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Rita Mikho

March 5, 2019

Write a well-organized essay in which you analyze the development of Estrella’s character.

In Under the Feet of Jesus by Helena Maria Viramontes, Estrella, the main character, is

shown to be very strong and courageous because although her teachers prevented her from

learning to her full potential, she still managed to learn. When she was first introduced, she

didn’t understand much about tools and how to use them and kept asking questions while the

teachers dismissed her and changed the topic by questioning her appearance. Estrella’s character

is developed by using specific details, figurative language such as metaphor or simile, and tone.

Viramontes starts off the novel by showing Estrella’s emotions, she’s described as an

angered person because she couldn’t learn something that she believed to be foreign. There was

also details of how the teachers would clean her fingers and noticing that she had lice instead of

actually helping her learn. She also goes into depth about her emotions and how she felt when

the teachers weren’t doing anything to help her improve. The details towards the end when she

finally understands the tools depict that even though she went through a tough time trying to

learn all of these while it was foreign to her, she still was able to accomplish her goal.

There’s a lot of different figurative language such as similes and metaphors. In the first

paragraph, she described the “tool chest” as “confusing and foreign as the alphabet she could not

decipher,” which means that it was very difficult for her to understand. Viramontes also used

simile to describe Estrella’s teacher, Mrs. Horn, “who had the face of a crumpled Kleenex and a

nose like a hook.” She continues on that the words these people used to describe her we “as

excruciating as rusted nails piercing the heil of her bare feet.” Which gives a picture of how
words can hurt someone emotionally to the point where it’s described as physical pain. She goes

back to describing these tools as foreign and meaningless to her “as chalky lines on the

blackboard” which shows repetition because she keeps bringing back the idea of how the tools

were very confusing to her. Last sentence shows her learning them, “looped pliers like scissors

for cutting chicken or barbed wire..” This lets the readers know that she’s becoming a bit familiar

with these tools and starts to understand them more.

The tone in the beginning of this novel was kind of upsetting, as a reader, you sense that

Estrella is going through a lot and doesn’t really seem to have a solution to her problem.

Throughout the following paragraphs, you actually see her struggling and trying hard to ask

questions and learn but still get denied. The tone towards the end changes though, she becomes

familiar to what she struggled with and it ends the novel by saying “soon she came to understand

how essential it was to know these things. That was when she began to read.” The ending has a

positive tone to it since Estrella finally learns about the tools although there was some challenges

that were faced such as her hands being too small.

In conclusion, Estrella’s character was developed because there was many details of

when she was struggling, wasn’t getting any help, speaks to someone who was willing to do that

for her, and finally understands and learns about these tools. Estrella wasn’t like any other kid,

she had a hard time learning since it was a foreign topic for her and that’s why the other teachers

might have not given her a chance to learn and instead criticized her looks which developed her

character because she didn’t fail and give up, she kept going to prove them all wrong.