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Last Name: Dias First Name: Daniel Feitosa

Do you have a passport? YES

Passport Exp Date: Jan 2029

Home Airport: Sao Paulo International Airport - GRU

Have you visited our website and reviewed our NCL Shipboard Yes
Employment information?
Have you been provided with and reviewed the job description? Yes
Can you perform the dut~!i° _d requirements oHhej~you areapplying for? I Yes
While NCL provides accommodations, most positions share a room with 1-3
roommates which are set based on position. Are you aware of your rooming

situation and able to accept sharing a room with roommates?

I- --------·-- ·-· ··------------ --- -------
Shipboard employment means living and working onboard for contract Yes
assignment periods of 4-1 o months, designated based on position. Are you
willing to commit to contractual assignments of these lengths? (These are
renewable contracts, based on performance.)
Employees are expected to work 7 d-a-ys_ a_w_e_e_k_w_it_h_ 1O
_ h_o_u_
rs_o_r- more per day.l Yes
Are you willing to comply with this schedule?

At NCL, our approach to hiring is unique. We are privileged with a steady flow
of well qualified applicants whom we consider for both current and future needs.
Yes l
Therefore, applicants that are approved may experience an average of 2-6 ·
months (or more) of a wait period before deployment assignments can be
made. Are you able to work with this arrangement?
All selected candidates, upon deployment a;sig~ment, must be able to
successfully complete all pre employment clearance steps, including police
· Y~-;-- ·---- ------------ 1
clearance/ background check, medical and fitness exams which includes drug I
I test and lab works. Are you willing to comply with this requirement?
All candidates who have successfully completed the pre employment clearance ..,
steps must be able to obtain a U.S. C1/D visa for shipboard employment. Will Yes. .
you be eligible and able to obtain this visa when time comes? (Are you aware i 1~m able to obtain C1/D
of any reasons as to why you may not be able to obtain this required visa?) ' visa.

Are there any reasons that you cannot fulfill the time & energy commitments
required for onboard work?
-- -- ----- --- ---·-·- -'---·----- - -· ·
Have you ever been terminated or fired from a job? Yes, resignated .
If yes, how many times? Please explain. I and my family decided to move
to a safer city

If you have planned or scheduled personal obligations that we need to know J;.
about, please list specific dates that you are NOT available to work.
- --·- - ·-·--·- ·--· ·--- - ---
Since applicants for shipboard employment on NCL are located throughout the . Yes
world, we utilize web cam interviews as a means of a face to face meeting. Do
you have or are you able to locate access to do a web cam interview?

Generally, when are you most flexible with time for interviews? (week day & Weekdays
Time) . 9 amto 10 pm
j (GMT-2)

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