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Cheer Rules and Guidelines:

Somerset Sky Pointe Middle/ High

School 2019-2020
1. ​Any student with a minimum grade point average of a 3.0 and who are in grades 6th-8th and
9th-12th are eligible to tryout.

​2​. Potential prospects must:

1. Be willing to commit and attend practices and games.
2. Be willing to use good grooming and high standards of character.
3. Be willing to put forth best efforts academically.

A. ​ Students will be placed on squads according to grade level (6-8th Middle School, 9th-10th Junior
Varsity, and 10th-12th Varsity).
B.​ Both Junior Varsity and Varsity squads are mandated to cheer at ​ALL​ games.
C.​ All cheer placements on squads are final for the 2019-2020 season.
Mandatory Requirements for HS Cheerleaders:
In order to become a Somerset Sky Pointe cheerleader, cheerleaders must have…

A. Concussion test
B. Physical
C. Register @ r​

A. Cheer uniform: 200$-250$(Depending on extra additives)
B. Cheer camp: 360$
C. Cheer dues: To be determined (20$-40$)

A.​ Practice and Game attendance is mandatory. Your Squad depends on you!
B.​ Attendance at regular and postseason games for the ​entire​ game is mandatory. You are not
allowed to be late or leave early ​EVER.
C.​ Attending UCA summer camp is mandatory. Camp dates are from​ 07/16/2018 to
07/19/2018 at UNLV (the cost will be listed on the ​pricing ​handout)
D. ​Cheerleaders must attend all practices (unless an excused absence is approved by the coach)
in order to cheer at the games.
E. ​All cheerleaders must be at the field 30 minutes prior to the game (coach sets the time). If
late, the cheerleader will not be allowed to perform during the first quarter and must sit on the
F. ​It is ​your ​responsibility to make sure you have scheduled a ride to and from practices and

A.​ Coaches need to be notified of an absence prior to practice.
-C​oaches must be notified by parent or guardian 24 hours in advance, with a doctor's
note,​ in order to be eligible for it to be deemed excused.
B.​ Situations needing special consideration for an absence will be dealt with on an individual
C.​ Going out of town will only be excused one time per season.
D.​ A cheerleader ​will not ​perform in the first quarter of the game and during half time, if she did
not attend prior practices.
E. ​More than​ two unexcused absences​ from games will result in expulsion from the squad.
1. ​ Each cheerleader is expected to attend​ ALL​ practices. ​All practices are mandatory ​unless a
cheerleader is ill and has notified the coach the morning of (by 7:30am.) with either an email or
phone call.

2​. It is important to be​ on time​ to practice. Missed practices and/or not being on time to practice
may result in non participation during parts of games or even expulsion from the squad.

***If you miss a practice, it is your responsibility to make up what you’ve missed (new cheers,
routines, etc.).

3. ​Cheerleaders should wear appropriate clothing and shoes to practice in. Athletic shoes, socks,
t-shirt and shorts are appropriate. Girls wearing flip flops or jeans to practice will sit out, which
means it will affect their cheer time at games. Athletic cheer or dance shoes and stretchable
clothing is essential.

4. ​Cheerleaders should come to practice prepared and ready to learn. There is a limited amount
of time and lots of things to work on. Coaches will supply parents and cheerleaders with
information regarding appropriate behavior during practice and games. Information will be
provided about actions taken when a cheerleader’s behavior is inappropriate or unsportsmanlike.

5. ​Cheerleading practice is scheduled for four days per week. Each practice shall not exceed two (2) hours
in length from the scheduled start time.

7.​ A Coach may set extra practice as needed.

8.​ ​NO CELL PHONES​ at practices or games! Coaches will take cell phones that are seen
during practices or games and return the​ ONLY​ to a parent.​ The use of a cell phone during a game
will lead to disciplinary actions.

1. ​ Cheerleaders need to be on the court 30 minutes before each game (coaches will set times).
This allows the squad to find each other and do warm up stretches before going onto the court. If
a cheerleader is going to be absent, the coached needs to be notified 24 hours in advance with a
legitimized excuse (severe illness, family emergency, etc.)
2. ​ Each cheerleader should be in full uniform when cheering at games. Full uniform includes:
cheer shell top cheer skirt, briefs, cheer or dance shoes, white socks, and ribbon in hair.
Uniformity is important! Everyone on the squad needs to look the same. If cheerleader is not in
complete uniform, she will not perform at all.
3.​ Each cheerleader should wear her hair up and off her face, so it does not bother her during
practices and games.
4. ​ Cheerleaders should be ready to cheer and pay attention to the game. Between cheers, each
cheerleader is expected to stand at attention with her hands behind her back, facing the court to
watch the game.
5. ​ No gum or candy is allowed.
6. ​ No vibrant nail polish or acrylic nails (for safety purposes when stunting).
7. ​No jewelry allowed-- this includes earring (for safety purposes when stunting).


