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Chardonnay Curtis 
Merced, CA 95340 


Foot locker., ​ 713 Merced Mall, Merced, CA 95348 -​ ​shoe stocker  Positive attitude  
December- April 2017  Team player 
I worked at foot locker and became a shoe stocker and also did a little customer  Strong work ethic 
service. My experience there was very good, I worked well with all the other  Cooperation skills 
employees and never had a problem. At this job I became a quick learner having to  Quick learner  
read barcode numbers on the shoe boxes and getting them to the customers quickly. 
I learned patience because learning to read the numbers and learning how to stack   
each shoe box in different areas isn’t as easy as you would think at first. I also had 
the opportunity to build up my strength carrying all the boxes, which gets heavy 
after a while.Sadly I left this jobsite due to the school program at my high school  AWARDS 
ending.   CPR Certificate  
CVS., 649 W Olive Ave, Merced, CA 95348 -​ ​customer service  Character Counts Award (2) 
November 2017- January 2018  Being a great student 
I worked at the CVS located in the Merced mall for about a month, then we   
transferred to the CVS on W Olive. During the months I worked there I was in  Bear Award (basketball) 
customer service, and stocking shelves. Working at CVS I learned how to add the  Being a great team player 
labels to the items we were selling and how to stock shelves. I worked well with the   
employers and never gave customers any problems. This was also a job I got through  Greenhand Degree 
my school and the program ended.  (agriculture) 
Completing a year of Ag bio. 
Takkens., 540 Merced Mall, Merced, CA 95340 -​ Customer 
November 2018- present    LANGUAGES 
I am currently working at Takkens shoes in the Merced mall. I am once again   
working my my schools program. Working at Takkens I have learned better 
communication skills. I have also learned how to be a better welcome to our 
customers. I work well with the employees and have no trouble. This is a really small 
store so there isn’t much to do there but I still enjoy my time there. 


Merced High, M
​ erced CA — ​Present 
August 2015- June 2019 
GPA average: 3.0 and above