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Hong Kong Chiropractors

JULY 2018

Executive Committees
Eric Chun Pu Chu 朱君璞脊醫
Vice Chairman
CDAHK in MEDIA Rick Pak Wai Lau 劉柏偉脊醫
Kary Ka Wai Lam 林嘉慧脊醫
Honorary Treasurer
CDAHK FELLOWSHIP Ethics/Education Chair
Public Relation
Jeffrey Ng 吳政諺脊醫
Founding Chairman
Vincent W H Chan 陳允灝脊醫
Offcial Publication of Founding President
Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong Albert C H Leung 梁濟康脊醫

ial Pu
CDAHK Election 2018
During its annual general meeting in Hong Kong, the CDAHK members have selected Drs. Eric Chu, Rick
Lau, Kary Lam, Valerie Chu, Gabriel Ng, and Jeffrey Ng as Executive Committees.
Dr. Chu was first elected as the chairman in 2014 and had lead the association in receiving various
sponsorship and international credentials. He had led and published many research; and completed the
Chinese version of the WHO Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Chiropractic, which is the keystone
to educational policies. His medical research has contributed to the current knowledge of autonomic
nervous system. Through innovation and research, He furnishes the advancement of translational
medicine and collaboration of healthcare professionals in Asia.

Drs Rick Lau and Valerie Chu had lead the association in receiving the prestigious World Spine Day
Award since 2014 and were elected as the vice chairman and honorary treasurer. Dr Lau has received
his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from Palmer College of Chiropractic and Dr Chu has completed her
education from AECC. Rick is passionate about helping patients and sharing a message of health with
the community around him. He constantly provides volunteer to the domestic helpers and government
at the local communities.

Dr. Kary Lam, CMCC graduate, has been elected as the Honorary Secretary of the CDAHK. Dr Lam had
served at the Executive Committee since 2008. She had supported in various rules and moved this
association’s important work to advance and integrate chiropractic as one of the main health system
through quality care and patient satisfaction.

Drs Gabriel Ng and Jeffrey Ng were the newly elected as the education and public relation committees.
Gabriel is also a certified personal fitness trainer. He has played many sports and always believes that
“never stop learning because life never stop teaching”. Jeffrey has a BSc (Hon) in Kinesiology and DC
from New York Chiropractic College. He continuously strives to improve chiropractic knowledge for
providing optimal care.

Other Honorary Advisors are awarded to Alex Shiu, Vincent Chan, and Albert Leung, who have severed
at the board for over 10 years. They are the keystones of the CDAHK national movement.

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CDAHK Conference

CDAHK Dinner

We are honor to have guest from the Korean Chiropractic AssociationTHE



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The Rubicon Conference held in Atlanta GA in May, 2018. After being held in London,
Switzerland and Australia, The Rubicon Group brought the conference, with Life University, to
Atlanta GA. As an emerging member, we are proud of be part of the Rubicon movement.
Here is the recap of what we did in the past weekend. From start, with Dr. Bruce Lipton, to
finish, with Dr. Heidi Haavik, the opportunity to learn of leading-edge neuroscience
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA developments that will shape the future of the chiropractic discipline and profession. An
interdisciplinary exposure to the concepts and world of neo-Vitalism, how these concepts have maintained their vitality
over time, and how they are once again in timing and step with broader cultural and social developments. Refreshing
clinical insights into the significance of the subluxation and power of the adjustment from academic, clinician-scientists,
as well as clinicians such as Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. Michael Longyear and Dr. Dan Sullivan.
A greater appreciation for the power of lifestyle on health and well-being offered in a real-world, real patient, real
change environment. An insight into the global expansion of Chiropractic from the presidents and principals of five
Rubicon institutions, bringing you a glimpse into trends emerging in other regions that hold the potential to impact the
profession globally. The power of leadership, how change happen, and how every one of us has the power to be a
change agent in our lives, homes, communities and beyond
The Law of Unintended Consequences is a remarkable and dispassionate rule. In 2018, who would have thought that
what we know in the United States as “the opioid crisis” would have created an opportunity for the profession to be
viewed as a needed answer in a critical moment just as the knowledge and understanding of the neuroscience
underpinning the profession begins to explode in such a remarkably positive manner.
The Rubicon Conference has created an amalgam of chiropractors, evolutionary
biologists, quantum theorists, sociologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, educators
and visionaries with the goal of bringing laser-focused attention and intention to the
contribution that the chiropractic profession can make on behalf of humankind.
The unintended consequence medicine has brought to the American people in the
form of opiate use, misuse and addiction is crossing paths with an era of
compassion and respect for the dignity of the individual. Now, big-data and new
insights into human function and malfunction has created another never-before-
seen confluence. The exploration of that coming together is at the heart of the
Rubicon Conference and The Rubicon Group.

