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Marking Rubric for Assessment:


Elementary Basic Sound Thorough Extensive

Design and Students have not Students have Students have Students have Students have
Production generated ideas in generated basic ideas adequately generated successfully successfully
Skills response to the driving in response to the ideas in response to the generated ideas in generated ideas in
question and have not driving question but driving question and response to the response to the
recorded their ideas may not have recorded have recorded their driving question and driving question and
using labelled and their ideas using ideas using labelled have recorded their have recorded their
annotated graphic labelled and annotated and annotated graphic ideas using labelled ideas using labelled
representations. graphic representations to a and annotated and annotated graphic
representations. sound extent. graphic representations to an
Students did not representations to a outstanding extent.
effectively use tools to Students did not Students may not have high extent.
show their ideas. effectively use tools to effectively used tools to Students have used a
show their ideas. show their ideas. Students have used variety of tools to
Students did not some tools to show show their ideas.
collaborate effectively Students did not Students may not have their ideas.
to produce their design collaborate effectively collaborated effectively Students have
ideas. to produce their design to produce their design Students have collaborated to
ideas. ideas. collaborated to produce their design
produce their design ideas.
Teamwork No teamwork evident. Basic teamwork Sound teamwork Good teamwork Outstanding teamwork
Group members did evident. Group evident. Group evident. Group evident. Group
not work together to members worked members worked members effectively members effectively
complete task. together for some together for some worked together to worked together to
activities. activities. complete the task complete the task
Lack of communication successfully. successfully.
and idea sharing Lack of communication Unequal contributions
evident within group. and idea sharing by each group member. Equal contributions by Equal contributions by
evident within group. each group member. each group member.

Use of Pitch displays Pitch displays basic Pitch displays sound Pitch displays good Pitch displays great
multimedia elementary use of use of multimedia and use of multimedia and use of multimedia and use of multimedia and
and design multimedia and limited some creative thought. is creative. is very creative. is highly creative.
of pitch creative thought.

Spelling and Elementary Basic understanding of Sound understanding of Good understanding Outstanding spelling,
Grammar understanding of spelling, use of spelling, use of of spelling, use of use of punctuation
spelling, use of punctuation and punctuation and punctuation and and sentence
punctuation and sentence structure. sentence structure. sentence structure. structure. No major
sentence structure. Numerous grammatical Few major grammatical No major grammatical grammatical errors.
Numerous grammatical errors. errors. errors.
Effectiveness Pitch is descriptive Pitch is descriptive and Pitch is persuasive and Pitch is very Pitch is highly persuasive
of Pitch but not designed for is mostly well-designed is well-designed for the persuasive and is and is very well-designed
the target audience. for the target audience. target audience. very well-designed for for the target audience.
the target audience.
Some and/or most Most and/or all All elements are All elements are included
elements are elements are included included and soundly All elements are and extensively
included though not though explained to a explained. included and explained.
explained. basic extent. thoroughly explained.