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sarar2018 Environmental Heallh Trust SG and the !OT: Scientific Overview of Human Health Risks - Environmental Health Trust IFHERYSTQRO/ABOUTI) _KEYISSUES(HTTPSLEMTRUSTORGIMEVASSUES/) POLICY (HTTPSUJEHTRUSTORG/POLICY) O HEALTH TRUST. SCIENCE (HTTPSL/EHTRUSTORG/SCIENCE/) | EDUCATE YOURSELF (HTTPS:/EHTRUST.ORG/TAKE-ACTION/EDUCATE YOURSELF) SHUUPDVTUV2KUGURO_quiG. HtzSOVsYS4aPeVUDDykOUrVBFWI7SEMH4sNANZp-B2yLV-KIKOgdX@6jEsSQnSVSOBKLNSEDAXGAY6IY%3D) "TAKE ACTION (HTTPSENTRUST ORG/TARE ACTION) RESOURCES T SHARE TRS:TYTRUSTORG/RESOURCESO-SHARE) = Donate (Httpsi/Ehtrust Org/Donate/) [MEDIA & PUBLICATIONS (HTTPS:/EHTRUST.ORG/PUBLICATIONS/) 5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks (#acebook) Bthupsiwww.addioany com/sharertul ‘verv evenamansheaknsises'2FBttle= SC%2 05nd 20 5G is the term us networks beyond the 4G (TE mobile networks commonly uses (totter) hlips%3A2F%42Fehirus org 2Fkeyiscuess2Fcel honeswirless2=5g-networkeiolscientic: es 2OIOTIAE0Scient fics 200verview'e200"%20H uman'e20-teakh%Z0RisKs) to deserie w next-generation of mobile 5G Technology; Potential Risks To Human Health: €. ‘today. 5G is intended tobe the technology that allows the Interne (of Things (107) to exist anc te all internet conn together Clik here to see the latest science on § ted devices (hetpsz/ Currently there is no standard for 5¢ networks in place and it will be a combination of a variety of frequencies and modulations. Industry is developing exactly what $6 will be as the standard has not been set yet commercially available unt assumed that 5G networks willat become 0 but several cities are rolling out 5 as test areas now Verizon (hrtps/wtur comy2017/02/22/verizon: including shinglon-é-c/)ane Sprint (hetpszrwveradiomagonline.corn/trends/attidentifies-more-So- lestcities) have announced “test cities” for 5G which include ‘Sacramento, Washington DC, Atlanta Dallas, Miami and New York, ‘A first glance at US government websites such as the CDC and EPA could lead you to believe that this radiation is safe. Yet over 240 scientists and doctors from 41 nations who have published research in the field have appealed (hetpsv/wweresearchgate.nev/publication/298539689_ International Appeal Scientists ionizing_ele call for_protection.frorm_non- smagneticfied_exposure) tothe United Nations calling for urgent action to reduce these ever growing wireless ‘exposures and they wrote (nttps//ehtrust org/key-ssues/cell- phoneswireless/emtscientisl-appeahecvisors-cell moratorium: 5q/) the FCC for a moratorium on the rollout of SG citing the ‘serious risks that to human health and the environment. Published peer reviewed scien already indicates wireless technologies of 26, 36 and 46 ~ in use today with our cel hones, computers and wearable tech ~ creates radiofrequency which poses a serious health risk and the environment. Scientists are cautioning tha ‘out 5G, research on human health effects urgently needs to be ne first to ensure t public and environment are protected. hitpsletrustorgkey 4ssuesiceltphoneswKeless/Sg-networks-ot-sclentfic-overview-human-health-tsks! 19 sarar2018 Environmental Heallh Trust SG and the 1OT: Scientific Overview of Human Health Risks - Environmental Health Trust Eg OB TAAL ISH) ">i sue PAE gE REVSROER? °°" e HRA TARO BEHAV ut Se networie if neignbothoods and are enacting various sate and federal regulations te teamine” and atrack the rll. These a LAIVCE (HBL JER FRU BRE PSEIENGEIS® °° TEALITE VGURRELY GF HSPN RI UA ESA HDA EBOEA PE VDHBET HG "e Duldout fireless company documents clearly state (httpsi//www.itu int/en/ITU-T/Workshops-and- se TAKE ACTION (HTT RSUEENTRMET ORGITAKE:ATHIOND cf RARAURE BAIT SHARE ONETERME MT RESEARGIAR HO URE ER TR SHAM bnitennias, fay countries such as Chin, India, Poland, Russa, Italy and Switzerland have far more protective and sticterragation limits which wil MARI HRLELARAARO GFT Se HEHE RRSUPPHORTHONS Auld exceed thet limits. These counties are creating roadblocks (tps Telecompaper comnewa/Risaye ste electromagnetic Tadaton exposure Imite-may-negalivelyimpact'S9-TIFOUE -1250861) to the 5G rollout and industry has launched large scale efforts to loosen limits. Click Here For EHT's Sciontific Factsheets on s¢ (Https://Ehtrust.Org/Small-Cells-Mini-Cell-Towers- Health-Letters-Scientists-Health-Risk-5g/) Clik here to see the latest sclence on $6 millimeter waves, (httasi/ehtrustorg/sclentife-research-on-Sg-and-health/) ‘THOUSANDS