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The Easieat Way to Learn
Classical Theory of Acupuncture

by Hafiz Fizalia

Copyright 2018 Hafiz Fizalia

International Edition

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Hello Good People
Classic acupuncture theory has very different approach and
point of view with western medicine.

It requires us to manage abstract and emotional paradigm

to combine western medicine with eastern medicine.

It’s like looking back to the past to prepare for the future,
and yes, it would be a long journey.

I can understand what you feel. I’ve been there too… the
difference is I’ve been struggling with acupuncture way
longer than you.

But don’t be worry…

You’re not alone…

I will be guiding you through every step

of the journey.

Table of Content

3 Foreword
Hello Good People

6 Lesson 1
Yin Yang: Ready to Go, Count Zero...!!

12 Hack no, 1 
Real Yin Yang Picture and Third Element

17 Lesson 2
Wu Xing, The Five Elements: The Legend of Aang

23 Hack no. 2
Revealing The Logics of Five Elements

30 Lesson 3
Qi and Meridian (?): Kamehameha..!!

37 Hack no.3
How to memorize channel

42 Lesson 4
Acupoint: Blue Eyes White Dragon..!!

50 Hack no.4
How to memorize important acupoint

54 Quiz
"The expert in anything
was ance a newbie. "
Lesson 1
Yin Yang
Ready to Go, Count Zero…!

Concept and Philosophy

Acupuncture basically is a branch of Traditional Chinese

Medicne (TCM). To understand acupuncture, you need to
comprehend the basic concept of TCM.

TCM examines human body based on the symptom

(phenomenon) displayed at superficial level by the five
senses based on the natural philosophy and basic

TCM philosophy and basic concept you need to

understand are:

1. Yin Yang

2. Wu Xing

This Lesson will be focused on Yin Yang philosophy and

basic concept.

Every time I heard the word Yin Yang, the first thing
popped up in my mind is Kamen Rider Agito.

The storyline is about an eternal battle between light and

darkness. Until one point the darkness defeated the light.
Luckily, on the edge of destruction, the light broke
himself into multiple light seeds falling down to the earth
to possessthe chosen persons.

Chosen ones possessed by the light seeds will grow to

become Agito, the knights of light that will march to fight
the darkness.


What Kamen Rider has to do with Yin Yang?!

Hehee…. Chill…. That’s just the prologue.

Picture 1. Painting from Kamen Rider Agito Series


Picture 2. Yin Yang

So, here’s the real deal....

Yin and Yang, is like two opposite sides of a unity which

are contrary forces, interconnected, and interdependent.

There’s nothing pure on each side. There’s yang inside yin

and there’s yin inside yang.

Yin and Yang are not absolute,

It depends on the situation and the point of view.

In normal (healthy) condition, yin and yang form dynamic

and harmonic balance.

Yin generally represents woman, feminism, night, earth,

dark, slow, weak, and cold.

Yang generally represents man, masculinism, day, heaven,

light, fast, strong, and hot.

Above are just few examples. Everybody can easily find

other things represented by Yin and Yang.

To understand the concept of yin and yang much easier, I
will make an analogy based on the field I’ve been into for
years: medicine.

In medical field, the concept yin and yang can be clearly

shown on the human reproduction: sperm and ovum.

Picture 3. Sperm and ovum

Ovum has all the components of Yin. Sperm has all the
components of Yang.

In other words, our body is basically a unity of two

elements representing yin and yang.

Maintaining yin and yang balance is the key to have a boy

wellness and healthy living.

When the balance is disturbed, that’s when our body gets

what we know as sickness. 

The basic goal of acupuncture is to bring back yin and
yang balance without any deficiency or excess on any

Medical world recognizes autonomous nervous system, a

nervous control system that acts unconsciously and
regulates tissues and organs.

This system is divided into sympathetic nervous system

and parasympathetic nervous system.

