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Daily VOICE OF MASSES Simultaneously published from Islamabad, Quetta, Gwadar, Hub, Karachi, ABC Certified
Vol.X No. 07
Reg. mails-B / ID-445
Chief Editor: Syed Farooq Shah
Tuesday, 21 May, 2019, Ramazan 15, 1440 A.H. Pages 4: Rs. 07

PML-N slams PTI’s ‘anti-public Pakistan appoints envoys

policies’, demands govt to at 18 stations abroad,
including China, India
disclose IMF conditions ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Paki­ Imtiaz Ahmed  has  been ap­
stan on Monday appointed its pointed  as Ambassador  to  Ja­
Monitoring Desk Announces country-wide campaign ambassadors and counsel gen­ pan, Additional  Secretary  Eu­
ISLAMABAD:  The  PML­N erals at 18 stations abroad, in­ rope Zaheer Janjua to Belgium,
demanded on Monday that the deal with the IMF has not even should not  be increased  in  the cluding China and India. Additional  Secretary Amina
government  come  forward been  signed  yet and the State upcoming  budget.  He  denied Foreign Minister Shah Baloch  to  Malaysia,  Javed
with the conditions set by the Bank increased  the policy  in­ that  the  party  was  planning Mehmood  Qureshi  made  the Khattak  to Portugal  and
International  Monetary  Fund terest rate by 1.5pc,” he said. to protest against the govern­ announcement  in  that  regard Saqlain Syeda to Kenya.
(IMF) so  that the  “public Abbasi announced that the ment and  said:  “This  is a following  his  meeting  with Rukhsana Afzal  will  take
would know the deal we have PML­N  had  decided  to  pro­ fallen government. We Prime  Minister  Imran  Khan charge as  Ambassador  to
made with the Fund”. pose an “alternative economic don’ t mean to overthrow it,
Talking to the media after here  at  the PM  Office  in  the Singapore,  Khalid  Jamali  to
strategy” in order to protect the our real aim [is to solve] public’s ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi called afternoon, who gave approval Czech Republic,  Ata ul Manam
a party meeting at the  Parlia­ country  from “this problems.”  Today’s  meeting on Prime Minister Imran Khan at PM Office.
ment  House,  former  premier government’s anti­public poli­ was  held  in the  opposition of the appointments.  Qureshi, Shahid  to  Algeria,  Sarfraz
in a televised message, said he Ahmed  Supra  to  Sudan  and
Shahid  Khaqan Abbasi  said
that there were “a lot of sus­
cies”.  The party  will  also  put leader’s chamber  and was  at­
Dollar reaches Rs 151 Protection of also held wide­ranging consul­ Imran Haider to Tajikistan.
forward a set of demands that tended  by  PML­N  parliamen­
picions” regarding  the condi­ should be included in the bud­ tarians and the party’s central, media workers’ tations with Foreign Secretary Maj Gen (retd) Abdul Aziz
tions that the government had
agreed to with the Fund.
get,  Abbasi  said.  Those  de­
mands  include:  In light  of  the
provincial  and  district  leader­
ship. Maryam  Nawaz, one  of
in open market rights Govt’s top Sohail Mehmood and his pre­
decessor Tehmina Janjua over
Tariq and  Maj  Gen (retd)
Muhammad Khalid Rao have
Abbasi,  while  talking  to rising inflation, minimum wage PML­N’s vice presidents, also KARACHI (Online): The US dollar reached a new priority: Firsous the  appointments.  He  ex­ been  appointed  as  ambassa­
reporters,  said  that  the  State should be increased to Rs20,000 attended  the  meeting. This  is record high of Rs151 in the open market on Monday ISLAMABAD (APP): Special pressed  confidence  that  the dors  to  Brunei  and  Bosnia
Bank  of  Pakistan  had  raised Tariffs of power and gas be re­ the first party meeting that she morning, as the rupee continued its downward spiral Assistant to Prime Minister on envoys  would  perform  their Herzegovina, respectively.
the policy  interest  rate  by  1.5 verted to that of May 31, 2018 has  attended  since  being  ap­ following an agreement with the International Mon- Information and Broadcasting new duties with due diligence Khalid  Majeed  has  been
per cent all of a sudden which as the increase in prices is not pointed  as one  of  the  party’s etary Fund. The dollar also saw an increase in the Dr  Firdous  Ashiq Awan  has and promote the country’s im­ appointed as Counsel General
would have an  adverse  affect justified  Prices  of  urea  and vice presidents. Speaking to the said that the protection of rights age  abroad. Jeddah,  Saudi  Arabia  and
on the business community and interbank of Rs0.93 to Rs148.80.
diammonium phosphate (DAP) media  after the meeting, of media workers is on the top Senior diplomat Naghmana Ayesha Abbas Khan as Coun­
will also lead to an increase in be reverted to that of May 31, Maryam  rubbished  the  no­ On Friday, the dollar reached Rs150, was at priority of the government. Hashmi has been appointed as sel General to New York, USA.
unemployment. 2018  Prices of petrol and die­ tion  that  there  were  differ­ Rs147 on Thursday and Rs144 on Wednesday. Addressing  in National Ambassador  to  China  after The  current  ambassador
“In any country, if the rate sel be “brought down to a level en ces wit h in t h e Sh arif The rupee is heading down a steep slope and has Press  Club  in Islamabad  on completion of the tenure of her to  the United Arab  Emirates
increases even by 0.1pc, it be­ where they  are tolerable” brothers, saying that Shahbaz been termed Asia’s worst performing currency. Ana- Monday, she said  the govern­ predecessor Ambassador Moazzam  Ahmed  Khan  has
comes part of a public debate No  new  taxes  should  be Sharif considers Nawaz Sharif lysts predict that the worst is not yet over. The rupee ment  is well  aware  about  the Masood Khalid. been appointed  as  Special
[...] whereas here,  the budget introduced  in  the  upcoming as  his  leader  and  shared  the is expected to go through another bout of devalua- problems  being  faced  by  the The  current  ambassador Secretary at Ministry of For­
has not  been  announced,  the budget.  Current  tax  rates latter’s  narrative. tion in the coming days when Pakistan gets the first media  workers. to France Moeen ul Haq will eign Affairs, Islamabad
credit tranche of the $6 billion loan from the IMF. She said stability of media take charge as High Commis­ whereas  ambassador  to  Ku­
sector is  the prime  priority  of sioner to India. wait Ghulam Dastagir will re­
Let us review can sentence the  government  and  the  out­
standing bills of media houses
Additional  Secretary place him in Abu Dhabi.
will be subject to provision of
of Dr Aafia Siddiqui be salaries  of media workers.
completed in Pakistan? SC Another RAW
ISLAMABAD  (Online):  Su­ with other Pakistanis  languish­ network busted
preme Court  judge  justice ing in jails in other countries. .
Azmat  Saeed  has  remarked The  Court  ordered to club in Gilgit-Baltistan
that let us  review and find out a petition seeking the repatria­ Monitoring Desk
can sentence  of  Dr Aafia tion of Dr Aafia Siddiqui — a IS LA M AB AD: Intell i-
Siddiqui be completed in Paki­ neurologist  languishing  in  a gence agencies while foil-
stan? United States jail on charges of ing attempt to spread ter-
He  gave  these  remarks trying  to  kill  US  agents  and rorism in Gilgit Baltistan,
while hearing the petition seek­ military officers in Afghanistan busted another network
ing court’s orders for Dr Aafia —  with  a petition  seeking  re­ of Research and Analysis
Siddiqui  repatriation  to  Paki­ patriation  of Pakistanis  jailed
ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi talking to
Wing (RAW) involved in Federal Minister for Law and Justice Barrister
stan.  During  the  course  of abroad.  Court  has  adjourned carrying out terrorist and
hearing Deputy Attorney Gen­ the hearing of case indefinitely. Muhammad Farogh Naseem who called on him.
ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi , Former Inte- eral informed the court that Dr It is vital  to mention  here extremist activities in Pa-
rior Minister Ahsan Iqbal along with others talking to media after party meet-
ing in front of Parliament House.
Aafia Siddiqui meets  counse­
lor  after every three months.
that  foreign minister  Shah
Mehmood Qureshi during last
The intelligence agen- Nawaz once again approaches
Sheikh Rashid Chinese Envoy
Justice  Azmat  Saeed  re­
marked, “Maybe some thing is
week  told  that  Dr Aafia  has
shown willingness to file appeal
cies apprehended at least
14 members of nationalist
IHC in connection with
PM not ready to give calls on COAS done by raising matter of Aafia against  her  sentence. organisation, Balawaristan
National Front (Hameed
suspension of his sentence
RAWALPINDI  (APP):  Am­ Group) and seized weap- ISLAMABAD (Online): gated  that bail  application
NRO to plunderers bassador of China to Pakistan,
Yao  Jing  called  on  Chief  of
ons and explosive mate-
rial from their possession.
Former  Prime Minister  (PM)
Nawaz Sharif has once again
given for  medical  treatment
is an NRO. Terming applica­
KARACHI  (INP):  Federal protest movement against the Army  Staff (COAS),  General It has been revealed approached  Islamabad  High tion for suspension of  sen­
Minister  for Railways  Sheikh Pakistan Tehreek­e­Insaf Qamar  Javed  Bajwa  at  the that the RAW mentored Court  (IHC)  in  connection tence  as  NRO falls under
Rasheed Ahmed  on  Monday (PTI)­led federal government General  Headquarters  (GHQ) with suspension  of 7 years purview of contempt court.
BNF in Gilgit-Baltistan.
strongly stated that Prime Min­ after  Eid. on Monday. sentence awarded to him in Al­ It has been said in the pe­
ister (PM) Imran Khan ‘is not He expressed confi­ During the meeting matters azizia Steel  Mills reference. tition if sentence is suspended,
ready to give an NRO to plun­ dence that the country would of mutual interest including re­ Federal Cabinet Nawaz  Sharif  has  made it will leave no impact on pros­
derers  of  state’s  resources. recover from the current eco­ gional  security  situation  were meets today NAB,  Judge  Accountability ecution  case.  Therefore,  it  is
He spoke to the media in nomic  crisis  under  the  lead­ discussed, said a statement is­ Court  and Superintendent requested  that  sentence  be
sued  here  by  Inter  Services ISLAMABAD  (Online):  Fed­
Karachi, and  warned  the  op­ ership  of  PM  Khan.  Refer­ eral cabinet will meet here to­ Kot Lakhpat Jail respondents suspended and bail be granted
position parties that they might ring  to  the  crises,  he  con­ Public  Relations  (ISPR),  the in the petition. on medical grounds till the de­
media wing of Pakistan Army. RAWALPINDI: Yao Jing, Ambassador of China to day (Tuesday) under the Prime
lose likelihood of bails as well. tended  that  the  crises  would Minister (PM) Imran Khan. It  has  been  said  in the cision of  appeal  plea  filed
Rasheed  said  all  thieves  have affect  opposition  more  than Pakistan called on General Qamar Javed Bajwa, petition it is  doctors opinion against  conviction.  Account­
gathered under a roof to defend the government. Fawad invites Chief of Army Staff (COAS) at GHQ.
Five  point’s  agenda  will
come  under  consideration  in that  Nawaz  Sharif is  suffer­ ability  Court (AC)  had
their corruption. Holding former rulers re­ ing  from several  fatal  dis­ awarded  7  years  punishment
Mufti Muneeb, the  cabinet  meeting.  Interior
His  statement  comes  in
reaction  to  the  formation  of
sponsible for the inflation, the
minister  said  the  incumbent Popalzai for Maryam Nawaz calls PM ministry will present summary
for formation of local govern­
eases.  Medical  reports  and
doctors opinion have  also
to Nawaz Sharif in Al­Azizia
reference  last  year.
joint alliance of the opposition
parties, during iftar dinner at
government was compelled to
take hard decisions for the re­ moon sighting Imran ‘puppet and fake’, ment board.
Chief  Commissioner  of
been  attached  with the  peti­
tion. The petitioner has taken
IHC had earlier dismissed
Nawaz Sharif petition seeking
Zardari  House for launching vival of the economy. ISLAMABAD (INP):  Fed­ the  plea  that  political  rivals suspension of his sentence on
eral Minister for Science and refuses to accept him Islamabad will be chairman of
the  board.  Board  will  accord and government men propa­ medical grounds.
Trump warns Iran not Technology Fawad Choudh­
ary has extended invitation to
Monitoring Desk
ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan
selected accountability.
“The fake prime minister
approval  to  service  rules and
structure for Metropolitan Cor­ Khursheed demands
to threaten US or it renowned clerics;  Mufti
Muhammad Muneeb ur Rehman
Muslim League­Nawaz leader
Maryam Nawaz said that she
and  ministers  tell  the  world
who NAB is going to arrest
poration Islamabad.
The  summary  regarding tabling of IMF deal
will face ‘end’ and  M ufti  Sh ah abu ddin
Popalzai to sight the moon.
doesn’t accept the authority of
the fake and puppet prime min­
in next five  days,” Maryam
nomination of external member
in monetary policy committee before Parliament
Monitoring Desk den  deployment  of  bombers In a Twitter message, ister because he is an insult to The  PML­N  leader  said is also part of agenda.
WASHINGTON:  President and  an  aircraft  carrier  to  the Fawad,  in  a  rather  sarcastic the  office. that the party follows only one ISLAMABAD (INP): People’s tity,  which  could  also  be  ex­
Donald  Trump  warned  Iran Persian Gulf over still­unspeci­ manner,  invited  head  of  the The  PML­N  leader  said narrative which is of its leader Qureshi invites Party  leader  Khursheed  Shah ported,”  Shah  said.  He  said
early  on Monday  not to fied  threats. private  moon­sighting  com­ that the country will remain in Nawaz Sharif, even those who on Monday demanded from the the  opposition has  no  other
threaten the  United  States In the time since, officials mittee at the Qasim Ali Khan crisis  if  the vote  is  not  given disagreed  with  Nawaz’s  nar­
Kuwaiti business government  to  present  the way  except to  come  to  the
again  or  it’ll  face  its  “official in the United Arab Emirates al­ Mosque  Mufti  Popalzai  and its due  respect. rative  is  now  standing  with leaders to invest agreement signed with the In­ same  page.  Pointing  to  the
end,”  shortly  after  a  rocket lege four oil tankers sustained ‘Mufti e Azam’ Mufti Muneeb “The NAB can’t see prop­ him. ternational  Monetary  Fund government,  the  PPP  leader
landed  near  the  US  Embassy damage  in  a  sabotage  attack. ur Rehman to  see ‘how  easy erties  discovered  of  Aleema “If  a  person  calls  for the in Pakistan (IMF) in the parliament. said that  their agenda  is only
in Baghdad overnight. Houthi rebels launched a drone it is to see the moon’. Khan.  It  doesn’t  call  their implementation of the consti­
ISLAMABAD (APP):  For­ Speaking  to  reporters  in to  devastate  the  people  and
Trump’s  tweet comes  af­ attack on an oil pipeline in Saudi He claimed  that  the  pro­ names,”  Maryam said  after tution then no one should have the federal capital Khursheed remain in government.
eign Minister Shah Mehmood
ter  he  seemingly  sought  to Arabia.  US diplomats  relayed cess  of  locating  the  moon  is the party’s high­level huddle. any  objection,”  he  said.  “A Shah  criticized  the  PTI  gov­ “We are talking about im­
Qureshi  has  called  for  Ku­ ernment said that “in the past proving  the  affairs  of  gover­
soften his tone on Iran follow­ a warning that commercial air­ not much difficult  and  ad­ She said that there won’t democratically  elected  gov­
waiti  business  leaders  to  in­
ing days of heightened tension lines could be misidentified by vanced technology has made be  any  credibility  left  of  ac­ ernment  can  resolve  the  pre­ Pakistan’s  budget  was  pre­ nance,  not  disrupting  them.
Iran  and  attacked. vest  in  Pakistan and  to  be­ pared with consultation of the Running  a government  is the
sparked by Washington’s sud­ it much easier. countability  process  due  to vailing issues.”
come partners in the IMF,  now  the  IMF  will  pre­ domain  of  politicians and  not
government’s scheme of low pare  the  budget  for  Pakistan something a selected individual
SBP announces monetary policy, increases cost housing units.
Qureshi was on an official
on its own.” Commenting on
the result  of offshore drilling
can do”, the PPP stalwart said.
It is  to  mention  here  that  the

