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As stipulated in the REED144 syllabus, REED144 students are expected to

produce a video presentation that promotes the teaching of the Catholic
Church on socio-political involvement particularly on the call to be active
and responsible participants in different political exercises such as in the
exercise of the right to vote.

The video, which serves as their final output for the course, should accomplish
the following objectives:

 To present the basic teaching of the Church on political involvement in
general and on the right to vote in particular,
 To educate voters on their social/political responsibility as Christians and
as Filipinos;
 To encourage voters to exercise their right to vote according to the
Christian ideals.

1. Work as a group in not more than 6 members
2. Do the video following the abovementioned objectives;
3. It must not:
be more than 5 minutes;
contain any obscene, discriminatory or derogatory message;
promote nor attack other religions, any political candidate or party.