Sympathetic nerves regulate blood vessels constriction,

muscles contractions, increase heart beats, faster breathe,
and basically everything with yang characteristics.

In contrary, the roles of parasympathetic nerves suitable

with yin characteristics.

Picture 4. Sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerve

Source :

Visually, yin and yang are identic with this symbol below

Picture 5. Yin Yang (again)

Seems familiar enough? This yin and yang symbol is

widely used in various aspects of our life. Even a country
uses the symbol for national flag.

Picture 6. South Korean Flag

Everybody knows this is the symbol of yin and yang

elements just like everyone knows there’s yin inside yang,
vice versa.

What most people don’t actually know is that symbol isn’t

about yin and yang dualism but it represents trinity!

There’s another element besides yin and yang.. let’s call it

the third element.

Hack No. 1
Real Yin Yang Picture
and Third Element

Fatal mistake from this popular Yin Yang symbol is its

static image. The correct symbol must be moving around
each other like this image below

Picture 7. Spinning Yin yang

The key of Yin Yang’s movement is the empty space

between yin and yang. Without this empty space, both yin
and yang won’t be able to move. This empty space is the
third element I described before.

In TCM philosophy, the third element is known as Qi.

So, this symbol is supposed to represent the trinity of Yin,

Yang, and Qi.

What is Qi?
There will be dedicated section about Qi.

From the medical perspective (esp. embryology), this
trinity concept is linear with the embryo in its
differentiation stage.

In other word, human body development is basically a

cell division process.

Those cells will differentiate into three different layers:

Ectoderm (outer layer), endoderm (inner layer), and
mesoderm (the layer in between outer and inner layers).

Picture 8. Cells differentiation

That’s enough with Yin Yang and the third element. I

hope it can help you comprehend the concept and the
philosophy of Yin Yang

Do You Know?
If Yin represents woman and Yang represents men,
which one among these phone numbers belongs to
a MAN and which one belongs to a WOMAN?

A: +82- 899-2527-111
B: +82 -812-6842-4028
Journal of Consumer Research revealed that people can
classify certain numbers for man or woman.

So, do you have the answer? How can you determine the sex of
certain number?

All of this are related with human evolution.

Throughout the evolution process and beginning with our

ancestors, human kind are divided into to categories: comfort
and competent.

Comfort has emotional and relational elements while

competent has reasoning and achievement.

Both types linear with gender stereotypes:

Woman: comfort
Man: competence
Our subconscious mind categories the abstract concept just
like the number, following the similar division.

Woman: comfort = even numbers (i.e. +82 -812-6842-4028)

Man: competence = odd numbers (i.e. +82- 899-2527-111)

Our mind process even numbers much easily, it feels familiar

and easy to memorize. No wonder we relate even numbers
with comfort (which represents woman).

In contrary, odd numbers are much difficult to process. It takes

more efforts for our mind to process and memorize odd
numbers. So, it is natural we relate odd numbers with
competence (which represents man).
Lesson 2
Wu Xing, The 5 Elements: 
The Legend of Aang

Centuries ago, with the lack of technology, traditional

healers established a theory of healing based on what
they felt with their five senses and draw the correlation
with the nature.

That was the origin of the concept of five elements: wood,

fire, earth, metal, and water.  

Picture 9. Wu Xing, The 5 Elements

For me personally, the five elements reminded me to
Pokemon. Yes, that Pokemon anime or game.

Pokemon also uses the five elements of the nature (of

course, there are plenty more elements to make it more
complex and exciting). 

It won’t be difficult to see that another franchise

accentuating natural elements and that is Avatar: The
legend of Aang.

Picture 10. Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Source :

It always makes me chills when the series started with


"Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days,
a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the
Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads.
But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
Only the Avatar mastered all four elements.
Only he could stop the ruthless firebenders.
But when the world needed him the most, he vanished.” 

