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“Aligning operational
technology with
organizational goals
to deliver enhanced
patient experience” Patient

9 PX pto
Endorsed By: Cre E
by P its

GCC Patient
Experience Summit

18th & 19th September 2018 | Sofitel Abu Dhabi, UAE

Speaker Panel:
Eman Alturaiki Dr Layla Al Marzouqi Salama Obaid Al Hameli
Ministry of Health, Dubai Health Department of Health,
KSA Authority, UAE Abu Dhabi, UAE
Director General, Patient Director of the Medical Sr. Analyst, Quality and
Experience Center Tourism Council Monitoring

Dr Osama ElHassan Dr Dilshaad Ali Dr Raja Sekhar Gujju

Dubai Health AVIVO Group, UAE Anglo- Arabian Heath
Authority, UAE Group Chief Executive Care LLC, UAE
Head of e-Health Section at Officer Chief Executive Officer – Norther
Health Data & Information Emirates Region
Analysis Dept.

Dr Sheriff Sahadulla Abdulla Bin Zarah Fatima Al-Ali

KIMS Healthcare Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Abu Dhabi
Group, GCC Humanitarian City, Telemedicine
Chief Executive Officer KSA Centre, UAE
Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer

Ala Atari, Mukta Arora Rita McGrath

Emirates Specialty Aster DM Healthpoint, UAE
Hospital, UAE Chief Operating Officer
Healthcare, UAE
Chief Executive Officer Group Chief Information

Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Hamad Ahmed Al Hosani
Fakeeh University Hamdy Universal Hospitals,
Hospital, UAE Al Salama Group UAE
Chief Operations Officer Holdings, UAE Group Chief Operating Officer
Group Chief Operational
Vivek Shukla Turki Al Shariti Dr. Varun Katyal
Frost & Sullivan, King Fahad VPS Healthcare, UAE
UAE Medical City, KSA Regional Director
Director - Healthcare Chairperson, Documents
& Lifesciences MENASA and Information Dept.

Mohamed Gamal Dr Aaron Han Vincent Borg

Al Zahra Pvt American Hospital Vamed, UAE
Hospitals Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE Hospital CEO
Director of IT Head of IT

Andrew Wells Dr Farah Deeba Lamia Al Faleh

Serco, UAE NMC Sunny Medical Sultan Bin Abdulaziz
Client Director - Health Centre, UAE Humanitarian City,
Head of Quality KSA
Assistant Director of
Rehabilitation program
& Services
What’s New for 2018
 Case Study on Implementing Technologies  Creating a Patient Centered team based
such as Connected Devices and EHR primary care - Success & Barriers
 Challenges and Opportunity in  Innovative ways to capture patrons feedback
implementing Block-chain Technology
 Awards: Recognizing and honoring
& Omni-Channel Strategy
outstanding accomplishments in PX
 Discussing the importance of Family
physician across Emiratis & Expats

1st Annual In Numbers

 
172 2 32 15 7
Attendees Days Speakers Hours of Knowledge Hours of Networking
& Panelists Sharing and Learning

Inaugural GCC Award Jury

Patient Experience Diane Magers, CCXP
Customer Experience

Eminence Awards Professionals Association

Chief Executive Officer
The inaugural Awards will recognize outstanding Turki Al Shariti
accomplishments in Patient experience in GCC. King Fahad Medical City, KSA
The awards will not only honor the outstanding Chairperson, Documents and Information
performers but benchmark excellence and
motivate regional PX leaders who are currently
Rita McGrath
in pursuit of achieving excellence. The award
Healthpoint, UAE
aims at reflecting the accomplishment of Chief Operating Officer
organizations and individuals in multiple
categories ranging from care to operational
technology that puts patients at the forefront for
Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL
their development.
Fakeeh University Hospital, UAE
Chief Operations Officer
For more information on the award categories,
nominations and criteria email to Mr. Nicolas
Harris at John Morris
JXD Consultants, UK
Director ick
ClHere &

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Our Supporting Partners and Sponsors
Endorsed By

Gold Partner

Networking Partner Supporting Association

Media Partners

Quality production, selection of speakers, structure of topics, selection of quality

partners, highly professional and supportive staff at Fleming. Delivered what was ick
promised ClHere &
Sanad Shaikh, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Amana Healthcare

