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Question 1

Today, businesses can be expand into a broader, international marketplace regardless

whether it’s a small or global organisation. Nowadays, we are able to communicate
through the advanced mobile technology and internet network across countries. However,
the globalization movement also lead to high stress level for most of the people and this
can be harm to our health and wellness. In order to reduce the level of stress and attain a
better quality of life, here are few points for our personal responsibilities to maintain
health and wellness to discuss with.

People who desire to maintain a healthy living ways usually have their personal
responsibility for their action. They are able to differentiate the modifiable risk factors
(factors are within your control) and non-modifiable risk factors (factors that are unable
control by you) that could have bad influence to the health. Controllable factors inclusive
of smoking, taking alcohols, consume of junk food and more. Whereas, non-controllable
factors are such as growing of age. Through the realisation of the controllable factors and
non-controllable factors can help them on adjusting their physical exercises that in
accordance to their capabilities and limitation. And also to plan and adjust their lifestyles
to improve the wellness state.

Besides that, societal elements also play an important role in influence the health and
wellness choices of a person. An individual who are concern for the other tend to show a
caring attitude thought words and actions that reflect their respect and concern to people
around them. They are able to create a pleasant atmosphere for the surrounding people
during the interaction. They also tend to be uncritical and do not impose their own values
by being judgmental towards the others. Furthermore, they tend to feel comfortable to
socialize with other people, more easy to adapt to different or changing situations while
remain committed to their goals of wellness.

It does not happen overnight to achieve a high degree of wellness. An individual with
health awareness and sound decision-making are likely to sustain a wellness state for the

long haul. This is because the decisions that are supported based on facts can help us to
sustain our interest and endurance in fitness activities for a longer period. A personalized
fitness programme can be well-planned by having a good understanding of our body. A
successful fitness plan is a personalized course that suits the individual and take into
consideration of their health conditions and fitness level. However, in order to achieve
the successful of an effective wellness programme, a person would need to have a strong
desire to change or to adapt their current lifestyle to a more healthy option that is
personalized to fit the individual.

Healthy living is a combination of many things, including good nutrition, regular

exercise and a positive attitude. A good quality of life can improve both your physical
and mental health such as your self-esteem and stress management level by evolve our
personal responsibilities in order to attain and maintain our health and wellness.

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Question 2

Environment can affect the human health in many ways such as exposures to
physical, chemical and biological risk factors, and more. According to the estimation by
World Health Organisation (WHO), 13 million deaths annually are due to preventable
environmental causes. Many of the cancers are caused by the polluted environment that
we lives.

Environment health is related to all aspects of the natural and built environment that
may affect the human’s health. And according to WHO, environment factors such as air,
water and soil pollution, exposures to chemical and radiation, and climate change has
cause to more than 100 diseases and injuries. The World Health Organisation has been
putting effort in promoting storage of clean water, management of toxic substances in a
safer way, and better hygiene measures as it believed that number of disease can be
prevented by doing so.

To protect the environment, we should practice the 3R’s of waste management -

reduce, reuse and recycle. This can help to cut down our waste production and reduce the
use of natural resources. Avoid buying disposable items such as paper towels, plastic
bottles and bags. Besides that, we can take the public transport or carpool with the others
to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. These are some of the activities that we can
practice in our daily life and contribute our little effort to the environment. Meanwhile,
we can promote on environment awareness among the public by campaign and seminars
too. Encourage people to treat the environment friendly by healthy technologies and

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is getting higher over the years due to
the heavy use of fossil fuels. And the rise of temperature in earth can lead to the increase
of the sea level, cause the happening of heat waves, droughts and flooding. Disease such
as asthma is also heighten due to the high temperature that raise the levels of ozone and
pollutants in the air. Whereas, the level of hazardous substances in the air and water is

getting higher due to activities of mining, landfills and agricultural. Several health
problem can be lead to for these activities such as lead exposure in children can cause
lower IQ levels and interfere their growth and hearing. While exposure to radiation will
raise the risks of mutations, birth defects, and cancers.

