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07th May 2019

Job Description

Position: BIM Manager - Pune Metro 3


Primary responsibility of implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the Digital
Construction procedures at the design, construction and Operation of the Pune Metro 3 line.


 Establish a solid BIM Vision and mission that’s not only used externally, but also be
leveraged internally and set up projects from scratch with Global BIM standards
 Manage the process of virtually constructing a Metro and documenting the design contract
documents accurately
 Work with Quantity Surveyors, Designers, Planners and Engineers to assist in the
manipulation and extraction of information from data-rich models.
 Macro and micro 4D (3D models with time) simulations for live projects to assist project
 Model quantity take-offs to assist quantity surveyors, estimators and planners.
 3D logistics plans for access and egress routes on sites
 Detailed 3D concept imagery of Temporary Works ideas to help engineers progress their
 Visual Method Statements to highlight potential risks and prove the construction
sequences and then using it to brief site operatives and the processing of point cloud
information to assist and prove construction sequences and the extraction of exact
 Produce construction documents for one or more disciplines
 Lead the effort of putting together a set of construction documents
 Model Management and administration ensuring a health BIM database
 Coach, mentor and supervise the process of virtually constructing a building by production
(modeling and documentation tasks)
 Lead BIM Coordination Meetings: Spatial Coordination of Disciplines, gathering all
 BIM models including civil and preforming coordination tasks.

Pune IT City Metro Rail Limited

07th May 2019

 Conducting Clash-detection and conflict resolution. Coaching each discipline on leveraging

Clash-detection tools on their own discipline to proactively build and design in a smart
 Assist BIM Corporate staff in deploying project-templates on specific projects and ensuring
team adherence to them.
 BIM Content Development approvals for the project.
 Coordinating with professional staff on reviewing models and comments via Design-
 High level of communication and fostering teamwork to assemble a work environment for
different individuals representing multiple disciplines to achieve optimum BIM
 Information Management activities might include:
o The creation of Employers Information Requirements (EIRs). The EIR document explains
the client’s preferred systems, processes and required outputs from their supply chain.
o The creation BIM Execution Plans (BEPs). A BEP is created in response to an EIR and
explains how the Supplier intends to meet the client’s information requirements
o The monitoring of supply chain performance and where necessary implementing
appropriate training and upskilling to ensure effective information delivery
o The capture and integration of asset data within the BIM environment including linked
o The set up and maintenance of the Common Data Environment including the alignment
of workflows with the project BIM protocols.

Qualification and Experience:

 Should be a Civil Engineer or Architect with relevant experience of 10 to 15 years

preferably of Metro Construction,
 Should have advance knowledge of the modelling process and 4D/5D/6D BIM with
experience of handling software such as Bentley, Autodesk Revit, RIB iTwo in Metro rail
construction. Knowledge of ERP integration would be preferred.
 Have above average IT skills and the ability to use multiple software disciplines
 Good written and verbal communication skills.
 A sound knowledge of quality and document management processes and Common Data
Environments (CDE’s)

Pune IT City Metro Rail Limited