REGISTER tel.: +971 56 122 7465 email:
Testimonials Job Titles

Well Organised, high level, excellent speakers,

well chosen topics
Dr. Ali T. Asery, Executive Director of Patient
Experience, King Fahd Medical City
25% CEO, MD, Chairman, President, VP,
This event enables healthcare officer to share Executive Director & General Manager
ideas and learn from health industry experts also. 22% Patient Experience/Relations / Service
In line with innovations and industry trends Excellence: Executive Director/Head/
Kearapela Monica Monare, IT Administration
Officer, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg 9% Administration & IT: CIO/Director/ Officer
Academic Hospital
11% Quality: Officer/Head/Manager/
It is well organised, good selection of speakers
and great representing examples in the field 7% Nursing: VP/Chief/Manager/Officer

Sarah Ahmed Al Ohaly, Performance 11% Others: PhPhysiciansonsultants/ analyst/

Improvement Coordinator, King Faisal pharmacist/ therapists/ specialists
Specialist Hospital 15% Sales & Marketing

Multi-cultured and experienced speakers. It was

amazing to hear from people from the other Geography
countries. The subject importance was about the
patient as a focus in healthcare
Maryam Alantali, Patient Educator -
Physiotherapy,  Health point Hospital L.L.C

88% Middle East & North Africa
7% Uk & Europe

5% US & North America

On attending next year

75% said the were very likely to attend
20 % felt it was too early to decide
“We’re excited to offer
On the event outcome upto 9 Patient
Experience Continuing
60% of the attendees said the event meet their
expectation. 33% felt it exceeded theirs.
Education credits (PXEs) through
Patient Experience Institute (PXI). PXI is
an independent, non-profit, committed
to the improvement of patient experience
through evidence-based research, continuing
education and professional certification.
PXEs can be applied towards Certified Patient
Experience Professional (CPXP) applications
and/or to maintain
certification designation.“ Cl ere &

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Event Objectives Who will you meet?
Healthcare Providers
 How hospitals can provide outstanding services and world
• Hospitals & Clinics (Primary, Secondary
class clinical experience to the patients?
 Leveraging advanced technologies to develop the & Tertiary)
• Ambulatory Services
facilities and services that meets the patients expectations
• Rehabilitation Centers
 Enhanced patient engagement by educating them to
ensure the nation's citizens are healthy and proactive Stakeholders in Patient Experience
towards their health
• Health Ministries
 Delivering greater predictability and flexibility in patient’s
• Industry Associations
health-care financial experience by increasing efficiency in
• Research Institutes
the health-care providers operating expenses
• Health Authorities
 Honor GCC's PX leaders, benchmark excellence and
• Health Insurance Firms
motivate others who are in pursuit of achieving excellence.
• Accreditation Body

Job Titles
Key Topics • Strategic Leaders - President /CEO/
CIO/ COO / VP/ Director
 Develop patient centered communication strategies for • Chief/Director – Nursing
effective interaction • Chief Medical Officer
 Typical challenges healthcare organization face in • Director/Head/Manager/Officer
fostering innovation and experimenting with new solutions – Patient Experience/Patient Care/
 How consumer technology can be leveraged for improved Patient Relations/ Patient Service/
patient engagement? Patient Satisfaction/ Patient Flow
 How technology can reduce the cost for hospitals and • Director/Head/Manager/Officer
patients? – Quality & Safety
 How soon can you deliver high quality service to your • HR & Operations
patients? • Manager/Head - Marketing & Business
 Creating a patient centered team based primary care Development
 Delivering seamless patient experience across key touch • Case Managers
points • Project/ Facility Manager

Key Takeaways
 Understand what factors influence the perceived quality
of a hospital visit
 What could be the best way to facilitate communication?
 Establishing a balance between old and new processes
Brilliant event, It is very
during digital revitalization encouraging that PE is now coming
 How hospitals can transfer the benefit to the patients by to forefront. It was such a gift to
reducing their hospital bills? meet and network with like minded
 Implementing staff resilience training to improve patient people who have a joint mission and
vision to the right thing for all the
patients + caregivers
 Understand the successes and barriers to implementing Pam Wilson, Co-founder & Head Of
engagement platform in team based care Community, Silla
 How to use technology to empower patients for self-care
 Understand how to select the right measurement tools ClHere &
and methods to best assess patent experience initiatives