Enough with Aang and now let’s back to five elements

All five elements are interacting one another dynamically

to create relations of:

1. Generating / Enchance Cycle

It is like a mother-child relationship.
The example is water allows wood to live
Water is the mother and wood is the child

2. Controlling / Restrain Cycle

The clear example is how water can control fire.

3. Rebellious / Overwhelming Cycle

This relation happens when an excessive element takes
over the control from the supposed-to-be-controlling
element. For example a big fire can vaporize smaller
amount of water

"Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days,
a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the
Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads.
But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
Only the Avatar mastered all four elements.
Only he could stop the ruthless firebenders.
But when the world needed him the most, he vanished.” 
Picture 11. Relationship of five elements

Each and every unit within the nature and human
condition (such as the breathing air, color, taste, visera
organ/zangfu, supporting tissue, sense, emotions, etc.) can
be classified into those five elements. 

Picture 12. Five elements in our body

When combined with Yin Yang concept, the five
elements concept allows us to understand the relation of
organs of our body or in medical term: psychological and
pathological relations.

The big question is how these concepts and theories can

provide logical explanation about what really happens
with our body?

The answer will be very crucial on how successful the

diagnosis and the acupuncture treatment.

Don’t worry...

Just keep on reading to find the

3 answer.

Do You Know?
Iron Man from Avenger is
a big fan of Acupuncture !! 

“Truth be told, every discipline that I have employed

that has its roots in the Chinese tradition has worked,
and that’s what I’m really drawn to.  When things
work, they are really worth putting your time and
energy behind.” (Robert Downey Jr.)
Hack No. 2
 Revealing the Logics of
Five Elements

The five elements theory was established by observing

what happened with human body and making the
analogy with what happened on the nature.

To fully understand Wu Xing,  the Five Element theory, it

is important to use the same analogy and supported with
modern science.

The most relevant one with human body is definitely the

medical science.

"To fully understand Wu XIng, the Five

Element concept, it is important to
use the same analogy and supported
with modern science."

Wood is identical with a tree.

Imagine a constantly growing tree rise up to the sky.

The higher it gets, the more branches grow from the

stem and the stronger also the wind shaking the tree.

At one point, the tree is getting

too high for its stem and roots to
3 and it becomes unable
to withstand the wind.

The risk of collapsing is getting

bigger and it can harm other
creatures living under the tree. 


Instead of risking too many lives,

you decided to cut down the tree
with an axe. The way you cut the
tree with an axe is an analogy of
the metal element.
Another analogy is the nails and
nail cutter. Nails are extension of
tendon and it represents wood
element while nail cutter
represents metal elements. 

From medical perspective, wood element correlates with

glycogen storage inside the liver. Glycogen is converted
into glucose distributed into muscle tissues to be
converted into energy in the form of ATP (Adenosin

Wood element represents glycogen while fire element
represents glucose.

Glycogen conversion into glucose is triggered by

adrenaline hormone. Adrenaline stimulates blood vessels
constriction leading to higher blood pressure and allows
more oxygenated blood flows to reach central nervous
system in the brain.

Inside the lungs, adrenaline works as bronchodilator to

widen respiratory airway. 

"Wood element represents glycogen,

while fire element represent glucose"
No rocket science needed to explain this element.

Water can set burning fire off. It’s that simple.

Inside our body, fire element represents vital and

mediator hormones such as ACTH, erythropoietin, etc.,
while water element represents homeostatic
hypothalamus activity and antibody production. 
The analogy of this element is a collapsed tree or fallen
tree branches (wood element) will rot. That rotting
process will burden the earth.

Inside our body, earth element represents the role of

breaking down and distribution process of lipid, uric acid,
and glucose.

The issues with this element will be related with

metabolism disorders such as3 diabetes mellitus,

hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, obesity, etc. 

Have you ever seen a sword making process ?

The main step is forging iron ores into a sword and this
process will require burning fire with very high temperature.
Fire will melt and shrink the iron or steel to be forged into
the shape.