interest rate to 12.25 per cent visit to Kuwait on  May 18  to

19 and held wide­ranging dis­
for gas and oil exploration  in
Pakistani  waters,  Khursheed
Shah  said  nothing  found  de­
opposition parties criticizing the
government of Prime Minister
Imran  Khan for the poor per­
cussions with the Kuwaiti lead­ spite spending 200 million dol­ formance  of Pakistan’s  ailing
KARACHI  (APP):  The  State  Bank  of  Pakistan  (SBP) on  Monday  has  in­ About, the statement,  SBP’s estimates show that economic growth is ex­
ership on matters of mutual in­ lars  (on  the  project).  “(The economy and signing an agree­
creased its  policy  rate  (interest) by  150  bps to  12.25  percent,  which  will  be pected to slow in fiscal year 2018­19 but  will rise modestly in the fiscal year
effective from May 21, 2019. 2019­20.  This  slowdown  is  mostly due  to  lower  growth  in  agriculture  and terest,  said  a  Foreign  Office government) has extracted oil ment  with  the  IMF  for  eco­
SBP’s Monetary Policy Committee, taking into account the macroeco­ industry. More than two­thirds of real GDP growth in financial year 2018­19 is press  release  issued  here. from  the people in  the quan­ nomic bailout.
nomic situation,  noted that  more  policy  measures  are  required to  address expected  to  come  from  services.
underlying inflationary pressures from : higher recent month­on­month head­ Going forward, some gradual recovery in economic activity is expected on
line  and  core inflation  outturns; recent exchange rate  depreciation; an  el­ the  back  of  improved  market  sentiment  in  the context  of  the IMF  supported
evated  fiscal deficit  and its increased  monetization, and  potential adjust­ program;  a  rebound  in  the  agriculture  sector  and  government  incentives  for
ments in utility tariffs. export­oriented industries.
SBP, in  its bi­monthly  Monetary Policy  Statement issued on Monday, Referring to the external sector, the statement said the current account defi­
mentioned that there had been three key developments since the last Mon­ cit narrowed to $ 9.6 billion in July­March 2018­19 as compared to a deficit of
etary Policy Committee meeting in March 2019. Firstly, the government of dollars 13.6  billion  during the same  period last year;  a fall  of  29  percent. The
Pakistan  has  reached  a staff­level  agreement  with the International  Mon­ reduction is mainly driven by import compression and a healthy growth in work­
etary Fund for 39­month long extended fund facility of around  dollars 6.0 ers’ remittances. This impact was partially offset by higher international oil prices.
billion. The program has designed to restore macroeconomic stability and The non­oil trade deficit declined from
support sustainable economic growth, and is expected to unlock consider­ $ 13.7 billion in July­March of the financial year 2017­18 to $ 11.0 billion in
able additional external financing. July­March of financial year 2018­19 reflecting the impact of stabilization poli­
Secondly, trends in government borrowing reflect a widening fiscal deficit cies implemented so far.
during the first nine months of fiscal year 2918­19 compared to the same Recent indicators suggest export volumes have begun to grow although total
period of the last fiscal year. In addition, a greater reliance on Central Bank export receipts have not grown due unfavorable prices.
financing of the deficit has acted to dilute the impact of previous monetary Despite the improvement in the current account and a noticeable increase in
tightening. Finally, since the last MPC, the exchange rate has depreciated official bilateral inflows, the financing  of  the current account deficit remained
by  5.93  percent  to  Pakistan  Rupee 149.65 per US  Dollar,  at  the  close of challenging. Consequently, reserves declined to $ 8.8 billion as of May 10, 2019
May 20, 2019 ; reflecting a combination of underlying macroeconomic fac­ from  $  10.5  billion  at  end­March  2019.  The  exchange  rate  also  came  under ISLAMABAD: Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri in a group
tors and market sentiment considerations. pressure in  the last few days. photo with Kauthar College for Women Islamabad at Parliament House.
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Page 02 OPINION Daily Independent

By Babar Sattar tion  42  company  limited  by
Wrestling control of Pak­Turk
Schools  from  the  Pak­Turk
Education Foundation (PTEF)
The Pak-Turk saga guarantee, the PTEF couldn’t
possibly be a subsidiary of an­
other entity. The SC also held
that Pakistan owed Turkey an
and handing them over to the Sharif tasked his brother to do Meanwhile,  the  Sindh in  ‘plain  clothes’  abducted  a headed  to  Turkey.  He  met
Maarif  Foundation  should  be the  needful.  CM  Shehbaz High Court had also prohibited Turkish  family  affiliated  with President Erdogan on Dec 18, obligation to  declare  the
taught as a case study in how Sharif,  with no  jurisdiction  in the government from deporting Pak­Turk Schools from a house 2018. This sequence of events PTICEF  a terror  organization
the distinction between rule of the matter, constituted a com­ Turkish teachers. Our govern­ in Wapda Colony Lahore. A ha­ must  be  purely  coincidental. in  view of  the  OIC  having
Tuesday May 21, 2019 law and  rule of  men  can  still mittee  headed  by  Rana ment placed documents before beas petition was filed and the But for  a legal  system that  is passed  resolutions  against
FETO. This is also contrary to
be hard  to make in  our coun­ Sanaullah  to  sort  things  out. the SHC, which established that Lahore High Court ordered the required to ensure that ‘justice
Security Institutions are Active & Alert try. The Pak­Turk School saga The PTEF Board was advised Pakistan  was  under  pressure government  not to  deport  the is not only done but is also seen settled  law  that  even  treaties
further shows how one can be that  if  it  voluntarily  replaced from Turkey to expel the teach­ Turkish nationals and had their as done’,  such unhappy  coin­ can’t  be  given  effect  under

