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For a Nondramatlc Lttrary Work
This Certificate issued under the seal of the Copyright STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE
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{r/ _ ,, , Tvu 12?6331

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employer, not Was this contribution to the work a AUTHOR'S NATIONALITY OR DOMICItE WAS TI{IS AUTHOR'S CONTRIBUTION TO
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August 200O-200,0OO (rPil'ro6to616'ffi sU.S. CTOVERNMENT PHINTING OFFICE: 200G461-1 13120,000
WEB HEV: Juno 1999
with the *nurrbs or lines radiating from the center of the Pornolano, pr<ljected to the east,
life, ) - tyrng North of Edom and $outh of Ammon are the Moabite or meeting in the Cafital D<lminion of Africa ; Egypt, at the intersection of the Tropic of
'Morabtis' Almoravides of later history h of whom tye, the Hoh Sages Sandel-
( Cancer, wifh the Meridian of Alexandria at 23" 80 "N, S0"H, and is conlirmed in the
fim* ac l(habir The lt[oble : Bey ; Anselus Gahriel et flriel ; are direct Ascen- I{oly KCIran Circle 7, Chapter 47 ; Pagnr 57-59, Arnaurium is on the same parallel of
dants ( said descendants ), md of the Fortieth (40th ) Generation of the Prophet Ancient Moorish $pain and Moorish Osman Kmpire(s). Irr l*rghfpl$rp**.la.rdrll Tnrttu,
Mohammed, beins of Koreishite, Moahim and Canaanite Blood - and of the
"Elder' I&iu Ibn Ahdallah, Sth Generation of Mohammed, and founder of the Ilpy qfiTripoli aqd thE Uqitpd $ta&s. !. ,,. fhs govBr$rn$qt pf &p Uuitsd S$ftEs"of Amc{tpa
First Dynasty of the Moorish - Empire of herent day Moruccor - and of the
tlqe declared :tha,t ILlm$

douir Yusef lbu T&nhfln, founder of the Great cities of Marrflkesh and Tterncen. Al{X$pqr"ish }[ation. it i$ declare{b.v*both p.flrdes*ftfl6 {ro pretem udsius
These Cognaks being of the blood of the Tynan Empress, Elis$flrBg$ daughter lrom Sehgws,ppi{uo{rp shflll gcrgroduce a$ mt$,mrytipn qf the hflr-rgpnv erysu$q hs:
of King Mutton I, and founder of Carthage. The Ancient Canaanite-Poeniciurn* t" . It is no $scret that reffious Uaditions of both Christian audJudaic Na-
Cnrthaginian Suffetr Hannp#e$ Srd generation of ElissaBey, and Great Srand- liott* recognize the relationship between Mpab and Amuron, *$ous' of Lot, and lhe oohrothers' Erau
( Bdom ) andJacob ( Israel ), and that the Moabitss wers ,lready a powrrful people with established
father of the Gaetulian-Maurusiani Generd, H-nnibal-Bey.. Whose Ancient
&ngdoms not gqly in Mpilb a$d &dqm, butas we[. beyqrr{ ths A$rqn. rnDjbpu, Squbsp- klpdeha
I)ocurnent ( Ileed ) by expre$s epigraphical" ' Proclamation,' inscribed rm the ,,
Stone,' found at Komassakumkarrit, Cape Code Bay, New Hnglend ,a

