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Prophecies in the Old Testament - Joel 2:28,29

Isa 28:11,12; 32:15; 44:3
Eze 36:27

3 things Jesus taught His disciples.

a. Recognise the Holy Spirit as God's gift, the key to all God has for us.
Lk 11:9-13

b. Promised the Holy Spirit will be with them in their ministry.

Mt 10:16-20 Mk 13:9-11 Lk 12:11,12

c. Commanded them to wait at Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high.
Lk 24:49 Acts 1:4

Type Time Agent Element Scripture

Baptism After Minister Water Mt 28:19
in water Conversion
Baptism in At Holy Spirit Body of Christ I Cor 12:13
body of Christ Conversion
Baptism in After Jesus Christ Holy Spirit Acts 2:4
Holy Spirit Conversion

1. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Rom 8:9,16 - Every believer is indwelt or has the Holy Spirit
- Work of regeneration

2. The Meaning of Baptism.

'Baptizo' means "to dip" or "immerse" - same word as in baptism in water.

Promised to every believer. Baptizer - Jesus Mt 3:11; Lk 3:16

A person is supernaturally, experientially and in full consciousness immersed in the
presence of Holy Spirit.

Fullness of the Spirit. - Holy Spirit having more of you as you yield
yourself to the Holy Spirit.
Not essential for Salvation

1. Power for living & serving
2. Gifts can be manifested through you.
3. Five accounts in the book of Acts.

a. Acts 2:1-4 - Day of Pentecost - spoke in tongues

b. Acts 8:9-22 - Samaria (1 yr later) - Simon the sorcerer saw the evidence.

c. Acts 10:43-48 - Ceasaria (Cornelius household, 8 yrs later) - spoke in tongues

d. Acts 19:1-6 - Ephesus (20 yrs later) spoke in tongues

e. Acts 9:3-18 - Paul himself spoke in tongues II Cor 14:18

4. The initial physical evidence.

3 schools of thoughts.

a. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is strictly by faith - no need for sign.

b. Person may or may not speak in tongues.
c. All must speak in tongues or may prophesy.
Tongues spoken by believer as the Spirit of God gives them utterance.

Living the Spirit-Filled Life - bearing the fruit of the Spirit daily. Gal 5:22, 23. One
baptism, many infillings. Eph 5:18
Initial - beginning. Physical - can be seen evidence - proof of baptism.

5. What is speaking in tongues?

a. Supernatural utterance by the Holy Spirit.

b. Languages never learned by the speaker.

c. Not understood by the mind of the speaker. I Cor 14:2

d. Nearly always not understood by hearers.

e. Nothing to do with linguistic ability, mind or intellect of man. Man's will, spirit &
speech organs are active.

6. Purpose of speaking in tongues.

a. Scriptural evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

b. Believers may magnify God - Acts 10:46

c. That we may edify ourselves. I Cor 14:4

d. That our spirit as distinct from our understanding might pray - Rom 8:26

e. That with the gift of interpretation of tongues the church may be edified.
f. Tongues as a sign to them that believe not. I Cor 14:22