Raw failures rendered  hapless if caught on

the wrong side of the system.
A Turkish NGO, the Pak­
Turks on the board with Punjab
government  nominees,  the
Turkish regime would be pla­
ers  and  hand  over  control  of
Pak­Turk  Schools  to  Maarif
and that PM Sharif had directed
names placed on the Exit Con­
trol List. Despite court orders,
the abducted  Turks  were  put
cidence  doesn’t  inspire  confi­
dence. And what doesn’t help
is that the SC’s decision in the
domestic law until  treaty  pro­
visions  are  incorporated  into
law by legislation. The SC thus
Hindu Banyas of India have been Turk International Cag Educa­ cated  and  Turkish teachers his  attorney  general  to  have on  a  Turkey­bound  plane  on PTEF  matter  is  almost  com­ declared  that  PTEF,  PTICEF
tion Foundation (PTICEF), be­ wouldn’t be expelled. injunctive  orders  passed  by October  14,  2017. With  peti­ pletely in error on facts as well and  FETO  are  one  and  the
dreaming to break Pakistan into parts lieved  to  be  run  by  followers But  despite  the  PTEF courts  vacated  so  that  the tions  against  deportation of as  the  law.  With  the  review same (without factual basis or
since its inception in the year 1947. of Fethullah Gulen, began es­ board  being  reconstituted  as transfer of Pak­Turk schools to Turkish  teachers  pending  in against it  dismissed, the  deci­ recording  evidence)  and  in­
tablishing Pak­Turk Schools in advised,  our  government  re­ Maarif could be given effect. various high courts and a com­ sion  has  attained  finality  and volved in terror (because Turk­
They had tried all our efforts for the Pakistan  over  two  decades fused  to  extend  visas  of  the In proceedings before the pany petition in relation to af­ while not approved for report­ ish authorities said so) and that
ago.  The  PTEF was  incorpo­ Turkish  teachers  and  staff in­ IHC, our government pleaded fairs  of  the  PTEF  pending  in ing it is good law and binding Pakistan  is  legally obliged  to
purpose, but they could not succeed rated as a Section 42 Company volved with Pak­Turk schools without success that the PTEF the IHC, a 184(3) petition was precedent  under Article  189. Turkey to declare FETO a ter­
in their any plan or conspiracy. At times in 2011, with a board compris­ and ordered them to leave Pa­ posed a serious national secu­ filed before Supreme Court on Essentially without any proof or rorist  outfit (because  the OIC
ing Turkish and Pakistani  na­ kistan. Turks  fearing persecu­ rity  threat  to  Pakistan.  The 05.12.2018. This ‘public inter­ trial of facts, the SC concluded passed  a  resolution against
they made anti-Pakistan faction in so tionals.  In  2014, the  PTICEF tion on being  deported  ap­ Punjab CTD also concluded its est’ petition sought that FETO that  FETO controlled  the FETO). And  as  the  PTICEF
transferred  its  assets  (around proached our High Courts and interrogation into the affairs of (Gulen movement) be declared PTICEF,  which  in  turn  con­ was  a  Turkish  organization
called Taliban groups, or they made 26 schools and colleges) to the got injunctive relief. Meanwhile the PTEF and the chairman of a  terror  outfit  and  Pak­Turk trolled the PTEF, and that they (having  been  established  in
Baluchistan Liberation Army, they PTEF  in a  transaction ap­ Punjab nominees appointed on the  PTEF  and  was unable  to schools  and  related  assets  be are all mixed up with terror. Turkey) that transferred assets
proved by our government. the PTEF Board made a move find  evidence of  money  laun­ taken from the  PTEF  and It  notes  that,  “there  are to the PTEF (a Pakistani com­
supported Jiye Sindh to raise slogan The  PTEF  was  on  the to assume control of Pak­Turk dering or other subversive ac­ handed over to Maarif, and the serious allegations that schools pany), the latter’s assets should
right side of the system till the Schools and hand them over to tivities. The record  in fact  es­ PTEF be dissolved. set  up by  PTICEF  were a just be handed over to Maarif,
of Sindhu Desh, they supported plan failed coup in Turkey in 2016. the Maarif Foundation. tablished  that  the  PTEF  was The SC issued notices to façade  behind  which  illegal another Turkish  organization,
of Jinnahpur or mini-Pakistan by fund- President Erdogan survived the These actions were chal­ run with the help of donations the PTEF  for hearing  on Dec activities were taking place in­ because Turkey  wishes so.
coup, blamed the Gulen move­ lenged  in the Islamabad  High given by Pakistani and Turkish 13, 2018.  Without giving  the cluding money laundering and This judgment is now au­
ing parties like MQM. Similarly, today ment for it and resolved to neu­ Court (I was the PTEF’s coun­ philanthropists and had  never PTEF  an  opportunity  to  even generation and  transfer  of thority for the proposition that
tralize Fethullah Gulen’s influ­ sel in the matter). The Punjab remitted funds out of Pakistan. file a response to the petition, funds to  the parent  organiza­ a  guarantee  company can  be
the Indian Subversion and propaganda ence, including by taking con­ government  then  brought  its The Sharifs thus failed to a  couple  of  minutes  into  the tion, namely FETO, to finance the subsidiary of another com­
targets are Manzoor Pashteen and his trol of educational institutions Counter  Terrorism  Depart­ deport Turkish teachers or de­ hearing, the bench  headed by subversive and terrorist activi­ pany,  that  a  Section  42  com­
run  by  his  followers.  The  in­ ment  into  play  to  coax  the liver  Pak­Turk  schools  to the then CJP allowed the peti­ ties.” And further that authori­ pany  can  be  declared  a  pro­
party Pashtun Tahfuz Movement. But cumbent Turkish regime asked chairman of the PTEF Board, Maarif as requested by Turkey. tion, ordered the government to ties in Turkey have established scribed  organization  without
Pakistan to expel  Turkish a  senior  Pakistani  citizen,  to There is no doubt that Pakistan declare  the  PTICEF  a  terror a link between FETO and the trial or due process on the ba­
the public has rejected them like their teachers working in Pak­Turk handover Pak­Turk Schools to and Turkey  have always organization, ordered that Pak­ PTICEF  and  “this material  is sis of suspicion  alone, and all
previous plans. Schools and hand over control Maarif Foundation. He in turn shared a bond of trust and af­ Turk  schools  be  vested in adequate and sufficient for this its  assets  can  be  confiscated
of the schools to another NGO challenged  harassment  at  the fection  that  is  incomparable Maarif  immediately,  ordered Court  to  grant  relief  without and  handed  over  to  another
The agents of RAW want to destroy of  its  choice  ie  the  Maarif hands of the CTD in the IHC with any of our other relation­ the SECP to dissolve the PTEF second  guessing  the  position entity with the stroke of a pen,
Foundation. as well. Due to the protection ships. That  we must  preserve and ordered the State Bank to taken” by governments of Tur­ and that resolutions passed by
peace and prosperity by spreading At  the  time,  the  Sharifs afforded by the IHC, the CTD this bond is not a matter of con­ freeze  the  accounts  of  the key and Pakistan. international organizations cre­
prejudice and sectarian disputes in were  in  power  and enjoyed  a was unable to badger the chair­ tention. But can  we disregard PTEF and hand over all PTEF To hold so, the SC ruled ate binding obligations for Pa­
close personal relationship with man  of  the  PTEF  Board  into rule  of  law  to  preserve  this assets  to  Maarif.  Two  days that  the PTEF  was  a  subsid­ kistan enforceable in its courts.
Pakistan. But our national security President Erdogan. PM Nawaz resigning. bond? In September 2017, men after the decision, the then CJP iary of the PTICEF. As a Sec­ Courtesy The News
institutions are active and alert. They
counter and stop every conspiracy
planned by Raw in time and it is con-
The best and worst of times Painful adjustments
By Umair Javed
By Hussain H Zaidi
cluded & destroyed immediately. Else That  the  next  three  years  (at themselves  through  college,
the RAW has to face failures over fail- Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advice to the nation to grin and While he was in opposition, Imran Khan would  give the least) are going to be tough for most would have experienced
bear  the hard  times  until the economy  begins to  look  up is at government a rap on the knuckles for ‘making a mess’ of the the country is a now a well­es­ dislocation  in  this  process  by
ure. National Security Agencies, once heart­warming and heart­breaking. economy. Now that he is at the helm, he is in the line of fire. The tablished  fact.  The burden  of moving  from  small  towns  to
It’s heart­warming, because at long last we have a leader economy,  no  doubt,  is in  a bad  shape,  to  say  the  least, but  it terrible macroeconomic policies bigger cities where public and
while foiling attempt to spread ter- who instead of generating false hopes is willing to have a heart­ would be unfair to lay all the blame at the door of the PTI gov­ in recent years and a multi­de­ private universities are located.
rorism in Gilgit Baltistan, busted to­heart with the nation. It’s heart­breaking, because when the ernment. A  glance  at  the  major  economic  indicators  over  the cade­long crisis of productivity Given that the quality of edu­
head of the government himself admits that the chips are down past 15 years, which correspond with three election cycles and is making  its  way  for  another cation remains suspect at best,
another network of Research and for the  economy  and  that the  people should  batten  down  the three different governments, would reveal that the economy has painful period of structural­ad­ it  will  now  leave  them un­
hatches,  by  all  accounts  the  country  is  up  the  creek.  This  re­ been made to run round in circles. When the movement is circu­ justment induced ‘correction’. equipped  for  a  stagnant
Analysis Wing (RAW) involved in car- minds us of the famous passage from ‘A Tale of Two Cities’: “It lar, change at best is an illusion. As  with  such  episodes economy.
rying out terrorist and extremist ac- was the best of times; it was the worst of times….” During 2002­08 when Gen Pervez Musharraf and his king’s from the recent  past — 1999­ From what little data we
The performance of the economy in the current financial party, the PML­Q, were in the saddle, the economy registered a 2001, 2008­2011 —  there are do  have, we  know  that  well­
tivities in Pakistan. The National Se- year (FY19) is one of the worst over the past one decade. The remarkable healthy  average annual  growth  of  6.5  percent.  In those who  will  remain  some­ paying white­collar work in the
latest official projections put economic growth for FY19 at 3.29 fact, one of the years, FY05, registered 9 percent growth rate, what insulated from the violence formal  private  sector  is  a
curity Agencies, apprehended at least percent, which is significantly lower than the 5.8 percent growth which  is arguably  the highest ever. However, FY08, the final of a slowing economy. But for minute  section of  the  total
14 m e mbers of n ati ona list registered during the preceding financial year (FY18) as well as year of  the  PML­Q  government,  concluded  with  the  current most who subsist outside of the labour  market.  Many  of  the
the 6.2 percent budgetary target. These projections jibe with the account deficit of 8.2 percent of GDP, trade deficit of 12.3 per­ narrow band of the top three to jobs  that do  exist  within  this
organisation, Balawaristan National forecasts made by the frontline multilateral institutions – the IMF, cent of GDP, and fiscal deficit of 7.3 percent of GDP. The ru­ five per  cent of earners  in this segment end up with kids who
the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank – of growth pee­dollar parity, which remained relatively stable at 60 during country, the coming months will come from relatively privileged
Front (Hameed Group) and seized rate between 2.9 and 3.4 percent for the economy. the first four years of the government, racked up to 68.3 by the be varying  degrees  of  oppres­ backgrounds, and increasingly
weapons and explosive material from Seen over the last ten years, it was in FY10 that the economy close of FY08. As a result, the incoming PPP government had sive. with those who are armed with
had  expanded  at  a  lower  rate  –  at  2.6  percent.  The  modest no choice but to go to the lender of last resort – the IMF – to bail Inevitably, much of the dis­ expensive high­school (‘O’ and
their possession. It has been revealed growth rate is underpinned by 0.85 percent and 1.4 percent ex­ the economy out. In exchange for the capital inflows, it adopted cussion  so  far  props  up  the ‘A’ levels) and college (Lums,
pansion of agriculture and manufacturing respectively. The dis­ stabilization (read: contractionary) policies. economy  as  an abstract  entity IBA,  Nust)  credentials.  The
that the RAW mentored BNF in Gilgit- mal performance of the commodity­producing sector, which is Not surprisingly, FY09, the first year of the PPP govern­ that  requires technocratic  and archetypical case would be the
Baltistan. The target of the organi- labour intensive, doesn’t bode well for employment generation, ment, saw the growth rate slump to 0.4 percent, which to date dispassionate analysis. What is coveted  management  trainee
which was one of the star pre­poll promises of the ruling party. remains among the lowest in the country’s history. Thus in a often missed out is the lived ex­ positions  in  multinationals,
zation was the youngsters from the Not only  has  the  growth  rate  decelerated,  the  projected span  of  four  years,  the economy  recorded  one of  its  highest perience  of  those  on  the banks, and  big  domestic  con­
size  of the  economy  has  also  shrunk  in  dollar  terms to  $280 and lowest growth rates. On the whole, during FY09­13, eco­ re­­ceiving end of this abstrac­ glomerates.
country’s different universities and billion at the end of June 2019 to $330 billion a year ago, because nomic growth remained subdued at 2.8 percent per annum. By tion.  While even  the IMF  has Take those  jobs  out  and