OF MINI CELL TOWERS TO BE BUILT IN FRONT OF HOMES 5 will require the bulldaut of Iterally hundreds of thousands of new wireless antennas in neighbothoods, cities and towns. A cellular small tructure bulld out of cell or other transmitter will be placed every two to ten homes according to estimates. The purpose ofthis massive infra smal cells, distributed antennae systems and microcel’s is to inctease range and capacity in populated urban areas and prepare for the future 56 rollout 5G frequencies wil tilze higher frequencies that do not travels far asthe lower frequencies. Us state and federal governments are moving forth regulations wich woule make the right of way in frant of homes as available sites for Uransmitters ~ without consent of the properly owners. In response, communities are protesting en mass as they do not want these {transmitters builtin front oftheir homes and communities want to be able 1 regulate the placement on right of ways. Some municipalties king the case to the courts with Itigation. (hitp/delgazetie com/news/'53947/city-oins-Itigation-egainst-statelavy) 5G WILL USE HIGHER ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES, 5G wall utilize multiple frequencies from those currently in use for call phones and wireless to higher millmeter frequencies, Today cellular and Wi-Fi networks rely on microwaves ~ a type of electromagnetic radiation utlizng frequencies up to 6 gigahertz ( ‘order to wirelessly transmit voice or data, However, 5G applications (htta /www.poworld.comn/article/2940792/Sgnetworksiook-to-new= frequencies-to-delver-igabit-speeds him) will require unlocking of new spectrum bends in higher frequency renges above 6 GHz to 100 GHz and beyone, utilizing subrmilimeter and milimeter waves ~ to allow ultra-high rates of data to be transmitted inthe same amount af time as compared with previous deployments of microwave ratiation. + Click here to read about the difference between 16, 26, 36 and 46 MILLIMETER AND SUBMILLIMETER WAVES ARE BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE Current investigations of wireless frequencies in the rilimeter and subrnillrmeter range confirm thal these waves interact directly with human skin, specifically the sweat glands. Dr. Ben-Ishal ofthe Department of Physics, Hebrew University, Israel recently detailed how human sweat ducts act lke en aay of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths. MECHANISM OF ACTION IS PROVEN Research already indicates serious adverse effe Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Department of Applied Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, headed by Dr. Yuri Feldrnan, indicate that 56s millmeter and subrrilimeter waves will uniquely interact with human skin and lead to preferential layer absorption. The number of ‘sweat ducts within hurnan skin varies from two milion to four rion. Replicated peer research of these biological efects in laboratory mentation further down frorn the wireless modalities in use today. Research studies from the Dielectric research has been conducted internationally and scientists consicer th's mechan'sm of action well proven (See d con this webpage) 5G FREQUENCIES ARE USED IN WEAPONS For years, the U.S. Russian and Chinese defense agencies (htp:/jnlwp defense gow/Portals/S0/Documents/Future_Nor- SHEAR pa) have been developing weapons thet rely on the capabilly of this electromagnetic frequency range to induce Unpleasant burning sensations on the skin as a foi of crowd control. Millmeter waves are utilized by the U.S Army in crowd dispersal guns callec Active Denial Systems (nttp/Jnlwp Dr. Paul Benlshal pointed to research that was cornmissioned by the U.S. Army to find out why people ran aviay when the bear touched them. “Ifyou are unlucky enough tobe standing there when it hits you, you will fel like your body ison fe" The U.S. Department of Defense explains how "The 1es when the target moves out f the bear. The sensation 's intense enough to cause a nearly instantaneous reflex action ‘of the target to fle the bearn” hitpsletrustorgkey 4ssuesiceltphoneswKeless/Sg-networks-ot-sclentfic-overview-human-health-tsks! 29 sarar2018 Environmental Health Trust SG and the IOT: Scientific Overview of Human Health Risks - Environmental Heath Trust UMN BIDS Met BE:GRARBUGIEP AS,AY) EIGER RMIT. A HRMMDIR RUPHERLEX® OSHRRS crrres.senreust.onc/PoLicy/) ur skin is our largest organ. Dariusz