER S 1 Q SE 3.330 acres, Grove, to Emerson Riter and
OIL - LUBE FILTER • Plumbing and
Electrical Service Hohlbein’s Ernie Teman 419-230-4890 Furniture & Household: Several upholstered reclin- Liberty Township, to Paul H.
Schroeder LE.
Evangeline J. Riter.
JP Morgan Chase Bank

ers and other furniture; lots of small kitchen applianc-
$ YOUR NEWSPAPER ... STILL THE BEST Paul Henry Schroeder LE, TR and Erich H. Schwarz TR,
*up to 5 quarts oil
for both new and
existing homes Home BUY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.
es and related; 25 vol. WWII encyclopedia; 1886 cast
iron dinner bell; antique wall clock; RCA 50” projection
TV (2); Hoover upright sweeper and steam vac.; dec-
S 1 Q NE 40.0 acres and S
1 Q SE 36.67 acres, Liberty
Township, to Aunkeys Acres
Lots 984 and 985, Laubenthal
Sub, Ottawa, to Janet L.
• Drywall
Give Us A Call Year Round For
Improvement orator items; some bedrooms furniture; dining hutch
and much more…
Thomas G. Hofstetter, Lot
Joshua D. Moore, Kathryn
L McDonald Moore, Kathryn
All Of Your Home Improvement Windows, Doors, Terms: Cash or check with Proper ID – No removal 150, Fort Jennings, to Cheryl L. Moore, McDonald, S 12
816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS Needs Both Large And Small of fixtures day of auction. Removal of fixtures at your D. Young. Q SE 2.212 acres, Union
Ph. 419-692-5801 FREE ESTIMATE Siding, Roofing, own risk. Cheryl D. Young and Township, to Kathryn L.
Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2 Sunrooms, Visit our Website at to Ronald E. Young Jr., Lot 150, McDonald Moore.
Chris Herron Fort Jennings, to Cheryl D. BP Products North
Kitchens & Bathroom view the Auction Calendar and see more Young. America Inc., S 30 Q NW
information/photos of this auction MALB Associates, Lot 1.706 acres, Van Buren
Remodeling, and all upcoming auctions. 28, Glandorf, to nathan L. Township, to Phillips Oil Inc.
Pole Buildings, In today’s world, fifty cents doesn’t Morman. William J. Morman and
buy a heck of a lot — except of Seller: Federal Home Loan Lucille A. Morman, S 21 Q SE

Garages course, when it comes to your
URBAN FUERST Mortgage Corporation, Lot .71 acre, Pleasant Township,
645, Ottawa, to Robert J. to William J. Morman and
30% For less than the cost of a bus
ride, you can get word from across Nichols II. Lucille A. Morman.

Call today
town or across the nation. For less Marilyn J. Benroth William J. Morman and
TAX REBATE than the price of a cup of coffee, BEE GEE REALTY & AUCTION CO., LTD TR, S 13 Q SW .664 acre, Lucille M. Morman aka
ON WINDOWS you can get your fill of food,
122 N. Washington St. Union Township, to Nancy J. Lucille A. Morman, S 20 Q NE
fashion, politics, or whatever else Nonnemaker. 1.10 acres, Pleasant Township

is your cup of tea. With something Van Wert, Ohio 45891 419/238-5555
Anthony J. Peck and to William P. Morman Jr.
Ph. 419-339-4938 new to greet you each day, from
cover to cover, your newspaper
Auctioneers: Bob Gamble, CAI, CES, Broker,
Pamela Renee Peck, S 27 Q Nathan D. Meyer and Lisa
Dale Butler, Broker and Ron Medaugh, Broker NW 11.125 acres, Blanchard M. Meyer, S 23 Q 2.527 acres,
or 419-230-8128 is still the most “streetwise” buy
in town! Member of Ohio & National Township, to Dennis V. Niese Jackson Township, to Nathan
Auctioneers Associations. and Ester L. Niese. D. Meyer and Lisa M. Meyer. Thursday, November 4, 2010 The Herald – 9