Metal elements represents sphincter muscle contractions of

various organs such as stomach, intestines, uterus, dan

We often see on the news of water flood affecting certain
area. One of the main causes of water flood is the lack of
water infiltration area.

Naturally, water will infiltrate in the soil and it will be

absorbed by trees and plants. The earth indirectly controls
the excessive water by absorbing it.

Water element represents with hypothalamus functions.

Disruption of this element will leads to panic disorders,
bladder issues that lead to infertility on women and
impotency on men.

Lesson 3
Qi and Meridian (?)

I remember the Dragonball series and how

strong a character depends on how Ki the
character has and able to control.

Son Goku with his Ki can transform

himself to Super Saiyan Blue
 ( Unfortunately, its power has
been taken over by
Ultimate Instinct ).

While in Naruto series, each

person has chakra that can
 be trained to become stronger.

The most interesting episode is when

Neji using his byakugan power is
able to see the flow of chakra
surrounding his enemy’s body. 

Isn’t that the meridian?

Picture 13. Son Goku in Super Saiyan Blue Form


Generally, Qi is a force of life energy streaming through
our entire body. Each and every part of the human body
needs Qi to do its own function.

Blood won’t be able to flow without Qi.

Heart won’t be able to beat and pump blood without Qi,

All essential body fluids won’t be able to flow without Qi.

The distribution of Qi is very crucial and the distribution

pathways of Qi to all body parts is what we know as

Meridian, huh?

Picture 14. Illustration of Qi and Meridian (?)


I personally despise the term of meridian. That term
makes the pathway seems unreal and fictional. In
contrary, many researches and documentations have
been proven that meridian pathway is an actual one.

I prefer more to call the Qi distribution system as the


The channel is composed by uninterrupted web

throughout our body.

It is very important to learn about channel because any

disruption or blockage of Qi flow can cause issues or
problems on the organs or parts of the body within its

Throughout the channel there are acupuncture points as

the centers of Qi

There are 12 standard channels throughout human body

and they are named based on 12 standard organs.

Those 12 organs are divided into Zhang organs and Fu

organs based on its contradictive functions.

All organs that receive and process food, and distribute

food essence are the Fu organs. While all organs with
storing capability are categorized as Zang organ.

From Yin Yang perspective, Fu organs are Yin and Zang

organs are Yang.

Both Zang and Fu organs have strong relation known as
inner-outer relation. Zang is the outer (suitable with Yang
character) and Fu is the inner (suitable with Yin

The channel connects the upper side of the body with

the lower side, right side with left side, zang organs with
all four of body motion instruments, zang with fu, zang
with zang, fu with fu, to form an inseparable system to
work simultaneously

These 12 standard channels must be integrated with Yin

Yang theory and Zang Fu organs theory, combined with
Wu Xing (five elements) theory. 

Picture 15. Illustration of Zang and Fu Organ

These are the standard channel categories based on Qi
stream integrated with the theories above:

1.Lung (LU): zang (Yin), metal 

2.Large Intestine (LI):  fu (Yang), metal 

3.Stomach (ST): fu (Yang), earth 

4.Spleen (SP): zang (yin), earth 

5.Heart (HT): zang (yin), fire 

6.Small Intestine (SI): fu (Yang), fire 

7.Urinary Bladder (UB / BL): zang (Yang), water 

8.Kidney (KI): zang (yin), water 

9.Pericardium (PC ): Zang (Yin), fire 

10.Triple Energizer/ Warmer (TE/ TW) : fu (Yang), fire 

11.Gall Bladder (GB): fu (Yang), wood 

12.Liver (LR): zang (yin), wood 

As mentioned before, the channel is an inseparable unity
with the organs and whole body. Any disorder suffer by
the channel can affect the organ and likewise, any
disorder with the organ can affect the channel.

Beyond the 12 common channels, there are extraordinary

channel throughout human body.