Hong Kong Chiropractic, as a part of The Rubicon Group with 5

chiropractic schools since 2012, we are committed to meet
physically every 6 month in following considerable review of the
literature, the profession's past and current circumstances,
articulated a model of subluxation that is evidence-based, clinically
relevant, testable and philosophically congruent. It is now our
pleasure to bring a thorough presentation and discussion of this
model to Chiropractic in North America. In like manner, we explored
the roots of Vitalism throughout history and the development of
what is known today as neo-vitalistic thought as an articulating
framework consistent with contemporary perspectives of quantum
mechanics and neuroscience. We seek to bring these insights, from
a range of disciplines, to the needs of the chiropractic profession in 2018.

What would it take to expand the embarrassingly small body of valid chiropractic
research? It’s the MONEY. Dr. Heidi Haavik introduces her incredibly dedicated team and
shares that they have $80M worth of studies ready to go - and they’re languishing only
because there simply isn’t any money to do them. Her study suggests that the
chiropractic adjustment affects activity in the prefrontal cortex, the seat of what makes
us human and allows higher order thinking. What that may mean is astoundingly exciting -
but what we can validly say about it, based on research findings, is very limited. Again,
money (for more research) is the answer.

Dr. Heidi Haavik, neurophysiologist and director of research at New Zealand

Chiropractic College, asks that we reject black and white thinking and embrace the
reductionistic model of science because that is how we gain balance in chiropractic
neuroscience research. We have to publish solid scientific research in addition to
keeping the TIC in chiropractic.

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Life University PEAK Program Hong Kong
Dr Eric Chun Pu Chu speaks to the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS)
at on the PEAK program of Asia: The PEAK (Practice, Excellence, Art and Knowledge)
program is a program designed to allow senior interns to complete their clinic
requirements under the direction of the extension faculty.
The doctor has qualified to become a Life University Extension Faculty member has to
complete the requirements and CPR exam, and serves as a mentor to help the intern
not only develop clinically, but also prepare to make the transition from school to
practice. The PEAK Program is for student interns in their 13th or 14th quarters of study,
in good academic standing and having passed the 12th quarter OSCE exam.

The student intern works with the PEAK Doctor to provide patient care and fulfill other
assignments given by the PEAK Doctor. Students are a participating team member of
the clinic and a valuable part of the practice team. Interns perform history
examinations, diagnoses and X-rays; provide chiropractic adjustments; and complete
a Learning Objective Worksheet each week.
This experience allows the intern to gain valuable insights into the nuances of running
a profitable practice and the rewards of providing quality chiropractic care. The
PEAK Doctor acts as a mentor to the intern, helping to bridge the gap between the
classroom, the college clinic and private practice. In many cases, the PEAK Doctor is
not only a facilitator in the student intern’s development, but also becomes a lifelong

CDAHK visits Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina

Sherman College of Chiropractic is preparing for the future with enrollment projected
to double in the next decade, the college is developing a new student life center and
renovate the three buildings currently on campus. The plan is expected to cost around
$16 million and will help the college prepare for a larger student body. Sherman is one
of just 18 chiropractic colleges in the nation, and the only one in the Carolinas. The
ideal maximum student population at Sherman, after the master plan is complete,
would be between 800 and 1,000 students.

 Sherman College of Chiropractic  “We are thankful for this

officials toured the Hong Kong and opportunity to recognize our
world chiropractic leaders about founders’ vision by naming,
the new student center named for in their honor, a facility that
the college’s founder and his wife. ensures that their legacy for
the chiropractic profession is
carried on, and we like to
share to our Hong Kong
 Construction on the 22,000-
alumni about the upcoming
square-foot Drs. Thom and Betty
Gelardi Student Center is set to change of the college” said Sherman College
start soon on the college’s campus Executive Vice President Neil Cohen. The Gelardi
north of Spartanburg. The facility is Student Center will be the new gateway to
part of Sherman’s long-term campus. The building project, along with site and
building plan, and will be the first parking lot work, is set to cost about $8.9 million.
construction addition to the
college since 2000.
 Sherman’s master plan
 Thom Gelardi founded the also includes a renovation
college in 1973, and Betty was a of the main classroom
member of the college’s first building, the main office
Jul 2017 ● Issue 10● CDAHK
building, updates to the
graduating class.
on-campus Chiropractic
Health Center and an
enhanced campus plaza
 The Gelardi Student Center and welcoming visitors.
remaining campus updates are
scheduled to be completed by the
end of 2018.