REGISTER tel.: +971 56 122 7465 email:
18th September 2018

08:00 Registration and Coffee • Identify, evaluate and prioritize innovation in

healthcare that will positively impact the lives
08:45 Welcome note from Fleming. of both patients and practitioners
• Approaches that can help to unlock the innovation
potential of your healthcare organization
08:50 Opening Remarks by Conference Chairman
r Dilshaad Ali, AVIVO Group, UAE, Group Chief
Executive Officer
Building An Ecosystem For
Mohamed Gamal, Al Zahra Pvt Hospitals Dubai,
Delivering Unique Experience UAE, Director of IT
09:00 Creating world class experience for health r Aaron Han, American Hospital Dubai, UAE,
tourists - Re-imagining patient experience Head of IT
Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, Dubai Health Authority, 12:15 The role of automation in improving
UAE, Director of the Medical Tourism Council patient care experience
09:30 Presentation by Ministry of Health, Saudi • Archiving and automation guidelines and benefits
Arabia • Project Implementation know how
• Success stories:  Archiving and  automation of
Eman Alturaiki, Ministry of Health, KSA, documents
Director General, Patient Experience Center
urki Al Shariti, King Fahad Medical City, KSA,
10:00 Presentation by Department of Health, Chairperson, Documents and Information Dept.
Abu Dhabi
12:45 Overcoming the challenges while merging
Salama Obaid Al Hameli, Department of operational technology to create better
Health, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sr. Analyst, Quality and patient care pathway
Monitoring • Discussing where the process of digital
10:30 Serco Cares: The impact of the non-clinical disruption touches upon patient experience
workforce on patient experience • Establishing a balance between old and new
processes during digital revitalization
Andrew Wells, Serco, UAE • Ensuring that all parties are able to manage new
Client Director - Health processes in their role brought on by digital change
• Transforming your hospital structure across
11:00 Morning Coffee Break & Networking multiple interlinked departments
Ala Atari, Emirates Specialty Hospital, UAE,
Integrating Digital Technology into Chief Executive Officer
Traditional Hospital Services
13:15 Networking Lunch Break
11:30 Panel Discussion: Wave of Innovation
& Digitization: Driving Excellence in the
Experience Era
• Typical challenges healthcare organization face
in fostering innovation and experimenting with
new solutions
• Technology as key enabler to improve service ick
ClHere &

REGISTER tel.: +971 56 122 7465 email:
18th September 2018

14:15 Case Study: How Consumer technology 15:30 How to develop Patient Centered
can be leveraged for improved patient Communication Strategies for effective
engagement and experience? interaction?
• Leveraging various Connected Health trends • What could be the best way to facilitate
& technologies to improve wellness communication?
• How organizations can integrate this growing • How can we Maintain the Provider – patient
array of products into their own systems? trust?
• Translating the data leveraged from the Internet • Understanding were you stand on
connected devices into useful patient-focused communicating and protecting the rights of the
materials patients
Mukta Arora, Aster DM Healthcare, UAE, Group Dr Sheriff Sahadulla, KIMS Healthcare Group,
CIO GCC, Chief Executive Officer

What Really Makes A Difference To 16:00 Evening Coffee Break & Networking
Patient In Healthcare Organisation
16:30 Creating a Patient Centered team to
14:45 Panel Discussion: How can hospital's achieve better engagement
brand image stimulate patient loyalty? • Build the necessary infrastructure for a sustainable
• Ways to enhancing the brand of hospitals while patient engagement model across your organization
decreasing brand dependability on doctors • Incorporate the cultural changes necessary to
• What factors influence the perceived quality of transform your system and to support radical
a hospital visit? system redesign
• Social Media Presence to grow their brand and • Understand the successes and barriers to
service offerings implementing engagement platform in team
• Enhancing and developing service-line based care
positioning and brand image strategies for
healthcare organization Lamia Al Faleh, Sultan Bin Abdulaziz
Humanitarian City, KSA, Assistant Director of
Dr Dilshaad Ali, AVIVO Group, UAE, Group Chief Rehabilitation program & Services
Executive Officer
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Hamdy, Al Salama Group 17:00 Round Table Discussions
Holdings, UAE, Group Chief Operational Officer • Challenges & Opportunities for healthcare
providers in Tele-Medicine & Video Conferencing
Dr Raja Sekhar Gujju, Anglo- Arabian Heath
Care LLC, Chief Executive Officer – Norther Fatima Al-Ali, Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre,
Emirates Region UAE, Chief Executive Officers
• Role of facility design in patient experience
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Hamdy, Al Salama Group
Holdings, UAE, Group Chief Operational Officer
• Factors to be considered while improving
experience in long term care patients

17:30 Closing Remarks by Chairman

ClHere &
17:45 Farewell Coffee and End of Day 1

REGISTER tel.: +971 56 122 7465 email:
19th September 2018

08:00 Registration and Coffee 11:15 Using technology to empower patients for
self-care decisions
08:50 Opening Remarks by Conference Chairman • Exploring the ability of new technology to aid
consumers making long term changes
• Looking at the importance of including information
Leveraging Technology To Improve and behavioral science in healthcare applications
Patient Experience • Building organizational capacity for patient
09:00 Delivering seamless patient experience • Educating citizens to ensure they are healthy
across key touch points and proactive towards there health
• Understanding patient's behaviors and pain Mohamed Gamal, Al Zahra Pvt Hospitals Dubai,
points by studying the role of all touch points UAE, Director of IT
• Identify interoperability gaps and optimization
opportunities for hospital to deliver expected 11:45 Visionary keynote: New technology
services solutions to improve patient experience
Dr. Varun Katyal, VPS Healthcare, UAE, Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL, Fakeeh University
Regional Director Hospital, UAE, Chief Operations Officer

