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Prayer Points for the youth camp:

1. Pray for the Registration:

 Pray that God should help us to reach right people and to get more number of
 God should connect us with Kingdom minded people who would help us to reach more
 Every person that God has chosen for this camp should come and they should be blessed.
 Each and every person who sees the handbills, posters, video... Holy Spirit of God work
in their hearts and bring them into the camps.
 Participants should get permission from their colleges, work place, churches and their
parents should send them.

2. Pray for the arrangements:

 Pray for the transportation of participants. God's favour to be there in arranging the
vehicle. God should bless us with Good driver and good vehicle. God should lead us to a
person who would give his vehicle on cheeper rate.
 Pray for the food and accommodation.
 Pray for the PA system, music instruments, etc...

3. Pray for the God's protection and covering in the campsite.

 Pray for the blood covering upon everyone.

 Pray for the good health for everyone in the campsite.
 Pray for a pleasant weather upon that place.

4. Pray for the participants:

 God should deliver people from every obstacle and bring them to the camp.
 Holy Spirit of God should start His works in their lives, prepare their hearts to receive the
word of God.
 Every person who attends the conference should receive their breakthroughs. They
should re-establish their relationship with God.
 People should be healed, delivered and should walk in freedom and victory.
5. Pray for the venue:

 Pray that God should cleanse the campsite and prepare that place to host the heavenly
 The authorities in that place should work in our favour. They should come forward to
provide whatever facility that we ask for.
 God should bless everyone who is going to cook food, clean that place for us and anyone
who is working for us.
 Speak God's heavenly peace over the campus, over the authorities and over all the

6. Pray for the financial needs:

 The overall estimation for the conference is nearly 1.5 lakh (considering 100
participants)1. Pray that God should provide every need.
 Ask God to raise up the people who would sow into the Kingdom work.
 Pray for everyone who is standing with us in this mission. Pray for God's blessings to
come upon them.

7. Pray for the Speakers, worship team and for the leaders.

 God should pour out His love and bind everyone's heart. Everyone should work together
in one accord.
 God should fill everyone with His anointing. They should deliver God's manna from
 Pray for their travel, health and protection for them and their families.

8. Pray for the proceedings of the camp.

 Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

 Pray that each session should be led by the Holy Spirit.
 God should speak to each and everyone through every session.
 Pray that God should raise up testimonies for His glory.