A.​ Cheerleaders need to be well groomed and look presentable.
B. ​The official uniform consists of shell top, skirt, briefs, white no show socks, hair bow, and mid turtle
neck (Varsity).
C.​ Uniforms must be kept clean, neat, and in good condition.
D.​ Appropriate undergarments should be worn.
E.​ Hair must be kept clean and away from face and shoulders.
F.​ No gum chewing or candy eating during camp, practices, or games.
G.​ No jewelry allowed.

A.​ Listens to instructions.
B.​ Is cooperative and enthusiastic.
C.​ Helps and encourages others.
D. ​Does not use profane, obscene, or rude language during practices and games.
E.​ Is punctual and maintains a good attendance record.
F.​ Shows respect for Coaches and instructors.
G. ​Uses time well (does not waste time).
H.​ Thinks of cheerleading as a squad effort, rather than an individual performance.
I. ​Refrains from hurtful comments to or about others and is sensitive to other’s feelings.
J.​ Refrains from negative behavior toward other squads.

***For if anyone breaks these rules, there will be serious consequences and possibility of expulsion.
Without respect and kindness, there is no way a cheer squad is able to succeed and thrive.
A. ​ Any member who fails to comply with any of the rules, handbook, and regulations is subject to
disciplinary actions.

In order to enforce the policies, a demerit system will be used to track absences, improper dress, tardiness,
and other violations/offenses as deemed necessary by the coaches.

The policy is subject to change, but cheerleaders will be notified in advance of any change in their
demerit status.
● Colored socks (game) - 1 demerit
● Jewelry (at practice or game) - 1 demerit
● Inappropriate shoes - 1 demerit at practice AND 2 demerits at game
● Inappropriate practice clothes (practice) - 1 demerit
● Incorrect uniform (game) - 2 demerits (example - forgetting pants, skirt, bodysuit)
● No poms (practice or game) - 1 demerit
● Tardy to practice without note - 4 demerits -
● Tardy to game for unexcused reason - 5 demerits
● Unexcused absence from practice - 7 demerits
● Leaving early from practice for unexcused reason - 5 demerits

● Leaving early from game for unexcused reason - 6 demerits

● Missing a game for an unexcused reason - 8 demerits

Examples of excused absences:

● Family emergency (death, hospitalization, etc)
● Doctor’s appointment (documentation should be brought to next practice/game)
● School function (field trip, college visit, etc)
● Learning center (to get help with classwork)

Examples of unexcused absences:

● After school detention
● Family trip -
● Hair/nail appointment

8 demerits = Sit out half of next game
12 demerits= Sit out full game (must dress out and sit with coach)
15 demerits= dismissal from squad Dismissal from squad

Immediate dismissal (15 demerits):

● Missing game without prior approval
● underage consumption of alcohol, drug use, use of tobacco products, steroids,
or any other controlled substance
● Any act of insubordination (toward coach, teachers, administration, etc)

Use of inappropriate use of postings with inappropriate images, language, or behavior from facebook,
instagram, snapchat, etc. will be grounds fo​r IMMEDIATE EXPULSION​ from the squad​.​ Social media
will be monitored on a regular basis by the coaches.


A. ​ Shows good spirit and sportsmanship at all times.
B.​ Good audience interaction.
C.​ Good strong jumps.
D.​ Good timing.
E.​ Completes all movements.
F. ​ No lazy, flying arms.
G. ​Good tight fists.
H. ​ Good sharp movements.
I.​ Pointed toes.
J. ​Good voice projection.
K. ​ Uses a variety of jumps.
L.​ Able to memorize routines.
M. ​Shows good rhythmic ability.
Cheer Contract

If you agree to these terms and conditions. Please sign the contract below along with a parent or
guardian, three of your teachers, one of the assistant vice principals or principal's and head
coach. ​This must be turned in before tryouts begin on Friday May 3rd.

I ___________________________ , hereby agree and have read all the rules and regulations to
be apart of the 2019-2020 Somerset High Sye Pointe Cheerleading Squad.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________ Date: _____________________

Teacher Signatures (Need 3 to show proof of character and eligibility)

1)__________________________________ Date: ______________

2)__________________________________ Date: ______________

3___________________________________ Date: ______________

Vice Principal/Principal Signature ____________________________ Date: _____________

Coach Signature ____________________________________ Date: ___________________