the aim of the organization was to of substantial exchange rate depreciation. As a rule, the bigger the time the PPP government had completed its five­year term, been  compelled  to  talk  about you are left with a labour mar­
an economy, the more attractive it is for foreign investors. On the economic predicament had become so unenviable that the increased  social  protection  for ket  that  provides very  little in
lure youth towards terrorism. RAW account of the low level  of domestic savings and thus invest­ new  PML­N  government  again  had  to  go  back  to  the  IMF, the  most  vulnerable  through the way of security and dignity.
ment, foreign capital inflows are essential for giving a boost to despite its leadership’s earlier claims to break the begging bowl existing  mechanisms such  as Small and medium­sized enter­
took BNF chairman Abdul Hameed the economy. At the same time, inflation is galloping on the back once  and  for  all.  Under  the PML­N,  the  economy  regained BISP, there is not much discus­ prises  in  manufacturing  have
Khan to India in 1999 and was given of a spike in oil, gas and electricity prices and fall in the value of momentum and registered average annual growth of 4.8 per­ sion on how other segments will been  struggling  for  the  past
the domestic currency. This simply means that a household can cent.  However,  as  in  case  of  the  PML­Q  government,  the experience  (and  adapt)  to  the decade, and are unlikely to ab­
a three-star apartment in Dehli, now buy fewer goods with the same income. For the majority of growth entailed substantial deficits – 6.8 percent fiscal deficit coming  crunch.  One  such  de­ sorb much in the next three to
citizens, the litmus test of how well or poor a government per­ and 5.7 percent current account deficit – a rapidly depreciat­ mographic is young university five  years.  The  services  sec­
where his family and three sons were forms consists in their ability to  buy a typical basket  of goods ing rupee and falling foreign exchange reserves, which made graduates who are just about to tor,  which  has grown  consis­
shifted. RAW also provided identifi- and services within their limited resources. Inflation erodes both another IMF programme a fait accompli no matter which party enter, or have recently entered, tently  even  in years  of  eco­
real incomes and monetary assets of the people and thus makes formed the government. The PTI’s capital mistake was that it the labour market. nomic  slowdown,  is  split  be­
cation proofs and facilities to Khan them worse off. It’s then that their disappointment with the gov­ fell between two stools on seeking IMF assistance – probably In  recent  years, the  sub­ tween a large (and mostly un­
ernment sets in. its leadership counted too much on  bringing back  the imagi­ ject  of what  young  people  in documented)  retail­wholesale
for starting a business in India, while The prime minister, like any  other seasoned  politician, is nary  $200  billion  stashed  away  by  unscrupulous Pakistanis – Pakistan are thinking and doing sector which has negligible ca­
the expense of his sons’s had been painfully  aware  of  such  swings in  public sentiments.  He also whereas in view of the state of the economy it inherited, it should has  gradually  garnered  more pacity  to  absorb  credentialled
knows for a fact that the recently finalized $6 billion credit agree­ have gone to the multilateral donor much earlier. The setbacks attention.  The  sheer  demo­ youth, and a small tertiary ser­
given expensive education in differ- ment with the IMF – which inter alia provides for Rs600 billion suffered by the current government on the economic front – fall graphic  wei­­ght of  our young vices sector (finance, banking,
to Rs700 billion additional revenue measures, increase in utility in growth and spike in inflation rates – don’t mean that the PML­ population —  64pc under the telecom) which takes in a very
ent schools and colleges in India and charges,  and  a market­based  exchange  rate  –  would  further N’s economic  management was  deft. Take  an  example. The age of 30 — and changing spa­ small  number  of  employees
Europe. He was sent to Brussels in ratchet  up  the  cost  of  living  and  thus  exacerbate  people’s former ruling party takes the credit of having kept the exchange tial and cultural trends thr­­ough each year.  One  also hears
struggles. But, even worse, he knows there’s little he can do for rate stable for over three years under the stewardship of former urbanisation and increased glo­ about the potential for freelance
2007 for anti-Pakistan propaganda. now. That’s why he is advising people to pin their hopes on bet­ finance minister Ishaq Dar, which kept inflation, and by impli­ bal connectivity justifies this fo­ technology/software work  be­
ter days  ahead. cation interest rates, low.  Courtesy The News cus. Simply put, if one is inter­ ing pitched as a panacea to the
The Indian spy agency provided him ested in analysing the country’s employment  issue,  but  with
Rs1 billion to carry out organizational
activities in Gilgit Baltistan.
Cost of security future, he or she needs to look
at what the bulk of the popula­
tion is experiencing.
continued problems with pay­
ment  gateways  and  internet
connectivity, this too does not
By Hajrah Mumtaz who might run out of choices being  accompanied  by  police them  to  wire  in a  ‘location Through my occupation, I seem like a workable solution
We urge the people of Pakistan to be otherwise. personnel,  whom they  are checked’ to the head office. remain in contact with a small in the short run.
For all those living in Karachi, (and largely privileged) section It  bears  repeating  that
careful about the subversive elements urban crime is a fact of life — So it was that, in the capi­ happy to call should the situa­ This  episode’s  simple of the young urban population. countries  with  growing  edu­
it  is  almost  a  ‘tax’ that  one tal city recently, I happened to tion require their presence.) takeaway  point  is  the  follow­
spreading prejudice, hatred and sectar- might  pay  for  all  the  services stay  at  a  house  that  was Coming from bad  ’ol ing:  despite  all  its  many,  and
In recent weeks, their sense of cated  and simultaneously  un­
aspiration mixed with anxiety at deremployed populations have
ian material through social media. They that one does not, in fact, get. equipped  with  such  an  alarm Karachi, where I have encoun­ grievous, wounds inflicted on it the country’s  economic condi­ experienced  a  considerable
Rare is the man who has system — complete with a dis­ tered gardeners who have been during its  efforts  against  vio­ tion has been palpable all around, degree of political turmoil. This
must not listen to any such subversive not been  threatened, often  at creet sign  at  the gate,  a com­ held  up at  gunpoint to  be lence,  Pakistan  has  not  yet and  is  now  particularly  pro­ has  been the case  in Iran  and
content and do not be a contributor of gunpoint,  even if  he  be  as plicated system of lasers, panic stripped of their meagre goods learned to put its best men on nounced for those graduating in Egypt  most  recently,  but  the
recognisable a person as buttons  in  every  room, and  a (to say nothing of having faced the  front lines  —  despite  the the coming months. Those who precedent has existed for much
such crime against national security by Wasim Akram  (who  was  not system whereby the tripping of a  couple  of  my  own),  I  was fight being decades old in the are otherwise insulated by their longer.  What  is  worrying  in
sharing it further. Please remember held  up,  but  suffered  being the alarm in  the house  would prepared to  be efficient. making. socioeconomic background, are Pakistan’s  case is  that a
fired at in  the  aftermath  of  a automatically alert the security What I was not prepared Not to, in  any  way, take burdened by lofty ambitions and disproportionally higher  num­
such things fall under national secu- road incident). The streets are company which would, within for  was an  aging former  sol­ away  from  the  achievements
heightened expectations — both ber of the urban youth vested
of which may remain unmet in their faith in the ruling party’s
rity affairs. Sharing a small post of such —  for various,  well­docu­ minutes,  dispatch  its  private dier,  retired  at  the  rank  of  a of  the  police  force,  which a contracting labour market. political project last year.
mented  reasons  —  awash armed  guards. hawaladar (I asked him later), works  hard  and  does  have  a Now  take  this  predica­ The  potential  for  alien­
propagation may make a common man with  firearms,  with  much  of Or so goes the theory, as albeit in the possession of  his few good  men, the efforts to­ ment and amplify it many times ation and frustration thus lies
poisonous against the national security the  city’s  petty  crime  occur­ it  was  explained  to  me  ear­ own firearm — though thank­ wards ensuring security for the over. This is what a significantly at the juncture of three things:
ring because the weapons are nestly. But, as always in Paki­ fully never having had occasion citizenry  are  pretty  much  the larger  section of  the  urban the first of these is heightened
institutions, as the content of such already at hand. stan, there is many a slip ’twixt to fire one. same across the board: lack of youth — the middle and lower­ economic expectations due to
posts is efficiently designed by the RAW’s This is hardly the case in the cup and the lip. With him came three training,  equipment  and  re­ middle  class  demographic  — increased access to education
lovely, leafy  Islamabad  —  or As chance would have it, younger, similarly armed, men, sources.  Lives  are  laid  down will experience. For them, as­ credentials; the second is lofty
network. So, you must use social me- so it is thought. I  happened  to be  out walking one of whom stood at the gate in vain, or compromised, due to piration and  ambition that aspirations  of  instant  change
The rates of urban crime the household pet when there and another of whom lurked in the  lack  of foresight  and/or comes  with  higher  education and progress offered by a po­
dia while keeping in mind your role as a was suspicion of an attempted the shadows behind the dilapi­ are  not  stepping  stones  that litical  party,  especially  one
in  the capital  are certainly  far planning at higher levels of the
responsible person and civil society. build on inherited privilege, they which has built its solutions on
lower than in Karachi, but they burglary at the residence. dated  open­carriage  vehicle relevant  bureaucracy;  and are central to their subsistence a ‘change at the top’; and the
Similarly, in order to prove to be a re- are  climbing  up  nevertheless. Because  in Islamabad they  had  come in, ready  (one there is an inability to correctly and  survival.  Recent  labour third is the harshness of a bru­
The  ‘war  on  terror’  and  the (unlike several other cities, say assumes) to  perform as  back­ gauge risks and outcomes, and force data shows that  the age tally competitive and stagnat­
sponsible citizen, it is imperative to deny country’s  action  against  mili­ the police), one can still be con­ up should the situation turn se­ a tendency to  second­guess. cohort  currently  between  20 ing  economy. The  social  and
tancy have taken a formidable fronted with a scenario such as rious. Yet most important of all and  29  has  higher  education political outcomes of the next
the false, fabricated and hate spread- toll,  not  just  in  terms  of  the ‘they  slipped  in  through  the What none of the gentle­ —  be  they  private armies  or attainment  rates  (Bachelor’s three to five years remain un­
ing propaganda being carried out weaponisation  of  the  popula­ window’,  and not  necessarily men seemed prepared for was the police paid from the pub­ and  above)  of  around  11pc. certain, and there is little that
tion, but also in correlating as­ find  oneself staring  down  the a woman apparently in charge lic  exchequer  —  of  central This figure is as high as 17pc can  be done to  prepare  for  it
against the Frontier Corps, especially pects  such  as  rural­to­urban barrel of a gun, it fell to my of­ of the house, being thrown by import is the need to train and for  urban  areas.  In  raw  num­ at  this  point.  What  we  also
the Pak Army and stop it from rising. migration, the loss of lifestyles fices to push the button. the event to the extent of ask­ suitably equip the persons on bers, this means there are hun­ need to understand, however,
The  gentleman of  the ing me what to do — to which, the front lines. dreds and thousands of young is that the alienation and frus­
and livelihood, and a diminished
Otherwise its effects can be very dan- tribal bond. house  being  aged and  ill­dis­ of  course,  the  answer  was Without  that,  the  coun­
people,  most of whom  would tration  that  comes  with  eco­
be the  first generation  of col­ nomic  adjustment  requires
gerous. We appreciate the best perfor- The  crime  rate  is  high posed, it was further made my ‘Your job’. try may continue to pay a high lege­goers in their families, hop­ careful political management.
enough for those who can af­ task to greet the guards, make As it turned out, it fell to price, as it always has — es­ ing to chart out a better future And  this  means  going  well
mance of Pakistan’s National Security ford it to give various security sure  they  checked  the  perim­ the  woman to  guide  them pecially for the vast majority for themselves on the back of beyond  the  technocratic  dis­
Institutions while combating and coun- companies flourishing business, eters,  and  take  care  of  the across  the  boundary  of  the that looks to the public forces their  degrees. course on the economy we are
which in their turn provide em­ needful.  (The  guards  are  not building,  practically  hold  the to  keep  the  peace.  Courtesy Many would have drawn so  accustomed to  hearing.
tering RAW and its conspiracies. ployment  options  for  people allowed into the house without torch  for  them,  and  request Dawn on scarce  resources  to  put Courtesy  Dawn
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Tuesday May 21, 2019 Page