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Official Meeting with Barbara and Kathy, the Dean
of the Faculty of Arts and Science and Vice Principal
of Queen’s University (Canada). Queen's University
at Kingston is a public research university in Kingston,
Ontario, Canada. Queen's is a co-educational
university founded in 1841, with more than 23,000
living alumni worldwide. Drstudents,
Eric Chuanddiscussed
with over with the Queen’s leadership
including potential international DC education after Canadian degrees.

Chiropractic is officially recognized as a primary health care
profession in Italy. Thanks to Dr. John Williams, president of the
Associazione Italiana Chiropratici (Association of Italian
Chiropractors or “AIC”), who had produced a document
outlining the regulatory framework for chiropractic. Dr. Williams
and the AIC worked diligently and strategically with their
champion in government, Senator Luigi Lusi, to ensure
chiropractors are set up legislatively. Similar to the history of
CDAHK, this kind of effort – partnering with governments on
behalf of chiropractic – is the most essential leadership needed
to take chiropractic to the world. Once the AIC was successful in
their efforts to open Italy to chiropractic. Dr. Williams barely
skipped a beat before strategizing the next step: Bringing
principled chiropractic education to Italy and the rest of Europe.
We are especially pleased to honor Dr. Williams for being a long friend of CDAHK since 2010 and visit us on his 70th
birthday. We are committed to physically meet each other every six months, and teleconference every two months in
building quality chiropractic college and education. Life University is chosen to his education partner in Rome, where
chiropractic has been practiced for years, but largely stripped of its philosophical underpinnings. Thanks to Dr. Williams
efforts, along with the AIC and Senator Lusi, chiropractic will soon have the European foothold it needs to increase
understanding of both its principles and its potential as an integral part of the healthcare landscape.
Like the CDAHK, Dr. Williams is currently working on the realization of a branch campus of Life University in Rome, which
will be a great boost in obtaining professional regulation in Italy, and will ensure the diffusion of chiropractic principles in
Europe. He is also promoting the growth of chiropractic, promoting its inclusion into the European health workforce, by
participating in European groups such as the Joint Action Health Workforce Planning initiative that the Association of
Italian Chiropractors (AIC) is presently part of.

In South Korea, chiropractors and other health professionals
not recognized by law such as acupuncturists, face two
major opponents. Dr. Junyong An, the 2006 Palmer
graduate who has practiced in the capital Seoul. He has
been fighting at the Supreme Court with the government,
defending and promoting chiropractic as the president of
Korean Chiropractic Association.

At the Chinese Lunar Year Day, we two decided to spend the

night together in Seoul, and share our experience and vision for
the year of Dog.

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The Taiwan Department of Health has stated and
confirmed that spinal manipulation are considered medical
acts. Taiwan Chiropractic Doctors Society (TCDS) had
faced with a situation where the medical profession has
essentially stolen the right to perform chiropractic from the
chiropractic profession. The lack of chiropractic legislation
left them vulnerable to lose the right to practice. TCDS Dr
James Tsai is building the profession to reverse the decision
by the DOH and establish their right to practice.

Dr. Friso Krü ger, President of the Association of German

Chiropractors e.V., who also serves as technical
manager of the Chiropractic Academy in the beautiful
spa town, Bad Oeynhausen, in North Rhine-Westphalia,
Germany. Because of his work, there another solid
footing from which to advance chiropractic in Europe.
This is a crucial time for chiropractic as it continues to
 Association of German expand globally into areas, like Europe, where its art has
Chiropractors e.V visits
sometimes been adopted without its philosophy.
the Chiropractic Doctors
Association of Hong


Life University has always been committed to growing Chiropractic in China with a
vision of maximizing the expression of the perfection within every human. Life
University has recently marked an important milestone in China.