Separation may Tomorrow’s HI AND LOIS

be option for Horoscope

By Bernice Bede Osol

struggling marriage
Friday, Nov. 5, 2010

Several fortunate occurrences

could be in store for you in the year
ahead, but the best ones are likely to
come from enterprises you conceive
Dear Annie: My wife and they like. and work hard on to get off the ground.
I have been married for 13 Annie, I’m not hiding any- The harder you toil, the luckier you’ll
years. We have a son we both thing, but I would like them SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - You
adore. About five years ago, I to understand the legal ram- couldn’t find a better day to disengage
made a career switch. It was a ifications of going through yourself from an unproductive
tough time for us financially, the drawers of someone who
involvement. Once you cut loose,
you’ll free yourself up and be able to
and it put a strain on our rela- is paying rent. -- Privacy work on a more profitable endeavor.
tionship. I thought we were Advocate SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec.
21) - Something you’ve been viewing
pulling out of it OK, but just Dear Advocate: Do you only from an intellectual level can be
as I got my new career going, plan to take Grandma to court? advanced even further by following a
my wife started to become You are a member of the powerful hunch that you can’t ignore.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
distant. I immediately asked household who contributes 19) - This can be a fortuitous day for
her to come with for utilities, meals launching a new endeavor on which
me for counseling, and laundry. That you’ve been working. If you believe
and over a seven- said, no one should you’ve dotted all the “I’s” and crossed
all the “T’s” go head and put those
month period, we be going through wheels into motion.
learned to commu- your drawers unless AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
nicate and prob- they have reason 19) - A couple of goals concerning
a work-related project on which
lem-solve better as to believe you are you’ve labored dearly will finally be
a couple. hiding illegal sub-
Unfortunately, stances. Either
achieved. Don’t let Lady Luck catch
you napping. BEETLE BAILEY
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -
in every other move Grandma’s Some extremely helpful knowledge
way, things have stuff out of your can be acquired through everyday life
gotten worse. bedroom, or start experiences, which is likely to be the
case for you at present. It is apt to be
My wife resisted looking for another some special information that you can
the counseling, Annie’s Mailbox place to live. use right away.
so we no longer Dear Annie: I ARIES (March 21-April 19) -
Although you can be quite successful
go. She now recoils when I spent 10 years in college as a going it alone, you could also realize
touch her. Last week, after I student. I now teach at a col- your goals by working with someone
returned from a conference, lege and plan to recycle my who is a specialist in the field of
she said she discovered that body to research and organ endeavor in which you’re embarking.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
she enjoyed not having me donation. This is my choice, - You may think you’re going to be
around. not that of my relatives. I will doing your own thing, but a situation
I feel trapped. I love her. give each of them something might arise that finds you working
instead in close unity with an ally. The
I love my son. I want to be to remember me by before I collaboration will be quite effective. SNUFFY SMITH
with both of them as a fam- die, and if they want to have a GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -
ily. Yet, without my wife’s service, they may do so. This might be one of your better days
to begin that diet or exercise program
love, friendship and inti- My son will have less you’ve been contemplating starting,
macy, I feel lonely, empty to clean up because I will but putting off. If you start now, it’s
and frustrated. Based on our have given most of it away. destined to be successful.
CANCER (June 21-July 22)
work in therapy, I’ve tried to And sorry, Mom. I know you - Right now can be one of new
take responsibility for things would prefer to place me in beginnings, which means, among
about myself that inhibit inti- a casket for all to see and other things, it can be one that restarts
a faltering love life. Wily Cupid
macy, but it doesn’t help if then cremate me afterward himself may intervene and get you to
she won’t cooperate. What like you did with Dad. But begin making up for lost time.
else can I do? Is divorce the my choice was made when I LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Initiate
only option left? -- West registered the donation of my those constructive changes that
you’ve wanted to make in your basic
Coast body with www.livingbank. lifestyle, instead of waiting for outside
Dear West Coast: Too org to be an organ donor. -- influences to force you into doing so.
many couples rush into Recycling Myself Get a head start and you’ll be ahead
of the game.
divorce when, in many VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -
instances, a little time can Annie’s Mailbox is written Your chances for success can be
resolve the problem or at by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy substantially enhanced regarding
something new that you’ve been
least clarify the decision that Sugar, longtime editors of the itching to try. The more concise and
needs to be made. Get a legal Ann Landers column. Please exacting your plans are, the greater
separation. Either you or your e-mail your questions to your probabilities for success.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -
wife should move into a place, Begin to hoe lots of rows and plant
nearby so you can spend time or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, more seeds involving your financial
with the children and con- c/o Creators Syndicate, 5777 affairs. If you give your efforts plenty
of time to mature, they will develop
tinue to do things as a family, W. Century Blvd., Ste. 700, into a harvest you’ll be proud of.
such as celebrate birthdays Los Angeles, CA 90045. Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
and holidays together. The
other spouse remains in the
family home with the chil- BORN LOSER
dren so they are not uprooted.
This allows everyone time to
adjust and figure out, slow-
ly, whether the arrangement
should become permanent or
Dear Annie: My grand-
mother lives with my par-
ents. I also live with my par-
ents and pay rent. I once
found Grandma looking for
her winter nightgown in my
bedroom drawers. We do use
some of the drawers in my FRANK & ERNEST
bedroom for storage, but she
was systematically looking
through every single one. It
upset me.
My parents sided with my
grandmother. I tried to point
out that it would be unreason-
able for them to go through
the drawers of a tenant, but
they insist it’s their house
and they can look anywhere

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10 – The Herald Thursday, November 4, 2010



Fort Jennings Lions Club held its annual Halloween Costume Contest last weekend. Winners in the 4 years to kindergarten category are, from left, Ashley Beining,
Winners in the 0-3-year-old category were, from left, Wyatt Gasser, Gina Lee and Brandon Morales, Leah Kazee and Breaden Grothause.
Ryan Aldrich, Bryce Beining and Aubrie Browning.