09:30 Panel Discussion: Improving response 12:15 How Block-chain Technology can produce
time: How soon can you deliver high a breakthrough in delivering patient
quality service to your patients? experience?
• What hospitals have done to improve service • Avoiding delays in providing healthcare due to
excellence? lack of shared access to patient health records
• Discussing the challenges & opportunity to • Ensuring more efficient interaction with patients
ensure seamless patient flow with seamless retrieval of records
• What can be done to enhance the quality of • Reducing the risk involved with increased digital
insurance claim services? integration of patient services
Dr Osama ElHassan, Dubai Health Authority,
10:15 How technology can reduce the cost for UAE, Head of e-Health Section at Health Data
hospitals and patients? & Information Analysis Dept.
• Identifying opportunities to reduce operational
cost for the hospitals 12:45 Organizational Culture & Patient
• Role of EHRs/HISs in reducing wasteful Experience: Implement Change from Top
processes & lost productivity Down & Bottom Up
• How hospitals can transfer the benefit to the • Strong commitment & organizational leadership
patients by reducing their hospital bills? to drive transformation culture
Reserved for Sponsors • Clearly articulate roles played by every level of
staff and seek engagement
• Reinforce accountability to integrate patient
10:45 Morning Coffee Break & Networking experience into the daily work of everyone
across the organization.
• Establish a sustaining culture of patient experience
• Quality, patient safety and experience
Vincent Borg, Vamed, UAE, ClHere &
Hospital CEO

REGISTER tel.: +971 56 122 7465 email:
19th September 2018

13:15 Networking Lunch Break 15:15 How can hospitals implement Omni-
channel strategy into action to create more
Aligning Services With Patient value both for themselves and customers?
• Providing more value measured by outcomes
Requirement and patient satisfaction, while reducing costs
14:15 Developing and Implementing robust • From siloed approach to channels and
Patient Financial Experience Program to technology, to being channel-agnostic and
avoid negative effect on patient experience consumer-centric
• Delivering greater predictability and flexibility in • Challenges and Opportunities faced by hospitals
patient’s healthcare financial experience in deploying Omni-channel strategy at scale
• Identifying the health of Hospitals 15:45 Panel Discussion: How to Creatively,
communications with patients related to their Effectively and Efficiently Measure Patient
Patient Financial Experience Experience
• Key strategies to improve communications and • Understand how to select the right
strategies related to financial obligations, payer measurement tools and methods to best assess
benefits, and other options available to patients patent experience initiatives
Hamad Ahmed Al Hosani, Universal Hospitals, • Comparing Patient Experience Scores before
UAE, Group Chief Operating Officer and after interventions
• Innovative ways to capture patrons feedback
14:45 From DOE to Lean in Healthcare- The Patient
Experience Improvement Innovation Process Turki Al Shariti, King Fahad Medical City, KSA,
• The design of Methodology and Improvement Chairperson, Documents and Information Dept.
Process Dr. Varun Katyal, VPS Healthcare, UAE,
• Lessons learnt Regional Director
• Challenges faced
16:30 Announcement of Winners of GCC Patient
Dr Farah Deeba, NMC Sunny Medical Centre, Experience Eminence Awards
UAE, Head of Quality