China is populated by approximately 1.4 billion people, but has only a handful of chiropractors, not
anywhere near enough to make headway in the country’s healthcare regime. Currently, there are only few
chiropractic students from China, and we hope to see that number grow exponentially in the coming years
with our work in the country. We want to grow Chiropractic in China by further expanding relationships with
chiropractic college and governmental agencies, as well as making connections with healthcare leaders in
the country, an expansion of the initiative we started back in 2006. Read more information below on Life
University’s global initiatives in Greater China.

City Government of Kaifeng, China

The month of March has marked the
historic opening of the Life University
Chiropractic Center in Henan, China.
Tireless work from many, including our
Department of Global Initiatives, Board
of Trustees and the fine people of Henan
and Henan University, have made this
possible. Life University has a
commitment to spread Chiropractic
around the globe, and the world's most
populated country of China is severely in need of chiropractors. It has been a terrific week of progress, and
we are excited to see it grow in the years ahead.

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Chiropractic Research Center has been established through the collaboration of Life University and KaiFung
Chinese Medical Hospital.
To celebrate the official launch of the Chiropractic Center and to enable Kaifeng people to enjoy the world’s
high-end medical services, the Second Hospital of the City invited the Life University’s Chiropractors to carry out
major chiropractic clinic activities targeting cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis. , neck and shoulder,
back and leg pain, osteoarthritis and headache, dizziness, tinnitus and other diseases, face-to-face medical
treatment for Kaifeng citizens.
The people coming to clinics are in a continuous stream and their enthusiasm is high, far exceeding the 60
quotas for activities. In order to meet the medical needs of the people, patients who did not have time to attend
the day of the event, the Second Chiropractic Institute of the Spinal Nerve Research Center of the City has
arranged another time, and is treated by David Bellin, US trained chiropractor who is sitting in the hospital for
many years.

 Leadership never about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is

about one life influencing another. When KaiFung
Administration meets with Life University board of trustees,
like minded people discussed about future collaboration
and possibility of mankind.

Chancellor Dr. Guy Riekeman Signs Agreement with Team China

In preparation for competitions in the Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Olympics, Team
China has joined with Life U and its LSSI to establish a Chiropractic Performance
Center in Beijing. Spearheaded by Drs. David Bellin, Peng Li and John Downes, the
Chiropractic Performance Center will incorporate protocols utilized for Life U athletes
in an interdisciplinary facility involving coaches, performance trainers and other
members of Team China.

Can You See Yourself in China?

If you are interested in joining our efforts in China and can see yourself working with LIFE to
spread chiropractic globally, contact Dr. Bellin at or Dr. Downes at The article is based on the official letter from Life University.

Hong Kong ➢ How do you

Life University has signed an initial agreement of cooperation build the
with Professor Joseph Lee, the Open University of Hong Kong, to chiropractic
establish a Chiropractic degree program. Supported by the
program in ASIA?
CDAHK, both universities have working groups actively
developing the design and size of the program and reshape Interviewed by Dr Jeffrey Ng, CDAHK PR
Hong Kong’s Healthcare. Further information and agreements
are expected by the March, 2018. Committee

CDAHK has been  Is the DC degree  How do you see

supporting Life University in HK going to be Life University
for the future tailored made to fit (Chiropractic)
chiropractic program at Asia? Translating into
Hong Kong?
the Open University.
Interviewed by Dr Gabriel Ng Interviewing Dr Jay Handt, board of trustee of
Here is a little video from
(EducationCommittee) Life University by Dr Rick Lau, CDAHK Vice
newly elected committee: “Hi CDAHK”.

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All chiropractors practicing in Hong Kong are recommended to have indemnity arrangements in
place to cover them for any claims made against them, before beginning to practise. Then if a
patient claims that a chiropractor has been negligent, there are arrangements in place which
will help with the chiropractor’s legal costs and any funds awarded to the patient.
Doctors, do you want to have a great insurance plan from CDAHK? Dr Valerie Chu, CDAHK
Tresurer, had prepared a comparison chart for your easy review. Now it’s the time to contact us and join our exciting

Each month, notable media outlets contact CDAHK for information about chiropractic and health care topics and to set
up interviews with a doctor of chiropractic on CDAHK Public Relation Committee. We keep a watchful eye on media
portrayals of the chiropractic profession and has been responding to both positive and negative reports in an effort to
build relationships with, and educate, the media.
➢ Dr Joseph Wong
experienced aches and pain after sitting at our member, shares
computers for long periods. You know the drill . . .
about pregnancy
you’re working on a project that’s due tomorrow.
You’re focused and making great progress. Dr and subluxation at
Albert Ho DC, CDAHK member was interviewed the metrodaily.
on neck pain and office worker with Appledaily.

