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Firstly, on behalf of the association we would like to congratulate the AYUSH Department under the
guidance of its Director for making such a tremendous progress and development in the State. Its
function is clearly evident in the various activities and significant utilization of funds under National
AYUSH Mission. We were also delighted to be informed by the Director on the Homoeopathic Day
celebration that the AYUSH Directorate is about to be set-up. And there shall be recruitment of
AYUSH doctors for the proper functioning of the directorate.

Previously also there has been a proposal for sanctioning of 50 post for AYUSH Medical Officer
(Annexure 1). The Department was requested to provide the norms and justification for recruitment
of the aforementioned proposal. The association had put forth an appeal to the department to
consider the recruitment of the proposed post based on the seniority of joining the service of the
AYUSH doctors in National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) now known as National Health Mission
(NHM) within the State of Meghalaya (Annexure 2). And abiding to the reservation quota provided
for employment of the indigenous inhabitant of the State.

The association would like to address the following points to justify its appeal.

1. Most of the AYUSH doctors have completed their ten (10) years of service under NHM. Some
of them have even crossed the eligibility age for qualification for Meghalaya Public Service
Commission (MPSC). Their career and livelihood will be at stake if the State does not think
for their well-fare. We would appeal the Department to consider direct absorption for such
candidates as it was done in other States e.g. Arunachal Pradesh (Annexure 3(a) and 3(b)).
2. MPSC has often stress its recruitment policy based on the candidate being a bonded or State
sponsored category. This practice of the Department is highly unconstitutional as it deprives
every aspiring candidate from equal opportunity for all citizen in matters of public
employment which has been inscribed in the Article 16 of the Indian constitution (with the
exception of reservation policy of the State for its indigenous inhabitant).
3. Appointment based on seniority in service does not only ensures the experience of the
candidate but also defines his capability to perform in the current designated place of
posting that would further enhance the functionality of the AYUSH department in that
particular area.
4. A senior AYUSH doctor can also perform efficiently in the administrative post if given an
opportunity since he is well equipped and knowledgeable about functionality of the AYUSH
department first-hand in the grassroot level. Since he is well aware of the various programs
of the health department and has been aiding in its functionality, it would prove to be
important for instilling those experience in various programs in relation to AYUSH system.

The association on behalf of the all the AYUSH doctors registered in it would like request the AYUSH
department, the Health department as well as the Government of Meghalaya to kindly consider the
appeal put forth by the association so that stability and justification can be provided to all the AYUSH
doctors within the state of Meghalaya.