Unlike the regular patterned standard channels,

extraordinary channels have random pattern. This is the
reason the common channels have stronger relation
compared to extraordinary channel.

The most common extraordinary channels used in

clinical therapy are:

1.Conception Vessel (CV), that forms center line of the

front side of the body (torso) and responsible to all Yin

2.Governor Vessel (GV), that forms central line on the rear

side of the body (back) and responsible to all Yang

Isn’t that too much thing to remember? How could you

remember all of that?

Don’t worry.  we have a proven formula to help you learn,

comprehend, and master acupuncture science efficiently
and able to store it in your long term memory even in
subconscious level.

"In the middle of difficulty
lies opportunity. "
Albert Einstein
Hack No. 3
How to Memorize Channel

The Channel is NOT the Organ

If you still think heart or heart channel in TCM is the
physical organ you’ve known for life, you get it completely

In TCM, the term of channel or internal organ represents

the organ system.

For example: heart channel actually refers to circulation

system which is much broader than the heart organ. It is
the same with the other organs, all refer to the system
such as digestive system, endocrine system, etc.

Pale & Tan
This is so simple,, he clue is....

The tanner parts of your body are always more Yang.

The more paler parts of your body are always more Yin. 

Check it out and give it a try!

Qi flow through the channels in certain order.

Learning the Qi stream order will help you find the acupoint
location much easily.

Use an image as visualization tool .

The Yang channel flow downward on the back of arms and

The yin channel flow up the front, inner surface of the body

Picture 16. Qi flow


LLUIgi STep to his SPecial HoT girlfriend, give her BaLlons

and a Kiss, then ask to go PiCnic ToWgether like a GodBless

Picture 17. LOL

"Never stop learning, because
life never stops teaching "
Hafiz Fizalia
Lesson 4
Blue Eyes White Dragon....!!

Acupuncture point, or acupoint, is divided into 

common and extra acupoints.

There are 361 common acupoints spread through the 12

common channel..

Talking about acupoints, it reminds me about playing

Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game (TCG).

Before card battle, each duelist prepares own deck of

cards. Yu Gi Oh TCG have hundred even thousand of
cards collections from the common to very rare
collection. From those massive card options, each
duelistis only allowed to use 20-30 cards
in deck.

What Yu gi Oh has to do
with acupuncture ?1

Picture 18. Blue Eyes White Dragon


Acupoints can be analogized as Yu Gi Oh Cards. It is
similar on the fact there are hundreds of acupoints/cards
but you only need the best ones. 

From all 361 standard acupoints, there are few acupoints

with specific characteristics and have specific names.
These acupoints are the most used thus known as
important acupoints. Those important acupoints are:

1. U Su Point (The Five Stream Points)

2. Yen Point
3. Lower He Point
4. Si Point
5. Luo Point
6. Mu Point
7. Su Point
8. Dominant Point
9. Extraordinary Channel Point
10. Intersection Point


Let's discuss them one by one

U Su Point
(The Five Stream Points)
In Chinese folk story, the imperial doctors used five
stream points to heal the emperor’s wife and concubines.
On that era, the doctors are forbidden to use any
acupoints above elbow and knee.

That was the beginning of U Su acupoint category.

The points within U Su are:

Jing (Well), Ying (Spring), Shu (Stream), Jung (River) dan
He (Sea)

Application U Su point requires comprehension on Wu

Xing (five elements) theory and mother-child rule we
already discussed before.

For yin organs, (1) Jing point has wood element, (2) Ying
has fire element, (3) Shu has earth element, (4) Jung has
metal element, and (5) He has water element

For yang organ, (1) Jing has metal element, (2) Ying has
water element, (3) Shu has wood element, (4) Jung has
fire element, and (5) He has earth element.

The main principle for its application is:

“On weak condition, strengthen the mother. In excessive
condition, weaken the child.”

Yen Point
Yen point is the point where true Qi streams to the

Yen point has diagnostic value. Tenderness on yen point

indicated disorders on the organ.