➢ Dr Vincent Chan

“Everyone should founding chairman

was interviewed on
recent incident of
be benefited disc herniation at the
local TVB news.

 Dr Albert Ho, CDAHK member from Chiropractic

discussed about the piriformis
syndrome in the news. care in Hong
 Dr Albert Ho’s interview on student posture and  Parents and caregivers would be all too
chiropractic. “The desk needs to be the correct height. familiar with the sight of young children lying
down whilst completing their school homework.
You will know, as the perfect sitting position will be a
As well, our current generation of students is
straight back, feet on the ground and chair close required to complete a wide range of computer-
enough so that the elbows are comfortably bent.” based activities each and every school day.

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➢ World Sleep Day 2018
Many studies have associated a lack of sleep to the risk of
obesity and increased Body Mass Index (BMI). A study indicated
that children who slept longer had lower BMI than those who
slept less; more specifically; and for every late hour that children
in bed, the BMI score increased by a small number. Another
study which looked at the effect of sleep deprivation in adults
also found that the waist measurements of people who slept on
average six hours per night were three centimeters higher than
those who slept nine hours a night, and these participants also
had more chance of being overweight.

World Sleep Day (WSD) is an annual celebration of sleep & call

to action on important sleep issues organized by World Sleep
Day Committee of World Sleep Society. It is designed to raise
awareness of sleep as a human privilege that is often
compromised by the habits of modern life. Dr David Bellin DC
had attended the Press Conference on the World Sleep Day
China Survey organized by Sina News and CDAHK endorsement


CDAHK chiropractors have been giving back to the local community and providing quality chiropractic
care across the city of Hong Kong. Whether it’s sponsoring a community event, donating prizes for local
community; attending local celebrations and events; volunteering for a charity work to the caregivers; or
volunteering at the sports event, CDAHK has always been a supporter and participant in many community
events, fundraisers, and programs.

Life University (Hong Kong)

Compassionate leaders honor the complexity of human relationships, nurture authenticity and create
common grounds for blooming great ideas in chiropractic education. We understand our purpose and the
belief-chemistry at our chiropractic gathering with the educational leaders. Our belief energy is the core of
leadership and success. When we design our belief energy for higher purpose and values, the momentum
can inspire and motivate others. Articulate, communicate and radiate our positive influence to build the
future chiropractors.

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When wonderful leaders and educators sit together, give to
the community and to serve out of our own abundance, our
love and passion drives process, which makes the difficult tasks
done and becomes success.
We believe that a willingness and desire to serve Hong Kong
and our fellows are just as important as the future academic
program at Open University. This attitude stems from the
recognition that each individual has been given certain gifts,
and as a citizen in the healthcare community, it is our duty To
Give, To Do, To Love.…

➢ Dr Jacky Yeung, CDAHK member, has opened [Spine First Chiropractic] in Hunghom
MTR station and serve the Kowloon community. Now Hong Kong can enjoy CDAHK
chiropractic service in a total of 26 MTR stations!

 Many chiropractors are Celebration our lovely Dr Tracy Wong’s wedding last night in
Hong Kong. Dr Wong has done a great contribution in raising the awareness of spinal
health during the past two years. She is being loved by many of our colleagues in the

McTimoney Chiropractic College (Hong Kong)

Student applicants of McTimoney
Chiropractic College had the privilege of
visiting a CDA Chiropractic clinic to
understand more about the daily works of
a chiropractor and the industry in more
depth. Dr Jason Zhou had shared to the
BPP University on the chiropractic
philosophy. For students who are also interested in visiting a chiropractic clinic to learn more about a chiropractic
career please do not hesitate to inbox/ email us at

City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong aspires to become a leading global university, excelling in research and professional
education. Ranked as one of top universities in Asia, its mission is to nurture and develop the talents of students and
to create applicable knowledge in order to support social and economic advancement. Dr Eric Chun Pu Chu,
CDAHK Chairman, inspired the students on the topic of “Understanding Your own Superpower” and described how
innate intelligence can change our body function in a scientific way. How a chiropractor in Hong Kong can fulfill
the purpose of SPECIAL including, Serve the world, Passion, Entrepreneurship, Coding, Innovation, Apiration, and Life
& career.

