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Islamic Society of the University of the

West Indies Cave Hill

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent the most Merciful Academic Year 2007/2008


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(From left) T-shirt for One Day National Fast, Part of the brothers’ section, Food for Iftaari

Islamic Awareness Day 8

Development of Mulltifaith OVER $6000 FOR THE PEOPLE OF AFRICA

Room 9
On September 27th 2007 the 5:53pm. Fasting persons then from samoosas to cake and
Calendar of Events 11 Islamic Society set out to attended a dinner in the SCR ice cream.
undertake an event entitled building where everyone
“One Day National Fast.” This broke their fast together with Altogether approximately
was an effort to raise the traditional dates and
awareness about fasting in water which is also how the $6280.28 was raised
Islam and to raise money for Prophet (peace be upon him) for the people in the regions
people in Africa who are less used to break his fast. of Sudan, Mali, Niger, Chad
"Whoever saved fortunate than us and are and Ethiopia. “Action for
Africa Appeal was done
living in poverty. Many students who fasted
found it to be a very through a UK based charity
“Islamic Relief.”
a life, it As Muslims are required to
fast for the month of
interested and rewarding
experience and surprisingly
Ramadan we invited the lasted the entire day. Some of The dinner was funded by the
student population to fast them tried to complete the Islamic Society and all the
would be as if alongside us on September fast but because of the heat proceeds from the sponsor
sheets went to the designated
27th 2007. could not take it. One Student
even stated that “he learnt a charity.

he saved the Registration began on the 10th

of September where
lot about Islam
discovered a new sound
The Islamic Society wishes to
interested persons had the respect for it.” thank everyone who
opportunity to sign up and participated and all the
life of all receive a sponsor sheet and The dinner began at 5:30pm sponsors who helped to make
this event a success.
package. Everyone then had where a brief 15 minute
two weeks to collect sponsors
program on fasting and
mankind" Qur'an from friends and family for
completing the fast. Ramadan was given. The
Adhan (call to prayer) was
On September 27th they
5:32 fasted, which entailed no
then given and the Muslim
students prayed the fourth
food nor drink between
out of the fifth prayer of the
dawn and dusk; from
day. Everyone then enjoyed
4:25am until
themselves to a delicious
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 2

In the name of Allah the most Merciful the Compassionate

All praise is due to Allah alone. We praise Him, we seek His help and we ask for his guidance. Whomsoever Allah guides
no one can misguide him and whosoever is misguided then no one can be his guide.

As-salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatu

The Islamic Society was formed in November 2006. It was formed on the notion of obtaining a prayer room
on campus for us Muslim students to carry out our prayers on a daily basis. Alhumdulillah it has evolved into
something more. Under the guidance of Mufti Dana, we have organized many events over this past
academic year including lectures, charity functions and fairs. We have also taken part in many inter-faith
ceremonies across campus highlighting to students what Islam is all about. The society strives to:

• Reach out to other Muslim students on campus, provide any information that they may need and
offer any assistance.
• Promote greater awareness and understanding of Islam on campus.
• Encourage positive engagement with the student population.

Interest in the society and Islam in general has grown considerably and many students on campus
have shown an interest in learning what Islam is about and have attended many of our events, the biggest
being the One Day National Fast in which we saw over 95 students registering to fast with us.
As Muslim students on campus, we realize that while carrying out our studies, it is important to
spread the message of Islam in whatever way we can and to engage and educate ourselves about
worldwide and Caribbean affairs that have an effect on us, not only as Muslim students, but Caribbean
people as a whole. The society serves as a place where Muslim and non-Muslim students can come
together to raise any issues that might be affecting them and also as a place to meet and interact with
other Muslims and learn more about Islam.
Registration is open to students and staff of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill and we
encourage participation in organizing events. However, we could not have done all this without the help of
some members of the Muslim community. We thank Suleiman Bulbulia and Mufti Dana for their positive
encouragement and help with the society, the Guild of Students and the Office of Student Services for their
support in starting the Islamic Society and all the donors for the help we have received throughout the past
two years.
This newsletter outlines the events we have conducted for the 2007/2008 academic year. We were
awarded Religious Club of the Year by the Guild of Students for our efforts throughout the year and we
intend Inshallah (God-Willing) to take this society to a higher level each year, organizing more functions and
taking part in more student activities. However, we need more support from the Muslim Community, both
monetary and physically. We welcome any ideas you may have on events that we can organize or you can
simply volunteer to take part in events when needed.

Wassalaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu

- Advertisements published do not necessarily represent the views of the Islamic Society or the University of the West Indies. The Society
will not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information in the advertisements. All readers are encouraged to verify advertisements
-Articles are owned by the author with copyrights and may not be used without prior consent
-The Islamic Society is aware that errors will occur from time to time and ask all readers to bear in mind that only the Qur’an is free from
all mistakes.
-The Islamic Society does not intend to offend any person or organization and in particular, persons of other faiths.
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 3


Ramadan is the 9th month of Muhammad is the it allows a believer to reach At the completion of the
the Islamic lunar calendar. levels that he may not have month of Fasting, Muslims all
Messenger of Allah,
been able to reach in other over the world celebrate the
performing Prayer, paying months. It is also a month of
Unlike the common calendar, festival of Eid -ul-Fitr.
spiritual consciousness and
which is Solar based, the the Zakah(charity), making
high sense of social
Islamic calendar is Lunar It is a true thanksgiving for
the pilgrimage to the responsibility. The reward for
based. However this does not Muslim believers for having
doing a good deed in Ramadan
mean that Muslims worship the Sacred House (Hajj), and
moon. Like all Islamic months,
is 70 times greater than doing the opportunity to obey Allah
Ramadan begins after sighting
fasting during the month of that deed outside of Ramadan. (the God Almighty) by
the crescent, and not the birth Ramadan.” (Reported by Al- observing Fasts. It is
of the new moon. Allah (the God Almighty) opens celebrated on the 1st day of
Bukhari and Muslim)
the gates of paradise during the 10th lunar month,
this month to show that access Shawwaal.
During this month Muslims
to Paradise is made simple for
across the world are required The month of Ramadan has
the believers. It is during this The festival begins with
to fast from dawn until sunset been made so that mankind
month that believers can enter
everyday. To any ordinary can take benefit of the merits
the garden prepared by Allah
Muslims putting on their best
person, it would seem that and blessings contained within attire and going to the Eid
for them. The opening of the
fasting means leaving one's to change themselves for the congregation/prayers. This is
gates encourages a believer to
food, drink and desires from better and by doing so create a
excel in worship, and Allah, a day of happiness and
dawn till sunset, however, the bond with Allah (the God
reality of fasting in the month
through His infinite mercy, togetherness and Muslims
Almighty) that will continue
makes it easier for him to do visit each other’s homes and
of Ramadan is far greater. It is throughout the eleven
this by chaining the devils and have lunches or dinners for
said in the Holy Quraan remaining months.
locking the doors of Hell.
family and friends.
O you who believe fasting is It is an obligation on every
The month of Ramadan is also
prescribed to you as it was healthy, mature and sane adult
the month in which the Holy
prescribed to those before you Muslim to fast during the
Quran was sent down from 7th “O you who believe
so that you can learn Taqwa" month of Ramadan. Travelers
level of heaven to the 1st level,
(Quran 2:183) and those who are ill are
excused from fasting and
from where it was revealed to fasting is prescribed to
Prophet Muhammad (peace be
The Arabic word Taqwa is should make it up at a later
upon him) in parts over a
translated in many ways date. Muslims get up early to
period of 23 years. you as it was
including God consciousness, take their sahoor, a pre-dawn
meal before starting their fast.
God fearing, piety, and self
Ramadan is a very blessed prescribed to those
month for Muslims. They fast
Some of the benefits of fasting
are to develop God-
and pray throughout the day before you so that you
Fasting during the month of and extra prayers are said in
Ramadan is one of the five consciousness, self-control,
the night.
pillars of Islam which is of improvement of health by can learn Taqwa"
reducing or eliminating
paramount significance. The
impurities from the body, and There is a special night called
Prophet (peace and blessings
to become aware of the plight the Night of Power which is (Quran 2:183)
be upon him) said, “Islam is
of the poor, hungry, and the mentioned in the Holy Quran,
built upon five pillars:
sick. as a night of mercy and
testifying that there is no
forgiveness from Allah and the
god except Allah and that
The month of Ramadan brings reward for worshiping during
along with it a new height of this night is equivalent to that
mercy from Allah; of worshipping for 1,000


