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Jesus Nunez-Higareda

Mrs Mua

English public health Period 2

May 3, 2019.

5 year plan

High school has been a very long but great experience, it feels like i was barely a

freshman yesterday. This is my last year and now its time to think about the future and what

goals we have in order to be someone in life. Having a life goal can be very hard for many but it

takes time in order for you to know what you want to do after highschool and college. I would

like to major in criminal justice, and go to the junior college for 2 years so i can get my

associates degree.

My first year out of highschool i want to finish my semester in junior college and

pass all my classes so i wont be behind in any class for my 2nd semester in college. I also want

to get all my classes together so i can see what classes i need to get all my credits and transfer to

a CSU. I also want to keep my job that i have right now so i can be making money while still in

college, because to me that's still important so i can have money to buy books and buy myself a


My second year out of highschool i would love to be done with all my junior

college credits and be ready to graduate after the semester in my criminal justice major. By that

time i would like to have my own car and have enough money so i can pay all the fees for

stanislaus. I would have to get another job because i'm going to be out of Merced for most of the

time and also be a full time student. It really wouldn't matter what job i get as long as its a part
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time job, and i can save up for whatever i need to pay off in college. I hope with my financial aid

i would be able to cover a little part of my books and school.

For my third year, i would love to be enrolled in stanislaus and have all my classes ready

for my major, so that way i can start having an idea of what i'm going to be doing in the future

for my major. I would still be living with my parents while i finish college, and once i finish

college i will go on my separate way and continue with my major. In my third year, i would also

want to have set some goals for my future and plan on buying a better car in a couple of years.

For my fourth year, I would like to be completing my credits and staying on top of my

grades in college, so i'm able to pass all my classes, and finish college on a good note. I would

like to have bought my own car from a dealer and be proud of myself for being responsible and

having everything organized in order to be getting myself a car. I would love to be planning on

where to live and where i will be settling for my job, and be set for wen i have my own family.

Last but not least, for my fifth year, i would want to graduate from stanislaus and get my

diploma for criminal justice, i would also want to be be able and help my parents pay their bills

so they dont have to worry about paying them, and have a set job on what i want to major in. I

would also want to to have a steady job so i can plan and have a family later on in the future, and

for me to do that i would have to have everything planned out.

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