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NPSG #1 to identify patients correctly, what are an effective way to identify a patient?

Utilization of 2
patient identifiers:

Name and date of birth, if need 3rd identifier medical record number. Right answer

Name and room number.

Name and medical record number.

Account number and date of birth

In NPSG #2 Improve Staff Communication, what is the minimum time frame to report critical lab values
to physician?

10 minutes.

45 minutes.

15 minutes.

30 mins right answer

In NPSG #7 prevention of infection, what is the minimal amount of time needed to wash hands?

2 minutes.
15-20 secs right answer

5 minutes.

1 minutes.

In NPSG #3 use medications safely labeling of medications should be done where?

In hall way immediately prior to entering patient's room.

In break room.

In medication room, where medication is prepared. Correct answer

At bedside

An Adverse Event in health care is an incident in which a patient is harmed. T/F

A "near miss" is defined as the probability of harm to a patient. T/F

The "Swiss Cheese" model represents well the multifactorial nature of a patient safety incident


Following a clinical leaders direction is considered to be a teamwork behavior critical to improving

patient safety. T/F

A sentinel event is usually an unexpected adverse event that should never be allowed to happen,
involving death of a patient or serious physical or psychological injury. T/F

Complexity, lack of clear measures, persistent fear, hierarchical authority, diffuse accountability, and
lack of leadership are examples of patient safety barriers. T/F

The "blame" approach to medical error reflects the understanding that human perfection is
unattainable. T/F
Wrong-site surgery: the primary factor that leads to errors relates to the fact that the medical team is
busy and cannot conduct a safety check before beginning an operation. T/F

The spread of health care-associated infection in hospitals can be prevented by disposing of ties, hand
cuffs, scarves etc from health care providers attire. T/F

As the patient safety discipline continues to evolve, preventable errors with the most reported fatalities
should be the basis to prioritize patient safety initiatives. T/F

JCIA stands for?

Joint Commission International Accreditation Right

Jhonson Company International Authority

John commerce International Association

Johanz computer industry Athour

IPSG stands for?

Interesting Popular stunt Games

International Patient Safety Goals Right

Industrial polution savage Gateway

International Pakistan sports group

IPSG #1 is....
Patient history

Patient physical activity

Patient GCS level

Patient Identification Right

IPSG# 2 is to ......

Improve Communication

Improve handoffs communications

Improve Communication skills

Improve effective communication Right

IPSG# 3 is to .....

Improve medicine Trolley 's pharmacy Map

Improve safety of medicine

Improve Safety of Injections

Improve The Safety of High alert medications Right

IPSG # 4 is......

Ensure Patient's NPO status

Ensure Patient's Diagnostic Imaging Reports

Ensure Correct- Site' Correct -Procedure' Correct Patient Surgery Right

Ensure Correct Site Marking with arrow mark

IPSG # 5 is ....

Reduce The Risk of Infections spreading to all Patients.

Reduce The Risk of Health Care Associate Infections Right

Reduce The Risk of Patient harm resulting from Fall

Reduce the risk of cross contamination during working hours

IPSG# 6 is

Reduce the risk of high alert fall risk

Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from fall Right

Reduce the risk of aspiration from operation

Reduce the risk of fire explore during cautery use during operation
Patient's Full Name and Medical record Number notify in IPSG # ....?

Improve Effective Communication

Site Marking

Patient Identification Right

Fall risk precautions

Read back means........

Read again whatever you written

Read back after listen telephonic message from lab Tech about Critical lab value of Patient and write it
with complete identity of message conveyor. Right

Read back means read written physician orders verbally

Read back means read back to your teacher speaks paragraph

Handoff communication means....

Handing over 'Taking over of Essential Information about Patient. Right

Giving Over to A Nurse on changing of shift by Transporter .

Keep your hands off when you can not save a dying patient.

Giving essential information about patient to other healthcare professional without documentation

High Alert Medications labelled by which color?



Red Right


LASA stands for ?

Look Alike Soft Alike

Look Alike Sound Alike Right

Look Alone Safe Alone

Labelled Accurate Stored Accurate

Fall Risk Indicator card's color is ...?



Red Right


Medium Patient Fall Risk indicates by ...?

Yellow Card Right

Green Card

Red Card

Peach Card

Set all medicine in medicine trolley by a proper manner and labelling is called...?

Pharmacy List

Hospital Policy
Pharmacy Policy

Pharmacy Map Right

Safety concerns affect which of the following?

All patients, employees, and visitors Right

Only security officers

Only outside consultants and vendors

None of the above

Employees working in a sensitive area should be oriented to the area when they are first hired, followed
by annual reviews, education about the sensitive nature of the area and procedures necessary to control
public access.

True Right


It is necessary to report all accidents related to a medical device if there is any chance the device caused
or helped cause a death, serious injury, or illness.

True Right

When external power is interrupted, an emergency power system takes over.

True Right


If you suspect a problem with electrical equipment, you should try to repair the equipment yourself.


False Right

Medical equipment should not be inspected before use on a patient.


False right

Your should remove medical equipment from service immediately if you suspect it has harmed a patient
in any way.

True Right

If you occur an on-the-job injury or job related illness, regardless of how slight, you should:

Report the incident to your supervisor

Complete and incident report

Be seen in employee health or urgent care

All the above Right

1. Who is responsible for reporting a patient safety occurrence

A. Front-line caregivers

B. Managers

C. Facility executives

D. All of the above

2. A patient's bed or room number can be used as a reliable source of identification


B. False

3. Which abbreviation is acceptable for use in the medical record when referring to a medication?
A. U


C. MgS04

Special methods of handling high-alert medications include

A. Active, independent double-check prior to administration

B. Reducing the number of drug concentrations available

C. Special protocols to guide their use

D. All of the above

5. During an operative or invasive procedure, a medication or solution in a syringe, medicine cup, or

bowl does not need to be labeled if it is the only medication or solution on the field

A. True

B. False

6. Hand hygiene using soap and water or alcohol-based handrub is the best way to reduce the incidence
of health care-associated infections

A. True

B. False

7. Proven strategies to help prevent patient falls include all of the following except

A. Removal of barriers to toileting

B. Instruction in use of call light...and prompt response to it

C. Reminding patients to be careful and not to fall

D. Orientation of patients to their surroundings

8. A "time out" prior to an operative or invasive procedure has all the following characteristics except

A. lt is initiated by a designated member of the team

B. It involves all members of the team

C. lt involves, at a minimum, confirming the correct patient, correct site, and correct operation or

D. lt is performed only at the discretion of the surgeon or physician performing the procedure

9. Risk factors for pressure (i.e. decubitus) ulcers include all of the following except

A. Poor nutrition

B. Early ambulation

C. Incontinence

D. Extreme over-or under-weight body habitus

10. Precautions to avoid patient or staff injury from the "missile effect" of flying iron--containing objects
being drawn in to the powerful MRI magnet at high velocity must be in effect at all times, even if there
is no exam in progress, because the MRI magnet is always "on"

A. True

B. False