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Sr No TB No.

Trisen Ferrule Details on TRISEN

TB3 -7 3D-05-1/TS310-TB3-7
1 TB3-8 3D-05-2/TS310-TB3-8
TB3-11 3D-05-3/TS310-TB3-11
2 TB3-12 3D-05-4/TS310-TB3-12
3 TB3-13 INT301-5/TS310-TB3-13
4 TB3-14 Not visible
5 TB3-15 INT303-5/TS310-TB3-15
6 TB3-16 Not visible
7 TB3-17 INT306-5/TS310-TB3-17

8 TB3-18 INT304-13/TS310-TB3-18

INT303-9/TS310-TB3-21(ferrule is wrong actually cable

coming from 3D-07-6)
TB3-21 TS310-TB3-21/TS310-TB3-23
9 TB3-22 INT304-14/TS310-TB3-22
TB3-23 No ferrule but link from TS310-TB3-21
10 TB3-24 INT307-14/TS310-TB3-22
TB3-33 TS310-TB3-33
11 TB3-34 TS310-TB3-34
TB3-40 (-) TS310-TB3-40
12 TB3-41(+) TS310-TB3-41

Jmper Setting
Actuator O/P 0-20 mA
AO1 4-20 Ma
DI input power supply external

Relay O/P 1 normally OPEN/CLOSE

Relay O/P 2 normally OPEN/CLOSE

Trip relay deenergized for shutdown
Description of channel Tag Number of Channel

Main lube oil Turbine speed 11SE81502

Main lube oil Turbine SPEED 11SE81503

Main lube oil Turbine Start command TS310_START
Main lube oil Turbine STOP command TS310_STOP
Main lube oil Turbine Reset command TS310_RST
Speed raise command from DCS 11HS81504B
Speed Lower command from DCS 11HS81505B

1. 24 VDC common cable coming from

2. 24 VDC common cable going to INT304

Oil pump turbine overspeed trip to ITCC


Alarm output to DCS 11XL81501B

Turbine speed to DCS 11SI81504B

Turbine GOV O/P 11SV81502

mper Setting
JPR18 for NO
JPR17 for NC
JPR20 for NO
JPR19 for NC
Channel type trisen TB No. of Peak 150
Pulse input 1 43
Pulse input 2 46
Remote Digital Input 1 15
Remote Digital Input 2 14
Remote Digital Input 3 16
Remote Digital Input 4 13
Remote Digital Inpput 5 12


DIO-1 5
DIO-2 7
AO1 34
Actuator O/P