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CIVICS Segment 1 Pace Chart

Teacher: Mrs. Silvers

Call/Text: 321-234-5367 Email: Hours: Mon 12:30-8pm, Tue-Fri 9:30am-5pm

Please print out and follow this pace chart. Each week's assignments are due by Friday. If all assignments are not turned in by the Sunday following the due date, you will be considered behind pace.



ASSIGNMENTS (check off when completed)




1.00 Citizenship Introduction


1.01 How Do We Define the United States?



1.02 What is Culture?

UNIT 1 - CITIZENSHIP The student will locate major U.S. landmarks, describe daily conservation habits, explain the process of becoming a naturalized citizen, and evaluate the responsibilities of citizenship.



1.03 What Can Maps Tell Us?


1.04 How Are Citizenship and Ecology Connected?

1.05 What is a U.S. Citizen?



1.06 What is Good Citizenship?


1.07 Who Shows Super Citizenship? (Advanced Only)



1.08 Citizenship Review and DBA


1.09 Citizenship Unit Exam



2.00 Foundations Introduction


2.01 Who Influenced the Founding Fathers?

2.02 Which Important Documents Influenced America?



2.03 Why is the Declaration of Independence Important?

UNIT 2 - FOUNDATIONS The student will recognize how Enlightenment influenced the Founding Fathers, describe the difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, and evaluate rights contained in the amendments to the Constitution.


2.04 What is the Intent of the Constitution?



2.05 How Do the Branches of Government Work?


2.06 How are the Powers Balanced?

2.07 How are Rights Protected?



2.08 - How Can the Constitution Change?


2.09 What Should Be the Next Amendment? (Advanced Only)



2.10 Foundations Review and DBA


2.11 Foundations Unit Exam Parts 1 and 2



3.00 Sharing Power Introduction


3.01 What is Federalism?

3.02 How are States Governed?

3.03 What Is Rule of Law?



3.04 How are Laws Made?

UNIT 3 - SHARING POWER The student will describe Federalism, illustrate the lawmaking process, and explain the rewards and challenges of serving on a jury.


3.05 How is Lawmaking Shaping Society? (Advanced Only)



3.06 How Do the Courts Work?


3.07 How Does a Jury Trial Ensure Justice?



3.08 How Can We Solve Local Problems?



3.09 Sharing Power Review and DBA


3.10 Sharing Power Unit Exam



3.11 Segment One Review


3.11 Segment One Exam Part 1, 2, and 3

OCVS follows the Orange County Public School calendar, so you are not required to work during the holiday weeks. You will notice that these weeks are not listed on the pace chart, so no work is assigned/due. However, as a virtual student you have access to your online courses 24/7 and you are encouraged to work during these weeks if you are behind pace. Important dates: The 2018-19 school year ends on Wednesday, May 29th and the 2019-20 school year begins on Monday, August 12th.