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Meeting with Secretary of Food and Health Bureau of HKSARS

CDAHK attracts the most principle chiropractors, who understand what it takes more
to be called CDAHK. We are involving and leading HK chiropractic in the most
constructive ways, including lobbying for pro-chiropractic legislation and working
collaborating with other health care professionals. Organized by Legislative Council
Joseph Lee, Drs Eric Chu and Vincent Chan had expressed many chiropractic
recommendation to the Secretary of Food and Health Bureau of HKSARS.

Spinal Health Course to the Endorsed Company

Spinal Health course is a comprehensive study geared to employees who are in the healthcare manufacture
business. Its aim is to enhance understanding of the spine as an anatomical and physical structure, and the
healthcare products that aim to help with spinal hygiene. The course offers a review of basic spinal anatomy,
as well as the biomechanics and diseases of the spine. Special emphasis is placed on the subject of spinal
safety and the mechanisms of ergonomics. Additional consideration is paid to the aging spine: repetitive
injuries and common musculoskeletal problems are examined.
As instructed by the CDAHK Dr Jason Zhou and Eric Chu, A group of Sinomax employees has attended the
course and received the certification.

 CDAHK Executive Committees Meeting April 2018

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The Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) strives to provide reliable, credible, high-quality
continuing education (CPD) for chiropractic professionals. CDAHK is a CPD provider by Hong Kong Chiropractic
CDAHK CPD03216049: The use of orthotic in the treatment of low back pain
ICB superior Biomechanics/Heel Lift by Mr. Joshua Kielt
Saturday, March 10
555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Joshua Kielt of ICB Medical, Australia and Bodycare HK for a very

informative and educational session on the application of medical
orthotics in relation to lower limb and back problems.

CDAHK CPD03216048: Motorized Flexion Distraction and Motion

Speaker : Motorized Flexion Distraction & Motion Adjusting by Dr. Dennis
Course content
Will talk about the differential diagnoses, Patient presentation,
Management (including surgery).
Date : Saturday, March 10
Venue : 555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong

CDAHK CPD03216045: From Typical to Atypical Conditions:

What every Chiropractor Needs to Know (2 CPD points)
Date: Saturday, 31st March, 2018
Address: Mission Hills, Shenzhen
CPD: 2 CPD points
Charge: $600 for non-members (Free for CDAHK members)

An invigorating presentation describing the neurological findings and treatment of patients with
cervical radiculopathy, scoliosis, post-laminectomy syndrome, myelofibrosis, discogenic low back
pain with associated lower extremities edema, depression associated with chronic headache,
spondylolisthesis and visual disturbance. In addition, this session will examine autonomic nervous
system, and the combination of evidence-based technique with traditional chiropractic methods.
About the Speaker: Dr. Eric Chun-Pu Chu had obtained his Bachelor of Science from Queen’s
University and Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College. After working as a
Hong Kong chiropractor, he had extended his study and was diplomate in International Chiropractic
Sports Science and FIFA Football Medicine; and qualified as an Internationally Certified Chiropractic
Sports Physician at FICS. Dr. Chu holds various academic collaborations at universities internationally.
He had led and published many research; and completed the Chinese version of the WHO
Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Chiropractic. His focus in conducting case reports has
contributed to the current knowledge of chiropractic and autonomic nervous system. Through
innovation and research, He furnishes the advancement of translational medicine and collaboration
of healthcare professionals in Asia.

Page 12 of 18 Jul 2018 ● Issue 13 ● CDAHK ●

CDAHK CPD0321605: The Influence of
Posture on Emotion

Speaker : Dr Friso Krü ger President of the

Association of German Chiropractor
Date : Wednesday May 25

In December 2009, the Chiropractic Academy emerged from the Berlin Chiropractic School and was
founded with the intention of giving chiropractic to Germany by Dr Krü ger and Broschinski. The aim of the
Chiropractic Academy is the training of principled chiropractors. The curriculum of Chiropractic Academy
includes the WHO guidelines for the training of and for chiropractors.

Unique in Germany, the Chiropractic Academy brings together top faculty and international leading
practices to German students. At the Academy, they teach original techniques, chiropractic science and
philosophy that follows the principles B.J. and DD Palmers. The Academy is one of the few educational
institutions in the world that aims to preserve the principles and tradition of Chiropractic.