Massachu$effis, ( docum*nted in the records of the Bourne Historical Sociey ), - regarding A great detour was made round by the nouth of Hdom , flnd the people passed outside of Moab
the Possession and Annexation of the Americas to the Iberian Peninsula, Car- rrntil they reached the horder of $ihon'* kingdom. The farnily chronicl* of the "brothers' Moah and
Ammon was bound up wifi that ofJudah and lerael respectively, and depended to a considerable
thage ( Truris ), Mororco, I'[umidia, IJtieU stc., being those $arns pCIs$s$*ions of
c:xtent, upon there fitro, and their muttral relation*. Jephthah, sne of ths trsraelite "judgeso, d*liu-
North-oa$t, and $outh*west Africa, including North, Central and South America, ered Gilead from funrnon, who reswned the amack under it's king lrlahash, only to be repulsed by
Mexico and the fulantis Islands;"serving as larqful evidencs $o uryimen in the []aul, Ehud of Beqiamin or Ephriam ftecd Israel from the Moahite oppression. Tu the kins$ $aul
pases of the Circle 7 Hob Koran, for Moorish - American$, etc,, and firrther and tlavid, trs ascribed conque$ts over Moab, funmon and Edorn. TheJudaean llavid, for hi* purt,
evidenced by koclamation and $overeigr, Trust for Moori$h * American$, etc., rought to cultivate friendly relations with Ammon, and rafition, but more arcruately ; genealogy
oTalisrnan' of *Thn Moorish * connects him closely wifh IVIoah through his Grcat Anceutor, flnd Ahraham's brother, Haran.
so $rritren in the pages of the 7 part, Consecrated
Ilwid's son SolomCIn contracted marriages with lMomen from hoth rtates, thus, intro-
American $ociety of Comprehensive $cience'. Recorded tus a l,effil,DBEd,qd ducing intoJerusalem, culfrrres which \ryere not plrt doqnrn until almost at the close of the
Trnpt $SlSllm "Ut in the Ljhr"a;y""pf Qonmpsn * under Certified Regismation No. Monarchy.
ffiIJ-l:l$E fifrS, ind Control ( Catalosus ) Number ?I:$.$049?, ffirs De: In the Sth century BC., the trvo states appear in a msrs Annalical trght, thank$, Iargely
parmp"ntpf Hpmqland S"ssr;rit.v ..U,S- Srrffimq apd Bmdq{ fbqt[$fqn * Rsf- due in part to the Assyrian records and a lengfhy Moabite inscription. This lamsr inscrip-
ordation I.{o. CQf 0_&00Q$g ; Corrkol No. d76g$0 I$fiR{, and Catalogued in tion, no\u in the Lourere, was found at Dhiban, the hihlical Dibon, in AI). 1S68. It con*
ThelJ.$,Ispffient qf Sm$ . [h]rs"ru"p"f AdmMn a,spu * ( Dspal$meffi.d tnins a record of the suf,ce$$es gained by the Moabite King Mesha against Israel, Omri

Shfe tibra{y_"_$nll# SP8$L-UZS*0S* } : and is duly recoprized by the said had previously scized a mrmber of Moahite cities north of the Arnnn, and for forty ( 40 )
yeffi$ the Moahite National God Chemosh was augry n'ifh his land, At length, he roured
Federal corporate Unitmd States governmerrt. Allut Magnus Ab Occulus, Eximus
Mesha aga:inst Israel ; and Moab, r,rrlro had eventually retreafed southward tornrard Edom,
Monumenhrm Aere Perennius { By fhe Great Fqye of Allah, IMe ( therefnre } have cre-
now began to take reprisal$. The Men of Gad had dwelt in the land of Ataroth from of
ated.a monument mors lastins than Bronze ). itgpl( [qt tp thv;hp+Vs,qlv, {Ullrarypnt fpf
old ; and the king of Israel built Atarofh for himself . Mesha tnok the crty, slew ifs peo-
$g,lv,a$uln ,fgf ftil-lhh lfd..{&y pf,,qhp,J,enth,Mp[l,h in the ftp.e-[IUU.drSS fte'yen$*effih.yepf pf
ple in honor of Chemosh, and fuagged hefore the god the almr*hearfh ( or the priests ) of
our Holv !\{qhlq }rew Alir $ealqd qithin thp.lga}/ep of ,thy Kqrauip T+lipmqprip thv
flivine Inherifance oLgsrfh Bo suqyevpd.' The Geographical location and howrdaries of Dryqil-h ( the Divine name for David ). Chemosh next roused Mesha against the city of
the Ancient and Re*ume(ted Kirrydom of Annaurium is 4$-N L,et and 77.5W l-oag- * Ncbo. It fell with it's thousands, for the kurs had "devoted" it to the deity Ashtar -
NW of the Atlantic Caast* on the Continent of Arnerica bound between Alaska and Chemarh, Yahweh had been worshipped there, and his vcssels were dragged hefore the
Argentina aloxrg vyith Multiple Terrimries within that boundary. The Geography is based victori*us Chemosh. With the help of these and other victories ( atJahau, Aroer, etc. ),
on Polar Projection Geomeuy, Plane arrd $pherical Trigonomefiry, of the Qldest bfan Of Moab rscovered it's territory fortified it's cities, supplied them u,ith cisterns, and Mesha
AmeusE { having always been part of the Greabr Moorish Empire * lfhe 919 { 1513 huilt a great sanctuary to the Moabite Sod. The inscription enumerates fiuury places
C.E. ) Piri ibn Hqii Meluned ( Ahm*t Muhiddin ) - Hri-Spik : Bey Ma.p ; Compiled known elserphere, and although it mentlons the *men of Ga# mskes no allusion to the
from earlier sCIurce maps of the Old Moorish Canaanite t Carftasinian ) Fmpire dating Israclite tribe Reuben, rnrh.ose seat lay in the district . The revolt will have folloured Ahab's
back to S00 B.C,E,' death, which ultimately led tn the unsuccessfirl atrempt byJehoram to recover the lost