Winners from grades 5 and 6 are Conner Stechschulte, Winners in grades 1 and 2 are, Eric Wieging, Joseph
Dylan Wiechart, Michael Fields and Caitlin Frueh. Klir, Brooke Hellman and Chloe Fields.
Winners from grades 3 and 4 are Kyle Norbeck,
Simon Smith, Megan Vetter and Abby Grone.

Answers to Tuesday’s questions:

The first use made of green jackets

Motorcraft ®
at the Masters Tournament, held annu-
ally at the Augusta National Golf Club,
was for members so they could be eas-


ily spotted by tournament spectators
seeking information. The current tradi-
tion of awarding a green jacket to the
Ford, Lincoln and champion was started in 1949, when
Sam Snead was the winner.
Mercury Cars STARTING AT
The name of the only son of

William Shakespeare and his wife,
& Light Trucks Anne Hathaway, was Hamnet. He and

$ 95*
his twin sister, Judith, were born in
Complete Brake Service 1585. Named for a family friend, baker
Hamnet Sadler, he died at age 11, pos-
Price Includes:* sibly of the bubonic plague.
Today’s questions:

✓ PADS - Motorcraft® brake

With what famous oddball artist
did fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli
pads or shoes Or Less! collaborate to create a shoe-shaped
✓ ROTOR or DRUM What leading American industrial-
MACHINING Pricing depends on vehicle configuration.
ist threatened that he would be “through
with manufacturing” if Prohibition was
Photos submitted
✓ ALL INSTALLATION Winners in the Group Category are, from left, Evan and Adam Hoersten; Mason,
Answers in Friday’s Herald.
LABOR Chase and Jocelyn German; Derek, Kristen and Adam Luersman; Madison Today’s words:
Coacervate: to accumulate
Neidert and Ian Ricker; and Tyler, Alex, Lexi, Andrew and Ryan Kahle. Lanuginous: downy
* Price is per axle. Excludes:
parking brakes, Super Duty®
fleet pads or shoes, and Ford-
brand pads or shoes. Taxes
extra. See service advisor for
details. Excludes upgrades,
Drive longer with a
SVT/Shelby Mustangs, vehicles
MICHELIN tire and
® †

equipped with special edition

performance packages, and
F-Series/E-Series Super Duty® /
Stripped Chassis vehicles.
drive away with *

Get a $70 Prepaid MasterCard® Card via

Motorcraft® are the only brake pads and shoes mail-in rebate when you buy ANY set of four
approved by Ford Motor Company for use on new MICHELIN® brand passenger or light truck
Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles. tires October 14 through November 15, 2010, after mail-in
and submit a redemption form. rebate.
Motorcraft® pads and shoes ...
• Are designed to fit your specific vehicle – a perfect match
• Help maintain original braking performance * See redemption form at participating dealer for complete offer details. Offer expires 11/15/10. Void where prohibited. The card is issued by Citibank, N.A.

• Are road-tested to ensure they meet Ford standards for wear, noise and dust
pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated and managed by Citi Prepaid Services. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard
International Incorporated. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted.
† See for more details on the Longevity benefits of specific MICHELIN® brand passenger and light truck tires.

• Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Copyright © 2010 Michelin North America, Inc. All rights reserved. The Michelin Man is a registered trademark owned by Michelin North America, Inc.

RAABE 11260 Elida Rd., Delphos

Best One Tire & Service of Delphos
502 N Main St (419) 695-1060
Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Sat 8:00 am - Noon
Come in and talk to our manager
Dean Bowersock
Fully trained professionals you can trust

Service • Parts •Body Shop: M 7:30-8;

T.-F. 7:30-6:00; Sat. 9-2
Over 85

Holiday Open House

Thursday & Friday, Nov. 11 & 12
From ranches to Victorians,
refinance with fast decisions
no matter where you hang your hat.
Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 13 & 14
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Delphos Office 940 E. Fifth St.

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Equity loans and lines of credit are offered through U.S. Bank National Association ND. ©2010 U.S. Bancorp, U.S. Bank. Member FDIC. 100071