Yen point within Yin channel is equal with Su point

within its U Su channel.

Lower He Point
Three Yang channels on the hand are special because of:
Qi from channel won’t be able to pass through He point
(from U Su) inside its organ, but it will cohere with yang
foot channel and through lower He point in to its organ.

Si Point
Si point is the empty space inside the body where Qi
from the channel accumulated

Luo Point
Luo point is the beginning of branching that connects
Yang channel and Yin channel, outer and inner, to form
inseparable unity.

Mu Point
Mu point is the point where Qi organ accumulates on
ventral side of the body. The point’s location is parallel
with the organ. 

Su Point
Su point is where Qi organ radiates. It is located on the
rear side of the body and parallel with the organ location.

Dominant Point
Dominant point is the point that control certain tissue. 

Extraordinary Channel Point

There are eight points controlling each of extraordinary
channels. Those eight points are divided into four pairs,
each with specific indication.

Intersection Point

It is the point of intersection between two or more

channels (either one from 12 main channels and 8
extraordinary channels).

When stimulated, that point can trigger all connecting


There are 101 intersection points throughout our body.

Hack No. 4
How to Memorize 
Important Acupoint

Acupoint Code
Chinese Name
The biggest challenge in learning acupuncture is
memorizing all acupoint names.

The standard acupoint nomenclature recognized by

WHO is Point Code + Chinese Name. For example:
ST36 Zu SanIi, LI4 Hegu, etc

Unfortunately, it is very challenging to always use the

standard nomenclature especially when you don’t speak

It would be much effective to only use the Point Code,

such as ST36, SP6, KL3, etc.


Wood--> Fire--> Earth--> Metal--> Water

WiRe Eat MeTer


Metal--> Water--> Wood--> Fire--> Earth

MeTer WiRe Eat

The hand does not go beyond the elbow,
the foot does not cross the knee

you must understand that the U Su point never

crosses your elbows and knees. 

Picture 19. U Su Point shortcut

Pay attention to the pattern

This is the last and the best acupuncture hack to

memorize important acupoint.

Please take a breath and pay attention to the pattern of



You can download the table on the link below.



Test your level of
knowledge !!
For each question, choose the correct answer
from the multiple choice list!

1. The group that includes Yin is....

A. Man, night, earth
B. Man, night, sky
C. Man, day, sky
D. Woman, night, sky
E. Woman, night, earth

2. FALSE statements related to Yin Yang are:

A. Inside Yang is Yin, inside Yin is Yang
B. Under normal circumstances (healthy), Yin Yang
forms a harmonious dynamic balance.
C. Yin Yang contradict each other but also attract each
D. Yin Yang assessment is absolute
E. All unity in this world consists of Yin and Yang

3. A TRUE statement about the Yin Yang theory is

A. Yin and Yang are static
B. There is an empty space between Yin and Yang
C. In a cell, the ectoderm layer is a manifestation of the
Yin element
D. Yin and Yang imbalances in organs cannot be seen
E. Sperm has all Yin components

4. In studying acupuncture understanding of the theory
of Yin and Yang needed for
A. Determine the diagnosis and the purpose of therapy
B. Maintaining ancestral culture
C. Gain TCM insights
D. Maintaining the balance of the world
E. Provide a logical explanation

5. Elements that are NOT included in the theory of five

elements are:
A. Metal
B. Water
C. Fire
D. Snow
E. Wood

6. Organ representing metal elements in the theory of

five elements are:
A. Heart
B. Stomach
C. pericardium
D. Heart
E. Large intestine  

7. Mother of wood element is
A. Air
B. Fire
C. Land
D. Fire
E. Gold

8. From a medical perspective, the role of wood

elements is related to
A. Break down and distribute the body's metabolic
B. Function of the hypothalamus
C. Work of hormone and important mediators such as
ACTH, erytropiethin
D. Contraction of the stomach, intestine, uterus and
E. Storage of glycogen in the liver