26 27
$mxrers [gnn Tftnxffi fi lKecffin{dl ithin the $acred folfo nf this Crnsscrmted
rnan, thou doth hereby p$ssess true and
$f ral lawful c*rporeal evidence; of the

^}\.nnmfi.etlnt rish * Arrrerican Title to alt those land$ of

h,llmffirf;.sh ru JLumffinfi"ffiilnrffi. A*Rm"$ffitg&ff*further supported by Snlar Bio*
cal I Astrolugical ( so * cnlled Hfstmrical ) Ac-
ILm:md'lff;.fiT"e t, metes and baund* Cartoffraphic

rctrine uf miscorrer)& Manifest Desti*t, )

'( ffinil gbutt huttnh t&r ftftr*ilth pfinr, nrrD

pB MayAltah'r resplendent light shine upon thy
*Srsrlnfm ed heart and m$$t suhlirne mimd, ss that
tthrrty t$rnu$bfrut ett tbe [nnh u
ay lqnow the well * defined and unerring
ntt thu fnbuhttnffs t[nrmt : tt sbrutt hs s r of this Talisrnam and it's cantents ; heins
t'fi'httfi ufitn puil ; firrb s$st[ r*turu Ehrrr ater than anyprevinus mandaten
rrunrr uuts $fg $fiss8$sf0il, nnh pH rbutt ernins the same landmass,
rrtmrfi Bhrrp ffinn untfi bi# fumffp".

198 1SS
and linguistic link is seen in the ancient Shemetic inscriptions of the Moabil.. term document, despite it's one dimensional association in the com*
Stone, 2. The ancient Hebrew inscription of Siloam and the Phoenician B of today's world, as you cm see from the above l"egal definition, is
of the Persian fue * S. The Phoenician Sidon Sarcophagrrs of Tabnith ,tr" * to writings on pap o\rever, because of the curent narrow *
Phoenician, Sidonian King, King Eshmun * 'azar inscription --
to the days ol perception, it is best to use the term document when affempting to pre-
Carthaginian General Hasfubal Bey, Carthage and Moorish Sicily, circa IV
tury 8.C., ** "$. In Gaul, Massasilli ( Modern day Marseilles ) is the Punic
of the Carthaginian Constitution at Marseilles ( also beurg an ancient form of
Moori$h * Latin ).
These Moorish Canaarrite ( Phoenician - Punic ), and M
ite inscriptions are amons the ancient Moorish Epigraphical
ments of AIIERICA before the time ofJ.C. ( Catholicism'sJulirm The Magnificent Prince Khabir Uriel
Caesar - Jesus Christ ), again, fiilrther Evidenced in the said Ferl-
- Bey
eral United States Archives, Brrreau qf AdminigFatiol -_p_sp_afl-
menf,of $Janp- ( BalphJ. Sqnche I Ijbrary * Qall # B-82S2.U73.
This Information, however, is accessible only to : All Moorish *
American Nationals, State l)epartrnent Per$onnel, and The lilt:r
national Community at large, by / throu$h Thp Talismanic llolv
Kirudsmsf Aunaurrl$qk Forergn Ministry ( Nadonal Irsation )
and Bey'lic *'The Moqri$h- Amgriqan of Co
$-cience'. State Deparftnent personnel may of course also obtain
this information from the above Bureau of Administration.
A Document for the 1 ) Moorish - American, 2 ) Federal United Stalm,
and 3 ) International World Record, is defined as an instrument on which is
recorded by mean$ of letters fuures, or marks ( Alphabet characters of any
Suage ) the original, official, or legal form of something ( as is no\r, thisJuritlir ,rl
Monograph, you clurently reading ) which may be evidendy used.
In this sense, the term "I)ocument' applies to uritings, to words prink'rl,
Iithographed or photographed on Flags, or Flags themselves, to maps or plarr,,+,
to seals, plafes, or even stones on which inscription are cut or engraved.
This is why the term or word "Documenf as opposed to Artifact slrcrrhl
he used ( when ) in legal arena$ ; when questions and concerns or challenges
presented or raised in the matter of : Intrinsic, Corporeal I)ocumerrtary Evi-
dence, thus banisterin$ the Moorish * American Bloodright to that land
to as America.