16:50 Closing Remarks by Chairman

17:00 Farewell Coffee and End of Conference

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Know the PX leaders:
Eman Alturaiki
Ministry of Health, KSA Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Hamdy
Director General, Patient Experience Center Al Salama Group Holdings, UAE
Dr. Layla Al Marzouqi was appointed as Director of Group Chief Operational Officer
the Health Tourism Department at Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in Dr Mohamed Ahmed Hamdy, Executive Master of Business
December 2016. She has initiated and continues to lead numerous Administration from Georgia state University Atlanta, Six Sigma
national health initiatives, including health tourism strategies that Green Belt holder from World Class Training Institute (WCTI),
have put Dubai on the world medical tourism map. In addition, Diploma in Marketing Communications from International
Dr. Al-Marzouqi has been recognised for her contributions to Advertising Association NY, hospital management diploma from
the formulation of the anti-tobacco law and the revision of the AUC. Dr Mohamed is currently the group chief operational officer
medical liability law in the UAE. The veteran medical specialist of Al Salama group holdings, (Al Salama Hospital, Abu Dhabi). Dr.
held numerous key roles at DHA-run institutions prior to her Mohamed was Egypt projects and business development director
appointment as Director of Health Tourism Council. She is the at Andalusia group for medical services. Previously Hospital director
former Director of Health Regulation Department, Head of Clinical and operational manager at Andalusia Smouha and Maadi hospitals.
Governance Office of the Health Regulation Department, and was A registered consultant in the roster of Medex healthcare company
previously Dubai Hospital Specialist Registrar and Dubai Hospital and a member of OSHA Organization for Occupational Safety and
Senior House Officer at the Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Health Administration. Dr.Mohamed worked as medical director of
Surgery Center. Dr. Al-Marzouqi holds a degree in medicine Life healthcare. He also worked as the Dental Clinics Manager, Faculty
and surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and of Dentistry, Vice president of infection control & occupational health
obtained her Master's degree in cardiovascular rehabilitation, the and safety committees MSA University, clinics manager Allied doctors
first UAE national to do so, from the University of Chester, UK. She medical administration company. Dr. Mohamed worked as the Deputy
completed a second Master's degree in healthcare administration Manager of ER department As-Salam International Hospital Maadi,
and graduated with distinction from Zayed University, UAE. She where he managed the fulfillment of quality requirements for the
later received her Ph.D. in public health from the UAE University. ER Department accreditation by the Joint Commission International
Her work and contributions have been formally recognised by H.H. (JCI), July 2010. He is a founding member of Alexandria / Georgia
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and State University Alumni Association and a mentor in Start Up Cup. Dr
Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai; H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Mohamed is a renowned international speaker in healthcare facilities
bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai; & Design conference and participated as a speaker, moderator and
and other notable UAE leaders. She is also a frequent speaker in awards judge in Healthcare Management Asia conference in Vietnam.
international conferences and forums.