We have to be responsible to the environment by following the policies and right way
to manage and dispose hazardous substances to reduce the effect or damage to our
environment. We need to be considerate for the other by control and maintain the
cleanliness of environment to reduce the breeding of insects such as mosquitoes and
cockroaches. As these insects can brought us to illness and diseases such as dengue and
so on.

A healthy environment make us stay away from diseases and allow us to have a better
living condition. We shall do our part in order to protect the environment as we need to
depend on the earth to survive. Let us be the part to protect and preserve the nature as the
earth is the only home for human.

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Question 3

Social media is one of the modern communication mode in our life now. You will be
able to develop assertive skills and become comfortable with who you are in social
situations by having a supportive social network. People who are socially healthy able to
perform better under stress, boost their self-esteem, increase the energy levels and
achieve better overall physical health.

We can create good rapport with others by building strong social support network to
enhance our social wellness. A good rapport is the relationship that creates by mutual
understanding and trust. It is important to build rapport with others as it gets there
unconscious mind to accept and open to your suggestions comfortably. You can get to
know your prospects and let your prospects get to know you by social media too. For
instance, you can connect through LinkedIn to build your professional portfolios, access
to people, gaining of knowledge, sharing of professional insight and obtain better career

An effective communication skills is that you are able to convey information that you
have received to other people clearly and effectively through the process of listen,
understand and communicate. You can avoid misunderstandings and potential conflict
with others by effective communication skills and present an image of intelligent and
mature through articulate speaking. By using social media like Twitter enable you to
connect, share and reach your thoughts or ideas instantly, enthusiastically and
transparently to your group of audience. You can use Twitter to push links, ask questions
and furthermore drive visitors to Facebook, YouTube and so on.

Social media also empower us to interact with people from different cultures,
background and beliefs. We can gain knowledge and learn about different opinions and
perspectives of issues, topics, and events. Stay open-minded throughout sharing of
different cultures, background and beliefs. We can interact and learn to know the culture,

religions and beliefs from different race by sharing of our life stories in Facebook through
photos, videos, messaging, and virtual groups.

The global social networking enable us to connect with each other without having the
factor of distance. It would be a great tool that values to time management. Saving us the
time of travelling, maximized the use of our time and assist us in bonding relationships.
We can participate and involve in many activities through social media in our daily life.
The use of Skype allows us to communicate face to face with our close one, clients or
business partners for sharing and provide thoughtful leadership at our level of expertise
or to seek for assistance.

Although there are negative effect for using social media in our daily life, but we can
obtain the positive effect of using social media by the right way too. A person who are
good in socialize can develop relationships with others, contribute to the community, and
live in a harmonious and healthy environment. By having the knowledge and confident in
using social media for professional purposes not only will become an essential skills to us
but also add values to our work life. As well as to our personal life too.

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Question 4

Our body, mind and spirit are interconnected with each other. And there are many
ways for us to provide nourishment to enhance our body, mind and spiritual healthy.
Various methods of fitness that aim to help heal and nurture can encourage and lift our
body, mind and spirit.

Exercise is one of the important factors in order to achieve optimal health. There are
all types of exercises for us to practice and one of it is Yoga. Yoga is the combination of
meditation, breathing and physical postures, developed to strengthen the body, improve
health in mental, physical, and spiritual elements. Meditation can also allow us to unlock
and explore the possibilities within us when we have the chance to quiet our mind and the
surrounding. By having regular exercise not only improved our immune function,
reduced our stress, but also can boost your endorphins and energy levels as well.
According to the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS), yoga and meditation shown that
can help in lower heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and the levels of salivary
cortisol, the stress hormone.

