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Abusive Relationships

According to satictics,
Domestic violence is primarily
a crime against woman. Did
you know every minute 20
people are victims of Intimate
Partner Violence , Maya
Angelous once said, and I
quote ” A wise woman wishes
to be no one’s enemy;a wise
woman refuses to be anyone’s
victim’’.With that being said,
dont be the victim of any
circumtances, speak out and
Today in the Daily forum, I will like to adress one of the get help, silence wont stop the
most serious topics of our society and world . Domestic violence.
voilence andWhat is domestic voilence? Domestic
violence can be defined as a pattern of behavior in any
relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and
control over an intimate partner.

Woman and men play a equal role in society ,as such woman and men should view each other
equally .they should not force each other into submission or treat the other in a way they do not
to be treated.As much i hate to admit it ,I have to come to the sad reality that the opposite is
happening in our society today.we has a socety has faced several impediments ,but we have also
accomplished many great things,with that being said we have the power to resolve abusive
relationships annd help those who have been involved in one. If you are in an abusive
relationship, the most important thing to do is stay safe. This can be hard, but there are services
to help you plan for safety. If you are living with your partner, you may want to take the
following measures to ensure your safety. If you are worried, you are in danger of being hurt,
contact police or emergency services (000) immediately and try to move to somewhere safe.
Talk to someone you trust for support,