206 247
Caput Una ) inscriptions from Sardinia and the Moorish Ogarn on the stone
of Nerv Fxrgland.
Anq[gRt Mqqriph ; A,mgqiq,p,n *pn4-,]-ggUUng,nt[ is group of Moor$ ar distinguished from, for example the Moorish Wm
tribe, of New F,ngland ; entered the Mississippi from the Gulf of lVIexico,
ing inland to lorrya and the Dakotas, and westward alorry the Arkansas
@t* of the earliest" Moorish ( flanaanite * Poeniciurn ) doeurnsnts perfinlnirr5 Rivers, to leave behind inscribed Records ( Documents ) of their
to the nght, pos$s$sion and inhabitation of land by blood in the Americas ; da.
scribirrg the Annexation of the American Continent to the Iberian Peninsula, Other Moorish Tribes from lberia reached the Gulf of Sr Lanryence, in*
both, being of the kmsent Momrish and Ancient Carthagirdan Hmpire, is the cins various Moorish * Latin Navigdfional terms into the language of the
Bourne $tone, in Komassakrunkanit Cape Code Hay New H.tuland Ma*saclur. tribes known as Algonquins.
$effs, whieh exhibits and identifies the Moorish SeaI of Hanno-Bey Circa 500 ir descendants employ dialects in part from the Ancient Moabite
8.C., urimen or insmibed in the North Semitic lberian-Punic $cript, which in n of Phoenicia, Maurusia, Moroecanum, Libya, Utiea, Sidon, Tyre, Car-
later form of the Moahite Charncterfi, arn ftre Moorish ( Muabits and Cmmmaniln
are known to have carried their $ernitic Tongue to $pain. Bvidence of tlrese Moorish $eamen, along with rnany Moors from Persrq today inaccurately
Ancient Moorish Docurrrents can be found in fie Archives of the Bourne Hie Persians, lived near the mouths of rivers of New Fngland, as at North
tCIrical $ociety, S ) the 'Booh of Hallyrnote' - rf,n mchnic and rars Inanuscript ( $alem ) on a branch of the lV{erriamae River in Southern Nerry Hamp
housed in the libraries of the ffiinhops of the Ronram flatholic Church; cmntain.
ing priceless information on the Ancient Ogarn $rritings. This celebrated boolr Next, we have the Moorish ( Moabite ) American, Iberian Punic Semitic
wa$ assembled about Eight hundred ( 800 ) years a$o from a collection of min= of Carthage inscribed on the Ancient Moabite American document
*ellaneou$ manu$eripfin. The lusf rnanu*cript includ*fr the Cod*x called nhe Circa. 800 * 200 B,C, called I the Grave Creek, West Virginia Tahlet. The
Tract', that deals with 70 varieties of Ancient Moabite * Iberjan $cri1il was found in 1838 A,C. at the depth of 6S' fuet in a large burial mound at
collectively called agdin, Ogam - meaning, grooved urriting, a Cuneiform. Mom Creek, Wbst Virginia.
specifically, the 509 folio Vellum ( Leaf $kin ) Pagm Book of Ballymote in In Aptucxet Central Vermont - There is the Moorish Temple dedications
housed in the Library of the lrimh Acadsmy in lluhlin ( Ireland )" lanaanite ( Punic ) Steles.
A Haruard hofessor and Hpigrapher, Barry Fell shrmbled upon explana- Here in North America examples of EdSe Ogam from the Susqueharura
tions in Gaelic of the Ancient Moorish ( N{oabite, Canaanite ) Alphabets of ry, reads from top to Botrom : BBH LM-B-L",a-B-C-G, in the Ancient vow-
America, which ffsein, fia$ the kfoabite Phoenician * Iberian, in a hook fionr- . This is Translated as "To Baat $on of Iabagug ( or Hababkuk, 'A
piled hy a Bishop of Kildnre, cdled Finn Mac Gorman who died IlS0 A"C. ish Prophet', of the Otd Testarnent )", thi$ is a Moorish Iberitn - I\rnic
compilation is called by scholars nThe Book of [ein$ter', housed in the Library