Dr Raja Sekhar Gujju

Anglo- Arabian Heath Care LLC
Dr Dilshaad Ali Chief Executive Officer – Norther Emirates
AVIVO Group, UAE Region
Group Chief Executive Officer Dr. Raja Sekhar Gujju is an accomplished healthcare executive with
Dr Dilshaad Ali is an accomplished Healthcare Executive with profound over 18 years of experience including senior positions in Hospitals
insight and experience. An innovative and engaging leader with proven in India and UAE. He received MBBS from Guntur Medical College,
track and results in all aspects of hospital management and healthcare Masters Degree in Hospital Management & Bachelor in Laws from
investment strategies. He has built sustained value ecosystems across Osmania University, India. He is also a Fellow of Insurance Institute
diverse financial and operating models around the world. Through his of India. He is currently working as Chief Executive Officer – Northern
experience and acumen in creating differentiated USPs, he has led the Emirates (Affordable Segment), at Anglo Arabian Healthcare LLC,
healthcare industry as a key opinion leader in many different aspects of based out of Dubai, UAE. Dr. Raja Sekhar headed some of the best
the business. Dr Dilshaad helms Dubai based AVIVO Group which is an hospitals in India providing quaternary care and pioneering in multi-
integrated healthcare platform spanning the Middle East with 47 assets organ transplantation before he moved to UAE as Chief Operating
and currently expanding to ASEAN. He also holds various positions at Officer of the Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi. After a successful stint
Board levels in several reputable healthcare companies globally. there he moved on to head the Northern Emirates region of Anglo
Arabian Healthcare LLC as Chief Executive Officer. His interests
include operational excellence, strategic planning, accreditation,
medico-legal aspects in healthcare, health economics, etc. He is also
Rita McGrath a speaker at various international healthcare forums / conferences.
Al Zahra Pvt. Hospital Dubai, He is an avid researcher with many publications to his credit. He is
currently living in Dubai with his family.
Chief Operating Officer
Rita McGrath is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Al Zahra Hospital,
Dubai. Ms. McGrath has more than 20 years of experience in health care
administration, strategy implementation and operations improvement.
As the COO at Al Zahra hospital, Dubai, she oversees several key
departments including Outpatient Department Operations, Support
Services, Information Technology, Facility (Engineering Services),
Customer Service, Catering and Patient Relation Services. As part of
the executive team, Rita also works with the CEO to coordinate the
hospital’s strategy and planning, as well as, key drivers to maximize
revenue and reduce costs while maintaining quality of care. She also
oversees the hospital’s patient experience program, which supports
the hospital’s vision to become the regional leader in patient experience
and clinical outcomes. Prior to joining Al Zahra, Dubai, Ms McGrath
served as the Interim COO at Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital in Umm
Al Quwain. Prior to her relocation to UAE in 2010, Rita had served in
leadership roles in Qatar, Canada and the USA. Ms McGrath received
her bachelor’s degree from Carleton University in Canada and her
master’s degree in business administration (specializing in health care
administration) from Southern New Hampshire University in the USA.
Diane Magers, CCXP Hamad Ahmed Al Hosani
Customer Experience Universal Hospitals, UAE
Professionals Association Group Chief Operating Officer
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Hamad is the Chief Operating Officer at Universal Hospital,
Abu Dhabi. He also has around 7 years of varied experience in
Diane is a passionate, experienced Customer Experience Strategic Planning activities and Operations Management. Prior
executive, change agent and sherpa for new and developing to joining the Hospital, he was working with (ADNOC) as the
customer obsessed leaders. She believes that brands who win Planning Engineer, and with Minnesota International Medicine as
choose to focus on human and emotional elements of business. the founder of Global Business Developer. He is a firm believer of
Diane has over 25 years of building and growing Customer and excellence in whatever he does - be it his work for the Hospital or
Employee focus. She is currently interim CEO for the Customer the community. Humble and positive in his approach, Mr. Hamad
Experience Professionals Association. Most recently at AT&T, she has brought about many changes towards managing the day-to-
led Customer Experience strategy by transforming customer and day operations for Universal Hospital.
associate engagement. In 2011, she founded Customer Experience
Catalysts as a consultancy and thought leader for organizations
who were launching or progressing customer and employee Vincent Borg
experience to grow their brand value. She also developed and led Vamed, UAE
Customer Engagement at Sysco Foods Corporation. Diane holds
an M.S. in Psychology and an M.B.A. She is a Certified Customer Hospital CEO
Experience Professional (CCXP) and also holds NPS, VoC and CEM
Mr. Borg has been employed with VAMED in the UAE since the
start of 2017. However, he has been employed in the private
health sector in Australia for in excess of 37 years, with the last
Dr Farah Deeba 23 being in senior management positions across acute, mental
health and rehabilitation services. His experience is in both brown
NMC Sunny Medical Centre, UAE and greenfield developments and has been integral in turn around
Head of Quality financial performance of assets that were under-performing. Mr.
Borg has excellent strength in fostering workplace relations that
Dr (Surgeon Commander) Farah Deeba, is passionate healthcare quality
thrive and has consistently lead organizational cultures through
professional and Lean management enthusiast. She has a Bachelor’s
employee engagement that reveal that employees are heavily
degree in Medicine and Master’s degree in Business Management and
committed to the strategic direction of the service under his care.
Hospital Administration. She is a certified Bronze Lean Professional
This is done via a range of contemporary people engagement
in Healthcare- By Simpler Cardiff University, United Kingdom and
techniques. He is passionate about quality of service and patient
a trained Six Sigma Black Belt by American Society of Quality (ASQ,
engagement and believes a genuine opportunity exists in the UAE
