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Grade 5 Newsletter

UOI 2: Who We Are

October 8 – November 16

Central Idea: One‘s culture can influence their beliefs about health.

Lines of Inquiry:
1. Why do different cultures have different beliefs about health?

2. The human body is composed of a series of systems that work

together. (Function)

3. What do I know and believe about health, and why? (Reflection)

Learner Profile Attributes:

1. Open-Minded
2. Inquirers

PYP Attitudes:
1. Curiosity
2. Enthusiasm
In this Unit of Inquiry, students will learn about the human body and how it
works. They will also examine beliefs about health from different cultures.
Students will learn about “Growth Mindset” as part of good mental health as
well. During the unit, students will create a presentation on a system of the
body. Students will also design a survey about health beliefs and interview
people from other cultures and report their findings. At the end of our unit,
students use an outline to plan a video log to reflect on the unit. Finally,
students will create a brochure to illustrate their understanding of the central

In Math, we will use the language of multiplication and division, for example,
factor, multiple, product, quotient, prime numbers, composite number. We will
also learn about Shape and Space (geometric shapes), as well as use fractions in
real-life situations.

In Literacy, students will work on writing paragraphs using conjunctions;

descriptive adjectives; and will write informally about our own ideas,
experiences and feelings in Gratitude Journals. In ELA we will improve our use
of appropriate writing conventions, including capitalization, punctuation,
adjectives, pronouns, and verb usage.
Specialist Subjects:
PE: Gymnastics; Football; Basketball

Color unit: Students continue their exploration into the element of art with a
unit on colour, mixing tertiary and intermediate colours, colour value, contrast,
and complimentary and monochromatic colour schemes. Students will
experiment with pencils, markers, water colour and tempera paint.

Who We Are unit: Students explore different celebrations from around the
world, including Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, and American Halloween
celebration. Students make Mexican sugar skull masks, wax resist paintings, and
straw blown water colour paintings.

Music: In Music, students are halfway through the 12-week Making Music unit.
So far, we have learned to make music by singing, playing instruments, and
making our own music. In G5, students have been learning to make music on
the xylophone, ukulele, and piano, including teaching themselves (and each
other) how to play the melody and harmony for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
They have also started making their own music for ukulele and piano, and are
learning how to write their music using staff (5-line) paper.
Last unit, we celebrated two birthdays: Tony and William.
Tony William
In our first unit, students gave feedback on other
classmates’ classroom designs.
Last Unit, once students had given feedback on their
classmates’ designs, they chose one together. Then, we all
worked together to reorganize our classroom. The students
did a fantastic job cooperating!
Reminders :
1. Please send small cakes if your student has a
birthday. Because we have lots to do during class, it
is easier to serve and clean up if the cakes are small.

2. Please check that students are reading on Raz-Kids

every day. Many students are not reading at home,
and this is hurting their progress in English reading.

3. Please send students to school in uniform. Several

students are coming to school in free dress. Their
uniform makes them part of a team and shows their
school pride.

Upcoming Events:

Halloween – October 31 10 31
Celebration of Learning
Celebration of Learning
Celebration of Learning
Celebration of Learning