Currently 3 million students studying in
public-private universities; NA body told
ISLAMABAD (APP):  Na­ ship of  Member  National As­ To a question of commit­ Tariq Banuri said that HEC do
tional Assembly Standing Com­ sembly  (MNA)  Najeeb  Ud tee member that whether HEC not manage the universities but
mittee  on  Federal  Education Din Awaisi  was  also  attended foreign scholars come back af­ regulate them.
and Professional Training was by the other committee mem­ ter  completing  education,  the He further said that HEC
on Monday informed that cur­ bers and officials from PEIRA, Chairman HEC replied that the reviewing  this  issue  and  the
rently around 3 million students HEC, AIOU  and  Ministry  of return  ratio  of  HEC  scholars universities which were violat­
were studying in country­wide Federal Education. from  abroad  was  around  97 ing  the  HEC  rules  in  educa­
public and  private sector  195 Dr  Tariq  Banuri  further percent.  This  return  ratio,  he tional  programs that  were  be­
universities. said  that  HEC  distributes  the said  was  better  than  many ing banned for further admis­
In his briefing to the com­ government  funds  of  higher other  countries.  MNA  Ali sions.
mittee  on  Monday, Chairman education to the universities. Nawaz Awan asked about the Dr  Tariq also  told  the
Higher Education Commission Around  15,000  research conditions of HEC for award­ standing committee on federal
(HEC) Dr Tariq Banuri said the journals  had  been  published ing  registration  to  the  private education that HEC funds were
number of students was being last years,  the Chairman  said higher educational institutions being  reduced  and  requested
increased  from  10  to  15  per­ adding that  HEC provides as  the number of  private uni­ the committee to support HEC
cent  each  year. funds of Rs one billion to the versities in federal capital was in this regard as it would be a
The  committee  meeting universities in term of research increasing speedily. major crisis for higher  educa­ ISLAMABAD: Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mr. Qasim Khan Suri presiding over the meeting
held here under the Chairman­ work. Replying the question, Dr tional institutions. of House & Library committee of the National Assembly in Parliament House.

SC dismisses bail plea Buddhist trail being developed to

of Afzaal Akhlaq alias attract Pilgrims, monks: Bukhari
‘Double Shah’ ISLAMABAD (APP):  The added. Zulfikar Bukhari said ev­
government  was  working  to “We  will  start  by  focus­ eryone  in  the  country  could
ISLAMABAD (APP):  The Double Shah in 2016. develop a Buddhist trail by ex­ ing  Buddhist  sites  in  Khyber practice his  religion  freely  as
Supreme  Court  on Monday He said that the number ploring  religious  sites in Pakhtunkhwa  and  gradually per  the  vision of  Pakistan’s
dismissed bail  petition of of the scam victims of Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa and moves down to Punjab, Sindh forefathers  and  that  of  the
Afzaal Akhlaq alias  Double Double Shah is 3540 and in­ Punjab  in  order to attract the and Balochistan where ancient prime  minister,  who  was  a
Shah  involved  in defrauding flicted a loss of over 12.5 bil­ followers  of  Buddhism  and sites  of  various  religions  are strong proponent to make the
people billions of rupees. lion rupees to general public. monks from across the globe. located in a large number,” he country a welfare state on the
A  three­member  bench The court has earlier re­ This was  revealed  by said  while reiterating  his pattern of Sate of Madina.
of  the  court  headed  by  Jus­ jected  three  bail  petitions  of Zulfikar Bukhari, who has re­ government’s  resolve  to  ex­ He said the tourism was
tice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and Double Shah and his two ac­ cently taken charge as Chair­ plore untapped tourism poten­ contributing  around  10 per
comprising Justice Faisal complices  involved  in the man of Pakistan Tourism De­ tial. cent in Gross Domestic Prod­
Arab and J ustice Ijaz Ul fraud  are still  at  large, he velopment  Cooperation The  Chairman PTDC uct (GDP) globally but unfor­
ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Dr. Khalid Ah san heard the  bail  plea added.
Maqbool Siddiqui chairing USF (Universal Service Fund) Board of Direc- filed by Double Shah. (PTDC), while talking to APP. also hinted at engaging foreign tunately, in Pakistan, only 2.9
He  said  that  the  NAB Bukhari,  who  was  also Buddhism followers to attract percent  was  the  contribution
tors meeting at Ministry of IT. Afzaal Akhlaq cheated Lahore has returned Special Assistant to the Prime their  investment  for  preserv­ of this highly profitable indus­
billion of rupees from people Rs169.68 million  to  1,474 Minister  on  Overseas  Paki­ ing their cultural heritage. try in national economy.
Advocacy drive to address promising  them  multiplying
their  money  within  a  small
span of time.
affectees of the Double Shah
scam after recovering the
amount from the fraudster.
stanis  and  Human  Resource
Development,  said  the  initia­
He said the students and
academia  would  be  engaged
Under  the  leadership  of
Prime Minister Imran Khan, he

