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Principles of Management (MGT 503)

Assignment No. 1
Broadly a manager performs four different functions including Planning, Organizing,
Leading and Controlling. While Mintzberg proposed ten managerial roles (Figurehead,
Leader, Liaison, Monitor, Disseminator, Spokesperson, Entrepreneur, Disturbance Handler,
Resource Allocator and Negotiator) for a manager to manage the overall organization. Think
deeply and identify the roles among these ten managerial roles that are performed while
Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling, respectively. Provide your answer in the
following format with a brief justification for selecting particular role for each management

Managerial Roles Management Functions Justification

Entrepreneur defined as a person
who organized and managed the
business and takes the risk to get
Interpersonal Roles Its planning of resources where
1. Figurehead they can be best applied, and
Resource Allocator
2. Leader assigning staff and other resources
3. Liaison like funding etc.
Informational Roles As a manager, you create and
4. Monitor control change within the
5. Disseminator organization. ... Negotiator – You
6. Spokesperson Negotiator may be needed to take part in, and
Decisional Roles direct, important negotiations
7. Entrepreneur within your team, department, or
8. Disturbance organization.
Handler Manager communicates useful or
9. Resource Allocator beneficial information with team
10. Negotiator members and colleagues to act

A person who represents a

company, industry or cause in the
media. A spokesperson is usually
a member of a company's
marketing department.
Organize meetings with internal
Liaison and external contacts effectively
on behalf of organization.
Maintain personal contacts and
resolve their issues.
Provide leadership for the team,
Leader department, and manage
responsibilities in the group.
Figurehead Inspire people of organization to
feel them connected and people
look up to you as a person with

Disturbance handler Control any problem and dispute

inside the organization.