Milwaukee, USA). Her Healthcare Quality Experience of 21 years’ spans
to elevate both of these important aspirations of any health service.
across small standalone polyclinics to large Corporate Multi-specialty
Hospitals and from Armed Forces Hospitals to Private and Government
Hospitals. She also served as a Surgeon Commander in the Indian Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL
Navy. Presently she is holding forte as quality Head in a group with 07
medical centres in United Arab Emirates. She has been the Hospital
Fakeeh University Hospital, UAE
Surveyor and Faculty member for various training and Accreditation Chief Operations Officer
programs at National level. She has successful completed her JCI
Internal Auditor requirements. She had implemented Lean Projects in
A Senior Executive Physician, Dr. Gul spent several years
healthcare setting and also presented a paper on Lean in Healthcare in
in healthcare business development and management for;
ASQ World Conference in Dallas, USA, 5-7 May 2014 titled’ Lean there,
Clinic operation development, medical recruitment, business
Done that’. She also has published papers in International Healthcare
development and management; International medical services
Journals like the Australian Medical Journal. She is also a Senior
(medical tourism, assistance, evacuation, repatriation); On-
member with the ASQ, USA.
Site / remote medical services (occupational health, onshore
– offshore clinic management). Having had the opportunity to
Fatima Al-Ali become affiliated with different countries and cultures, Dr. Gul
holds significant experience in health, insurance, aviation sectors,
Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa region. Dr. Gul is
UAE passionate for CSR & Sustainability and founder and Executive
Director of CSR Middle East platform (2005) leading thousands
Chief Executive Officer
of corporate members on their regional initiatives. Dr. Gul is on
Fatima Rashid Al-Ali is Chief Executive Officer at Abu Dhabi the prestigious list of "2011 TOP 100 THOUGHT LEADERS in Europe
Telemedicine Centre. She is responsible for providing leadership and the Middle East”. Contact Details - Mail:
in the overall administration, strategic planning and development Web:
of the Centre. Al-Ali previously served as the Centre’s Operations
Manager, responsible for overseeing operational improvements,
supervising the workforce, and supporting business development
efforts. She also led the establishment of the Centre’s Quality
Committee. Prior to joining Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre, Al-
Ali spent four years at Mubadala Investment Company, managing
operations for its healthcare asset Wooridul Spine Centre, and
working on strategy, business development and finance projects
for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. At Mubadala, she served as Board
Secretary to the Mubadala Healthcare Board of Directors, assisting
Mubadala Healthcare assets in implementing corporate strategies.
Al-Ali holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
degree from the American University of Sharjah, UAE, majoring in
Finance and graduating with a Magna Cum Laude distinction.
Turki Al Shariti
Dr. Varun Katyal King Fahad Medical City, KSA
VPS Healthcare, UAE Chairperson, Documents and Information
Regional Director Dept.
Dr. Varun is a healthcare management executive with over 14 A seasoned professional in the field of archiving and automation
years of experience in managing hospital operations, strategy of documents, Mr. Turki Al Shariti equipped with his Bachelor
and driving business growth. He has worked with some of the Degree in Business Administration, a Certified Oracle Professional
leading healthcare names like Fortis and Max Healthcare in India and certified as Training Professional. His professional career
and currently working with VPS Healthcare - largest private sector in automation began in 2002 at Military Hospital. His proven
healthcare provider in Abu Dhabi region.  Leading and managing enthusiasm and dedication brought forth the success of his
teams through mutual learning and hands on experience is what 1st project, converting more than 500,000 files into electronic
gives Varun a sense of pride and joy of working! A Columbia data. His achievements continued as he pursued with another
University alum, Varun is extremely passionate about customer automation project in 2006 at King Fahad Medical City as
relationship management and has led various customer chairperson of Documentation Department and completed the
experience improvement initiatives for customer retention. He is a conversion of 400,000 administrative documents into electronic
firm believer in the concept of value based care in which patients data available in the system. Mr. Al Shariti then joined Health
have the right to decide/ participate in care delivery process to Information Management as chairperson of Record and Content
ensure they get cost effective yet high quality care. Management (formerly known as Medical Records Department).
Mr. Al Shariti, a naturally proactive worked on HIM Chart Viewer
System, successfully covering all expired patient files from 2003 up
to 2011, and in 14 months' duration of the project has achieved the
Dr Aaron Han complete electronic archiving of active and inactive patient files.
American Hospital Dubai, UAE Initiation of Archiving Project, which will ensure provision of KFMC
Administrative Documentation and Information in an accessible,
Head of IT systematic and secured paperless environment. While performing
Dr. Han is Chief of Pathology at American Hospital Dubai and Adjunct his leadership tasks, Mr. Turki also has actively participated in key
Clinical Professor of Pathology at Mohamed Bin Rashid Medical committees such as Medical Records Committee, Documentation
University in Dubai. He chairs the Performance Improvement Committee, Recycle Documentation Committee, Promotion
Committee and Medical Records/HIM Committee. A graduate of and Transfer Committee, and Employee Rights Committee;
Baylor College of Medicine MD, PhD program, he completed his internationally, he is an active member of International Council in
training at the Hospital of  the University of Pennsylvania and is Archiving, Paris, France; Association Computer, Saudi Arabia; and
USA quadruple board certified in Anatomic Pathology (AP), Clinical Saudi Association of Health Institute, Saudi Arabia.
Pathology (CP), Hematopathology (HP), and Clinical Informatics
(CI). At American Hospital Dubai, he practices cancer pathology
and is active in the informatics program overseeing change
