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In some provincial bus
terminals, passengers
experience discomfort such
as overloading, long queues,
overcrowding, delayed trips
and stinking restrooms.
Worsethan enduring dirty r

i terminal toilets is the P6 to

I liO ctrargeo on users.
This practice of terminal
operators will soon end with
run tu p4Sp 2 \

Restroom relief
Eom page f serve as a pass for the free use maintenance of rest areas and
of the sanitary facility. service facilities is part of th€
the passage of House BiI (HB) According to the law, services for human care of common
' 725 6,nd its approval bY the operating transport termindls caxriers, hence additionalpayment
Senate. The bill, originally carries with it the responsibility should not be imposed on travelers.
proposed by the late ReP. of providing adequate facilities For terminal operators who
Maximo Dalog of Mountain for the comfort of their clientele will continue imposihg toilet
Province, prohibits the collection The collection of restroom fees once the law takes effect,
of fees from passengers for fees is also a burden to the riding it will cost them more than
the use of sanitary facilities public as it makes havel within what they charged for Peeing
located in land transportation the country more expensive, or washing. Under the bill,
terminals, stations, stops and according to Dalog in his violators would be fined P6,000.
rest areas. Uhder the law, a explanatory note of IIB 725. Now thafs good money do-F'n
passenger's paid bus ticket will Moreover, Dalog said the the &ain for them.

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