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The Beginning of Metaphysics according to the Commentary of Thomas


Chapter 1. The role of immaterial being in metaphysics among the followers of Aristotle

A. Aristotelian principles for the determination of the subject genus and how it is first known
B. The Greek interpretive tradition
C. The Avicenna Averroes Debate
D. Averroes on the Necessity of the Proof of an Immaterial Being for Metaphysics

Chapter 2. The First Philosophers and the Immaterial

A. The proem on the development of philosophy and discovery of metaphysics
B. The First Philosophers and the First Causes
C. Why consider the materialists? Physics was first philosophy for them
D. Parmenides’ reflections on being
E. The refutation of the materialism of the first philosophers
F. Materialism of first philosophers refuted by proofs of an immaterial being.
1) Matter cannot be both perfect and simple
2) Matter cannot explain a multiplicity of goods or ends
G. Having refuted materialism, Aristotle turns to the thinkers who considered all being

Chapter 3. The First Philosophers on Truth and Being

I. The First Philosophers and Truth

A. The universal nature of truth reduced to the mutability physical things
B. The natural object of the mind is the nature of a material being
C. The method of a science depends upon the relation of its proper object to matter
D. The consideration of the proper method of a science is presupposed to the
beginning of the science as such
II. The First Philosophers and Being
A. The Division of the aporiai: determination of the method before the
consideration proper of a science
B. The Reappearance of the Principle
C. The Principle in the Context of a Dilemma
D. The Ratio Entis according to Materialists
E. The Axioms Follow upon Substance as Substance

Chapter 4. The First Philosophers and the First Principles of Demonstration (Γ)

A. The First Principles of Demonstration and Substance Γ 1-4

B. The universal contraries, physical or metaphysical?
C. Only Metaphysics Can Treat the Axioms Γ.5
D. The First Philosophers and the First Principles
Chapter 5. Wisdom and Words (Δ)

A. Analogy
B. Order of Imposition
C. Words signifying the principles of Metaphysics
a. Beginning
b. Cause and the history of philosophy
c. Element
d. Nature
e. Necessary
B. Words signifying the subject of Metaphysics
a. One
b. Being
c. Substance/Οὐσία
C. The Parts and Properties of Being and One
a. Before and After
b. Act and Ability
c. Categories
d. Whole and Part
e. Genus and Species

Chapter 6. If there are no immaterial beings, Physics is First Philosophy (E)

A. Gamma
B. Epsilon
C. Kappa