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Total marks – 50
Pass marks - 30

Q.1 Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word


1. Remote
a. automatic
b. distant
c. savage
d. mean
2 Gracious
a. pretty
b. clever
c. pleasant
d. present
3. Predict
a. foretell
b. decide
c. prevent
d. discover
4. Indifferent
a. neutral
b. unkind
c. precious
d. mean
5. Wary
a. calm
b. curved
c. confused
d. cautious

Q.2 Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the

word provided?
1. improvident
a. cautious
b. fortunate
c. proven
d. intelligent
2. Common
a. strange
b. uneasy
c. quick
d. fast
3. Expect
a. attend
b. regret
c. despair
d. loathe
4. Meager
a. kind
b. generous
c. thoughtful
d. copious
5. Abate
a. free
b. augment
c. provoke
d. wane

Q.3 Choose the best answer

1. Detain is most opposite to
a. release
b. silence
c. forget
d. prosper

2. Pivotal is most opposite to

a. turning
b. wavy
c. unimportant
d. clear

3. Pacify is most opposite to

a. excite
b. land
c. coddle
d. unhand

4. Imaginative is opposite to
a. playful
b. written
c. small
d. dull

5. Extravagant is opposite to
a. unknown
b. homebody
c. punctual
d. moderate
6. Punctual is most dissimilar to
a. close
b. tardy
c. sloppy
d. precious

7. Kinetic is most dissimilar to

a. cold
b. static
c. lewd
d. foolish

8. Erratic is most similar to

a. enticing
b. frequent
c. difficult
d. irregular

9. Exploit is most similar to

a. answer
b. feat
c. accident
d. persuade

10. abolish is most dissimilar to

a. vote
b. punish
c. avoid
d. establish

11. I'm terribly sorry but I ....... what you said just now and I
wonder if you could repeat it.
(a) wasn't listen to (b) wasn't hearing (c) didn't hear (d) didn't

12. The brothers will ....... school both together at the end of this
(a) end (b) ending (c) finish (d) finishes

13. It is important sometimes to stop and look around you at all

the wonderful things ........
(a) nature (b) in nature (c) in the nature

14. I want to go to the cinema to see a film about ....... and the
(a) France (b) a France (c) the France
15. They have a very large house round ....... there are some
lovely gardens.
(a) that (b) which (c) whose

16. ...... every single thing which that man says?

(a) Do you believe (b) Is you believing (c) Are you believing

17. If you ....... got that job, would you have been able to move to
a new house?
(a) have (b) had (c) will have

18. If I ....... you, I should work very hard so that I could earn more
(a) am (b) were (c) are

19. I expect you think I'm ....... because I don't understand that.
(a) dumb (b) stupid (c) deaf (d) crazy

20. I'm going ....... for a few days so don't send me any more work.
(a) off (b) out (c) over (d) away

21. It is considered bad ....... to shout at someone.

(a) habits (b) ways (c) manners (d) custom

22. Which of these is an adverb? It is ........

(a) quickly (b) sly (c) quicker (d) quickest

23. Which of these is an adjective? It is ........

(a) hard (b) hardly (c) harden (d) hardship
24.Which of these is a passive sentence? It is ........
(a) He's been there
(c) He's been going there
(b) He's been taken there
(d) He will have been there

25. I am sure you made the right choice and I ....... support your
(a) fairly (b) quite (c) considerably (d) wholly

26. You're really annoying me. You're doing it ....... purpose, aren't
(a) about (b) of (c) on (d) in

27. Please meet me at the train station in ....... hour from now.
(a) a (b) an (c) the

28. I haven't got ....... tea. Can you go to the corner store and buy
some more?
(a) a (b) some (c) any

29. ....... of the names did you choose for your parrot?
(a) What (b) Which (c) Who (d) Whom

30. I'm sorry, James isn't ....... at the moment. Can I take a
(a) in (b) away (c) up (d) off
31. Our teacher told us to ....... our work quietly.
(a) get on with (b) put up with (c) run out of (d) come up with

32. If you had bought a house about thirty years ago you would
certainly find that it had considerably ....... in value.
(a) increased (b) heightened (c) developed (d) doubled

33. You'll notice that as soon as the children come home from
school, the dog will jump up and show its great....... for them.
(a) infection (b) affection (c) affectation (d) protection

34. After they had shouted at each other, they decided to ....... it
(a) do (b) get (c) make (d) take

35. Look over there. ....... is the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen.
(a) That (b) Those (c) These (d) This

36. The supervisor asked everyone to ....... for the manager's

birthday present.
(a) chip (b) chip over (c) chip in

37. I ....... on my friend yesterday to surprise her.

(a) dropped (b) dropped over (c) dropped in

38. Asim was as 'cool as a cucumber' about his exam because he

studied all week for it. What does 'cool as a cucumber'
mean? ........
(a) To be scared and cold about something
(c) To be very calm and relaxed about something
(b) To be very embarrassed about something

39. The boss was good enough to ....... my mistake.

(a) oversee (b) overtake (c) overdo (d) overlook

40. In her speech she expressed her ....... for all the help she had
been given.
(a) thankfulness (b) gratitude (c) gratefulness (d) thanking