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C A S H D I S P E N S E AT M s



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AT M s — B E T T E R C O N N E C T I N G

The Cash Dispense ATM remains a convenient,

trusted self-service channel for consumers
worldwide. As financial institutions continue their
self-service reinvention, as part of an evolving digital
world, consumers still demand access to cash in the
simplest, most secure way possible. When powered
with NCR’s intuitive CxBanking software, the cash
dispenser unlocks amazing consumer experiences
across physical and digital banking channels,
allowing you to better connect consumers with cash.

NCR SelfServ Cash Dispense ATMs can also help you to:

• Transform your self-service network with a reliable,

cost effective solution suited to any location
• Bring your financial brand closer to where and
when your customer demands cash in a range of
off-site locations
• Generate revenue by offering your customers
additional services using targeted marketing
and promotions
• Increase uptime, availability and operational
efficiency through express recovery, self-healing,
better dispenser performance, and a variety of
security features
• Deliver exceptional customer experience through
the ability to offer multi-touch screens, with pinch/
swipe, contactless tap and PIN functionality and
mobile cash withdrawal

“Cash withdrawal volumes and values are rising

year on year. The $14 trillion withdrawn from
ATMs annually around the world every year
is equivalent to 18 percent of global GDP, or
around $450,000 USD withdrawn every second,”

*Source: Retail Banking Research—Global ATM Market and

Forecasts to 2022
NCR S elfS e r v 23 N C R S e lfSe r v 2 7
Attract customers Modern
with an exceptional through-the-wall
ATM experience cash dispenser
Designed to catch The SelfServ 27 is a
the attention of your premium exterior through-
customers, the SelfServ the-wall ATM, featuring a
23 has a modern and modern aesthetic, enabling
contemporary look and the latest touch and swipe
feel including multi-touch capability. Designed for
capability and contactless ease-of-use and delivering
“tap and PIN” enablement. an exceptional consumer
It’s an ATM experience experience, the SelfServ
your customers will want to 27 is capable of handling
keep coming back for again the highest possible
and again. transaction volumes.

NCR S elfS e r v 14 N C R S e lfSe r v 2 2 e

Extend your More than a
presence to the cash dispenser
“off-premise” Ideal for any indoor
market space and area, the SelfServ 22e is
into retail locations designed to deliver cash
to your customers simply,
The NCR SelfServ 14 has
securely and reliably. With
the smallest footprint in
its compact footprint, it can
the SelfServ ATM range,
be deployed and operated
making it perfect for
almost anywhere. Even in
revenue generating, “off-
the busiest of locations,
premise” deployments.
the SelfServ 22e can
Offering convenient, fast
easily handle high
cash dispense capabilities,
transaction volumes.
where and when
consumers demand.
NCR S elfS e r v 25 N C R S e lfSe r v 2 6
The ideal fit for your Flexible placement
upgrade plans opportunities
With complete hole-in- to showcase
the-wall compatibility with your brand
equivalent exterior ATMs, Specifically designed with
the SelfServ 25 is the a sleek slimline profile, the
perfect fit when replacing SelfServ 26 is well suited
your older through-the- to very tight locations like
wall ATMs. Provide your through-glass placement
customers with round the or where space is at a
clock access to cash as premium. The NCR SelfServ
well as a broad range of 26 is suited to both in-
services like bill payment, branch and off-premise
funds transfer, mobile placement and is the ideal
phone top-up and ATM to showcase your
mini-statements. brand to the most people,
in the broadest range
of locations.

NCR S elfS e r v 28 N C R S e lfSe r v S E C ash

Freestanding, fully
Simply connecting
weatherized with
flexible placement
with cash
The SelfServ SE Cash is an
Take your brand and
interior, small footprint
banking services where
cash dispenser, designed
your customers are— at
for consumers, and built for
sporting events or even
financial institutions and
music concerts. The NCR
independent deployers.
SelfServ 28 doesn’t need
Customizable and easy
a structure to protect it
to service, the SE Cash
from the weather and only
combines improved
needs a power outlet and
ATM performance with
connectivity to your host
enhanced service benefits.
to operate. Allows you
Please note, the SE Cash
to place it anywhere and
is currently available in
benefit from maximum
India only.
brand exposure, large
transaction volumes
and revenue
generation opportunities.

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