9. Water elements disorder can cause:

A. Diabetes Mellitus
B. Respiratory tract disorders
C. Impotence in men
D. Headaches
E. Hypertension

10. In the body's metabolic system, the element of fire
in medical rules represents ...
A. Glycogen
B. Glucose
C. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
D. Lipid
E. Gout

11. Statements that are FALSE related to the channel

A. In the human body there are 12 common channels
B. The longest channel is the lung channel
C. Governing Vessel is an extraordinary channels
D. Channels are special pathways where qi flows in the
human body
E. Obstacles to one channel can cause disease

12. The correct sequence of qi flows in the channel are:

A. Large intestine - Lung - Stomach - Spleen - Heart -
Small intestine - Urinary bladder - Kidney - Pericardium
- Triple Warmer - Gallbladder - Liver
B. Lung - large intestine - Stomach - Spleen - Heart -
Small intestine - Urinary bladder - Kidney - Triple
Warmer - pericardium - Gallbladder - Liver
C. Lung - large intestine - Stomach - Spleen - Heart -
Small intestine - Urinary bladder - Kidney - Pericardium
- Triple Warmer - Gallbladder - Liver
D. Lung - Stomach - Large intestine - Spleen - Heart -
Small intestine - Urinary bladder - Kidney - pericardium
- Triple Warmer - Gallbladder - Liver
E. Large intestine - liver - Stomach - Spleen - Heart -
Small intestine - Urinary bladder - Kidney - Triple
Warmer - pericardium - Gallbladder - Lung

13. Channels that do NOT pass through the head region
A. Gallblader
B. Governor Vessel
C. Stomach
D. Spleen
E. Urinary Bladder

14. A TRUE statement about the channel is

A. Channels or organs in TCM are representatives of
organ systems.
B. The tanner parts of your body are always more Yin
C. The flow of qi in our body flows through the channel
freely in no particular order
D. All acupoints are located along the channel
E. The pulmonary channel is the longest channel

15. Jiexi's ST 41 point is:

A. Jing point with fire elements from the Stomach
B. Ying Point with the water element from the
Stomach channel
C Ying point with wood elements from the Stomach
D. Ying Point with soil elements from the Stomach
E. Ying point  with metal elements from the Stomach

16. Personal-mother-child points in lung organs are:
A. Personal point: Lu 8. Mother's point: Lu9. Child point: Lu5
B. Personal point: Lu 9. Mother's point: Lu8. Child point: Lu10
C. Personal point: Lu 10. Mother's point: Lu9. Child point: Lu8
D. Personal point: Lu 9. Mother's point: Lu10. Child point: Lu8
E. Personal point: Lu10. Mother's Point: Lu11. Child point: Lu9

17. What includes extraordinary channels are:

A. Lung Channel
B. Channel Spleen
C. GV Channel
D. Gallbladder Channel
E. Youtube Channel

18.Acupoint which is the dominant point of the muscle /

tendon is
A. LU9 Taiyuan
B. GB34 Yanglinquan
C.ST36 Zusanli
D. LI4 hegu
E. Taichong LR3

19. Statements that are FALSE about acupuncture are
A. Acupuncture has been recognized by WHO
B. Acupuncture has minimal side effects
C. Acupuncture is now part of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
D. Acupuncture comes from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
E. Acupuncture can treat all diseases

20. A TRUE statement about the acupuncture channel is

A. Acupoint is not always connected to the channel
B. Channels are flow lines of qi in the form of imaginary lines
C. There are 12 common channels, each of which has a name
according personality / emotion
D. Common channels are always on the same path as blood
E. Disorder in the channel does not affect the related organs

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1. E 6. E 11. B 16. A
2. D 7. A 12. C 17. C
3. B 8. E 13. D 18. B
4. A 9. C 14. A 19. E
5. D 10. B 15. A 20. A
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