management issues and governance, and CI education. He served Dr Sheriff Sahadulla
American Hospital as interim Chief Medical Officer and interim KIMS Healthcare Group, UAE
COO, and assisted in the development of the physician staffing
strategic plan, productivity metrics, clinical leadership framework, Chief Executive Officer
oversight of medical risk management, interactions with regulatory Dr. Sheriff Sahadulla is the Chief Executive Officer of KIMS
authorities, and Mayo Clinic Care Network physician affiliation. He Healthcare Group, a major healthcare provider based in India
has been involved in the UAE's longest continuous hospital and lab and GCC with more than 20 hospitals and medical centres across
accreditation programs Joint Commission International (JCI) and different geographies. Prior to joining KIMS, Dr. Sheriff was based
College of American Pathologists (CAP) during his tenure since 2005. in Boston and held the position of Regional Medical Director for
As interim Head of IT he is restructuring the program to increase TEAMHealth, a National Healthcare Management Company. Dr.
clinical adoption, business intelligence and cyber security. He chairs Sheriff has also held the position of Medical Director and President
the Connected Health Conference at Arab Health, and has a keen of the Medical Staff, St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua. He obtained his
interest in healthcare technology as well as its impact on physicians MD from Tufts University in Boston and his Post graduate training
wellness and resilience. He is the Scientific Chair for Emirates in Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan. Dr. Sheriff is
Pathology Society. He is a regular inspector of CAP international labs American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is also a Senior
and serves on the CAP Point of Care Committee. He is passionate Fellow of Hospital Medicine. He has won several awards including
about quality and building organizational capacity TOP DOCTOR by New Hampshire Magazine in 2011 and 2014. He
was awarded the Team Health Regional Medical Director/VP of the
year award in 2014.
Salama Obaid Al Hameli
Department of Health, Abu
Dhabi, UAE
Sr. Analyst, Quality and Monitoring
Salama Alhameli is Senior Analyst in Quality Monitoring
Department at Abu Dhabi Health Authority. She has 7 years  of
experience in the health sector, and 4 years’ experience in quality
and patient experience.  Salama graduated from Zayed University
in International Studies Major combined with Applied Psychology.
In addition, she get her Executive Master’s in Public Administration
from Zayed University, partnered with The University of Utah.
John Morris Lamia Al Faleh
JXD Consultants, UK Sultan Bin Abdulaziz
Director Humanitarian City, KSA
Assistant Director of Rehabilitation program
John Morris is an MBA graduate from the Open University, an ex & Services
RAF technician and 33 year veteran from Intel Corporation where
Lamia Al Faleh is an Assistant Director of Rehabilitation Programs and
he managed business interests in a variety of countries including
Services at Sultan bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City, Riyadh, Saudi
Russia, US and Poland as well as the UK. He is a passionate advocate
Arabia which is one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the middle
for delivering exceptional customer experience with a proven
east. Lamia has 14 years of experience in Rehabilitation including
record of driving CRM solutions, business improvement and
her role as a physical therapist, clinical services development and
change through a combination of people and team development,
leading interdisciplinary team in several programs. Her clinical
strong operational thinking and innovative business management.
experiences include arrays of areas in neurorehabilitation with
During his career he has created and led Technical, IT and
interest in Spinal cord injuries, stroke and degenerative diseases.
Operational teams across Europe and US. John has been involved
Additionally, she has experience in establishing and developing
in and led numerous projects involved in Quality management,
new clinical services and programs which include Seating and
Customer Support, Technical Sales, CRM / PRM, Sales Operations
positioning service and Lymphedema program. Lamia is also
and Customer Experience. These have been developed within
involved in quality assurance projects and accreditation readiness
the context of Technical, Operational and IT businesses both
especially for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation
within the UK and abroad including Russia, Poland and US.
Facilities (CARF) as she is the team leader for the comprehensive
Chronologically, John began his career with the Royal Air Force as
integrated inpatient rehabilitation program. Lamia is an advocate
an aircraft technician transitioned into industry in 1981 joining Intel
of patient experience, patient centered care through ensuring
Corp. Moving through a variety of customer touch and back office
value and optimal outcomes of the services as well as engagement
disciplines including Technical Support, Market Development and
of patients in their care. One of the main projects she has led was
Product Quality before moving into management and leadership
developing an integrated rehabilitation documentation process
positions covering Technical and Operational teams and directing
based on the WHO international calcification of function and
IT for Intel in EMEA. He is now leveraging the knowledge gained
disability, which enhanced the practices and communication
from his variety of experiences to provide transformation support
within the interdisciplinary team and addressing the patient
for businesses and co-authoring a book on the delivery and
preferences and goals. Lamia holds a MSc. In Neurorehabilitation,
implementation of Customer Experience.
and had participated in many international conferences and
local workshops as a speaker. She was the head of the scientific
Andrew Wells committee for the first international patient experience summit
held in Riyadh 2018 in collaboration with Cleveland clinic.
Serco, UAE
Client Director - Health

Passionate about transformational change and working with

clients to improve public services. Andrew develops innovative
and patient centered service solutions across the Healthcare
sector. His experience covers the development of solutions in
Pathology Transformation, Acute Hospital Transformation, Primary
Care, Enabling Services and Facilities Management. Andrew has
been with Serco since 2009 and has worked in the Middle East
region since 2012