children malnutrition urged During the  course of

proceedings,  Justice  Azmat
The  NAB  officials  said
that the bureau has recovered
tive  was  being  taken  by  the
government as part of its plan
to market religious tourism by
to formulate a policy and help
the government promote tour­
ism as a collective resolve and
said, the PTDC aimed to make
it 10  per  cent  of GDP  which
would help the industry to add
ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Health added. she  develops  diarrhea.  These Saeed remarked that the plun­ Rs 1.2 billion in double shah introducing  its  rich  Buddhist efforts  were  required  for  the over 20 billion rupee in the na­
experts Monday urged to start Dr Wasim Khawaja from bugs attach  themselves to  the derers of people could not be case. heritage  to  world.  The  trail purpose. tional kitty.
an  advocacy  drive  to  address Pakistan  Institute of  Medical lining of the intestine, and in­ given any relief. The counsel for Double would  start  from  Swabi  and Such initiatives, he said, It may be mentioned here
the issue of children stunting for Sciences said stunting  is a re­ terfere with  the absorption  of Additional  Prosecutor Shah said that his client was Swat, and culminate at Taxila, would help translate the vision that  various  areas in  Pakistan
having  improved  child  health sult  of chronic  malnutrition water  and  other  essential  nu­ General  of NAB Nayyar in jail for last four years. which had numerous Buddhist of Prime Minister Imran Khan like  Taxila,  Takht  ­i­  Bhai,
and nutrition. which is defined by the World trients. Rizvi informed the bench that The bench, however, sites. regarding  religious  tourism Mardan,  Peshawar  and
According to them, stunt­ Health  Organization as  ex­ There  are many  reasons a reference was  filed against turned down the bail petition. Likewise,  sacred  places into a reality. Lahore  are  home  to  some  of
ing is impaired growth and de­ cesses  or  imbalances  in a diarrhoea  may  happen and of  other  religions,  including They  would also  help the rarest  Bhuddist relics. Pa­
velopment caused by poor nu­ person’s  intake  of  energy  or most of  the  times, the body’s Committee informed Sikhism  and  Hinduism  were government to demonstrate its kistan  has  been  the cradle  of
trition,  repeated  infection  and nutrients. natural  protective  mechanism also  scattered  all  over  Paki­ interest  in preserving and Buddhist art and culture since
inadequate psychosocial stimu­
He said stunting is the re­ helps recover  the disease  and
sult of continued low intake of overcomes  the  micro­organ­
Number of ghost stan and the PTDC was plan­
ning to provide facilities there
showcasing  its  non­Islamic
heritage, besides projecting a
time  immemorial.The
Gandhara civilization flourished
They said over 44 percent energy and essential nutrients. isms, he added.
children  under  five  years  are When children’s usual intake is He said Zinc is beneficial employees working to  attract  their  followers  not
only  from  across the  country
soft  pluralistic  image  of  Pa­
kistan internationally, he
in the North Western region of
Pakistan  from  the  6th century
stunted  in Pakistan  due  to below their required level it re­ health effects for all  ages and but also  from abroad, he added. BC to the 5th century AD.
chronic malnutrition. sults  in  impaired  growth, and especially in children as it im­ in Pakistan Railway
They said stunted children hence  short  stature  for  their proves  immune  system’s  ca­
suffer delayed growth and their age, he added. pacity to fight invading bacte­ ISLAMABAD (Online):  It year 21234 persons had retired Accused sent to Decision reserved on
brains do  not develop  as  they He said there are multiple ria and viruses. Zinc improves was  revealed  in  the  National and  in  next  five  years  more jail in Karkay
should and asked  the authori­ reasons for a child to get in the growth  and  development  in Assembly  Standing  Commit­
ties  concerned  to  start an under­nutrition trap, and diar­ children during pregnancy, in­ tee on  Railway  that  numbers
9000 employees would be re­
tired.  Member  Committee project reference plea against blasphemous
awareness drive for improving rhoea  is  one  of the major fancy, and childhood, he added. of ghost employees are work­
maternal and child health. causes. Diarrhoea leads to ex­ When  contacted  an  offi­ ing  in  Pakistan  Railway  and
Amjad Ali  Khan  stated;  “we
knew  that  number  of  ghost
Accountability  Court  (AC)
contents on social media
They said stunted children cessive loss  of  nutrients  from cial  from  the Ministry  of Na­ they  were  doing  jobs  by  giv­ employees  working  in  Paki­
Monday  sent  accused  Laek ISLAMABAD (APP):  The legal action against them.
have  seven month  delay  in body even though a child may tional  Health  Services,  Regu­ ing  their  half  pays  to  depart­ stan  Railway.
Hussain to  jail  on judicial Islamabad  High  Court  (IHC) Justice  Aamer  Farook
starting school while they have have  consumed  sufficient lation and Coordination said no ments. However, t hese em­
remand in Karkay  Rental Monday reserved its judgment remarked  that  what  did  the
low intelligence quotient  and quantity of calories or nutrients. one can disagree that nutrition Committee was told that ployees  were  doing  jobs  by on  maintainability  of  an  intra petitioner  want  after  the  de­
Power Project corruption
more  likely  to  repeat  a  grade Dr  Sharif  Astori  from is  one of  the  most  important as  many  as  10,183  recruit­ giving their  half pays  to de­
refe ren ce. N at ion al Ac­ court  appeal,  seeking  actions cision of chief justice IHC on
of school.  Stunted  children Federal Government Polyclinic factors that need to address in ments  would be made in  Pa­ partment.  Committee  was
countability Bureau (NAB) against the accused involved in his  plea.  He  observed  that
complete  one  year  less  of said when a child gets intesti­ the  first  days of  a  child’s  life kistan Railway and total Rs 2 told that as many as 10,183
produced the accused  be­ uploading  of  sacrilegious  ma­ Chief Justice Athar Minallah
schooling  and  less  likely  to nal infection due to a bacteria as it is extremely critical to their billion rupees would spend on recruitments would be made
fore the accountability court terial on social media. had accepted  the plea earlier
graduate  high school,  they or other micro­organism, he or growth. this. in Pakistan Railway and to­
aft e r com ple t ion of h is A divisional bench, com­ and  issued  directives  to  Pa­
The  committee  meeting tal Rs 2 billion rupees would prising  Justice Aamer  Farooq kistan Telecommunication
was held on Monday with the spend on this. physical  remand  time  and
Zafar reaches Geneva PM condoles chairmanship  of  Muhammad Khawaja  Saad  Rafique
requested for his further
and  Justice  Mohsin Akhter
Kiyani, heard the ICA against
Authority (PTA) and Federal
Investigation Agency (FIA) in
demise of Moeen Wattoo.  Committee told  the  committee  burden
to attend World cricketer
was told that estimated 95902
posts are lying vacant and to­
would  increase  on  Pakistan
Railway  by  new  recruitment
NAB  prosecutor  Sardar
Muzafar  Abbasi  pleaded  be­
fore  the  court  that  the  ac­
the decision of single member
bench regarding the issue.
Petitioner Hafiz
this  regard.
Petitioner’s counsel
Umair Baloch pleaded before
Health Assembly Asif’s daughter tal 72,259 persons were work­
ing on this. During the past five
and department couldn’t bear
this loss. cused had informed the judge
that  he  had  taken  3.65 lac
Ahtisham  stated  in  his  plea
that uploading of blasphemous
the bench that the single mem­
ber  bench  had  ignored  the
ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Prime contents on social media was petition’s  pray for  forming  a
ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Minis­ converge  to  deliberate  and Minister Imran Khan on Mon­
ter of State for National Health devise  strategies for promot­ day  expressed  grief  over  the
Services, Regulations and Co­ ing  health  and  reducing  dis­ death of the daughter of crick­
Report on India’s brutal dollars as  loan from Raja
Baber  Zulkarnain.  He  stated
that the accused had lied be­
continuing.  He  prayed  the
court  to  issue  directives  to
special team comprising rep­
resentatives  from  different
ordination Dr  Zafar  Mirza ease  burden.
Monday  reached  Geneva  as He  said  delegations  led
eter Asif Ali.
In a tweet, he condoled
torture released in IOK fore  the  court as  he  had  not
taken any loan.
identify the people involved in
such activities  and  take stern
state institutions to identify the
head of Pakistani delegation to by  health  minister  from  all with Asif Ali & his family on ISLAMABAD (APP):  The ported.  The  560­page  report
attend 194 nations World over the world are in Geneva th e passin g away of h is Jammu  Kashmir  Coalition  of focuses  on  the  torture  perpe­
Health Assembly. to  attend  the  World  Health daughter due to cancer. The Civil Society and the Associa­ trated in Jammu and Kashmir
On his  arrival,  he  said Assembly.  “I  will  present  the prime minister prayed to Al­ tion of Parents of Disappeared by  the  Indian forces  since
today’s world health is a shared major  reform  agenda  of  our lah Almighty for strength to Persons while releasing a com­ 1990.
responsibility,  involving  equi­ government under the leader­ the  bereaved  family  to  bear prehensive  report  on  human The report points out that
table  access  to  essential  care ship for Prime Minister Imran this loss with fortitude. rights violations by India have torture  is  used  as  a matter  of
and collective  defense against Khan,” the minister said. urged  the  United  Nations  to policy  by  the  Indian  State  in
transnational  threats,  a  state­ He  said there  will  be  an establish  a  commission  of  in­ Jammu and Kashmir in a sys­
ment received here said. opportunity  to  showcase IESCO quiry  to  investigate  the brutal tematic and institutional man­
He said the World progress made in different ar­
Health Assembly  is  the  su­ eas  alongside  our  challenges
Power torture  inflicted  by  Indian
forces in the occupied territory.
ner  and  tens  of  thousands  of
civilians have been subjected to
preme decision­making forum and  approaches  adopted  to suspension The  report  released  by  the torture.
where  nations  of  the  world overcome them, he added. JKCCS and APDP in Srinagar The  report  cited  the  re­
schedule on  Monday  also  called  upon cent case of the custodial kill­
Govt. allocates ISLAMABAD: According to India to ratify the UN Conven­
Islamabad  Electric  Supply tion against torture and also al­
ing of a 29­year­old school prin­
cipal, Rizwan Pandit and said
5 bln for provision Company (IESC O)’s low global right groups’ unhin­
dered  access  to  Kashmir,
spokesman, due to inventible Kashmir  Media  Service  re­
that  no  case  was  registered
against police officials respon­
sible for his custodial killing.
of facilities along LoC system up gradation/ mainte­
nance on 21 May 2019 elec­
ISLAMABAD (APP):  Fed­ (PCU) and the formulation of tricity supply to below men­
China offers to ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Federal Education and Professional
eral government has decided to Project  Document (PC­1)  for tioned  feeders/areas  will  be
allocate Rs. 5 billion for the pro­ LoC.  Secretary  State  Disaster suspended  according  to  the
vision  of facilities  in  the areas Management Authority,  Spe­ mentioned  schedule:  On  21
provide clean drinking Training Shafqat Mahmood exchanging views with Australian High Com-
missioner Margaret Adamson.
along  with the Line  of Control cial  Secretary  Health,  Divi­ May  2 01 9, 06:00 am to
(LoC) in Azad Jammu Kashmir. sional  Commissioners,  Mem­ 12:00pm, Jand  City­II, Jand
water to 1500 schools IRSA releases CDA, ICT removes
Priority  sectors  were  missing ber  (M&C)  BoR,  DG  Local City,  Pari,  Chabb  feeders, ISLAMABAD (APP):  China The minister asked
197,600 cusecs
health  facilities,  rural  access Government,  Deputy  Director 06 :0 0am to 0 1:0 0pm, Monday  offered  to  provide
roads,  shell­proof  community Local  Government,  Member clean  drinking  water  facility
China  for  extending  assis­
tance to bring Pakistani labo­ water encroachment from
bunkers and  creation of  Disas­ Implementation BoR, Secretary Dhermond  feeders  and  sur­ to  1500  schools  in various ratories at par with the inter­
ter Management infrastructure. Board  of  Revenue,  Director rounding  areas  will  be  af­ parts  of  Pakistan.
A  stakeholders’  meeting Planning  Electricity,  Director fect ed, In case of early China Deputy Ambassa­
national standard. The deputy
envy also said that China will
Indus River System Authority
G-8 markaz
was held the other day regard­ Planning  Health,  Planning  of­ completion of work electric­ dor extended the offer during also provide information tech­ (IRSA)  Monday  released ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Capi­ ers and officials including en­
ing implementation methodol­ ficer  Local  Government  and ity  supply  will  be  restored a meeting with federal minis­ nology  assistance  to  Media 197,600  cusecs  water  from tal  Development  Authority forcement directorate,
ogy, the  establishment  of  the Assistant  Secretary  (I)  BoR before  time  given  in  sched­ ter  of  Science  and  Technol­ University. various rim stations with inflow (CDA)  in  collaboration  with Islamabad  Capital  Territory
Project Coordination Unit participated in the meeting. ogy  Chaudhry  Fawad He also stressed the of 190,000 cusecs. Islamabad District Administra­ (ICT) Administration,
ule.  PR According to the data re­ tion  is  conducting  vigorous Islamabad  Police, Traffic Po­
Hussain who  called  on  him need  for  sending  Pakistani
along  with  the  delegation  of citizen to  China  for  taking leased by IRSA, water level in operations to eliminate the es­ lice,  Reserve  Police  and  rel­
Chinese Academy of Science, part in various training the Indus River at Tarbela Dam calations  made  by  illegal  oc­ evant staff of other formations
said  a  press  release. programmes. was 1407.36  feet, which  was cupiers,  car  dealers/  show­ concerned.
21.36 feet higher than its dead rooms owners  and  others  on ICT Additional  Deputy
USF board approves level of 1,386 feet.
Water inflow in the dam
was recorded as 57,700 cusecs
footpaths and parking areas in
different  areas  of  the  federal
Commissioner  (General) was
also  present  to  monitor  law
and order situation. During op­
telecom projects for while outflow as 60,000 cusecs.
The water level in the Jhelum
Due  to  encroachments
made by motor car dealers in
eration heavy machinery was
also  used  to  remove  illegally
Sindh districts River  at  Mangla  Dam was
1155.30 feet, which was 115.30
different  markets,  pedestrian
movement  is  affecting  badly
and  citizens have to face  dif­
constructed  ramps.
During  this  operation,
several  illegally  constructed
feet higher than its dead level
ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Board 63rd Board of Directors meet­ of  1,040  feet  whereas  the in­ ficulties in parking due to ille­ ramps, illegal structures were
of Directors of Universal Ser­ ing of USF which was also at­ gitimate ramps constructed by demolished/ broken while un­
flow and outflow of water was
vice  Fund  (USF)  on  Monday tended  by  Federal  Secretary recorded as 46,700 cusecs and car  motor  dealers  and  show­ attended  parked  vehicles  of
approved to award contract to Ministry of Information Tech­ rooms owners  and  illegal oc­ car  motor  dealers  and  show­
52,000  cusecs  respectively.
Telenor  for  next  Generation nology and Telecommunication The  release  of  water  at cupiers on footpaths and park­ rooms  in  the  public  parking
Broadband to provide telecom Maroof Afzal,  a  press  release ing  areas. area  have been shifted to po­
Kalabagh, Taunsa and Sukkur
communication services to un­ said. was  recorded  as  110,900, In this connection, a vig­ lice station Karachi Company.
served  and underserved  areas The minutes of the meet­ orous  operation was  con­ Furthermore, six car
82,800 and 22,000 cusecs re­
in distrtics of Dadu, Jamshoro ing were confirmed. The meet­ spectively.  Similarly  from  the ducted in G­8 Markaz and sev­ showrooms  including  Auto
and Thatta. ing  also  approved  award  of eral illegal encroachments hin­ Drive,  Car  Enclosure,  New
Kabul River, 55,300 cusecs of
Federal  Minister  for  In­ contract  to  Telenor  in  respect water  was  released  at dering  the  pedestrian  move­ Car  and  Cars,  Car  Masters, 
ISLAMABAD: A group of gypsy children playing cricket with stick and formation Technology  and of NG­BSD NH & MW Lot­2 ment were demolished. Car  wells  rental’ and   Pak
Nowshera  and  7,000  cusecs
bottle after collecting valuables in Federal Capital. Telecommunication Dr. Khalid (N­25  &  N­65),  and  NH  & from the  Chenab  River at The  operation  was  par­ Islamabad  Motors  were  also
Maqbool Siddiqui  chaired the MW Lot­3 (N­50 & N­70). ticipated by around 300 offic­ sealed during the operation.
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Daily Independent, Islamabad Tuesday May 21, 2019

