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Name ______________________________

No _____ Class______ Date ___/___/____

Read the following text attentively.

A. According to the text, complete the following


1. Lucy’s surname is ___________________________.

2. She lives in ________________________________.

3. Her father is _______________________________.

4. James is __________________________________.

5. Her baby brother’s name is __________________.

6. She attends _______________________________.

This is Lucy Williams. She lives in a big 7. Science, Maths and French are _________________.
house in the suburbs of London with her parents
8. Harry Potter is ______________________________.
and her two brothers. Her father is a doctor and
her mother is a teacher. Her big brother is called
James and her baby brother’s name is John.
B. Are the following sentences TRUE or FALSE?
She is twelve years old and she is in the 6th
year at St. John’s school. She is a good student 1. Lucy’s mother is a doctor. _________________
and her favourite subjects are Science, Maths and
2. She has got two sisters. ______________________
French. She loves music and she is having piano
lessons. She wants to be a musician. 3. She plays the piano. ________________________

In her free time she loves playing the 4. J.K. Rowling is her favourite author. ____________
piano and reading. She is a fan of J.K. Rowling.
Her favourite character is Harry Potter. She is a
very happy girl because her family and friends are
C. Answer the following questions about the text.

1. What is Lucy’s surname? __________________________________________________________

2. Who does she live with? __________________________________________________________

3. What does her mother do? ________________________________________________________

4. How old is she? _________________________________________________________________

5. Where does she study? __________________________________________________________

6. What year is she in? _____________________________________________________________

7. Is she a good student? ___________________________________________________________

8. Why is she having piano lessons? __________________________________________________

9. What does she like doing in her free time? ___________________________________________

10. Who is J.K. Rowling? ____________________________________________________________

11. Who is her favourite character? __________________________________________________

12. Why is she happy? _____________________________________________________________

D. Ask the questions for the given answers.

1. ________________________________________________? She has got two brothers.

2. ________________________________________________? He is a doctor.

3. ________________________________________________? Yes, she does. (She loves music.)

4. ________________________________________________? She is English.