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I. Company review.

Developed history:
- Found by Hoang Duong company in 1997 under name “Canishop”
in Czech Republic with the aim of providing wool yarn for eastern
- In 2001 the company launched the first store in Ha Noi named
“Canifa”. ( “Cani” is original name and “Fa” means “Family”) =>
“Fashion for all”.
- In 2007, it launched a new brand “ Canifa kids” for children from
2- 12 years old.
1. Mission, vision, core value:
- Mission: bring domestic consumers diversified and high quality
experiences, honor the Vietnamese fashion brand
- Vision: Fast fashion but the quality is guaranteed, diversified in
- Core value: Respect, Create, Priority, Share.
2. Company scope:
- Domestic: 68 stores across 24 provinces in Vietnam.
- International: German, England, American, Taiwan, Poland and
Czech Republic.
3. Product portfolio:
- Summer: Elastic, cool khaki products.
- Winter: The product is made from wool, traditional yarn and warm
cloth coat.
- Kids: Product is made from wool, yarn, cotton for winter and
 This summer, Canifa launched a new line product- Sun protective
clothing. This is the main product of the summer 2018 of Canifa.
II. Analysis of new line product – Sun protective clothing.
1. General information

2. STP analysis. ( Source:

- Segmentation:
 Demographic: Age from 2 to 40 ( Men, women and kids).
Most clothing users: Kids, students, professional
office workers.
 Psychographic: Middle, upper classes.
Comfortable, casual, professional.
 Behavioral: Comfortable, Fashionable, High quality.
- Targeting:
 Targeting in short run ( dominating domestic market) and long
run (conquering international market).
 Differentiate targeting :
 Seasonal:
 Winter: Products made of wool, traditional yarn
(life jackets, warm cloth coat)
 Summer: The line of elastic, khaki products
 Sex:
 Male: The products bring health, elegance,
 Female: Products have a unique design, feminine
 Age:
 Kids (2-13 years old): Products made of cotton,
denim, khaki soft, vibrant colors( Boy-Simple ,
cute, personality design; Girl- Cute, lovely design).
 18-45 years old.
 Career:
 Office dress: simple, elegant, sophisticated, stylish,
young but no less polite.
- Positioning:
 National clothing brands , clothing with good quality ( More
price more benefits).
 A leading company in woolen clothing production in Vietnam.
 Slogan: “Fashion for all” .
 Having stable standing in the market and in consumers’ mind
with no scandals
1. Situation analysis:
1. Macro environnent. (PESTEL) (Source:
- Political:
 Government stability :
 Government of Vietnam launched the movement
"Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods".
 Vietnam joins WTO, TPP, signing free trade agreements
 Opportunities:
 One of the important factors that help Vietnam
develops policies; create confidence and peace of
mind for businesses.
 Commercial support, creating a great opportunity
for Canifa to constantly development.
- Economic:
 GDP growth has surpassed the target of 6.2% in 2015, the
current economy has reached 4,192.9 trillion VND : The
economy has recovered remarkably. (Source:
 Consumer spending in Vietnam is growing rapidly thanks to
strong purchasing power and large market size so demand
for goods and services is high.
 Inflation, interest rate fluctuations, affects input prices and
affect access to capital of enterprises.
 Opportunity: Suitable for domestic market development,
assembly for branding and prestige of textile product.
 Challenge: Challenges with consumer products,
including textiles.
- Social:
 Large market (Vietnam's population is young and standard
of living is higher) .
 The quality of human resources in the garment industry has
been increasingly developed.
 Opportunities:
 Potential for the fashion industry.
 Great opportunity for domestic garment industry.
 Improved productivity management in recent
years .
- Technology:
 Modern production machinery (the production line is
certificated ISO 9001).
 The Internet has become a very useful means to help
customers look up product information, find prices,
purchase addresses
 Opportunities:
 Pproducts will be of high quality, rich designs,
easily accepted by the market.
 For businesses, it becomes a useful
communication channel, which helps to convey
information to customers.
2. Microenvironment (5 forces):
- Suppliers: Strong ( imported material from USA, Australia,…)
- Competitor: Strong ( Uniqlo, PT 2000, Ninomax, Blue
- New entrances: Strong ( Zara, H&M, Chinese clothing,…: Cheap,
rampant, stylishly updated trends or trends from high fashion
- Buyers: Moderate.
- Substitutes: Weak ( clothing is essential things)
 Challenges:
 The price of product depends on the price of the raw
material imported from the supplier, the exchange rate so
price of product will be higher than other brands.
 Must constantly change the product code to suit the
mode, strive to improve quality.
 Many Vietnamese “Sính đồ ngoại” : have to share
market share with international brands.
 Opportunities: With the "Vietnamese understanding", it is easy
to produce products that fit the consumer market.( Highly
applicable, easy to use, meeting the basic needs of everyone).
3. SWOT:
- Strengths:
+ Current positioned as Viet Nam no.1 casual wear brand.
+ High end wool product line ( differentiate with competitors).
+ Social work is stronger than other fashion brand.( Sponsor of reality TV
shows hit in Vietnam as VNTM, Project Runaway VN, Doremi ; launch new
collection “ Canifa street spirit” in VN International Fashion Week 2016)
+ Many sales promotions.
+ Clothing items are simple, easy to coordinate, suitable for hanging out or at
- Weaknesses:
+ About model, Canifa is still considered monotonous, boring, not any
change, creativity
+ Imported materials so have to depend on the suppliers.
+ Higher price than other brands with same products.
- Opportunities:
+ Vietnamese people is prioritizing Vietnam product.( "Vietnamese people
prefer Vietnamese goods" ).
+ Competitors such as ZARA, Ninomaxx, Blue Exchange are in a recession
phase, losing position in the Vietnam market
+ Strong development of the media
- Threats:
+ The Vietnamese are more interested in the design, the fashion industry is also
constantly changing => big challenge for Canifa, which has been evaluated as a
brand with monotonous design.
+ More and more competitors are appearing in domestic global market.