#18 George Street Belleville
(246) 426-5783
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 4


(Moez Masoud giving a lecture at FOSIS 2007 conference) (A British MP speaking on issues affecting Muslim students)

The Federation of Student The UWI Islamic Society was to the society in the present
Islamic Societies (FOSIS) invited to attend and two academic year. The Guild of
represents Muslim students representatives Sister Students funded one ticket
across the UK and Ireland Reyhana and Sister Zaynab price and has done so again
and hosts an annual got the opportunity to this year. Two other
conference whereby attend in June 2007. Both representatives Brother
students from across the UK representatives were Muhammad and Brother
and other parts of the world overwhelmed and impressed Ibrahim will be representing
gather for an exciting couple by the way the conference the UWI Islamic Society at
of days of workshops, was organized and acquired this year’s conference to be
lectures and Islamic a considerable amount of held at the University of
entertainment to learn about knowledge and established Salford Inshallah (God-
Islam and how to effectively linkages with many other willing).
run your Islamic Society. organizations through which
they were able to contribute
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 5


The Israeli-Palestinian Friday February 15th Suleiman of the Barbados
conflict has always been 2007. Muslim Association on the
portrayed as a issue was held afterwards
controversial and Understanding and in which viewers had the
complicated issue gaining knowledge of this opportunity to raise
important current affair is various questions on the
The Islamic Society as one of great importance conflict.
part of its educational “Understanding and
as we see only what is
program had a showing portrayed by the media
of a documentary film gaining knowledge
highlighting the current
and historical root causes The documentary film of this important
of the Israeli Palestinian showing was attended by
conflict in the Arts students and staff and a current affair is one
Lecture Theater on discussion led by Brother
of great



The Guild of Students at UWI rewarded the Islamic

Society with the Religious Club of the Year Award for
the academic year 2007 – 2008. It came as a
surprise when the Islamic Society was named the
winner of this award at the Guild Handing over
ceremony as no members were aware of such an
award. The Islamic Society is honored to have
captured this award and God Willing will continue to
receive this award in the future through more hard
work, dedication and interaction with the other clubs
and societies on campus as well as the entire
student body.

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See us at
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 6


Salaat or prayer is one of the
five compulsory pillars of Islam. Muslims to come to prayer, to face, every wrong thing at
Salaat is a ritual prayer that is leave their businesses or which his eyes have looked
practised by Muslims in whatever actions they may be leaves with the water - or
supplication to Allah. doing for a few moments in order with the last drop of water.
to be successful in life as well as When he washes his hands,
Allah (God Almighty) says in the in the hereafter. every wrong thing which his
Holy Quran, “Establish Salaat hands have touched leaves
(Prayer), pay Zakaat (poor- As Allah says in the Qur’an, with the water - or with the
due), and bow your heads "Successful; are indeed the last drop of water. When he
with those who bow (in believers who are humble in washes his feet, every wrong
worship)” (2:43). their Salaat" (23:1-2). thing to which his feet have
(A Muslim Praying) walked leaves with the water
Muslims who have reached the Before prayer, one must ensure – or with the last drop of
age of puberty are ordered by that the clothes that are worn water, until he emerges
Allah to pray five times a day in and the place of prayer must be cleansed of sins," [Muslim].
order to remember Allah and clean. Men and women each are
achieve piety and God directed to cover their bodies Thus, Muslims cleanse
consciousness. Muslims pray once (awrah) in reasonably loose- themselves five times a day in
in the early morning (after dawn fitting garments order to free themselves from
but before sunrise), once in the impurities.
early afternoon (after the sun has Muslims are then required to
crossed the zenith but before wash themselves before praying Muslims are also ordered to face
mid-afternoon), once in the later to their Lord. The ritual of in the direction of the Ka’ba,
afternoon (but before the setting ablution before prayer is like an which is in Makkah, while they
of the sun), once after the sun expiation for the sins that are perform their prayers.
has set, and finally in the early committed between each prayer.
hours of the night (after twilight The Holy Prophet Muhammad The reason for this is if every
had ended). (Peace and blessings of Allah be Muslim performs Salaat in this
(The Holy Kabaah towards which upon him) says "When the direction it symbolizes uniformity
Muslims face to pray) Salaat begins with the call to Muslim - or believing – slave
prayer or the Adhaan, inviting does wudu' and washes his (Continued on page 7 )
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 7


