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Module 1

Introduction to the Program

This is your chance to get to know your instructor and learn about their
experiences as a professional bartender. You will also meet your fellow students.
We will introduce you to the entire program, including class content and
breakdown, so that you will know what to expect each day.
Bar Set Up
While no two bars ever look exactly the same, they all share major similarities.
We will teach you how to set up a bar to increase speed and efficiency. You will
also learn how to open up and close a bar every day.
Pouring And Measuring Alcohol Exercise
Pouring alcohol precisely and accurately is a vital skill not least because it helps
to keep liquor costs under control. We will help you master this skill and give you
a few tricks to being accurate and fast.
Delivering Fantastic Customer Service
We will teach you a few simple techniques that will help you to make sure you’re
your guests have a fantastic time, tip well and return on a regular basis. Being
able to build up repeat clientele is an essential aspect of working in top bars.
Bartending Equipment
We introduce you to Boston shakers, Hawthorne strainers, mixing glasses and
spoons, jiggers, muddlers, glass rimmers, and bottle openers. You will become
used to handling all of these tools and also learn when and how to use them.
This will help to give you total confidence when it comes to your first shift behind
the bar.
How Is Alcohol Made
Learn where alcohol comes from as well as what separates the top premium
brands from the cheap stuff.
Highballs are the simplest drinks to make, so this is a great place to start
practicing your pouring techniques as well as mastering the tricky skill of making
multiple drinks at a time.
Premiums and Premium Brands
Learn how brands, and the customer’s relationship with certain brands, affect you
as a bartender. We will show you what to look for when determining a quality
product from a well-marketed product.
Premium Highball Exercise
This is your chance to get your hands on the top brands and use them in a bar
Intro To Modifiers
Customers love modifying their order. It may sound daunting but we will show
you how to correctly modify drinks: Neat, Up, Short, Tall, and with a splash, the
list goes on and you will learn them all.
POS Systems
Touch screen Point Of Sale systems are used behind practically every bar in the
world. We have our own so that you can become familiar with the system. You
will learn how to open and close customer bills as well as your responsibilities
when it comes to handling cash.
Built Cocktails Part 1
By now you will be able to make basic cocktails and tracking everything that you
make on the POS system.

Module 2
Learn the rules of garnishes, how to cut and prepare garnishes and what fruit
garnish goes with what cocktail.
Built Cocktails Part 2
By now the drinks are a little more complicated. This is your chance to practice
making them while tracking everything on the POS system.
Liqueurs can add life, flavour and texture to cocktails. Many are also great to
drink on their own. Learn how and when to add them, and when not to.
Advanced Methods Of Mixing
As you start to make the more complicated cocktails you will also need to master
various skills such as shaking, stirring, muddling, straining, double straining,
glass frosting, spice rimming, and floats.
Martinis & Specialty Cocktails
This is your chance to practice advanced bar skills. These include shaking
stirring straining, and chilling Martinis and as well as other classic cocktails.
Responsible Alcohol Service Discussion
At Metropolitan Bartending School we understand that serving alcohol comes
with a great responsibility. We will help you to understand the importance of
responsibly serving alcohol. This includes understanding the legal responsibilities
you have to your guests and explaining what you can be held liable for.

Module 3
Efficiency Exercises
We will teach you how to streamline your movements and prepare orders faster
with a series of efficiency techniques. You will have the chance to practice
efficiently making large orders of cocktails.
Tip Strategy
Building on what you’ve already learned about delivering great customer service
we will show you how to deliver an experience that should help you to increase
the tips you take home each night.
There are hundreds of shooter recipes. We will highlight some of the Lower
Mainland’s most popular shots and let you practice them.
Beer & Beer Pouring
Learn the basics of beer. This includes different types or beer, how to pour it
correctly and how to maintain a draft beer system.
Wine & Wine Service
This is your introduction to the basics of wine. You will learn about the
differences between the many wine regions and grapes as well as how to
correctly open and serve wine to guests.

Module 4
Suggestive Selling
Learn techniques to help you increase your sales. Mastering this skill not only
makes you a valuable employee but also makes for happier customers, more
enjoyable shifts and, ultimately, more money in your pocket.
Tips On Resumes
We will help you to create a new resume, which is suited to the hospitality
industry and designed to get you a bartending job.
Tips On Looking For Employment
Advice on where to look, what to wear and the best times to apply.
Tips On Interviews
We will coach you on what you should say, what you shouldn’t say and the best
questions to ask.
Review And Practice
This is your chance to prepare for the practical exam. This exam covers the
handful of cocktails every bartender must know.
Written Exam
A short written exam intended to check that you have been paying attention.
Practical Exam
This is your chance to show all the skills that you have learned and that you are
able to work in a professional environment.
Celebration Toast
Relax and enjoy a cocktail with your classmates. You will also receive your well
deserved Bartending Certificate.