CDAHK is dedicated to the advancement of chiropractic health care. We taps into the latest information in
chiropractic therapeutics and features high-quality, peer-reviewed journal articles and practical information
for clinical settings.

Is spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) effective in improving acute and

subacute neck pain as compared to medication and home exercise with
advice (HEA)? The Chinese University of Hong Kong had shared about a past
chiropractic research…

Compared to conventional medication, SMT was superior in reducing pain

and in improving the flexion and extension. However, SMT did not provide
stronger beneficial effect on disability reduction amongst subjects with acute
and subacute neck pain. For outcomes 1 and 3, the overall quality of
evidence is moderate. Further research is fairly likely to have an important
impact on our confidence in this estimate of effect. For outcome 2, the
overall quality of evidence is low. Further research is likely to have an
important impact on our confidence in this estimate of effect. Compared to
HEA, SMT did not provide stronger beneficial effects on pain and disability
reduction, and flexion and extension improvement amongst subjects with
acute and subacute neck pain. For all outcomes in this comparison, the
overall quality of evidence is low. Further research is likely to have an
important impact on our confidence in this estimate of effect.

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Can we reliably detect vertebral subluxations?
A new study says YES!

The team at the Centre for Chiropractic Research have

recently published a collaborative study that showed that a
multidimensional approach to vertebral subluxation
assessment was reliable for detecting vertebral subluxations
in all regions of the spine (1). Until now the chiropractic
profession has struggled to demonstrate that it can reliably
identify vertebral subluxations (2, 3), which has led to some
people suggesting that they don’t even exist (4, 5). In this
recently published study, chiropractors used a multidimensional battery of tests to assess for vertebral
subluxations in 3 regions (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) of the spine and then indicated which segment had
the most positive test findings in each spinal region. The researchers found that across all regions of the spine
there as definite examiner agreement on the level of subluxation: between 63% to almost 80% of the time!

This is extremely important because being able to reliably identify vertebral subluxations will help researchers
to study them and better understand what impact they have on neurological function and human

The study, ‘Interexaminer reliability of a multidimensional battery of tests used to assess for vertebral
subluxations’, was published in the
Chiropractic Journal of Australia in March. This was a collaborative project between the Centre for
Chiropractic Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and Palmer Center for Chiropractic
Research based at Palmer College of Chiropractic in the United States of America. The team at the Centre
for Chiropractic Research recently received a grant from the Australian Spinal Research Foundation
(…/) to continue this line of research and
investigate the reliability and validity of the sacral restriction test.

If you would like to support the Centre in our efforts to better understand vertebral subluxations and their
effects on health, human performance and quality of life, please consider joining our research supporters
programme and support the future of your profession. Visit for more


(1). Holt K, Russell D, Cooperstein R, Younes M, Sherson M, Haavik H. Interexaminer reliability of a multidimensional battery
of tests used to assess for vertebral subluxations. Chiropr J Aust. 2018;46(1):101-117.
(2). Triano JJ, Budgell B, Bagnulo A, et al. Review of methods used by chiropractors to determine the site for applying
manipulation. Chiropr Man Therap. 2013;21(1):36.
(3). Gemmell H, Miller P. Interexaminer reliability of multidimensional examination regimens used for detecting spinal
manipulable lesions: A systematic review. Clin Chiroprac. 2005;8:199-204.
(4). Nelson C. The subluxation question. J Chiropr Humanit. 1997;7(1):46-55.
(5). Keating JC, Jr., Charlton KH, Grod JP, Perle SM, Sikorski D, Winterstein JF. Subluxation: dogma or science? Chiropr
Osteopat. Aug 10 2005;13:17.

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Hong Kong Case Report

Cervical Radiculopathy Alleviating by Manipulative Correction of Cervical

Eric Chun-Pu Chua, c, Taebum Lima, Kin-Cheung Makb
aNew York Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Centre, New York Medical Group, Hong Kong, China
bDepartment of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, HK University Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong,

cCorresponding Author: Eric Chun-Pu Chu, New York Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre, 41/F

Langham Place Office Tower, 8 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong, China
Short title: Cervical Hypolordosis and Radiculopathy
The purpose of this report is to present an interesting case of cervical radiculopathy in a patient with a
prominent cervical hypolordosis treated by chiropractic adjustment. A 55-year-old office worker with
severe neck pain and numbness of the right arm sought chiropractic treatment. Following 12 sessions of
cervical adjustment, the patient experienced complete alleviation from radiculopathy and full restoration
of cervical curvature. Neck pain is common and the cause is usually multifactorial. About 88% of
uncomplicated neck pain is self-limiting. Conservative treatment is advocated as initial modality for most
patients. Cervical radiculopathy, however, is a potential problem because nerve impingement can
cause disability due to numbness or paresthesia, and even weakness, requiring surgical intervention. The
best chance for sensorimotor recovery is with prompt intervention to decompress the pinched nerve.
Instead of watchful waiting, early application of chiropractic adjustment may help release nerve
impingement, and avoid medications and operations in patients with neglected nerve compression.