AJK President calls for

world help to resolve
Kashmir conflict
MIRPUR (AJ K):  (APP): Calling  upon  the  world India will also burn into ashes
President  of Azad  Jammu  & community  to  recognize  the if it initiates the fire of war.
Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan centrality  of  the  Kashmir  is­ Condemning the aggres­
Monday said that India­ Paki­ sue to the peace in the region, sive designs of Indian leaders
stan tension started  after AJK President said that inter­ and  there  threatening  state­
Pulwama  attack  has  subsided national community can  help ments against Pakistan, Presi­
but crisis over Kashmir remain resolve this issue through me­ dent Masood Khan urged the
continuing threat to the peace diation or facilitating dialogues Indian  leadership  to  shun  its
and stability in South Asia. process  between the two aggressive  designs  against
“Tensions between Paki­ countries. The stakes are high. Pakistan.He made it clear that
stan and  India  may  have If  two  countries  (India­Paki­ war could not solve problems
dropped­ for now, but the root stan) don’t resolve their differ­ and  that  the  Kashmir  issue
causes  of  the  violence  have ences, it could end in nuclear should  be  resolved  in  accor­
not,” President Khan said in an war. And that would mean di­ dance with the United Nations
interview to  a  foreign TV saster  not  just  for  the  people Security Council resolutions, in ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Ali Amin Khan Gandapur chairing a high level meeting.
channel, AJK Presidential Sec­ of India and Pakistan, but for a peaceful manner  and keep­
retariat  later  informed  local
media Monday evening.
the entire region, he warned.
The AJK  President  said
ing in view the  wishes of the
people  of  occupied  Kashmir.
NA body irked over delay Pakistan has huge potential
The  main  cause  of  over
half a century of confrontation
India should refrain  from  any
misadventure as it can push the
The  stakes  are  high.  If  two
countries  (India­Pakistan)
in completion of family of solar energy: Shafqat
between  the  two  countries  is
the  unsettled  status  of  Kash­
entire region towards war. He
said India should realize that it
don’t resolve their differences,
it  could  end  in  nuclear  war. suites, servant quarters ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Minis­ the  minister  said  that  it  was tor. ‘It’s the private sector who
mir. There can be no peace and cannot  suppress  Kashmiris’ And that would mean disaster ISLAMABAD (Agencies): He  also  remarked  that ter for Federal  Education  and the best example of public­pri­ shall be on the driving seat to
stability until  and  unless  this voice  through oppression, not just for the people of India Qaism Khan Suri  Deputy arbitration decision in the mat­ Professional Training  Shafqat vate  partnership. We  have  to inform government on the skills
cause of  tension is addressed, which it has been committing and  Pakistan,  but for  the en­ Speaker  National Assembly ter  of  construction of  this Mahmood  on Monday  said make sure the right training of demand and standards of train­
AJK  President  emphasized. for the  last 70  years. He  said tire region, he warned. said that the security, services, project against CDA indicates that Pakistan has huge poten­ women  besides  providing  of ing delivery.” he said.
and infrastructure  completion the  non­professionalism  and tial of solar energy saying that safe  environment,  he  added. Executive  Director
of the parliament lodges should negligence on the part of its demand will be increased in He hailed the N AVT TC NAVTTC Dr Nasir Khan said
follow the principles of auster­ CDA. next few  years. Chairman for  initiating  and that  establishment  of  skills
ity  and  keeping  in  view  the The committee members He  stated  this  while  ad­ promoting technical skills in councils will  not  only  help  to
maximum  value  for  public indicated the loopholes  in  the dressing  the  launching  cer­ the country. bridge  the  gap  between  the
money. services,  security  and  resolu­ emony of  Sector Skills Coun­ Shafqat  also  shared  his public­private  sector  for  the
He  said  that  the  money tion of their complaints. They cil  for  Renewable  Energy thoughts about the importance policy alignment as well as pro­
allocated in the budget for Par­ expressed  their  concern  that (SSC­RE) to train and produce of  skills  training  in  Pakistan ducing qualified workforce, but
liament  Lodges  belong to  the irrelevant persons are roaming the  skilled  workforce  as  de­ and emphasized that skills de­ it will also  improve economic
nation and it must be utilized ac­ in the lodges which is a secu­ manded by the industry. velopment and education was benefits for the industry.
cording to principles of public rity  threat  and suggested  that The ceremony was orga­ the top priority of the present He further elaborated on
financial management. the entry of visitors should be nized here by SSC­RE in col­ government. the  importance  of these  sec­
He  expressed  these managed  systematically.  The laboration with NAVTTC and Deputy Mission Head of tor  skills  councils  indicating
views while chairing the meet­ Deputy  Speaker  directed  the TVET SSP. European  Union  in  Pakistan that “Sector Skills Councils is
ing  of National  Assembly concerned  CDA  Staff  to  be Key  renewable  energy Ms. Anne Marchal shared her a successful strategy in other
Standing  Committee  on  the professional  in  their duties  to sector  associations  like  Inde­ thoughts about the significant developed countries like UK,
House and Library which met facilitate  the respectable  par­ pendent Power Producers As­ work  that  has  been  done  in New  Zealand, Australia  and
here on Monday. liamentarians and to ensure the sociation  (IPPA),  Renewable Pakistan  on  the  reform  pro­ Germany and can play a vital
The committee expressed strict  security  measures. Energy Association  of  Paki­ cess and development of role in promoting TVET sec­
reservation and deep concerns The committee members stan  (REAP),  Solar  Quality TVET  sector  and  improvisa­ tor  in  Pakistan,  equally  ben­
over the delay of construction appreciated  the  concerns  and Foundation (SQF) along with tion  of  the  technical  training efitting  the  industry  for  eco­
of 104 additional family suites efforts of the Chair for resolu­ leading business industry rep­ institutes since 2011. nomic benefits.”
ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination, Dr. at Parliament Lodges and also tion of the issues related with resentatives  from  the  energy Ambassador  of  Norway Dr.  Fatima  Khushnud,
Fehmida Mirza in a meeting with the President of Pakistan Tennis Federation, directed the Chairman CDA to parliament lodges. The Deputy sector, diplomats, development to Pakistan Kjell­Gunnar head  of  SSC­RE  shared  her
Saleem Saifullah prepare the plan for  early Speaker  exerted  that  there sector representatives  at­ Ericson  appreciated  the  ap­ thoughts on  the role  of skills
completion of the project. must be no compromise on the tended the launch event. proach of involvement of  pri­ council  in energy  sector  of
Fake degree case Survey The Deputy Speaker said quality  of  the  maintenance Speaking on the occasion, vate  sector in  the TVET  sec­ Pakistan.
SC rejects review petitions Pakistan emerges that  parliamentarians  are  fac­ work which is being carried out
as leading ing acute  issues in  accommo­
dation and directed the Chair­
in  parliament  lodges.  He  also
ordered to make arrangements
of eight PIA employees partner of BRI man CDA  to  take  steps  for immediately for the cleanliness tremors felt
executing this project as early of  the car parking area of  the
ISLAMABAD  (Online):  Su­
preme Court (SC) has rejected
The respective courts are not
ready  to  hear  us  due  to  SC
BEIJING (INP): Pakistan has
emerged  as a  leading  partner as  possible. Parliament House. . in Chitral
review and miscellaneous pe­ decision. The court ordered the of the Belt and Road Initiative PESHAWAR (APP): An
titions of 8 employees of PIA concerned courts should decide (BRI),  introduced  by  Presi­ Committee informed earthquake measuring
in  fake  degree  case.
A  3­member  bench of
the petitions of PIA employees
according to law. PIA employ­
dent Xi Jinping six years back,
according  to  survey  released Number of ghost employees 4.2 on Richter scale jolted
Chitral and surrounding
at a media and think tank ex­
SC  presided  over  by  Justice
Azmat Saeed took up the case
ees  including  Shazia  Afridi,
Samina  Qureshi, Abdul Rauf change event held in Nanjing,
Jiangsu province.
working in Pak Railway areas at 05:30 a.m on
for hearing Monday. Beg,  Nazar  Khan,  Kamran ISLAMABAD (Online):  It year 21234 persons had retired
Justice Azmat  Saeed re­ Khan,  Tahira  Sultana,  Sana Fast and smooth function­
marked  “  what  review  of  its Gul and Shakeeb Shaukat had ing  of  China­Pakistan Eco­ was  revealed  in  the  National and  in  next  five  years  more Pak cricketer
Assembly Standing Committee 9000 employees would be re­ ISLAMABAD: Minister for Federal Education &
own  decision court  should submitted petitions in the SC. nomic Corridor  (CPEC)
makes  Pakistan’s  role  most on  Railway  that  numbers  of tired. Member Committee Asif’s daughter Professional Training, Shafqat Mehmood address-
make. Why not  the order be During the course  of
issued for registration of case hearing  of  the  case,  Justice prominent in the community of ghost  employees are  working
in  Pakistan  Railway  and  they
Amjad Ali  Khan  stated;  “we
knew  that  number  of  ghost
dies after cancer ing a seminar on “Sector Skills Council in Renew-
against  fake  degree  holders Azmat Saeed while expressing the nations. The CPEC is cited able Energy’’ arranged by National Vocational &
by  reviewing  the  decision. annoyance  with Omar Lakhani as  practicaldemonstration  of were doing jobs by giving their employees working in Pakistan treatment Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC).
BRI’s concept of shared des­ half pays to departments. Railway.  However, these  em­ LEEDS,  United  Kingdom
Mockery  of  SC has been conunsel  for  PIA  remarked  “ Committee was told that ployees were doing jobs by giv­
made . No respect or honor is