amongst worshippers and unity in verily remembrance of Allah steadfast in their prayer and ask
Islam which is based on the is more important...” (29:45). Him alone for help as He also
principle belief that every Muslim says in the Qur’an “O you who
surrenders to One God. It is a form of spiritual, believe! Seek help in
emotional, psychological, physical steadfastness, and prayer.
In our prayer, Muslims recite and mental guidance in our lives. Surely! Allah is with the
in Arabic from the Holy Qur’an Salaat is direct communication steadfast,” (2:153). “Muslims
because they believe it is the with our Creator, who is the
word of Almighty God. He has Creator of the entire universe and In addition to all the worldly cleanse
promised to preserve this final we do not ask for help and benefits of Salaat, God Almighty
revelation, thus, there are guidance from any other. It is a has promised an eternal life of themselves
millions of Muslims who have way we give thanks for all paradise for believers who
learnt the entire Qur’an by heart establishes these five pillars of five
and there are others who know at the mercies that He has Islam, which include the five
least one portion of the Qur’an by bestowed upon mankind such as times daily prayer. This is the times a day in
heart so they recite it in their water and food and the very air ultimate goal of a Muslim, to
Salaat. that we breathe. We worship and dwell in paradise eternally in order to free
ask God to forgive our sins that comfort and ease and to see their
Although Salaat is only performed we have committed because all of Creator as Allah says in the themselves
at its prescribed time, Muslims us are not perfect in regards to Qur’an, “And those who are
can make any amount of our daily lives. attentive at their worship, from
supplications or Du’as at any time these will dwell in Gardens,
of the day. Salaat provides a solution to honored,” (70:33-5). impurities.”
all our trials and afflictions in this
Muslims are ordered to pray five world as Allah advises us to be
times a day in order to gain God patient when He says, “Seek
consciousness and prevent help in patience and prayer;
ourselves from committing evil and truly it is hard except for
actions in our lives as God says in the humble- minded,”(2:45).
the Qur’an, “…And estabish
Salat ( Prayers). Surely! God Almighty gives these trials to
Worship preserveth from his creation as a test in order to
lewdness and iniquity, but see which of his creation will be


What is Islamic Relief?

Islamic Relief (IR) is an international relief and development charity, which aims to
alleviate the suffering of the world’s poorest people. It is an independent Non-
Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in the UK in 1984 by Dr Hany El Banna.

What does Islamic Relief do?

As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, Islamic Relief promotes sustainable economic
and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender.

Islamic Relief works in four main sectors: - Emergency Relief, Development, Orphans, Waqf

You can help by sponsoring an orphan or donating to: Iraq Appeal, Palestine Appeal, China
Earthquake Appeal and much more!

For more information: or Contact Head Office at: (01144) 121 605 5555
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 8


Islam has always been a raise awareness of the to students really taking
misconceived religion. religion and to educate an interest into educating
Whether it be due to the people with a deeper themselves and asking
senseless actions of a few, understanding of Islam. questions. The Islamic
the influence of the media, The event took place Society wishes to thank
or simply misconceptions during Humanities week, everyone who made the
arising out of perceptions the theme being “Islam- day a success and hope
regarding certain issues The religion of mercy” that those who visited
such as Muslim women, Food such as alloo pies enjoyed themselves.
the real Islam and the and samoosas were on
beauty of this way of life sale and Islamic Society
has often remained members were applying
masked. henna tattoos on students.
There was also an
“The religion of
The word Islam comes exhibition with posters,
from the Arabic root word
“salaam” which means
which highlighted facts on
Islam, and leaflets and
Islam is based
peace. The religion of books were distributed.
Islam is based on a
peaceful way of life
Interested persons could
ask their questions to
on a peaceful
contrary to contemporary some of the members
thinking. which evolved into healthy
and educational
way of life”
In order to clear up these discussions.
misconceptions, the
The event turned out to
Islamic Society undertook
(Above: Some of the display be overwhelmingly
their second annual
exhibition) successful from the sale
Islamic Awareness Day to
of the food



PRICE: $ 30 Long-sleeve
and Short-sleeve



Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 9


Imam Abdul Johari is the Director of Outreach at the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center and
former Muslim Chaplain at Howard University (HU). He was the first Muslim officially
installed as a chaplain in higher education at HU and is the Head of the National
Association of Muslim Chaplains in Higher Education.