Keywords: Cervical hypolordosis; Chiropractic; Forward head posture; Manual adjustment; Radiculopathy

Subsiding of Dependent Oedema Following Chiropractic Adjustment

for Discogenic Sciatica

Eric Chun-Pu Chua, c, John T. H. Wonga

aNew York Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Centre, New York Medical Group, Hong Kong, China
bDepartment of Medicine and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,

Hong Kong, CN
cCorresponding Author: Eric Chun-Pu Chu, New York Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre, 41/F

Langham Place Office Tower, 8 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong, China

Subsiding of dependent oedema with chiropractic treatment for sciatica has not been described in the
On Dec 11, 2017, CDAHK Christmas Celebration had provided an opportunity for our 65 families and friends to
celebrate in a purposeful
Case presentation: way, without
A 40-year-old all the planning
woman presented and mess
with at home. There
unbearable wasnerve
sciatic be turkey,
pain prime
whichrib steaks,
oysters, lobsters, frogra, and even cash coupons towards members’ membership and insurance at the Harbourside,
her in doing daily activities. She also had bilateral leg swelling for some time and no apparent physical
InterContinental Hong Kong! We were deserved to have the all we can drink Champaign, thanks to Dr Kary Lam
who workedcould
on thebedetails
found after
while being reviewed
our members by a cardiologist. The patient subsequently sought
enjoy our family.
chiropractic care to relieve her pain. She unexpectedly experienced a beneficial outcome from spinal
adjustment in which both sciatic nerve pain and leg oedema were simultaneously resolved. It is
aring. Strengthen to say that
our professional ease of mobility
relationship by simplyfrom pain relief and increased lymphatic return from sympathetic
responses with
Christmas celebration can colleagues
help eliminating
we likeleg
to oedema
know following spinal adjustment.

Conclusions: The pathophysiology of oedema formation is multifactorial and the therapeutic role of
chiropractic remains inconclusive in this case. Further researches are need in this area before the
integration of chiropractic into cardiovascular practice.
 Dr Eric Chow PT DC
received a 500 dollars
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CDAHK connects our members through e-newsletter publication that relevant news and information. The
chiropractic profession, along with opportunities for members to become more engaged with CDA through
education, advocacy, networking, specialty groups and volunteerism.

CDAHK Fellowship Bowling


CDAHK Fellowship Bowling: True enjoyment comes from activity of mind and exercises of body.
CDAHK Fellowship Bowling produce order in our chiropractic affairs, health of body, cheerfulness
of mind, and these make us precious to our chiropractic families.
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This scholarship rewards excellence by Congratulations to many
supporting high-achieving high school seniors Hong Kong students who are
or university graduates with financial need selected as the Dean’s List
who seek to attend the chiropractic college and President’s List at Life
from Hong Kong. University.
In the past years, CDAHK has
The Life University Scholarship Program provided scholarship for
Hong Kong is a Doctor of Chiropractic or loving and serving students
undergraduate plus the DC program to Life University, to build
available to high school seniors and
future leaders for the chiropractic
university graduates with financial need
community and education. Most of the
who seek to attend and graduate from Life
CDAHK students have been chosen to be
university. Selected from the pool of
the outstanding chiropractic students at Life
applicants, up to 4 students will become
University. We are very proud of their
CDAHK scholarship and have access to
participation as part of future leadership.
funding for up to 50% of the studies.

In the past years, CDAHK has provided scholarship for students to Life University, to
build future leaders for the chiropractic community and college with Open University.
Congratulations to most nominated students are selected on the Dean’s List and
President’s List.
Dr Eric Chu, CDAHK Chairman has shared to the WCCS students at Life University on
our major projects and history of building chiropractic college in Hong Kong. He also
enjoy seeing the passion of future Chiropractors who share the vision of the CDAHK.

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