The overall of health can be improve through healthy eating way. We are encourage
to have an healthy eating plan such as taking organic food, fruits, vegetables and more.
Organic foods contains more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants compare to
conventionally-grown foods. People with allergy reactions to foods, chemicals or
preservatives find that their symptoms is lighten or heal by taking organic food which
contains less pesticides too. Fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods not only can keep us
feeling full but also helping us in maintain our body shape and weight and even can lead
to improve our self-esteem. We have to avoid taking of alcohol, drugs, nicotine and
caffeine as these can affect your emotional health and may bring us long term negative
side effects. Besides that, we have to maintain a regular cycle of taking food too. Low
blood sugar level can cause us to be emotional too.

On the other hand, we have to provide the body with all the necessary food, vitamins,
and minerals so to continue thrive in our daily life processes. Symptoms such as anxiety,
depression and poor health can be occur due to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.
Patients with bipolar disorder is recommend to take B vitamins to decrease the symptoms
of mood swings, depression, or anxiety. Whereas insomnia and anxiety can be help by
taking of magnesium.

We can experience joy and appreciation for nature and life in all its manifestations
through building in the peace of your inner silence. Being mentally fit not only can help
you overcome cravings, avoid triggers but also commit fully to recovery. Whereas body
fitness can provide you with a sense of overall wellness and relief your stress. We can
feel more balance and harmony through these practices. And this may benefits us in our
interaction with the people and environment surrounding us. Taking care of yourself is
crucial to the health, well-being and improved functions that you strive for.

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Question 5

Eating disorders can be defined as psychological disorders characterized by abnormal

or disturbed eating habits and behaviour. Eating disorder is commonly happen in
adolescents and young women. Persistence of abnormal eating habits and behaviour can
brought to negative impact on our health and emotion. Serious emotional and physical
problems can have life-threatening consequences which may lead to death if we did not
seek for treatment.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by underweight, refusal and fear

of gaining weight, and a twisted body image. People with anorexia nervosa have strong
desire to pursue thinness, they are desperate to lose weight regardless their body weight.
Anorexia nervosa can be categorized to two types - restricting type which they restrict
calories, carry out drastic diets, fasting and extreme exercise and purging type which they
induce vomit. However, recovery is possible for anorexia nervosa if they are willing to
accept proper treatment.

An individual may facing the problem of anorexia nervosa if they are introvert,
always restrain their emotion and socially insecure. Their confident is usually tied up
with their dissatisfied of body shape and weight. Anorexia nervosa can cause health
consequences such as stop having menstrual periods, low blood pressure and heart rate,
and intolerance of cold temperature. And increase the risk of death from wide range of
causes which including commit suicide. To overcome, we may have regular check on our
body weight to rule out the possibility of anorexia nervosa. We can also seek assistance
from psychological counselling to maintain a good psychological health. The mentally
support and patience from family member can help the patient in recovery.

Whereas, Bulimia nervosa is an emotional disorder that follow by self-induced vomit

or purging after overeating. People with bulimia may secretly binge, eating large amounts
of food and then purge, force herself to vomit or by having extreme exercise. People who

are having problem of bulimia nervosa will consume a large amount of food and then
they usually follow by purging, vomiting or using laxatives.

In most of the cases, people with bulimia appear to be eating as usual but they feel
unhappy with it and they will hide the evidences of their binge. The reasons for having
this issue may be cause by the changes in life such as unemployment or stress. Bulimia
nervosa can lead to higher risk of getting diabetes due to high consumption of sugar by
binge eating disorder, arrhythmia, heart palpitations, heart attacks or death due to
repeating vomiting and frequent use of laxatives. People with bulimia will need to seek
for psychological treatment to help them with associated anxiety or depression, stable the
way of food consumption and learn the correct way for healthy eating.

Eating disorders are becoming more common nowadays. We should have adopt
healthy lifestyles such as planning for your diet and eating habits, having regular exercise
as this can help us in boosting our self-esteem and have a positive mindset to deal with
our life. An ideal body image and appearance can prevent us from having psychological

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