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MAY 2019
Activities to carry out:
Step 1

Introduce yourself each student share IN ENGLISH this following

personal information (Name, age, address, phone number and
occupation, choose a role).

My name is yoheinis Paola Fajardo Vargas, I’m 27 years old live in the city of
Valledupar in diagonal 18d # 24 - 32 founders, my telephone number is
3016453812 I am a housewife.

Step 2

Check exercises on the knowledge environment.

Group has to check “Knowledge Environment” and develop all the

Writing exercises. There are 5 students in the group for five parts in
writing exercises. Each student develops two writing assignments in
the Forum.

Write a list of six recommendations a good driver should follow while
on the road.
 Keep your car up to date.
 Locate what is necessary nearby, the rest to the trunk.
 Plan the route.
 Secure your comfort Plan stops.
 Avoid the night.
 Plan stops.
 Do not wear your car.
 Zero extra charge.
 Drive in shifts.
 And if you travel with children ... Make sure that the kids are distracted
and comfortable, that they have the appropriate child seats, and that at
each stop they go to the bathroom.

Winite a paragraph giving advice about the best place to spend a

summer vacation. Use modal verbs of advice and the vocabulary you
learned in this week. Pay special attention to the following.

Because of its privileged climate and varied landscapes, Colombia is the

destination of choice for thousands of tourists from Latin America and the world.
If you are staying in the country this summer, consider exploring some of these
wonderful places.
Our country is known throughout the world for being one of the territories with the
most variety of landscapes: glaciers, beaches, plains, mountains, jungles and
deserts. Each year, nearly two million tourists arrive in Colombia to enjoy its
natural beauty.
If this vacation you have to stay in the country, we present you 10 places that
you can know, published by the portal Colombia.
1. AMAZONAS: The Colombian Amazon is an incredible destination for tourists
who seek extreme contact with nature and know one of the most representative
cultures of the country.
2. BARRANQUILLA: Since the end of the 19th century, it was characterized as
being the main port of the country where travelers and merchants entered and
left and since then it has been known as the Golden Gate of Colombia.
3. BOGOTÁ: Our capital is the most important cultural center of the country and
houses hundreds of interesting sites.
4. BOYACÁ: Is a sea of fertile mountains of the Eastern Cordillera decorated by
cultures of thousand colors, witnesses of the independence battles that shaped
South America.
5. CALI: is distinguished for being the capital of the Colombian street party,
dancing and salsa. The Caleños have developed a ludic and hedonistic culture,
in harmony with the natural environment and country life.
6. CARTAGENA: Cartagena de Indias is one of the most visited cities in
Colombia and has an immense historical richness in its walls, balconies and
narrow stone paths.
7. HUILA Located in the lowest part of the central area of Colombia, this
department is characterized for having a varied agricultural production and for its
impressive desert landscapes.
8. MEDELLÍN It is the second largest city in the country and is not only attractive
for its commercial and industrial activity but also for its hectic cultural and nightlife.
9. SAN ANDRÉS The San Andres Island is a perfect destination to enjoy
paradisiacal beaches, to practice water sports, to dive and to do ecotourism.
10. SANTA MARTA Santa Marta is the oldest city in South America with an
unparalleled historical heritage, beautiful landscapes and a great cultural legacy.


Develope Grammatical topics: Each student will select ONE topic to


a. Imperatives
b. Modal verbs
c. Simple past tense.
d. Gerunds after prepositions
e. Superlatives.

You cannot repeat topics.

After student chooses the topic, he should look for a video that explains its
gramar usage with its rules and write five sentences as an example of its use.
The video and the sentences will be post in the forum

I choose modal Verbs.

 I should buy a car. Yo deberia comprar un libro.
 You must eat your breakfast. Tú debes comer tu desayuno.
 He may read that book. Él podría leer ese libro.
 We can study tomorrow. ...
 You all must vote. ...
 I may sing in your party. ...
 Perhaps you would dance with Maria. ...
 Maybe he can watch the movie.


You will write a letter to your best friend to tell him/her about you
have a new job. As a group choose a job to develop. Each student
must develop a paragraph about that job. It means that each student
will select one paragraph, one color and develop it as in this

Paragraph one: Describe the job. (Use images for do it)

Hello Nathaly how are you, I miss you so much, I have many things to tell you
now I am a professor at the university NATIONAL OPEN AND ADVANCEMENT
CEAD VALLEDUPAR. I have three courses to mi cargo. I teach English and
Spanish. I have to work from 8:00 a.m. at 12:00 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00
p.m., My classroom is large, and remains silent. Every day when I leave class, I
prepare what I will teach in the next class. Sometimes I qualify worksheets or
some evaluations that I did in the classroom. how are you ...