ity, whose Moabite Semitic namss occur, and the Ogarn - Moorish
of the Univer$ity of Dublin - Founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1591 A.C. un- Rmic script is employed.
der the name of Ctlllcge of the Filoly and tmdivided Trinity, Rmar Dublin. The name of the God Bel ( Baal or Baalath ) - a cornrnon or general term
Subsequent Aneient Moorish * American documents urere record,ed in ient Moorish ( Semitic ) Gods and Godde$se$ of the Canaarrites - Phoe-
Pennsylmnia. Moors from the west ftrennes established the cities of Pennsyl- and Arameans and others.
vania, inehding ke-hisfioric Philadelphia These deeds are confirmed in the
lesal docrmerrts, Titlen Susquehmnna ( Fennsylrryrrla ] .ttones, alsu urritfunn in tlrr
Moorish - Iberian Hrnic - matching the Moorish

2fi8 209
ffris not for the said IJ"S. Christian Courts ( Federat kgi*lxive or other )
m questitr* the validiry of Ro5rutr, Moslem, Titles stc., or to sustain one which i*
compatible with ir

So, tet this Lesal Document be ar accurate repre$entation of

National $olidarity of Aurraurium { The h{aorish Pe<ry}e and our Beloved
$agamore r The Masnificent kinee Khabir Uriel * Bai l and frrrfher
Remonsffance, of the Noble Bai's Sovereignty in the $ervice of Consolidati*g a
National Hody, free frc,m Forefun influence" This Sotidnrity and $enice is the
Praise of Allah, and Hf*rship af the Buddha, The Crest Consciau$ness in man,
*C'od' and
who is 'Gad of the Lineage'. Ttru$n The Farriln Raee, Nation is ;
fulfrlls it's needs by maintainfuW the Speciel Organic Solidarity o{the Feople.
Herein, thc Societal Relation of Sovereigr and Nation hare a refining infraitive
cognitive elernent mmrifesed in the auribu*d significarlce to the transmission of
uiality via Blood, &mily lr[arne, Religion, Linsrristic and Territorial Marker*.
Our Celebmred, Most Aupst and kin**ly Sov*reign has receirrcd the Great
Mandam of Allut in fhe Hory- K*ran ( Heart ), I-ove and SalientAfi[ection of the
People, fio with $treng& and W'isdom, ju$tly govern the Talismanic King*rm of
Atrnaurium under Allah'r llivine kinciples of l-ove, Th*h, Peare, Freedom
andJu*tice for a Suhlime and f.ofty People, the lVIoqrrish.
Uberry, tlroruh l-orne, Thrlh, Peam, Freedom andJustice i* the frue glory of
any Nation, Atrnaurhrm for Annaureans.


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