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Quinton Pearson Biography

Fashion designer (2014-)


Early Years
Quinton Pearson was born on 23rd February,1992 on the Essequibo
Coast of the South American country, Guyana. Being the youngest child
to his parents, he had a chance to learn many things from his older
siblings. Growing up, his interest in art and craft kept developing. In middle
school he started creating little dresses for his friend’s dolls. He was the
guy all his friend’s would approach to get their drawings done for
QUICK FACTS assignments and it continued throughout his high school life as well. He
attended the Abram Zuil Secondary School and graduated in 2008 with a
Quinton Dirk Daniel Pearson Distinction in Visual Arts.
After soul searching for his life’s purpose, Quinton realized he wants to do
BIRTH DATE something that makes him happy as well as others, so he then pursed
23RD February, 1992 (age 26) studies in Garment Construction and Fashion Design at the Burrows
School of Art 2014- 2017, where he was thought the fundamentals by
HOUSE OF PEARSON Lecturers from Trinidad and Tobago.
He launched his fashion brand with the name "HOUSE OF PEARSON" in
August 2014, and since then, has continued on his journey to improve his
skills and talents as he intends to make a greater impact in Guyana and
EDUCATION around the world by improving on quality and uniqueness of his work.
Burrowes School of Art

ZODIAC SIGN Achievements

Pisces Quinton is the recipient of the 2018 Award of Excellence- Fashion
Innovation Award from the Caribbean Style & Culture Organization based
in Washington DC.
Quinton was one of the official designers for the Miss Global International Pageant in Guyana, and
has designed for the International Pageant for three years and has been awarded “Best Designed
Gown” twice since. He was also awarded “Best Designed Gown” for the Miss World Guyana 2016
Pageant and has made his mark in the other renowned pageants in Guyana namely, Miss Universe
Guyana and Miss Talented Teen Guyana.
He also dabbles in many other aspects of fashion designing; Swimwear, Executive wear, Casual
outfits and even a bit of Costume Design.
House of Pearson has showcased designs at many shows in Guyana, including The Rotaract Club’s
Wine and Art event, Curlfest Guyana and many other charitable events.

Most recently he launched his second line of swimwear at STRUT II: Traits Model Management
Fashion Showcase. This event was held in November, 2017 at the Guyana Marriott Hotel where he
was amongst regional and International designers.

Past Collections
 Hint of Hibiscus (2015)
Launched at the Rotaract’s Wine & Art event in March 2015. This collection was inspired by the
Hibiscus flower, a very common yet beautiful and fascinating plant.
“I always loved sketching dresses and flowers as a kid, so it was no surprise my first collection
would be about flowers. I used floral prints and natural fibers to construct wearable designs”.
 Tribal (2016)
“Tribal” was also launched at the same event in 2016 and gained a lot of attention by his Clients
and Commercial houses in Georgetown. This collection used various types and textures of fabric
including an imported stretch cotton tribal print. It was an upbeat and culturally inspired collection
of women's wear. This collection was available online in partnership with
 Shades (2017)
Quinton always had this notion that every fashion designer should have a collection of Black and
White garments. So in 2017, he decided to launch “Shades”. A collection consisting of various
textures of black and white fabrics. This RTW line was another commendable venture for the
designer since the collection was designed with his customers in mind, there was something for
everyone, his collection was sold out in the first three months after the launch at an event named
Curly and Boujie( a natural hair exhibition).
 HoP Swimsuits (2017)
Just after the launch of his RTW line, he ventured in a new project, he partnered with a few
sponsors and a boutique that showed interest in retailing his swimsuits. This was his best and
most successful collection since he began, He became popular for his signature cut monokini
worn by Guyanese recording artiste Timeka Marshall and Popular Guyanese Model Jasoda
Ramlagan and sold over 200 pieces of his swimsuits to customers around Guyana and the
 BOLD (2018)
“BOLD” was launched on the 1st November, 2017 at STRUT ll: Traits Model Management
Fashion Showcase. His second swimsuit line will consist of over 15 new designs to choose from,
cuts and designs to suit all sizes and body types. These swimsuits will be available
systematically in 2018, beginning in January.

Favourite Quote

“A person’s destiny can be delayed but never


Future Endeavors’
House of Pearson is currently undergoing a transformation. We are adding valuable, committed and
talented persons to be apart of our dynamic team. We are expanding our target markets in order for
this fashion brand to grow.

Contact Information
For all enquires and information on our services, please visit our facebook page at:
Our email:
Instagram: @house.of.pearson
Twitter: @ihouseofpearson
Or call on: +592-670-2624 / +592- 218-1803