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Rutan wanted me to write a paper on what creativity is through no certain

guidelines or circumstances. If this were Lit N Comp I, I’d be writing this essay as if it were a
persuasive essay through the template of a thesis, body paragraphs, and its conclusion.
However, you’d betcha I’m lucky I’m in Creative Writing and not her class, so I guess this writing
style will suffice. Now naturally you’d be wondering why in the world that something a little as a
word can mean so much to an individual.

Creativity isn’t just a word though, it means so much more. Creativity is one of the most
important building blocks of what could be identified as a normal human being. To me, creativity
is not just something an art student has for splotching seven shades of blue onto a paper in an
abstract manner, creativity is ​within​ you. Everybody possesses it, but it hasn’t been executed to
a point where others jaw drop to it, or it triggers their creativity. For example, when I was in
Visual Journaling with Mrs. Hall, each week we would need to follow prompt and make a piece
that would sky rocket our grade if we succeeded. Each week, I found myself at a C, or a C-
even. But it’s something that just snaps, and clicks. It can be triggered by others creativity, it can
be triggered by old ideas but reprised, which brings me to my next point.

People need to realize that creativity is NOT originality. Generally speaking, there is no
more originality left in literature. Every book you read is either a cookie cut idea, a reprise, or
just a remake of an old movie or book, why do you think there has been so many remake
movies as far as the 2000’s go, such as Evil Dead (2013), or Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).
Notice something? They’re both horror movies, and there are still remakes yet to come, like the
upcoming remake of the cult-classic written by Stephen King, Pet Cemetery My point isn’t that
creativity is dead, and originality is as well, but my main point here is that creativity HAS to be
original for it to be creative. In times like now, and days like today, I can quite literally go to New
York, stand on a podium, throw a ball, and hit about seven others that can do the same thing
that a “great author” can. You can bend and stretch an idea, but there’s only so much you can
do by milking it (No shade to Sean S. Cunningham, original producer to Friday the 13th, quite
literally the most milked franchise in horror movie history, it’s worse than Sharknado).

The definition of creativity is “​the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in
the production of an artistic work.”. Hilarious how I brought up that in order for it to be creative it
has to be original, and it showed up in the definition, and I didn’t look the definition up earlier,
swear. Bottom line is that creativity is within EVERYONE, but it hasn’t been embodied for
reasons that I probably couldn't wrap my mind around. Whether it be fear of rejection, fear of
embarrassment, or people thinking you’re weird, hit celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Sia,
Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, you name it, they didn’t become famous by being cookie cutter and
unoriginal. Sure, the ladies may have in common fashion sense or what have you, but they
weren’t afraid to be creative, which so many people in society are today.
You have creativity.
Embody it.
Own it.
You are creative.

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