left for the court.
if  you  are  found  of  making
speech,  then  deliver  it  some­
tiny. According to the survey,
BRI  has  been  gaining  more as  many  as  10,183  recruit­
ments would be made in Paki­
ing  their  half  pays  to  depart­
ment. Committee was told that
(AFP/APP): Pakistan batsman
Asif Ali is expected to leave the SC orders to club Afia
The counsel for   the pe­
titioners  prayed that what or­
where  else.  You  don’t  know
about the case and come here.
recognition  globally  and  will
help support economic devel­ stan Railway and total Rs 2 bil­
lion rupees would spend on this.
as  many  as  10,183  recruit­
ments would be made in Paki­
tour of England following the
death of his daughter, who had case with Pakistanis
opment  across  Asia  and  be­ been having treatment for can­
der  has  been given by  the
court is being misinterpreted.
Go and take admission in law
college again. yond, The 2019 “The Belt and
Road” Media and Think Tank
The  committee  meeting  was
held on Monday with the chair­
stan Railway and total Rs 2 bil­
lion rupees would spend on this. cer in the United States. languishing in foreign jails
manship  of Muhammad Khawaja  Saad  Rafique A  statement  issued  by
Meeting decides to take Exchange  Event  attracted
mainstream  media  represen­ Moeen Wattoo.  Committee
was told that estimated 95902
told  the  committee  burden
would  increase  on  Pakistan
Islamabad  United,  the  team
Asif  plays for  in  the  Pakistan
preme  Court  (SC)  Monday
During the course of proceed­
ings,  Justice  Sheikh Azmat
indiscriminate action tatives and think tank experts
from  17  countries,  including posts are lying  vacant and to­
tal 72,259 persons were work­
Railway  by  new  recruitment
and department couldn’t bear
Super League, late Sunday said:
“ISLU family pays its deepest
ordered  to  club a  petition
seeking the repatriation of Dr
Saeed  said  the  issue  of  Dr
Aafia be raised along with that
against hateful speeches Pakistan and India. Mushahid
Hussain Sayed,  Chairman ing on this.  During the past five this loss. condolences to @AasifAli2018
on the tragic loss of his daugh­
Aafia  Siddiqui  with a  plea
seeking  repatriation  of  Paki­
of other Pakistanis languishing
in jails overseas as approach­
Senate  Foreign Affairs  Com­
From Our Correspondent
LAHORE:  Federal  Interior
publication and distribution of
literature  based  on  religious mittee represented Pakistan at
the  meeting. Addressing  the
Food Authority crackdown, ter. Our thoughts and prayers
go out to Asif & his family.
stanis jailed abroad.
A  three­member  bench,
ing the matter in this way may
yield results.
Minister  Brig.  ®  Ejaz  Shah animosity along with indiscrimi­
called on Punjab Chief Minis­ nate action against the hateful meeting, he said that the me­
dia and think tanks have an im­
destroys sub-standard, Asif is a great example of
strength  &  courage.  He is  an
headed by  Justice Sheikh
Azmat  Saeed  and  comprised
Deputy Attorney  General
Ilyas Bhatti informed the court
ter Sardar Usman Buzdar at his speeches.  The Chief Minister inspiration to us.”
office here on Monday and dis­
cussed matters of mutual inter­
said that strict action will be ini­
tiated against those taking the
portant  function  in  the  inter­
national community communi­ expired products Earlier on Sunday, the 27­
Justice  Faisal Arab  and  Jus­
tice  Ijaz  Ul Ahsan,  heard the
that Dr Aafia  avails a counsel­
lor meeting every three months.
cating and avoiding conflicts. General Food Authority, Bashir year­old Ali  made  22  during
est including law and order situ­ law into their hands as no one Independent Report Pakistan’s  54­run  defeat  by
case filed  by  Dr  Fauzia Justice Azmat  Saeed  directed
ation and adoption of steps for can be allowed to do so. QUETTA:  The  Balochistan Ahmed Baloch warned that no Siddiqui,  sister  of  Dr  Afia  in the deputy  attorney  general  to
further improving the security The rule of law will be en­ Kashmir-born Food  Authority  (BFA)  de­ compromise would be made on England in  the fifth  and final
2018 requesting it to order the review the case and find out if
stroyed  the  sub­standard  and quality  of  eatables  and  other one­day  international  at
situation in the province. sured at every cost in the prov­ lad wins expired products seized during essential  commodities  in  the Headingley—a  loss  that  saw government  to  formulate  a there is a possibility that she can
Provincial  Law  Minister ince because nothing is impor­ comprehensive policy for pro­ complete her jail term in Paki­
Muhammad  Basharat  Raja, tant than the protection of life British city crackdown  at  various  depart­ province. He said that it is in­ England take the series 4­0 af­
tecting  fundamental rights  of stan, and adjourned the hearing
mental stores and shops in the tolerable  to  see  sale  and  pur­ ter  the  opening  match was
Chief  Secretary,  IG  Police,
ACS  (Home)  and  Principal
and property of the people.
He said  that every  pos­
Mayor’s slot provincial metropolis on Mon­ chase  of  poor  quality  edibles washed out. Pakistanis  detained  abroad. of the case till date in office.
MIRPUR  (AJK)  (APP):  The day. The  team  led  by  the  Di­ and food as it is just injurious
Secretary  to  CM  were  also sible step will be adopted for
Kashmiri  expatriates  city  of rector  Operations  Ms.  Nida to  health.  He also  issued  spe­
present on the occasion.  It was further improving the law and Mirpur (AJK) secured another Kazmi supervised the destruc­ cial directives to all concerned
agreed  to  maintain  integrated order situation and added that
distinction after  a  UK­born tion  of  the  edibles  and  other to ensure hygienic conditions in
coordination  between  Punjab operation  will  be  continued
and  the  federal  government against the land grabbers. young son of its soil clinched the items near Nawan Killi area in the shops and other outlets. He
along  with the  adoption of great honour winning election to suburb of Quetta city.
Federal  Interior  Minister also  asked  that  the special  at­
necessary steps to further im­ said that his ministry will sup­the office  of the Mayor  of  the The  team  also  raided  a tention  must  be  given  to  the
prove the law  and  order  and port  the  Punjab  government British  city of  Northampton few other shops where  it quality  of  products  avoiding
security situation. Borough  Council.  Councilor checked  the  quality  of  com­ sale of sub­standard items.
with  regard  to  law  and  order
It  was  also  decided  to situation and added that he willNazim  Iftkhar  Choudary  took modities  in  addition  to  their Otherwise,  stern  action
hold  crackdown  against  the also visit other provinces. over the historic position of the expiry and the hygienic con­ would  be taken  against  them,
Mayor  of  Northampton  Bor­ ditions there. the Director General Food Au­
ough  City  Council  in  United Meanwhile,  the  Director thority warned further.
UK’s Jeremy Corbyn Kingdom from Councillor Tony
Ansell becoming the 779th per­ Mirwaiz announces
says IMF deals did not son  to  hold  the  office, says  a
message released to  the media Support all Indo-Pak efforts
benefit ordinary people here on Monday.
1­year old Nazim Iftkhar aimed at ending hostility,
Monitoring Desk munity during Ramzan, said he Choudary  born in British
LONDON:  Labour Party had  always expressed  his res­ Wakefield city of Yorkshire in
Leader  Jeremy  Corbyn on ervation at such agreements. 1988.  He  is  the  son of a
solution of Kashmir issue
Monday  expressed  his  reser­ The Opposition leader in Kashmiri  expatriate  Iftikhar MIRPUR  (AJK)  (APP):  All , the report said.
vations  at  the  deal  between the UK House of Commons Ahmed Choudhry  – who  had Parties  Hurriyat  Conference All  the  Hurriyat  leaders
Pakistan and the International said: “What can [in fact] re­ migrated  from  ancestral  old Chief  Mirwiaz  Omer  Farooq include Professor Abdul  Gani
Monetary Fund (IMF), saying solve  the  issue  of poverty Mirpur city in 1964 in the wake has said that the Hurriyat was Bhat, Bilal Gani Lone, Engineer
such deals did not benefit the around  the  world  is  fairer of  the departure  of thousands ready  to  support all  Indo­Pak Hilal  War,  Masroor  Abbas
ordinary people. trade, dealing with the debt cri­ of  the  locals  to  the  United efforts aimed at ending hostil­ An sari,  Sampat  Prakash,
In  an  exclusive  interview sis that many countries face, [an] Kingdom as  a  result  of  the ity and seeking an early peace­ Ghulam Hassan Mir,  Jaffar
with Geo News, Corbyn, who investment  in  agriculture  and great package of bright future ful solution of Kashmir issue. Kashmiri, Tariq Ahmed Dar, a
was attending an iftar­dinner at industrial systems for the fu­ offered by the government  of He was addressing a representative of Hurriyat (G)
the Islamic Centre to show his ture, and dealing with the is­ Pakistan as a result of the con­ seminar titled “The Importance Owasi  Sahab  addressed  the
support  for  the Muslim  com­ sues  of  climate  emergency. struction of Mangla dam. of Dialogue in the Backdrop of gathering.  The  seminar  was
Strained  Indo­Pak  Relations”, moderated by Moulana Syed ur
held in occupied Srinagar late Rehman Shams.
Sunday, says a report reaching Delivering his presidential
here Monday  from across  the address, despite  his ill  health,
line of control. the APHC  chairman  Mirwaiz
The  glittering  seminar Umar  Farooq said  that  the
was hosted in connection with Hurriyat had participated in the
the ongoing martyr’s week at dialogue  process  with the
the  APHC headquarters  at former  Prime  Minister  of  In­
Rajbagh locality of Stinagar to dia—Altal Bihari Vajpayee and
commemorate the martyrdom Manmohan Singh and also the
anniversaries  of  Shaheed­e­ then  Pakistani  president Gen­
Milat Moulana Mirwaiz eral  Pervez  Musharraf.
Muhammad  Farooq,  martyrs He said  that  it  was
of  Hawal  massacre  and  the Vajapayee  who  had  realized
Shaheed­e­Hurriyat  Khawja the  need  for  resolving  the
Abdul Gani Lone. It was pre­ Kashmir issue as he advocated
LAHORE: Mr. Justice Hasnat Ahmad Khan chairing meeting of 8th Wage sided by  Mirwaiz Umar that Kashmir needs to be dealt
Board. Farooq, the APHC Chairman with in the ambit of humanity.

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