Imam Johari’s father is Barbadian and the Islamic Society in conjunction with
the Barbados Muslim Association got the opportunity to host a lecture given by him at
the University. The topic of the lecture was “What everyone should know about Islam
and Muslims but never asked.” Imam Johari spoke on a number of issues from basic
knowledge of Islam to issues affecting the society at large. The audience was moved
by his talk and engaged in a very interactive question and answer session after. The
lecture was opened to the public and we had an impressive turnout with door prizes
and refreshments afterwards. Imam Johari also give another lecture at the Frank
Collymore Hall entitled: Roots of Islam: From Africa to the Americas which dealt with
the historical movement of enslaved Africans into the Americans and highlighted how
they kept their deen of Islam alive in the various regions. His talks were very inspiring
and the Islamic Society wishes to thank everyone for their help in organising this
event, specifically that of Sister Miranda Sealy for her hard work and dedication.


When starting the Islamic Society, the main objective was to obtain a prayer room
for the Muslim Students to carry out the five daily prayers that are required in

After much campaigning and hard work for this room by the Society and the Guild
of Students, the Islamic Society was informed that because of the lack of space
available on campus, no set room could be designated towards the society.

The principal Sir Hillary Beckles allowed us to have a schedule of the available
rooms throughout the day which we could utilize to carry out our prayers for the
time being

However, in a letter addressed to the society by Campus Registrar it was promised

that a multi-faith room would be provided in the new Larazetto development. The
provision of this room was also made clear to the Guild of Students.

We’re on the Web!

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Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 10

The UWI Islamic Society would like to thank the following organizations for their
generous contributions throughout the past two years:

The Office of Student Services Ideal Office Supplies

Guild of Students Office Supplies Inc

Deputy Principal’s Office Bico Limited

UWI Cafeteria Carbon Ink

UWI Maintenance Department Fosters Bakery

UWI Security (Mr. Boyce and his security team) S.Y Adam and Son

Sir Hillary Beckles Belleville Auto Spares

Judy Millington Adams Store

Educational Media Services Old College Attorneys

Campus Registrar (Laura Yard) Mpact Printing

Sign Station Islamic Relief UK

SMJ beverages (Ayub Patel) Bashir Chhiboo (Caterer)

Islamic Academy of Barbados Yusuf & Faheema Bodhania (Caterer)

SBI Distribution Inc Suleman Abubakar & Co



Executive Committee 2008/2009

Executive Committee 2007/2008
Brother Ibrahim Lunat
Sister Reyhana Patel Sister Zaynab Aswat
Sister Zaynab Aswat Sister Maryam Pandor
Sister Zaakirah Pandor Sister Amina Patel
Sister Amina Patel Brother Niaz Dokrat
Sister Maryam Pandor Brother Basheer Makda
Brother Ibrahim Lunat Brother Muhammed Aftab Patel

“Allah does not look towards your faces, or towards your riches; but He sees (the sincerity of) your hearts, and the
nature of your deeds” (Muslim)
Islamic Society of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Academic Year 2007/2008 11


YEAR 2008/2009
Semester I

o 2nd One Day National Fast (charity event)

o Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations on the Guild Lawn

o Lecture by International Scholar (Proposed scholar: Sheik Shabir Ally)

o Visit to children’s home

Semester II

o Islamic Awareness Day

o Lecture by Islamic Scholar

o Charity Event (Details undisclosed)

The above are proposed plans for the academic year. More events are
likely to be scheduled. For more information on how you can help, contact

Ladies Tops Plus and Regular sizes - $15-$30
! Working clothes starting at $25
! Ladies Handbags $30
! Dresses starting at $25
! Ladies jeans starting at $30
! Leggings $20 Speightstown (246) 422-0649
! Ladies Bermuda Shorts starting at $30 Tudor Street (246) 435-8331

Donate NOW to the Islamic Society of the
University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus

YOUR Donations and Sponsorship are needed in order to

carry out next year’s events!!

For more information please contact OR contact ISOC treasurer at

You can donate to the society in general or for specific


Surely, Allah changeth not the condition of a people until

they (first) change that which is in their hearts." (Quran:

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been published by the:

Islamic Society
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