Leszczynski, PAD, Chief Editor of Radiation and Health has stated that the Intemational Commission RENEE DATS SUE TRUSTARAISSIENCEY) cofer RYEGATE YOURSELF (HITESYIBM TRUST ORGLTAKECASONEDNEATENQUESEMTY of these igher frequencies is planning to classify all the skin in the hurnan body as belonging to the limbs rather than to the head or torso, TA ASTON RATES KEL A YSL CR IANEAT BOM As — RERUREER TD SHARE EPS Rt TRY SE REE RPURSESE TES TEIN otherwise: si ace eB LER les os ‘en exter, Semis reson tobe en much higher radiation levels than the bra. or iatmns_In the USA extrem rds towireless radian. specifically wrists and hands, ankles anc feet and the ear. 5G DEPLOYMENT WITHOUT HEALTH EFFECT EVALUATION 5G is being developed and implemented without adequate evalvation ofthe effect ofthis technology on hurnan health after long term ‘exposure to these frequencies, Peer reviewed research studies have found adverse effects from the electromagnetic frequencies currently in se and that willae in use far this new technology. “There is an urgent need to evaluate SG health effects naw before millions are exposed, We need to know if 5G inoreases the risk of skin diseases such as melanoma or other skin cancers, stated Ron Melnick, the National institutes of Health scientist, now retired, who led the {design ofthe National Toxicolagy Program study on cell phone radiofrequency radiation, In Dr Cindy Russells A 56 Wireless Future: Wilt give us a smart nation or contribute to an unhealthy 7 ‘N96 WIRELESS ‘one (httas:/ 8621 /docs/bulltin_0217_web/20) (Text PDF) (http://www scoma: mems.ora/Portals/19/essets/docs/A%2056%20Wireless%20F uture20Formatted’s20PDF oat? vver=2017-03-23-094719-187), published in the the Santa Clara Medical Assocation, Russell states that “3G, 4G, 5G or a comination of zapping frequencies giving us immersive connection anc entertainment but at a potentially steep price’ Russell detals the scientific documentation on 5G's frequencies which inelude artythrnias, heart rate varabilty, bacterial affects, anibioti res'stance, immune system affects, chromatin affects teratogenic effects altered gene expression and cataracts, Dr. Cindy Russell lists specific recommendations shared by Environmental Health Trust and scientists worldwide, (htlps drive google cornile/4/0B1 4R6QNemaXuMINZ Mn @EHFRVK/view) RECOMMENDATIONS TO PROTECT PUBLIC HEALTH 1. De not proceed to rll out §6 technologies pending premarket studies on health effects, 2, Reevaluate safety standards based on long term as well as short term studies on biological effects 3, Rescind e portion of Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which preempts state and local government regulation {or the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects so that healtn and environmental issues can be addressed. 4, Rescind portions of The Spectrum AAct which wes passed in 2012 as part ofthe Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act. which strips the ability city officials and local governments to regulate cellular cornmunications equipment, provides no public notification or opportunity for public input and ray potentially result in environmental impacts. 5, Greate an independent mukidisciplinary scientific agency tasked with developing appropriate safety regulations, premarket testing and research needs ina transparent enviconmmest with publie input 6. Label pertinent EMF inforrnation on devices along with appropriate precautionary warnings, RESOURCES Click Here For EHT's Scientific FactSheets on 56 (Https://Ehtrust.Org/Small-Cells-Mini-Cell-Towers- Health-Letters-Scientists-Health-Risk-5g/) Click here to see the latest science on $6 millimeter waves, (htlasl/ehtrustorg/scientifc~esearch-on-Sg-and-neath/) Please take the time to scrll cown to read research recent research studies, watch videos and see expert testimony. EHT also has a youtube playlist dedicated to 56 science (https //mww youtube com/watch?v=QvPg1AyQ43I&lst=PLTSDDKXATGoBms.J3hFeJFavad,bLw6tnw) and {o.ciizen testimony on 86 (nitps://www youtube com/watch?y=ko0_2GHHSKABlist=P_TéDoKXATGOCKKSLERSGHRFIBzwew3an), ‘This webpage contains lists including recent bioeffects research, videos of expert lectures, and alist of submissions to the FCC on Spectrurn Frontiers. Please scroll down for this information Potential Risks to Huan Health less/Sg-networkslot scientific overview-human-health-risks! 39 hitpslehtustorgkey-4ssuesicell- phones